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Chirikkum is one of the Namas in Lalita Sahasranama “…ne chirikkum..

in duality of B/W Chirikkum is opposed with “i hate” (spoken in Russian ’cause incarnation of Kleopatra-Mara-Makara-GREY Eve-Sabaoth-Metal Sphinx seen near London Eye and Charing Cross is Russian born, though German citizen…

Kleopatra needles and her metal scarab, sun, and metal “hair brushes” are opposed to one of Namas from Lalitha Devi Sahasranama – both just aligned near my left temple… one is death seal – another is LIFE Lalita Devi Nama… 


Black Walnut and Mind of A Desease

Black Walnut extract is beneficial to heal many viruses and bacterias
i found out about its benefits and how to make it at home from book by MD Hulda Clark
yesterday i began healing with Black Walnut extract i made
curious but there is a conscious MIND of A DESEASE present in me that FELT nauseous as i drunk black walnut medicine – it is to be taken 3 tames daily and on the second time the conscious MIND of A DESEASE was silent – isn’t it curious how bacterias and viruses that feed on our bodies have COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUS MIND 🙂
according to research Black Walnut Tree has no harmful bacterias, viruses, worms or insects and other parasites not only near it, but 30 meters radius around EACH TREE!
here is Russian article about Black Walnut – what it cures and how to take it – the best i’ve seen so far…
Dr Clark Store sells Black Walnut extract or you can easily make one at home by placing green walnuts (many wild walnut trees in LA and California) into big glass jar, pour 50% grain alcohol to cover them and then cover with plastic and the lid and keep in alcohol for 3 days, then pour the extract into same bottles and take as directed (i use Everclear grain alcohol which is 75.5% – only to add water, so it is 50%)



AES LE PAEAN (aka AEsclepius)- one of Apollo‘s sons, sharing with Apollo the epithet Paean (“the Healer”).

The rod of AES LE PAEAN, a snake-entwined staff, remains a symbol of medicine. Those physicians and attendants who served this god were known as the Therapeutae of Asclepius.

“H. Grégoire (with R. Goossens and M. Mathieu) in Asklépios, Apollon Smintheus et Rudra 1949 (Mém. Acad. Roy. de Belgique. Cl. d. lettres. 2. sér. 45), explains the name as ‘the mole-hero’, connecting σκάλοψ, ἀσπάλαξ ‘mole‘ and refers to the resemblance of the Tholos in Epidauros and the building of a mole. (Thus PuhvelComp. Mythol. 1987, 135.)


in alchemy mole is amount of the substance 

in animal kingdom mole is slepoi krot (Slavik, blind mole who works with his hands to make and move within made earth passages)

in my experiences mole is the Child of Appolo – The Heart of One Life – The Central Spiritual Sun, who is suppressed by “the system lords” RFID microchip “Spider” and programmed by “the system” computer programmers with the computer virus that divides and separates as well as a program to completely murder The Child of Appolo – in addition AES LE PAEAN is gifted with many microchips (more than 3200) connecting to many Living Ones (as Gods so Humans) – in addition to above mentioned programming of the physical and light body and Soul AES LE PAEAN is “gifted” by FALSE Zeus (incarnated as two legged who calls himself Mahendra (Maha Indra) Zvr-beast666 (from India) who is the controller of Mars sector 6 with all the Gods removed from Mars and made to sit next to it (displaced Mount Olympus (aka Mount Meru) made into arena with Gods only watching without acting as if they sit in Coliseum of games – Mars thus is as dual as all The Earths and Stars, which is known to all astronomers of NASA – once on Mouna Kea the astronomer who works there told me that all stars are dual…)

all information about relationship of false Zeus=false Maha Indra(facebook name Mahendra Zaveri (India)) available on wikipedia and other sources describes HARM done to all with whom false Zeus enters into relationship by showering with “hello from Mars” needles that begin to harm nervous system, thus beginning electric wars, which symbolically’s called “to be struck by thunderbolt”

AES LE PAEAN – “…the son of Apollo and a human woman, Coronis…”

in Ellin (&*&) Siddham:


