AEROS – union of Poverty and Plenty

AEROS – Triple Power of Zero M

It had been given many names by all who had experienced Its AWE

To know is a totality of an experience

Penetration in entirety of naked being

Being doesn’t say ‘I know’ – It vibes ‘…I M…’

‘…( )

I M Pure Aeros

I M Zero Quake

I M Perpetum Mobile

I M Divine Female

I M Zero

I M all that is and not and what’s between

I M at Peace…’

Names = Masks

Experience = I M

Pure AEROS is Eleutherios – The Liberator

If you wish to drop all expectations and allow your being totally dissolve in a mysterious vibration, you will sate your Seed’s desire for expression to become ‘…I M…’

Experience is only real know. All else is fantasizing and illusional ‘M I?’

We are in NOW AEON – New vibe – no adjectives – all nowns.

NOW-way to ecstasy of LIFE is to experience pure joy of total satiation – NOW

This is achieved through selfless Love-communion with Zero M allowing oneself to disappear in Aeros. Not short-circuit lust-experience-result – to be Pure Love alone. There are 1000 and 8 forms of Love coition – few are sexual – yet ALL of them Aerotic – Zero Aeros permeates all creation within and without – Zero Aeros is Love if one wants to conjoin – Zero Aeros is Hate if one wants to get out – nothing escapes It, especially Source…

We are Star Seeds that were “big banged” by Zero Aeros to Life Comet’s tail.

Even in our 7 bodies we begin re.turn from tail up and outside within.
Magnetic quantum leaps

If we are to return to HOM’ – to Zero M – we must ‘…I M’… Our Seeds from Tail to Head with help of Aeros…’


Here is a collection of 21 to view

(21 is Mother’s sigil as 010:101 & 3-NiTi (literally meaning 3 threads in ONE) :!FlZdfkQMg4EOiRpGOVQ5bnJJR1RGQSQM




Ancient Dogon Legend says that cowrey shells had been a gift of Love Communion  between Divine Mother & Her Children. Anyone who found cowrey shell washed out of the ocean, was known to be blessed by Divine Mother’s gift of connection & protected by Her Power from that moment onwards. Mother’s cow-rey shells are being used for most pure rites of divination – if it presents its Mother’s side the answer is Yes – if it presents its Father’s side the answer is no… Mother’s Cow-Rey Shell is especially pure in connecting Her All Manifesting Vibration to any in-formed conscious being because it is slowed to appear solid vibration of The Source Itself! It is for this benefit that cow-rey shells had been sacred means of exchange among  ancient people – means of “old-to-you-new-to-you” power-energy exchange ancients called “natural” & we came to call “money”…

And as we Believe so it is

Whatever exchange of energy-consciousness occurs in your life (and our life IS continuous trans-action), will be carrying old-to-you-new-to-all-power-energy-charged-with-your-conscious-intention-at-the-moment-of-transaction… we must learn to observe what is it that we send into collective ONEness… what is observable on Earth is the result of all living beings exchange with… it is WE who create “the hell” we live in now… WE are also powerful to create “heaven”… what is it that you think when you eat? … do you realize that eating is not natural – natural is the energy-consciousness flow-exchange between The Source and what you know as yourself? …This is not an alarm – it is pure encouragement to utilize  forgotten POWERFUL MEANS of conscious energy exchange via people-links, where each one has an opportunity to initiate an act of good-will by CHARGING  purely relationship-wise or numerical equivalent(monetary) exchange (especially one dedicated to Divine Mother) with any Wish for All The World: “what goes around – comes around”

Charging your every power-energy exchange with selfless give-away of Love & Light and ONE powerful intent for collective prosperity can create a change greater than any one mind can ever imagine 🙂


Without measure (Love()Light()Grace) from my  Heart to Yours!!!

Thank Your Holy Presence for touching my Altar

so dedicated to Primordial Power of Life & Beauty


If it is your will, let Our Exchange initiate from The Most Sacred Place


The Artist


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