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Going green – nearly litterless

today i have joyously observed how our household changed our ways with left-overs:

in the attached picture you can see size comparison and how often we take out recycling bags, bins with organics to become compost and unrecyclables. Recycling bins are very common now, but compost is collected at specific locations and is newer country-wide (and global) initiative.

Every Sunday i witness SO MANY YOUNG PEOPLE bringing buckets with organics to collection site and i feel good that LIVING BREATHING CONSCIOUS UNCONDITIONALLY SUPPORTING OUR NEED TO EAT FOOD DIVINE MOTHER is no longer placed into dumpster… i feel so much better that paper can finally decompose from within unnatural form to become Earth instead of being re-cycled in the machines… What can we do to remind ourselves that eating was supposed to be temporary self-aid as we heal what made us isolated so we could no longer self-support by breath?






Health of brain and nervous system and of our body-consciousness

Brain is influenced not only by information sources and collective mind-field and pure consciousness (Spirit), it is influenced by our food choices because food choices are not only healthy or unhealthy – they are natural display of spiritual health of our consciousness. And since ancient times people who were spiritually healed and healthy, are known to have healthy bodies. Our physical body is a fruit of our consciousness and mind – as are our consciousness and mind so is our body because as are our consciousness and mind so are our food choices…

We can choose to be neuro-physically healthy or we can choose to follow habitual pattern of des.eased food-and-life-style and end up incapacitated (with functions of organs depleted to the point that organs could no longer support the body’s overall well-being and vitality). Functional medicine professionals educate us that old age of the body does not have to be accompanied by des.eased functions and decreased vitality. I know a man of 75 years old, who is hiking Runyon Canyon in Hollywood Hills twice a day about 1.5 hours hike every time: to observe as he walks – he walks with a posture and energy of 20 year old and he sings as he walks and he amuses himself and all around by carrying a half-filled bottle of water on his head – his mood is always cheerful even though he lives in the same societal and psycho-energy environment as most Americans in big cities. I have not enquired about his diet, but his lean and healthy physique speaks of itself. His hiking companion is 67 – she is a nurse. Though she does not display startling youthfulness of 20 year old, but she moves as young person and looks terrific – much younger than her age! One more man i met in Runyon Canyon, but only once: he walked up the hill 10 miles to get to Runyon Canyon park being 82 (and the way back though down the hill was still 10 ml). I would never believe he was 82! We talked and he mentioned that the only reason he sees a doctor is routine blood test… ! He believes his long walks help him to stay healthy and energetic. But i am sure his diet is very healthy to support health of the body for 82 years without functions disrupted by the des.eases. Very happy and content man.

It is not all about diet and mastery of the mind – it is about our at-oneness with Divine One Within(with LIVING ALLONE WITHIN ourselves – not with perceptions written in books no matter how revered).

Yet, diet is important as food choices directly influence consciousness and body, as its fruit. Our food-choices and environmental awareness are reflection of the state of health of our consciousness and mind and body as its fruit.

Institute of Functional Medicine produced several food plans that are seen to help to restore and maintain health of our bodies.

One of these food plans (MITO or energy food plan) is supporting health of our cellular energy centers – mitochondrias, – and health of our neurons and brain thus helping to maintain healthy mental function.

“Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) is a protein that protects neurons and plays a role in creating
new neurons. Neurons transmit information to each other in your brain. BDNF acts like a growth hormone for
neurons. It is vital for thinking, learning, and a higher level of brain function. It turns out that levels of BDNF are
lower in those with AD and PD! Naturally you want to increase levels of BDNF as a first line of defense against
these neurological diseases. How can you do this?
The gene that turns on BDNF production is activated by several factors. These include calorie restriction, curcumin
(a spice), docosahexaenoic acid (DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid), intermittent fasting, exercise, intellectual stimulation,
and meditation.
Additionally, a state of ketosis, brought on by eating a diet lower in carbohydrates, appears to provide
the most efficient fuel for the mitochondria and activate BDNF. Conversely, the standard American diet (SAD),
obesity, and elevated blood sugar actually lower levels of BDNF.” (Institute of Functional Medicine Energy Food Plan Comprehensive Guide)

you can download the guide, the weekly planner and food list from this website (other food plans are available under the tab “Nutrition”):

I found this site after reading educational article on Institute of Functional Medicine website (Functional Medicine is a new approach to medicine – A WHOLISTIC medicine that seeks to heal causes instead of suppressing the symptoms and it has emerged from conventional after discovery of epigenetics (see Bruce Lipton’s “Biology of The Belief” on youtube to learn what it is):

Mental Wellness: Prevention and Treatment of Disorders

A balanced diet of vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, lean proteins, and whole grains may help bolster mental wellness for management of daily life stresses, anxiety, and grief.11,12 Further, dietary patterns such as regularly scheduled meals may also prevent mental health issues.10 For clinical treatments, research continues to suggest that foods, nutrients, and overall diet quality have the potential to ease symptoms of mental disorders and improve patient outcomes.