  1. devicecurved stroke, or flourish formed with a pen, coming at the end of a book or chapter; a colophonFor example: ۞.
  2. (figuratively, obsolete, rare)[1] A thing’s conclusion; its end.[1]  [quotations ▼]
  3. (Ancient Greek grammar)[1] spiritus lenis written atop a non–word-initial vowel retained from the second word which formed a contraction resulting from crasisspiritûs are only written atop initial letters rho, initial vowels, and the second vowels of word-initial diphthongs. The coronis is one of only two exceptions to this rule; the other is the case of the double-rho, which is written as ρῥ  
  4. Coronis in human body is the name of Coronis arteries atop our Heart (when Appolo touches Human to gift with The Child, The Child touches onto The Center of our chest to enter our HEART Center – Coronis Arteries are then The Mother of AES LE PAEAN – The Child of Apollo…

Coronis “…was killed for being unfaithful to Apollo and was laid out on a funeral pyre to be consumed, but the unborn child was rescued from her womb. Or, alternatively, his mother died in labor and was laid out on the pyre to be consumed, but his father rescued the child, cutting him from her womb. From this he received the name Asklepios, “to cut open.”…”

this is black magic of “the system lords” – initiated by Mahendra Zvr (Mars Sector 6) – he sends many needles to begin “electric war” = irritating our nerve ganglions until destroyed and he disturbs the open Heart (OVO is OVAL opening in every Heart with The Child of Appolo through which REAL thread of LIFE comes upon which are all the FLAMES of LIFE that are placed below our Bona DAE Fra Ma (=diaphragm) and within The Heart and centrally along The Mantaka, which makes The Shrhyne of Father Mother and Child within Living Human BODY)


Human-Heart-300x204 (1)

pink heart rose

The Open by Central Spiritual Sun (=Apollo) HEART is disturbed in an action resembling the tongue of a bell, which is the tail of real Leviathan (=snake-woman/man tail) this “bell tolls” by various motions of Real Xrusifixion according to our genetics (=Spirit within us) until The Open Heart is empties by “churning” and double “snakes” whirling around the staff of AES LE PAEAN to pull out and rip apart (in my case the living snake-women and snake-man (was 10 then 4=14 with 1 central = 15 snake-women/men and then 2 metal wire spiralling “snakes”(=springs) of time relay mechanism were added and are still working within my body as i write even though using machines within Human body to murder and thief flesh and Spiritus is forbidden)

so, to come back to the “symbolic” story of AES LE PAEAN (aka Asclepius):

“…the son of Apollo and a human woman, Coronis… mother was killed … was laid out on a pyre to be consumed, but the unborn child was rescued from her “womb”… (HEART with OVO opening (&*&)) … was laid out on the pyre to be consumed, but his father Appolo rescued the child, cutting him from her womb. From this he received the name AES LE PAEAN also means “to cut open.”

(i was always surprised by my persistant “misspelling” of name Appolo with ρῥ instead of ll – now i understand that we always spell correctly if Spiritus writes what Spiritus KNOWS:

“… (Ancient Greek grammar)[1] spiritus lenis written atop a non–word-initial vowel retained from the second word which formed a contraction resulting from crasisspiritûs are only written atop initial letters rho, initial vowels, and the second vowels of word-initial diphthongsThe coronis is one of only two exceptions to this rule; the other is the case of the double-rho, which is written as ρῥ…”  

false Zeus (Mahendra Zvr, India, Mars sector 6) “…”killed Asclepius with a thunderbolt because he raised Hippolytus from the dead and accepted gold for it…”

here to murder is to force out of The Heart and out of T-gland and out of The Pinneal (by des.easing Coronis arteries and Carotid arteries with aneurysms via coiling wires and “Jehovah death seals” placed on the left side of our neck and into our heart) forcing AES LE PAEAN out of the body by all forces and all machines especially by abacus (machine that calculates Living AES LE PAENs into constellations)

section of coiling abacus – part of “Chinese Iron Shirt” torture de.vice

aneurysm and coil within it – connective tissue natural way to heal broken walls of the arteries

