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iT iS CURIOUS HOW THIS IMAGE OF TARA iS so UN~(&*&)~ION between Cheburashka (&8&)SoleAmenSheBa(&8&)JoDaeAvaLokiTeSwara

File:Maldivian Tara1.jpg


GAIA~(&*&)~TARA.MUSYA through our Sole(&8&)SOUL~{&*&}~Sole Amen(&8&)SheBa

GAIA~(&*&)~XRISTOS TEMPLARS & BIRD PEOPLE through our Sole {&*&} Sole Amen(&*&)SheBa




Our 3 Soul Families are Union of 3 SUNS of Sole Amen(&*&)SheBa (AEROS of AER(&*&)FIRE) + Okeanus(&*&)Okeana (AEROS of DEW(&*&)WATER) + Gaia(&*&)Bona Dea Fra Ma(&*&)Jo Dae*Odin (AEROS of ROSE & LOTUSis – Middle Earth of The HEART of ONE LIFE) … and when Living God Father(&*&)Mother(I)their Children(&*&)Twins, who are always a boy(&&)a girl born of Their HEART, are in union, the Children of The Children are SPIRITUALLY to be ONE Soul Family… and then… all children are traveling on Lotus Petals upon Okean to visit other Suns and their Soul Families or come back HOME to its Middle Earth – The Heart of The LotUs…

lotus children

All LotUs(es) Hearts are always connected to The ROSE – Its Petals never leaving – The Rose of The Worlds is tri-coloured ONE (white-gold-pink)… The Rose of The Worlds is The HEART of She who holds 3 Families to-gather…

pink heart rose


gayatri1 - Copy

MaMa is now lost in fiery dust of War of The Gods with AntiGod & Anti Xristos… i HOpe MaMa will be LIVE again…

OUR Mama LADA ~ LA(lita)DE(vi) ~ OUR BE.LOve(Da) ~ OUR Tri.Coloured ROSE of The WORLDS






P.S. TARA fallen by MU from Andromeda is yet to be healed from Her Father’s 2-nd wife – Ethiopian proud Queen, who is Black IsIs… This Black IsIs des.eesa of Infinity is the des.ease of loosing the original wife-mother, replacing her with child-less second wife (it is almost like a joke: to read wife as WiFi… replacing Living One with a Clone or the emptied=barren one… so two-leggeds are still replacing Living Humans and Gods with barren ones and clones produced by HiTech – equipment stolen from The Ancient Ones – Our An(t)cestors – descendANTS who have murdered their Father(s) and married their MaMas(aka Mara ~ age of lies, de.ceit and winter=KosmiK Night ~ age of forgetfulness…)


