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The Best Giving of Thanks

The Best Thanksgiving to Native Americans we can express for welcoming us immigrants in the lands of America) is to remember: we are ALLONE and to share LOVE and WISDOM to LIVE… TO LIVE… !!!

It is healing and beneficial to all of us to give ear to Native American wisdom, instead of converting people from ways of wisdom and love to western ways of self-destruction…

We – each one of us – can begin already be so thankful by our own actions:

In book “Song of The Deer” Thunder Strikes remembered that any decision of novelty to implement was accepted by Council of Elders (see image below) only if it was to be harmless to children (all children of GrandMother Earth, not just humans) thus to benefit 7 generations to come and if not it was rejected: it is dual: it was not that each member of community was fully consciously making a decision, but only few, yet it was wise to see even by a few if novelty was to benefit 7 generations of all Earth’s children to come… Do we make our everyday decisions with full awareness of benefit and harm not only to ourselves, but to 7 generations of all Earth’s children to come? What will come to pass if we will? Just this one: making our personal decisions with necessity of well-being to 7 generations of all Earth’s children, including ourselves, – can we give it a chance and see what will happen? 

example: cell phones and other wireless devices and wireless communications that actively replaced thus atrophied telepathic communion we are capable of naturally AND negative effect of wireless information traffic on collective consciousness of EarthHumanityAllLivingExpressionsofEarth for we are conscious energy and the quality of collective field directly influences quality of every… our every post on facebook influences collective informational field of Earth we are all within… can we be so kind and loving (to ourselves) as to consider if our posts harm or benefit? it takes willing awareness to see the truth… why so many choose ignorance of the fact of self-inflicted harm?
what can ACTually be expressed as gratitude to Mother Earth in the Spirit of Oneness we are? to Universal Mother?

Nothing should be done to harm the children

9 forms of Tao nourishment – 9 practices of Union with Tao

Power of Sunflower

following is perception=incomplete thus inaccurate expression of truth. Truth, being before any perception, cannot be expressed by words only experienced by each one. Our life-long habit of trusting authorities is a blindfold that needs to be removed if we are to be living ourself. When we hear something we want to trust or have aversion to mistrust, it is healthy to experience directly whether such perceptions are rooted in truth or not because very often we have an aversion to what is a message of truth and even more so often we unexplainably trust lies and deceits…

when we attentively and lovingly(without compulsive aversion) observe any addict especially those who forced themselves out to streets by addiction, and then look truthfully onto yourself: when we are addicted to anything, especially to conceptual mind process of shuffling memories (everything that is recorded as “known” and there is a big difference between…

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