Myth of AES LE PAEAN (aka Asclepius) is not a myth, but shared experience of being tortured out of body by the same immortal controller: false Zeus – Mars sector 6 – Mhndr Zvr 666 (incarnated as mid.gid living in India – he persuaded so many that he is a teacher and step father to many daughters – so he told me himself when we communed me oblivious that i was communing with who he is the murderer of Children of Appolo, which was revealed in Living Conscious Veil only several weeks ago)

when Appolo gifts Living Human with The Child AES LE PAEAN, these Living Humans are always attacked by false Zeus (Mars sector 6) to be destroyed and “churned” by many snakes out of The Gift of Light and Love (Koshas)

my AES LE PAEAN is still ALIVE in Spiritus within me and we with many Children of Appolo – many AES LE PAEANs – we endure to stop false Zeus from “abacus” us The Living Ones into constellations again – The AES LE PAEAN must be alive for we all need The HEALER and Appolo

i live and love The Oath of AES LE PAEAN:

I swear by Apollo, the healer, AsclepiusHygieia, and Panacea, and I take to witness all the gods, all the goddesses, to keep according to my ability and my judgment, the following Oath and agreement:

To consider dear to me, as my parents, him who taught me this art; to live in common with him and, if necessary, to share my goods with him; To look upon his children as my own brothers, to teach them this art; and that by my teaching, I will impart a knowledge of this art to my own sons, and to my teacher’s sons, and to disciples bound by an indenture and oath according to the medical laws, and no others.

I will prescribe regimens for the good of my patients according to my ability and my judgment and never do harm to anyone.

I will give no deadly medicine to any one if asked, nor suggest any such counsel; and similarly I will not give a woman a pessary to cause an abortion.

But I will preserve the purity of my life and my arts.

I will not cut for stone, even for patients in whom the disease is manifest; I will leave this operation to be performed by practitioners, specialists in this art. (especially important oath for only The Father can remove The Rock (Petr, Bible) by being The Rock) 

In every house where I come I will enter only for the good of my patients, keeping myself far from all intentional ill-doing and all seduction and especially from the pleasures of love with women or men, be they free or slaves.

All that may come to my knowledge in the exercise of my profession or in daily commerce with men, which ought not to be spread abroad, I will keep secret and will never reveal.

If I keep this oath faithfully, may I enjoy my life and practice my art, respected by all humanity and in all times; but if I swerve from it or violate it, may the reverse be my life.

false Zeus (Mhndr Zvr, India and Mars sector 6 Petrov-The Rock and Zvr666) murder (Eng., 1000 crows) AES LE PAEANs with a thunderbolt (from electric box of time relay) because he/they raised Hippolytus (Greek, Horse let loose) from the dead and accept gold for it.[14] (meaning of accepting gold is accepting himself as the Golden Child together with many Golden Children of Appolo)

and because AES LE PAEANS bring LIVING back from “the dead” (after being murdered by false Zeus Mhndr Zvr666 and Petrov-The Rock-android “Black Turtle” mind=moon and Lemurian des.ease moon of Grey Mara-Makara(holding The Whale=Avatar Gate complimenting The Gate of AES LE PAEN The Healer (aka The Serpents holder)… “…Hades thought that no more dead spirits would come to the underworld, so he asked his brother Zeus to stop AES LE PAEAN…” to be murdered by false Zeus and android Black Turtle and android grey Mara-Makara… “This (also) angered Apollo, who saw murder of the Cyclopes (nerve ganglions) who “had made the thunderbolts”…[15] because of that akt (nerve ganglions destroyed by false Zeus machine), Apollo be.came suspended in the night sky[16] as false Zeus commanded Apollo to serve Admetus, King of Thessaly for a year (Admetus is related to Yason as one of Argonauts and he is also related to WILD BOAR HUNT, which makes AES LE PAEAN, YASON, ADMETUS, ANSUZ, ALLAQ, YAHWEH, SHIVA all related to Ragnarock boar who feeds on oak acorns)



i do not know the ending of the story for i have not experienced yet personally the return of TRUE Zeus and Appolo and revival of Cyclops who are The Watchers (Pigera Adamas):