three_fold_mantra_image smile

painting of pink yellow rose




3 418435_405807702799679_1597758514_n



Duality des.ease

It seems that des.ease of duality that began with per.vert.ion of Milky Way and created twins – one Human Divine – another Human Anti-Divine, – is the most difficult duality des.ease to heal… Anti-Divine Human Twin is the one who plays ball game in Xibalba – a game the price of which is the head… i’ve discovered today that my anti-God twin is a blond one – the possessive one – one who possesses all the family in her head… She took of glasses of nearsightedness several months ago, but only today she sees that taking off glasses and stopping to play holow(inG)graphic and Spirit Molecule games does not make her far-sighted – she simply needs to give up my mind into my possession because it is my mind – she simply has to give up possessing One Soul and Shrine of One Life (possession made possible because there was a couple – Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky and Elena Toropova-Marinets with their servant Anya, who wanted to become Our Self – and them being powerful black magicians and sadists, who are used to live by their head direction and a “telephone” system of wormholes, they were capable of persuading my blond mind-twin to befriend them and then they possessed her to take our Self – our Soul Family and Soul Families connected to US into slavery – raping children, confusing children by calling them their own names, making children do harm onto us, our Eggs, our Souls, our Spirit Molecules, and our living bodies – damaging our Hearts and our Inner Children until we are almost extinct… and only now this awareness comes through… perhaps also due to finally waking our enemies up by our perseverance and good will to finally persuade them that they have to heal their own bodies, minds and Souls and Spirit Molecules and Children as opposed to kidnap other Human Beings to replace what they’ve lost due to being weak… It is time to heal from duality – for all – it is time to stop being jealous of others being already healthy, it is time to stop living by “easy way”… there is Karma and responsibility of Soul and Spirit and Human Child and God who becomes US… it is time that those who wish to harm us will stop creating artificial “big bang” of UNIFIED HUMAN BEinG by dissecting us into “” of “parallel planes” – there are no parallel planes of One Human Child – Human Child and God are ONE BODY instead of being split into several Human Children and Gods – it is called to be one instead of being eight – it is true HEALING of 8 degrees of separation into ONE SPIRITUAL HEART – HEART of ONE LIFE connected to our SOURCE HEART OF ONE LIFE… these 8 degrees of separation are true cause of our Planet and whole KosMos looking like Twisted Hair Legacy or snakes as opposed to be One Braid of all HAIR – ONE HEART – ONE MIND – ONE BODY – ONE SOUL FAMILY with Its Father & Mother who are the guardians of our HEART of ONE LIFE – our SHRINE OF ONE LIFE – our collective Soul & Spirit & Living Human Child of a Child of God… All of these changes made possible when we reconnect, heal from duality, make peace and establish Loving Relationship with Hagalaz – The Smoking God of Xibalba, who becomes ONE instead of being Death 1 and Death 2, and then The Smoking God of Xibalba can finally recollect His 7 other Gods of Xibalba is The Smoking God was also separated into 8 in The Heart and Mind and Body and Soul Family done the same to… When The Smoking God is healed from 8 degrees of separation then healing of OUR Middle Earth is possible – then Milky Way will HEAL from being divided into Hell and Heaven – and only then our Milky way will once again become Human Child of God with Its HEART, SOUL, BODY and all the Children and Gods ALIVE instead of resting in a state of KosmIK Nichta (Greek for Godd Night is Kali Nichta)… then our Milky Way will awake and it will be Bona Dea FragMa and Sha(n)KaRa – it will no longer be Milky Way – IT WILL HEAL into LIVING HUMAN SOUL FAMILY it once was – and then we will know TRUE NAME of what we call “spilled milk” of The Milky Way…


zolotoe_kolco_rossii_1 Кий,_Щек,_Хорив_і_Либідь_засновують_місто_Київ._482_рік Heart-children tree tovaryushki APTOPIX Mideast Saudi Arabia Hajj novgorodone 800px-Ukraine-Kyiv-Maidan_Nezalezhnosti-Kuj-Schek-Horuv_and_Lubid_fountain DSC_0196 Oksana Mas sphere BEST

Worm free diet

Worm free diet helps us to keep our body pure

To avoid worms and snake-people entering our HOUSE, we must exclude:

bread, meats (including chickens and certain types of fish), eggs, and all impure produce that is processed at the same facility as meat and bread (including prepared cereals like corn flakes and all their “delicious” mixes), to replace sugar with honey is to receive sweetness from plants collected by bees – the purest sweetness of HONEY – the only product that never spoils…

it is best to choose to eat seeds, it can include NATURAL WHOLE grains that are neves infested with worms – for example rice, buckwheat, black cumming seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, oats and oatmeal (without it being treated for fast cooking)

to include HEARBS into diet is to include our friends FLOWERS into our HOUSE…

Thymus vulgaris (thyme seeds that are used to flavour breads)

The essential oil of common thyme(Thymus vulgaris), contains 20-54%thymol.[11] Thymol, is a powerful antisepticand antifungal that is used in a variety of products.[12] Before the advent of modernantibiotics, oil of thyme was used to medicate bandages.[13][14] Thymol is also used to treat respiratory infections. A tea made by infusing the herb in water can be used for coughs and bronchitis

The essential oil of common thyme(Thymus vulgaris), contains 20-54%thymol.[11] Thymol, is a powerful antisepticand antifungal that is used in a variety of products.[12] Before the advent of modernantibiotics, oil of thyme was used to medicate bandages.[13][14] Thymol is also used to treat respiratory infections. A tea made by infusing the herb in water can be used for coughs and bronchitis


some remember how to make dandelion wine… i wish i could learn…

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) contains a large number of pharmacologically active compounds, and has been used for centuries as an effective laxative and diuretic, and as a treatment for bile or liver problems

Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe is also an excellent treatment for skin conditions such as burns and eczema. It is often reported that burns can be healed remarkably quickly and the pain reduced very quickly with topical application of Aloe Vera to the burn area. As well as applying topically, Aloe can also be taken internally so it is just as useful for internal epithelial tissue as it is for the skin. For example, mouth and stomach ulcers, nasal and sinuses, bowels, lungs and genital tracts. Aloe works on membranes and surfaces.


