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Happy Mother Earth’s Day!

To-Day is a great Day celebrating Beloved Earth-Gaia – our Mother – our Hostess – our patient and unconditionally loving Lady…

I was so waiting for to-day to go to earth’s day celebration in amazing jungle city Pahoa, yet my Aena-loving & environment pro-active room-mates decided to go to the Art show instead – art made of recycled “garbage”… i found it rather ironic to “counter” my pumped up hopes for song and dance and prayers of gratitude offered to Our Beloved Aena-Goddess… oh well… life is rather sour-prising lately…

hoping with the power of last hope to entwine with my Twin Flame so that we may entwine with our Twin Soul and God at last… so lonely… its pouring rain…

Love to all – may we be in The Light of our Ecstatic abode – suffering and dissatisfaction are poisons most of us are drowned in on purpose of beautiful Mother Earth still be bound in low vibes… i do my best to enduce happy vibes – perhaps i will succeed in feeling Love and Ecstasy of Life in my HEART once again…


Golden Apple spins and turns upon Silver Plate

as Mama Earth is bathed in sounds of bells…

Divine Food and Wine to all (dominant septaccord):


Meaning of Life… anywhere…

Don Juan: There are only four questions of value in life, Don Octavio. What is sacred? Of what is the spirit made? What is worth living for, and what is worth dying for? The answer to each is the same: only love.

(Jeremy Leven, writer/director of “Don Juan DeMarco” (1994))

without love our heart is as good as dead – and when it is as good as dead – anyone can do anything with us – enslave us, kill us, torture us, use us, imprison us – without love – there is no Light – and the dark ones and those who are serving self are coming to pray on our Souls and on our Light – yet it is them as well who first kill our Love – then tear our Souls apart… godless is Planet called Earth – Beauty killed by the beasts playing “my way or a highway” game… what a shame… i wish i was never born here… i wish i was never to experience torment Planet Earth’s SpiritSoul allows Her consciousness to be poisoned with – who could ever be as unconditional as She who tolerates dark tyranny and light beings alike?

i wish i was never born here to share in Her experience of “unconditional” love for what can be more conditioned than tolerance of dark tyranny and cruel experiments of “divine” ARCHITECTS conducted within Her host consciousness…  i wonder if Earth’s Spirit Soul earns to finally bathe in Love instead of wrath…

they say there is such thing as twin soul love – they say this is a miracle moment of cosmic voyage when all twin souls meet and re-member parted love… do you believe it real or a hoax to make us hang around here heart-break after heart-break?

Xrist At~(o)~Ma @ Tunguska Meteorite

It happened, however, on the 1st of the moon in the month of Tôbe, which is the day on which the moon becomes full, now on that day when the sun had risen on its path , there came forth after it a great power of light, giving a very great light, and there was no measure to its accompanying light , for it came forth from the

Light of Lights, exceedingly, with (a) light to which there was no measure.

And the disciples gazed after him, and not one of them spoke until he had reached heaven, but they all kept a great silence. Now these things happened on the 15th of the moon, on the day on which it is full in the month of Tôbe.

(Pistis Sophia, chapter 2)


Mystery of Tunguska “Meteorit” revealed no signs of metal nor any other matter – only trees fell sideways as if in a counterclockwise spiral…

(Kechak – ancient Fire Rite)


Atman (SansKrit) = At(o)m (borrowed from SansKrit) = Atoman (meaning chieftain in the tongue of ancient Ants tribe (modern Ukraine) who established Atlantis)

On the nature of Labirynth and Freedom = how ego differs from galactic consciousness: Egypt & Pyramids are yet Dome Home is 1000000-folds…

One Life = We are ONE

“I am the sky and the dawn and the sun, I am one with the one and I am the dawn.”  The day after I found my path, this popped out at me like a beacon of light, despite having heard the song many, many times before.  It affirmed my choosing this path.  “Open your heart, I am calling you.  Right from the very start, your wounded heart was calling too.  Open your heart, you will find the answer when you answer to the call.”  A few months later, “The Call” by Celtic Woman came up as well…


In Indian SpiritUsS(h)anti there are 3 (1.1.1) unforgivable crimes: to kill a Cow, to kill a Woman and to kill Brahmin – even Lord Indra had to repay by for his crime of killing BrahmIn for 1000 years…

The smallest image is like the smallest thing in the UniVerse that shall overcome the largest… 😉

Happy EAsTER!!!

Please be aware that Golden Eagle who ate His eggs was turned into a snake to pay off for killing ovo-spring before they could go on living full cycle in the music of The Spheres – Shiva the Destroyer is sharing in paying off for crimes of King Snake that adorns Shiva’s neck… 😉


‘…p’…r’…e’…’ ‘…m…’a…’

Ayur Devi


Imagine BEAUTY of Twin Souls dancing:

Virgo and Her Twins & Огнегривый Лев и Синий Вол исполненный Очей – с ними Золотой Орел Небесный, чей так светел взор незабываемый

как супер странно – столько лет прошло – и все ж Б.Г. все также вторит Сердца Песне Моего… иногда забавно что те кто ненавидят=презирают все что близко Сердцу Души вдруг заявляют себя родственниками Души и близкими в Духе… 🙂






Ku in Hawaiian is masculine principle – “to stand firm” – “to stand apart”

Hi in Hawaiian is femenine principle – “to flow” – “space in between”

HiKu in Hawaiian means 7

source: Urban Shaman by Serge Kahili King