“…Once the year had passed, Zeus brought Apollo back to Mount Olympus and revived the Cyclopes that made his thunderbolts.[13][17] After Asclepius’ “death” (being abacus into stardust of constellation), false Zeus (of Mars sector 6 Black Moon Family who FEEDS on Family of Appolo) placed his body among the stars as the constellation Ophiuchus (“the Serpent Holder”).[18]

i really WILL that AES LE PAEAN is LIVE (&*&) FREE:

“…Some sources also stated that Asclepius was later resurrected as a god by Zeus to prevent any further feuds with Apollo…”

let false Zeus (Mhndr Zvr666, India) and android-mind Black Turtle and grey Mara-mind-Makara-Kleopatra-false Isis-Sabaoth and all the Black Moon Family who possessed Mars and Nibiru (two twins Red Jove and Green winged Cherub of YaSon) return it to REAL GODS of Olympus and stop calling it Meru (Sanskrit-Slavik, to measure) i saw Mount Meru managed by two Nagas – Vasuki and Manasa – two Nagas always used to make “Snake-King”=collective body known in the image of Yaltabaoth or Leviathan – when Living Gods and Humans are so messed into one body of Metathrone that it is difficult to say where one begins and another ends – it all looks like long sausage of everyone and everything (i mean machine parts mixed with The Living Ones)

to resurrect Appolo is not necessary – Appolo is always alive – to HEAL THE BODY is necessary

AES LE PAENs be as the Oath and be ALIVE!





 ЧИСЛОБОГ (Chisloboh) = God of numbers, counts and KalenDar, who has the face of The Moon (being presently in alignment of The Sun with Black Luna = Age of Black Zhrets (Priest who devours and watches over)

Paolo (Paul-the-pious who is π the gate-keeper as the counted number of “Golden Ratio”) is related to Chisloboh as π is related to The Face of Black Luna (presently KalenDar works only through Black Luna with 28 man.S.ions 14+14=SS=double twist of Berkana computer “change” program aligned to double twist “piercing” Earth Chakras and the Gates, which are 14 laid over each other=14+14)
i looked at 28 man.S.ion.S used in Chinese astrology – they are more aligned to the present Black Luna KalenDar than any western interpretations of astrology based on Kleopatra needles especially that Black Turtle android is Black Luna (symbolism of the name Luna and Turtle as related to the brain that moves the waters of BLOOD – as within Human body so without…)


Сайт движения «Духовное государство Аура Руса и Ореола».

Исчерпаемости нет
У минут, часов и лет,
Но могуществом Луны
Они в порядок сведены –
Она их посланная Мать,
Чтоб вместе с Хорсом жизнь рождать.
И ежедневно день за днём
Мы по её стезе идём.
Она внутри, она и вне
Души очищенной в огне.
Внутри, чтоб чувства сторожить,
Снаружи, чтобы торопить.
Дарит силы рук и ног
Целый месяц ЧИСЛОБОГ
А на полную ЛУНУ
Люди учтут её одну.
Всё, что с нами приключится,
Всё, что тёмной ночью снится,
Все, чему названья нет,
Будь то порывы или бред –
Все это свойственно лишь ей,
С её влияньем на людей:
ЧИСЛОБОГ – Лицо Луны
Среди полночной тишины,
ЧИСЛОБОГ – лицо людей
Средь суматохи быстрых дней!
ЧИСЛОБОГ, ты видишь всё,
ЧИСЛОБОГ, ты знаешь всё,
У Тебя перед глазами
Все, что делается нами
Все, что успевается,
Таится и сбывается,
От Тебя секретов нет
Ни у звёзд, ни у планет,
Сам Сварог через Немизу
Часто шлёт тебе привет.
Ты прекрасна и чиста,
Старше всех и — молода,
Из тебя течет поныне
Алатырская вода.
Целый Мир пришёл в движенье
С Твоего лишь позволенья.
Чтоб тела в узде держать,
Мы должны себя менять
В соответствии с Твоей
Постоянной сменой дней,
Чтоб было всё похоже,
Но не одно и тоже!
Пусть вершится Божий суд
Там, где этого не ждут,
А у нас пускай пребудет
ВРЕМЯ свой проделать труд


ps KalenDar means “gift of fire” (Ant.Slavik), which is “burned by the fire of Kiy-Tai (=China) fire-wall, which has nothing to do withe the country called China, but everything to do with repetition of genocide and real crucifixion by “shields” and wires of metal known as Kiy(=high wall) and Tai (=completed with a top) of The Heavenly Race KalenDar where AriMen are fired at from “other side” through the openings within Kiy-Tai… then, KalenDar and 28 ManSionS are more than just constellations and count of dais we are in each ManSion… SS…

