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A Sun Council was called when the Earth had reached its lowest ebb, when there seemed no possibility for it to contribute to the Light of the solar system.  At this Conference among the Suns of this galaxy, it was decided that the planet Earth would be returned to primal essence because it was contributing no Light, no music, no constructive radiation to the universe of which it was a part.  It was thought best to dissolve this planet, conserving life and returning the substance of the planet itself for re-polarization into the heart of Helios and Vesta.  As conservation of life is an essential part of the Cosmic Law…

Why am i going into such terrible facts? To help us all to be aware and alert of dark attacks that await each and every Soul attempting to pass through photon belt ~ a “ring pass not” ~ yet we must strive to be so perfectly aware – serene – and KNOW our Self as to avoid corruption by pretender Self to pass OUR Monads through the photon belt and through The Sun into One Life – One Cosmic Consciousness…

Monadic re-versal is rather 3/4 to 1/4 ration on this planet in proportion to number of Dark Lords who are opposing Human Monads passing into Divine Consciousness of One Life – it is them, who are responsible for imprisoning Earth, Her children and Her guests in linear time labyrinth made by means of slicing LIVING LIGHT BEINGS into holograms – it is then that we “watch” dreams instead of direct participation in LIVING LIGHT LIFE – it is these dark Lords (known as Orion Conspiracy; Sapphire Throne of Jehova (Arthur clad in Sapphire Blue-Black Light); Black Faceless karma Lords; Black Protectors of Kala Chakra including Yama Lord of Death worshipped in Tibetan Buddhism as protectors of all Buddhas (Asuras – Anti-Solar beings who always aim to annihilate Pure LoveLightLife to Dark Blue peace – in case of Maitreya Buddha this is achieved by insisting on necessity to balance both hemispheres, which causes annihilation of The Soul and reverse of Monad – power on the left IS a MURDERER & RAPIST – Dark Lord(s) harvesting accumulated merit to per-verse and “down-fall” HUMAN MONADS – first they scan for potentials and abduct them while Human Monads are in sub-conscious child development stage – then they wound the Heart of Monad causing much childhood trauma and grief, then, upon waking, zombified Soul is kicked out of Monadic Light House by powerful hypnotic means – then… murder is unforgivable crime from One Life point of view – never believe any author who states that Monadic reversal is experienced as act of Free Will – who in their saint mind would want to experience greif and annihilation in stead of ecstasy and LIFE?)

Mahavatar Hari A Khan Babaji was one of those who lost his Mamaji – his Divine Monad reversed and crashed alike the crash of Phaeton into this very Planet Earth… Sri Babaji was friend of mine in one of the past lives – he showed true cause of WHY he had to roam Beautiful Planet Earth for 4000 years before finally reconciling his loss at this Miracle clad Moment of Awakening – being Mahavatar Babaji had to atONE as any and all of us – this example just to approximate how powerful and sneaky Dark Lords are to INNOCENT Beings of Light from Higher realms who had never known that evil exists… until they came to visit 3-D realm…

Dark Lords & many dark extinguished Souls are devourers of Pure Love~Light for the sake of controlling what they have no Divine authority to control – this is the nature of so-called evil that is black plague of Beautiful Lady Earth

we truly hope that these Dark Lords and all the evil WILL be gone NOW to let us BREATHE & Sing LoveLight of One Life unison with our SoulSpirit


free download of Almine’s video Interview with One Life containing trans-slation of one of Her Self travels – it includes a description of a RING around Earth similar to what my Self had witnessed – actually my Self witnessed not one – two rings – perhaps it was different Earth – yet similitude is that our Planet is ripped off Her Monadic House (common technique of Monadic reversal as done by Dark Lords to keep Monads under their control – also see “Rose of the World” by Leonid Andreev – he describes in great detail all that has to do with Planetary dwellers)

When Monadic re-versal takes place to a point of endangering Divine Monad’s Life, protective shields are activated according to The Law of Protection of Light.

From Keylontic Dictionary:

Monadic Reversal        
Last update:
September 25, 2010

(Monadic Reversal – Molecular Compaction – Finite Life)The dynamic of Merkaba Field “Vulnerability” to Free Will Choice allows manifest beings the opportunity to explore Free Will Opposite Expression through “life lessons” brought about by Cause, Effect and Consequences, in which the experiential illusions of “Limited Supply” and “separation from God-Source” can be explored.If exploration of Opposite Expression becomes excessive, the Personal Merkaba Circulatory System becomes progressively damaged until a “point of critical mass distortion” is reached, causing the Personal Merkaba Spirals to COMPLETELY REVERSE SPIN, which creates complete separation from the natural Cosmic and Universal Kristiac/Christiac Merkabic Circulatory System. 

This is a condition called “MONADIC REVERSAL“. (Anti-Christiac Merkaba)

The reverse spin can no longer circulate Life Force energy from the naturally rotating Universal Merkaba Circulatory System and thus becomes a FINITE LIFE, fueled by a LIMITED SUPPLY of energy that remained within its own shield template and personal Merkabic Circulatory System when the Monadic Reversal occurred. (See: Metatronic CodingFall)

Confined to its own “energetic quarantine“, the reverse spin Anti-Christiac Merkaba “turns in on itself” becoming and “internal Black Hole” that progressively “self consumes” as it first expands all of the limited energy of its Reversed Shields and Merkaba Fields outwards into manifest expression, then reverses polarity and progressively draws the expanded energy back into its center, growing progressively denser at the core, as the Merkaba Fields and its “form constant” manifestation arena reciprocally become Compacted, manifesting a condition calledMOLECULAR COMPACTION

(See: Phanton MatrixHost Matrix)

(The Forbidden Testaments of Revelation – Page 22)

MOLECULAR COMPACTION is the process by which higher frequency energy (Kundalini) comes in but the receiving part of the shields below it are not functioning so it crushes the remaining parts of the dysfunctional receivers in the shields (Miasms) and then spreads erratic whacky energy out through the shield, and when that happens the next set of currents that tries to come in will do the same thing but now there is more damage because of the erratic frequency that is flying around from the previous time.

MOLECULAR COMPACTION is the reason why we die. That is the ultimate cause of Death behind every single malady, as far as health stuff. Due our shield reversals and thus the inability of the shields and DNA, and therefore the body, to be able to receive and synthesize naturally the normal currents from the Soul. (See: Primal Life Force Currents)

(Phoenix 8-2002 Lectures. DVD 2 – Track 2. 12:00 Min )

When healed, our Monad is so joyously light-heartedly connects Her Spirit Light to HOME…
LET US HEAL from martyrdome of FALSELY advertised “God is about giving”
(Sunat Kumara)
Amen Amen Amen


Two of the most important and symbolic words in the Hawaiian vocabulary kalo and ohana, the words for taro and family can be used to describe the main focus of life in Waipio Valley.

It has been mentioned in the early part of this book that the missionaries found it as difficult as it was to them distasteful to record the wicked follies (as they thought them) of the religion that preceded Christianity in New Zealand. C. O. Davis mentions that when attempting to question an old priest on the subject of the ancient Maori worship of the Supreme Being he was refused information, and politely referred to another priest 100 miles away.