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Vritti and Pranayama

Vritti(SansKrit)= whirlpool = vortex

Vritti acquire habitual tendencies when clinging to its seeming individuation ignoring unity for duality causing finity of power by short-circuiting itself from the whole

Most delusive habitual tendency is fear of dissolution/cessation that causes exactly the experience feared – cessation (aka death), – by acquiring number of secondary (harmful) habitual tendencies that lead to it by exhausting the consciousness by unwholesome acts.

Food-chain is an outcome of fear of finity of individuality with all its harmful acts.

Secondary (harmful) habitual tendencies that lead to exhaustion of consciousness are: ignorance (willful ignoring of truth, fundamental ignorance of the nature of reality, delusion, doubt; view and belief); raga (passion.ate, de.sire, clinging to, lust, greed); hatred (“striking against”, anger, repulsion, resistance(that creates ever escalating conflict of “good vs evil” within ONESELF=psychosis of duality until we replace resistance to with sincere acceptance of “in the spirit of ONEness”)); pride; envy; stupidity (an act of repetitive harmful behavior regardless of known truth that behavior/habit is harmful thus destructive)

Each manifestation is a vritti in a collective field of ONE

we are vritti that create and thus are composed of vritti (merkabas, chakras, thoughts, dimensional fields of dreams)

“Yogash chitta vritti nirodha” (Yoga definition from Yoga Sutras of Patanjali)

Yoga is “nirodha” of the vrittis of chitta

Nirodha = mastery, integration, coordination, understanding, stilling, quieting, setting aside of, regulation, channeling

Chitta = derived from the root chit, “to be conscious” (also see: )

we are a manylayered collective field of vritti that require each vritti to surrender self-will that causes delusion of separation and duality to nirodha of our Nature – we are to remember true state of manifestation: momentarily to manifest – to act – to dissolve in ONE we rose from to act; and so should we remember to do with each breath, each action – then our breath gradually lengthens to be full breath of Oneness=from Source to manifestation to Source each moment (act) of LIFE – thus we expand to be original beingness instead of limited by ignorance and other habitual tendencies “mortal” vritti

thus, the importance of the Pranayama: to gradually reunite outer breath with primordial breath and then to breathe primordially

Just imagine! Each breath is taking us from The Source of all Life to this point, where we are within seemingly individual vehicle, and back again… Inhale… Exhale… Inhale… Exhale… BREATHE!!!

Let us all be.come free from the fear of dissolution and its finiting us foodchain (samsara)!

With LOVE in The Ocean of Oneness


healing anger-hatred-aversion-resistance

Anger(Hatred/Aversion of all hues) (accompanied by do-manas-sasahagata~”bad mind”/displeasure and all degrees of “striking against” – mental attitude of resistance, rejection or destruction – from rage to subtle irritation) is a mind which is hostile towards a sentient being, suffering or the cause of suffering. It prevents one from remaining in peace and is the support for negative actions.

what is HEALING in this inclusion is to see that this particular clinging attaches us not only to the sentient being we “disprove” by degrees, but also to suffering AND the cause of suffering – the moment we are free of this clinging, the cause of suffering and consequently the suffering itself lets us FREE
example: i am very sensitive to cold (psychologically – related to past life experience) – i began taking cold showers in the morning some months ago – but it is only yesterday, after discovery of the above all-inclusive definition that my Psyche relaxed its aversion and accepted coldness of the water completely – body consciousness was finally freed to respond naturally to cold water by immediately warming up to a degree that not only the body stayed warm, the water touching my body was leaving being warm as well! – insight into the secret of how Tibetan monks are capable of drying wet sheets with their bodies in freezing temperatures

definition of anger is from Rigpa Wiki; in parentheses – from Comprehensive Manual of Abhidhamma