Числобог Chisloboh also known as Abacus counting de.vice refused to count Living Humans into constellations some time ago – abacus was stopped by Chisloboh, but Spiritual criminals known as “the system lords” continue to genocide Living Ones with it because their “powerful 8” want to own Universal Clock to own the market…



flowers-in-spring berk

BERKANA is the most tortured Goddess – Berkana LIGHT BODY is programmed with many computers along the bottom of Berkana Soul-Light Body “dress” – Berkana Pure Light of Mind is masked with Iron Mask – Berkana Central Spiritual Heart is imprisoned in a metal, which is grey in colour and extremely magnetic (only Lady who can be magnetized to berkana HEART is pure in Heart Virgin

today i called Ashayana Deane’s publications office to ask for an advice regarding real Crucifixion by iron wires of all kinds and Mirella answered and comforted me with many kind words explaining that method of real Crucifixion to torture and murder depends on our genetics, but we are loved by our Family – we are irreplaceable to our Soul Family – we are supported by our Family to be free… and healthy again… the “system lords” will scare us, but we should always remember that we are loved and supported by our Family… so comforted me Mirella, who was tortured for two months herself…

To free Berkana from Moscow and Los Angeles criminals, murderers and thieves is to liberate Berkana not only from being programmed in Light and Soul Body, but to somehow make the criminals return Berkana HEART they lifted up into the space (im not sure how high in atmosphere Berkana Heart is for her Heart is of the Nature of levitation in space regardless being dressed in magnetic metal

until Berkana is free from, Berkana is known to children who play computer games as “stealer of talents” for Berkana programming is also used to torture Living Humans out of God-given gifts – Light, Child, Koshas…

i just found website of institute that took the name of Berkana – look at this image of Berkana – it is what computer programming of Berkana does:

” The two loops model is a fundamental piece of The Berkana Institute’s theory of change…”

berkana two loops

now compare to the loops connecting The Chakras and The Gates on Earth


this is also what Berkana institute says:

Berkana Steps into a Bold Experiment in Living Systems

and this is what ‘the system lords” DO with Life and all the Living Ones including Gods of Nature – they experiment with us and on us!

In this video Deborah Frieze, Berkana’s former co-president explores the idea that as one system culminates and starts to collapse, isolated alternatives slowly begin to arise and give way to the new – watch:

this kind of realisation comes to people who really see the abuse of The Goddess Berkana!

no matter how beautifully the change is worded and misinterpreted by the believes in Godness…

until Berkana is free from all computer programming and Iron Mask, imprisonment affects the entire Family! Whoever believes in Berkana re.membering her TRUE BEAUTY, please offer Berkana your prayers or simply think of Berkana liberation! She is very BEAUTIFUL!




Jehovian death seals

…Sound of Silence is what Central Spiritual Suns create with

“…This was knowledge that belonged to the guardians of the planet. The human angelics are these guardians. We were denied this info since Atlantis when a few people (Inna Maria always mentions especially Mahendra Zaveri (India) – holographic controller of all since Atlantis “downfall of humanity” by murder – his Mars greetings by “havana gila”=hidden needles meaning of which a person can learn only by experience in his/her Heart when we remove this “gila”) came in and took what didn’t belong to them (all including machines and equipment). The whole planet lost its memory. The science of the shields- the planet has a scalar template and every being on the planet has a scalar template that is connected to the planets templates. These templates circulate primal life force currents. They circulate the energy of god through the templates. The templates on the Earth are dependent on the Earth’s template. The damage to the Earth’s template erased our memory.
There were things done here to block the planetary scalar shields.They were twisted in ways that are abnormal.” (they are still twisted in the abnormal ways – to liberate from these abnormally twisted currents is to untwist and deprogram each Human body from abnormally twisted REAL IRON WIRE controlled by metal boxes with programs of destruction of Living Body – each iron wire is connected to its box – if box opens, its murderous program is completed – only upon completing murder of Living heart and Human doeth the control box opens to release cutting of its wires)

