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How Bill became breatharian and then gave it up…

About me: I took a course from the Berkeley Psychic Institute in August of 1986 in meditation. They taught a method which involved a few simple but profound steps. I’m going to write these here because, so many aware people on the forum could do this with ease. I think meditation was an important part of my process:

1) Sit in a straight backed chair with your hands resting on your thighs, palms facing up
2) Create a grounding chord linking you to the center of the earth
3) Now bring the earth energy up through the balls of your feet, up your legs, and when it arrives at the 1st chakra allow it to fall down your grounding chord like water. So now you have an upside down “U” of energy going up through your legs and down your grounding chord.
4) From your crown reach up into the ‘universe’ with your awareness and find a frequency of ‘cosmic’ energy you like and invite it down through your crown, into your spine, and on downwards, finally exiting your grounding chord. This should run down the ‘back channel’ of your microcosmic orbit.
5) When this cosmic flow is strong, begin to mix it with the earth energy in an 80/20 ratio and bring this up the front channel of your microcosmic orbit. Each time it reaches a chakra as it travels upwards, hold your attention on that chakra until it begins to spin and balance.

This energy will travel upwards in the front channel of the body, and when it reaches the crown it will exit and fountain out the top of the head, creating a shower of energy which cleans your outer auric field. You will also find the energy running from the heart chakra down through the arms and exiting your upturned palms in small fountains. Here is a link to a diagram of this meditation:…l=1#post356189

This type of meditation was referred to as ‘running your energy’. It reverses the normal course of the microcosmic orbit. At at the end of a 30 minute meditation you will feel really clean and balanced inside as these channels open up flow without blockage.

Back to my story: After doing this for 90 days, I began to really enjoy it, and my meditations became longer and longer. One evening I sat for 6 hours doing this, and when I opened my eyes … there was only light. I thought I had gone blind, however within 15-30 minutes I began to see vague shapes of the 3d world which would flicker in the light before vanishing again. (According to some things I have read, it is likely my 3rd eye had opened fully.) There was a lot of trauma and drama with this, because I saw all of creation, and all of the emptiness of it at the same time. Fitting back into 3d reality, when everything I saw kept vanishing within a few seconds, was very difficult for me. This state of affairs began to slowly return to the old ‘normal’ way of seeing very gradually… it took 9 years before I began to perceive things here as solid.

After this life was very different. It took another year before I became a breatharian. During that year I no longer slept, however my body needed to lie down and rest for 1.5 hours daily. What was I to do during the long nights when the world around me was sleeping? I settled on hiking in the dark. So, every night for 9 years I headed into the Quicksilver Park, a nature preserve with 4,152 acres of wild, oak studded woodlands. In my heightened state, since the samadhi, many things were learned and seen. But, in my opinion the three most important which led my body to become a breatharian are

1) I hiked in the dark with and without shoes and off of the trails, which meant I was challenging my fears every night and learning to be courageous in every situation. Also, no weather stopped me, which encouraged my body to become impervious to temperature changes.

2) I was also getting a lot of exercise and being exposed to the energies of the natural world.

3) One more thing… I was internally led to frequently lie in the soft green meadows and do a meditation upon the death of my body. This was an ecstatic experience filled with great joy, where I would experience the freedom of the 3D body falling away, then disintegrating into atoms and molecules again which would then be used by other life forms in the 3D world to build their bodies.

The next spring, over a few days, I went through a transition where I no longer was aware of my heart as a 3D beating thing. Instead my heart became a spinning vortex located somewhere between where my old heart had been and where the third chakra had been. I could no longer hear my heart beat. I began to notice that breathing was an ecstatic experience. Each breath felt thick and warm. Although air came in and out of my nose, the important part of the breath came in through a chakra at the base of my skull. From there it contacted the tissue at the back of the throat (this was directly opposite to the back of the mouth cavity). This thick liquid breath (prana) flowed down through the body along the chi channels and fascia. Each breath felt like liquid love, and each breath was orgasmic.

The problem with this at the time was, that I found myself having a very difficult time connecting with other people. Their conversation seemed totally insane to me, and I also could not join them in the really big social events… which were always around food. I could not eat with my family, I could not have coffee with my co-workers (yes, I worked every day through this time), I could not go to lunch with friends, I could not go to dinner parties. Is this really true? No it is not, but I could not attend these things without looking like an outsider and seeming strange. After making up stories about having just eaten, having no appetite, and of being on a diet for a few months… I knew others were holding back from interacting with me. So I decided to eat again. Now this was not easy, because my body truly did not want to eat…. It fought me all the way.

When I finally got the first bite to go down and stay down without my body throwing it up and out again, I knew I was on the road to being able to interact socially with others. That first bite took over 90 minutes to get down and keep down. For about a year I was aware that all the life force in food was extracted in my mouth, from there it went through the same channels that breathing did. (entering the fascia and chi channels at the back of the throat) After chewing the food to extract this prana, what I swallowed was totally devoid of all nutrition and essentially dead decaying tissue that my body needed to deal with.

So there it is Bill, my story about how I became a breatharian and then gave it up. Here are the steps again, stated simply:
1) Run your energy daily
2) Get plenty of exercise
3) Remain in courage and find things you are scared of to overcome
4) Spent a lot of time in nature
5) Do ‘death’ meditations until they become ecstatic
6) Pay attention to the chakra at the back of your throat when you breath with the intention of opening it and breathing in prana

NOTE: The only place I have found this type of breathing discussed is in Diary of a Yogi, by Yogananda. He mentioned that he had ordered this method taught in his school to all the children there. He did this so that if there was ever a famine, they could survive easily without food.

There are a number of teachers who are working with students to help them make this transition. If you google breatharian you will find a number of links to these methods.

One last note: I have told this story a number of times, it has always met with silence. No one has ever asked me a question about any of it. Something in consciousness must be changing…. you actually asked me for information.

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