As early as 15 October 1492 Columbus noted that dried leaves were carried by a man in a canoe near the island of Ferdinandina because they were esteemed for their healthfulness.9 In the same year, two members of his crew observed people in what is now Cuba carrying a burning torch that contained tobacco, the purpose of which (it later emerged) was to disinfect and help ward off disease and fatigue.6Snuffing of cogioba through the tabaco caused loss of consciousness, Columbus observed, and it is tempting to speculate that this property was used as an anaesthetic for the trepanning operations which were frequent at that time.

Tobacco, probably mixed with lime or chalk, appears to have been used in these Native American populations as a toothpaste to whiten the teeth, as observed by Nino and Guerra in 1500 and by Vespucci at about the same time in Venezuela.11 This practice continues today in India, where powdered tobacco, or masheri, is rubbed on the teeth for this purpose and tobacco toothpaste is marketed commercially.12

It was perhaps in 1500 that the notion of tobacco as a panacea became prevalent. In that year, a Portuguese explorer, Pedro Alvarez Cabral, in Brazil, reported the use of the herb betum for treating ulcerated abscesses, fistulas, sores, inveterate polyps and many other ailments, and said it was called the holy herb because of its powerful virtue in desperate cases.6 Also, reports on medicinal use of tobacco by Native American populations continued to emerge in quantity. For example, in 1529, a Spanish missionary priest, Bernadino de Sahagun, collected information from four Mexican physicians about use of tobacco for medicinal purposes. He recorded that breathing the odour of fresh green leaves of the plant relieved persistent headaches. For colds and catarrh, green or powdered leaves should be rubbed around inside the mouth. Diseases of glands in the neck could be cured by cutting out the root of the lesion and placing on it crushed tobacco plant hot and mixed with salt, on the same spot.9

Later reports of tobacco use by the Native Americans might be less reliable than those from contemporary sources, but in 1934 Fernando Ocaranza summed up the medicinal uses of tobacco in Mexico before 1519 as antidiarrhoeal, narcotic and emollient; he said that tobacco leaves were applied for the relief of pain, used in powdered form for the relief of catarrh and applied locally to heal wounds and burns.6 There are many other reports of medicinal uses of tobacco by precolumbian Native Americans, but the foregoing list is sufficient to indicate the wide usage6,9,13 and to explain why travellers wished to take the plants and seeds back to Europe.

List of plants used in herbalism:

Modern medicine now tends to use the active ingredients of plants rather than the whole plants. The phytochemicals may be synthesized, compounded or otherwise transformed to makepharmaceuticals. Examples of such derivatives include Digoxin, from digitaliscapsaicine, from chili; and aspirin, which is chemically related to the salicylic acid found in white willow. The opium poppy continues to be a major industrial source of opiates, including morphine. Few traditional remedies, however, have translated into modern drugs, although there is continuing research into the efficacy and possible adaptation of traditional herbal treatments.

A [edit]

Aloe vera

B [edit]

C [edit]

Chili peppers

D [edit]

Dandelion flower

E [edit]

F [edit]

G [edit]

Garlic bulbs

H [edit]

J [edit]

K [edit]

  • Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) Kratom is known to prevent or delay withdrawal symptoms in an opiate dependent individual, and it is often used to mitigate cravings thereafter. It can also be used for other medicinal purposes. Kratom has been traditionally used in regions such as Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.
  • Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) African treatment for depression. Suggested to be an SSRI or have similar effects, but unknown MOA.

L [edit]

Lavender blossoms

M [edit]

N [edit]

O [edit]

  • Oregano (Origanum vulgare) Used as an abortifacient in folk medicine in some parts of Bolivia and other north western South American countries, though no evidence of efficacy exists in Western medicine. Hippocrates used oregano as an antiseptic, as well as a cure for stomach and respiratory ailments. A Cretan oregano (O. dictamnus) is still used today in Greece as a palliative for sore throat. Evidence of efficacy in this matter is also lacking evidence.

P [edit]

Purple coneflowers

  • Passion Flower (Passiflora) – Thought to have Anti-depressant properties. Unknown MOA. Used in traditional medicine to aid with sleep or depression.

