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Mystery of Life and Death

i am perpetual new-born

life or death : none-attachment or attachement

myth of Orpheus and Eurydice…
in folk lore one who turns to look back turns into a stone
in the bible (from Ellin biblos=a sheet or scroll of writing), story of Lot’s wife, who became a pillar of salt after she looked back at Sodom. biblos itself is looking back… me writing DOWN perceptions is looking back… acts of attachment…

from direct experience: it is impossible to be attached to reality(life) – we are attached to memory(death)… and yet what i wrote is a memory… a looking back…

Jiddu Krishnamurti invites not to accept, but to please observe together (important is TO OBSERVE – not to analyze – very important! if we observe the difference we will understand why):

attachment “to the name, to the form, my existence is attachment to that memory that i have gathered through all my life. where there is attachment, i recognize, observe… there is corruption. when i am attached to a belief, hoping in that attachment to that belief there will be certain security, both psychologically as well as physically, that attachment not only prevents further examination, but i am frightened to examine even… when i am greatly attached to something… to a person, to an idea, to an experience. so, corruption exists where there is an attachment. And one’s whole life is a movement within the field of the known.”

do we live or do we remember?
so The Spirit asked The Mind
and in it is the difference between Life and death
to be arrested in kaleidoscope of memories (by clinging to beliefs, knowledge, ideas, repetitive “habitual” behaviors and other impressions/perceptions of experiences already passed) is to be deprived of Life, which is death that eventually exhausts the body
we do not die at the moment of Soul departing from the body – we are partially dead (each to different degree) while we think we are alive and this is why our body is exhausted (ages and eventually becomes unable to support what we think is life)
very few have been able to stop closed circuit of remembrance and live and we call it to achieve immortality – to return to primordial breath…
do we live or do we remember?
Osho once said the words: “living spontaneously and embracing life” but he too had exhausted his body being unable to live up to the truth he had perceived
Hrih Shri Padmasambhava and Mahavatar Babaji are said to be immortal – ALIVE that is 
do we live or do we remember? it is not a question – it is a vigil – vigilance none-conceptual

and all these thoughts are perceptions and memories…
off to LIVE