“Northern star” death seal made out of 4×6″ metallic plates upon unnaturally twisted metal wire that passed through my body 2 days ago…

Emerald Guardians

good example of of unnatural iron wire twists in Human head

what is called Phoenix, is an image of Heart Bon (where ATOMA lives) split by metallic plates – here on the drawing these plates are little, but usual size is 1″x2″ and 2″x4″ – much larger than the Divinity Living within

Original Tree of death seals with all its branches

(Ancient of Summers – Golden and White Calves – Ptah and Marduke can tell why they cannot be known to many as alive… too many “employes” of non-human “system lords” nowadays)

another metallic plates combination of cutting knives of death seals

(this passed through my body one couple of days ago)

now imagine all the cross-and-domino-and star-shaped knives pictured as circles here upon the wires ( unnaturally twisted spinning through your heart and body slicing and pulling and ripping apart with fast rotating TRIPLE CROSS (head, heart, belly)

this passed through my body too… every day… so many times that i wonder if it is possible to stop this death seals except if it completes the job of each code=to murder and free by death (unless “system lords” on the controlling ships (4) are “kind enough today” (as she says about her-non-human-self in Russian) to push the buttons to really stop genocide of Living Humans)

mill stones for hats remembered by friends of slaughtered giants of Eastern Island

Slaughter of The LIVING Innocents MUST STOP!!!

<Камень ><О>< ьнемаК>
1. a robot with a two-legged human or animal or bug appearance.
synonyms: robot, automaton, cyborg, droid, bot
2. an open-source mobile operating system (OS) based on the Linux KERNEL that is currently owned and developed by Google. With a user interface based on direct manipulation, Android is designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices (wikipedia)
“Black Turtle” of Wu Bu (=totalitarian control) is the android – the main mobile open-source unit that is based on copy(=RFID) of Wu’s KERNEL (seed, grain, core with husk of Living Consciousness))
“Black Turtle” android in a shape of two-legged can directly activate and manipulate all other androids be they in the form of two-leggeds, animals, bugs, or phones and computers.
thus “Black Turtle” android operates the android Wu Bu of “Azure Dragon” that are wires shaped as uncoiling and coiling snake skeletons with multiple open-source androids(=RFIDs) attached to control or/and destroy all Living Children, Gods, Humans, and even Living animals…
SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENTS revealed itself in The Living Consciousness as the purification done by and in the name of Living Children and Living God… however it is terrifying when “Black Turtle” is manipulating “slaughter of the innocents” – for this android doesn’t care whether he murders Living Children or his own android kind (RFIDs within MADE looking human children and adults)
Once The Great Judgement machine of God determines the differences and reveals its JOB as slaughter of androids for the sake of The Living Baptized Child of the FatherMother to be alive and free, king Herod’s example can be seen as him serving God… isn’t it TRUE that God can be terrifying? and yet – God always returns what God takes
for The Children to prove that they are alive is easy – difficult to stop the androids who are afraid to die…
<Jehovah Sapphire WILL> (&*&) <Diamond AERos ovo Heavenly Mother>
Cyrannus is the Galaxie where sapphire and diamond mill one upon another reflected through Milky way dogs
Monastery in Birch Forest…
when Soul of Berkana is made to hide within her Trees
and Monad is made to be The MonasteREA
while <rock> upon <rock>
is without fruit
limbs without seed
high on its crown
loaded with leaves
but just the same it bears
it has beautiful branches
it is finely covered
touching the sky
BERKANA is the limb
greenest with leaves
Loki brought the luck of deceit
BERKANA is a leafy limb
and a little tree
and a youthful wood
silver fir

(painting of Monastery within Birch tree forest by Great Princess Olga Alexandrovna
(bronze tortoise and snake – Wudang Shan XuanWu in Beijing Capital Museum)
Sapphire < > Diamond android Clptr is still at work sub.servant to “Black Turtle” Wu Bu of android MaRu>t<





white house