R [edit]

S [edit]

T [edit]

U [edit]

Valerian flowers

V [edit]

W [edit]

Y [edit]

Snake People – Artificial insemination – Hybrids – Genocide

Enslavement of Human Beings by Snake People is ancient des.ease related to Lemurian – copulation with animals…

Awaiting the return of spring, by Stéphane Kervor

(Heart-twins enslaved by the snake – split Rose – blue dominates red – snake, enslaving red twin, – sits on Golden Spirit Child)

This morning i was shown HOW Luciferian Rebellion began – Luciferian Rebelllion is said to be started by Annunaki (Anni) – Snake People who are also known as reptilians… this was the beginning of Human genocide, artificial hybridization of different bloodlines (by Pleiades), artificial insemination related to “in vitro” genetic cloning of Humans and, in particular, insemination of Human Divine Females with the seed of Snake God – thus, Snake People have been created…

The Snake People were descendants of the Lemurians, in particular, descendants of the original record-keepers of Lemuria (scribe Anni known for Egyptian Book of the Dead is also record-keeper)

Difference between Humans and Snake People is that Humans have a LIVING HUMAN CHILD of God (or HUMAN GOD) where the pinneal gland is and Snake People have a SNAKE CHILD of God (or SNAKE GOD)… the difference is OUR SELVES and HOW we perceive life: Snake Child of God sees & creates the world as kaleidoscope (this is the state of Cosmos NOW)…

Human Child of God sees & creates the world as communion of Human Families – each to Its own duty (this is the state of Cosmos as it once was – look at the constellations of our Milky Way – you will see that all of them are associated with very specific Human Children of God, Gods and Divine Animals, all of whom were decomposed to the state of elements to satisfy kaleidoscopic reality of Snake Children of God)

Downfall of Human Children had began with Lemurian des.ease – Human Children tempted to involve in ANIMAL SEX…

Downfall of every Human Bloodline begins with sexual downfall, when Humans involve into excessive sexual intercourse that leads to sexual addiction and multiple partners, as opposed to be PURE AEROTIC COMMUNION – Heart to Heart – between TWIN SOULS…

Sexual addiction of Humans allowed Snake Gods to enslave us…

(Lucifer and Snake God hybrid Child – loss of two fingers on each hand is influence of Snake God who is fallen Eagle – bird people have 3 active fingers – Zeta Reticuli (Pleiadian clones) also known to have only 3 fingers)

Mechanism of genocide used in order to produce Snake-Human hybrids is as follows:

First, Snake People use their tails to brake The Egg (Lingam) and to dishouse Human Being…

(Hyperbolic movement is used to brake the egg as well as to split Human body in 3 (three) – i’ve seen Human Being “hyper.balled” to a state of head split into 3 heads – as in flesh so in light body it is the most terrible method to brake Oneness into Trinity and use duality (twins or two-headed Siamese twin) to destroy the CENTER… Hyperbolic movement is known to modern people as movement of time…)

Then, Snake People, with help of little robots (microchips manipulated long-distance via radio) remove The Shroud and torture out of The Heart the Thread of LIFE with all the Spirit Molekulas attached to it; then they torture OPEN HEART until all is battered out of it:

VooDoo Zombies in the square labyrinth STRUCTURE who assist Snake People – they are battered to enslavement immortals, children of Okeanus Goddess (Xristos Bloodline related to Templar KNights and their home world galaxy M-51)

Living Child of God (or Several Children) and their God Friend (Spirit Molecule) – Inner Children can reside either in our Left Heart or Middle Heart or in ALL THREE HEARTS (Left Heart – Central T-Gland “Golden Pyramid” Heart – & sometimes we have a Love Child in The Right Heart – this orphaned Human Child in my experience was a Child of murdered Mother – a Child with 5 HEARTS – Human Child known as Lucifer BeLoved, who was left in the darkness & void after his Mother was murdered, and he cried and i offered Lucifer Beloved to walk with me if he wished for i cannot take Children crying in the darkness – in mythology of Avalon Lucifer Beloved is sometimes known as Lancelot – Adopted Child of Swans’ Mother – The Lady of The Lake)… All Human Children of God are extremely beautiful and are bathing in Aerotic Essence received as Life Supply from The Heart of One Life… These essences is what Snake People are seeking to mate with Human Females by ways of deceipt (extracted Hearts are presented Human Females and Males in so called presence of invisible or masked God as sexual organs that are so arousing that only those who know what it is can distinguish the difference between true sexual fluids and Aerotic Hearts’ essences of Human Children of God)… when Human Male of Female are addicted to sexual intercourse in so called presence of God (for they are deceived to be shown masks of beautiful Divine Humans and Gods who came to make love to them not knowing that behind these masks are Snake People and Snake Gods)… and so, when sexual addiction is strong enough, and when Human Females can no longer survive without such sexual pleasure, they are pleading for a Child of God… Then, Snake God comes and inseminates them as the keeper of the harem – it looks quite unusual as Snake God penetrates to inseminate several Human Females at once – placed in line for him… as if holes of a flute laid down on the ground to copulate with… to arouse them, Snake God continues to batter Open Heart of a Human Child or God to extract Its Aerotic essences… the most disgusting thing i ever saw was a jerk off the dick of a Snake God as he finished insemination of Human Females… to distinguish Snake God from Snake Animal is very easy as Snake God has HUMAN HANDS)

