Fearless experiment of Professor Arnold Ehret that may be inspiring to all who want to be healthy and fearless :) FREE! :)

“After a two years’ strict fruit-diet with intercalated fasting cures, I had attained a degree of health which is simply not imaginable nowadays and which allowed of my making the following experiments:

With a knife I made an incision in my lower arm; there

was no flow of blood as it thickened instantaneously;

closing up of the wound, no inflammation, no pain, no mucus and pus: healed up in three days, blood-crust thrown off. Later, with vegetaric, food including mucus-formants (starch food), but without eggs and milk: the wound bled a little, caused some pain and pussed slightly, a light inflammation, complete healing only after some time. After that the same wounding, with meat-food and some alcohol:

longer bleeding, the blood of a light color, red and thin, inflammation, pain, pussing for several days, and healing only after a two days’ fasting.

I have offered myself, of course in vain, to the Prussian Ministry of War for a repetition of this experiment. Why is it that the wounds of the Japanese healed much quicker and better in the Russo-Japanese war as those of the “Meat and Brandy Russians?” Has nobody for 2,000 years ever

thought it over why the opening of the artery and even the poison cup could not kill Seneca, after he had despised meat and fasted in the prison? It is said that even before that Seneca fed on nothing but fruit and water.

…I recommend to the physicians and searchers to test my claims by way of experiments which alone are entitled to real scientific recognition. The experiment, the question put to nature, is the basis of all natural science and reveals the infallible truth, no matter whether it is stated by me or somebody else. Furthermore, I recommend to those who are brave enough to test on their own bodies the following

experiments which I undertook on mine…” ~ shares German Professor Arnold Ehret (July 29, 1866 – October 10, 1922) in his record “RATIONAL FASTING: Regeneration Diet And Natural Cure For All Diseases”

p.s. “From fruit only one becomes first of all ill, i.e. cleansed; this cleansing process, however, is better to undergo at home and not in the tropics. No man would have ever believed me that it is possible to live without food for 126 days, in which 49 at a stretch, during 14 months. Now I have done it, and yet this truth is not being understood. Hitherto I say and teach only that fruit is the most natural “healing remedy. Whether my calculation is correct will be proven by the next epidemic.(any epidemic springs to mind? 🙂 ) …Almost all fasting attempts fail on account of the ignorance of the fact that with the beginning of mucusless diet the old mucus is being excreted so much more forcibly until that person is absolutely clean and healthy. Thus the seemingly most healthy person has first to pass through a condition of sickness (cleansing), or to go through an intermediate stage of illness to a higher level of health.
This is the great cliff around which so very few vegetarians have failed to go, discarding the highest truth
just like the mass of people is doing.” ~ Arnold Ehret (same record)


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