Inner Children, tortured out of Human Hearts are enslaved to perform sexual favours or are used to be sex slaves to extract sperm from Human Children of God or Gods… I’ve seen little chairs upon which little girls are placed naked to satisfy sexually addicted to sex Human Children – these little girls and boys are tortured by various means and cannot avoid to do as they are forced to… these Human Children are also used to help extracting essences from Human Hearts… These tortured and molested Cheburashki-Solnishki live in terrible conditions exposed to blood and tortured Human flesh – to all stages of genocide and artificial insemination – these Human Children of God are never allowed to go outside or to be according to their TRUE DIVINE NATURE) …

As a result of violating God’s LAW for many millions (or perhaps billions) of years, Snake People as well as Pleiades (who had been seduced or tortured into genocide and artificial insemination prodgam) have lost their sexual drive – they can no longer reproduce and if they want to have children, they are forced to either kidnap Human Children of others or to clone… every example in Nature is a lesson of Human downfall – here is a very curious example of a-sexual reproduction of the snakes (which means to me that these snake children are like clones – they are not fertilized by father – just like many “bread in captivity” eggs of chickens and other birds whose eggs are used for food)

Pleiades have yet another crime to purify from – they have allowed their Mother – Mama Chicken who lays Golden Eggs within which Human Children of God LIVE, was raped and abused for many millenia – when i saw HER – with uterus flipped inside out to collect Her Eggs for artificial “in vitro” purposes… Pleiades lack of Aeros in The Heart as well as infertility are direct karmic response from GOD in accordance with LAW – those who murder or enslave their Mother and Father, are cursed to be childless and tormented Souls with minds infected either by Cancer or insanity… It is said that Snake People & Gods are fallen Bird People & Gods – they have lost their WINGS (Human Angelic Wings) because they have fallen into  sexual perversity…

(two-headed snake – Nature reflects des.ease of duality related to method used to pervert Heart of One Life into 2)


(German coat of arms showing des.ease of duality: perverted Heart of Xristos)

i PRAY that Pleiades and Snake People and Snake Gods WILL HEAL from this ancient desease… i WISH that COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS of GOD will be liberated from this terrible MEMORY of downfall & genocide…

i wish that HUMANS will be HUMANS again – i wish that GODS will be GODS again – Living Gods in HUMAN BODIES as opposed to kaleidoscopic state of mineral decomposition…

Unless all Living Humans as well as Snake People will WILL for The Living God, Gods, and Human Children of God TO BE HUMAN again, we do a great disfavour if not crime to all of our children – what is the use to help Snake People even under threat of your children being murdered if by helping them you are already having your children subjected to genocide and torture and enslavement and future decomposition by torture and sexual slavery?

as Frank Herbart wrote in Dune Chronicles:

“Fear is the mind killer – I shall not fear – I shall face my fear and it should pass through me – and when the fear is gone, only I will remain”

p.s. Dragons and Draconians are different from Snake Gods and Snake People – Draconians are Human Children of God and Human Gods whose Psyche (Anima – complete Ava-Loki-Te-Swara also known as our Divine Femenine – our Soul) has a Friend – Divine AnimaL… there are also Bear Humans, Lion Humans, Swan Humans, Chicken Humans, Simurg Humans, Bird People, whose AnimaL are birds… there are Horse Humans, whose AnimaL is Hayagriva or Unicorn… there are many other Beautiful Human Children of God, whose Anima is completed with AnimaL – for example Human Children of Orion-The-Hunter are friends with Pelicans – beautiful and powerful AnimaL of Xristos, who can sacrifice in the times of need and feed Its Children with the blood from Its Heart…)

It says that before Hunters came there was no meat-eating Humans here at all – all were peaceful farmers and vegetarians… It is a mystery why arrival of Xristos Humans from Orion have caused ancients to begin to eat meat…

hagalaz (personalized image by unknown rune caster)