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Cepheus Cassiopea Andromeda

Cepheus Andromeda Cassiopea will heal together as Ethiopian Queen has repented begging forgiveness for her deeds as she laid herself face down before Cepheus (witnessed in Living Consciousness)…

(what Ethiopian Queen repented: divisions of The Stars into double stars, dominion over Middle Earth while White Humans are thrown from it into the depths of darkness and “mining for gold” by her tribe instead of letting Natural order to be, all voodoo black magic deeds of creating androids, voodoo slaves, forcing One Soul to divide into two, more or many to weaken One Soul, artificial insemination, artificial creation/recreation(imitation of life), imprisonment into machine (as Darth Vader was imprisoned/recreated to artificially “heal” his Human body – as Nabu was imprisoned into machines to become Death Star… Nabu is healing now – healing revealed in consciousness is the beginning of all-healing… Darth Vader revealed in consciousness to be liberated from all artificial technologies he was inserted with – first step in actual healing to be naturally Human again); holographic gestalt is one of the most dangerous tools in possession of black magicians now mis.used to artificially control Life and direct The Rays (including from Central Spiritual Sun planned by holographic gestalt to be reflected off/through series of holograms in space to reach Big Island (Hawaii) instead of reaching naturally and directly from Central Spiritual Sun to Earth)  – to stop holographic gestalt operators from wanting to control/controlling Life and Creation through holograms is the beginning of healing for all – let all those who chose holographic “healing” instead of Natural healing after being tortured (crucified) and destroyed due to being unable to endure any more torture be brave now and choose Natural healing in God no matter how terrible is the torture we are subjects to again… let us all be brave to enter our own dark spaces and to call The Light to enter the darkness and purify its space(s) (and the beings within it) so it is filled with Light free of darkening thought-forms again – liberating space of Life and beings within it from darkness we heal what was imprisoned into black distortions returning ourselves to Natural beingness and expression – as we clear the darkness within our space of beingness we clear One Space of all Life – let all the darkness created by the deeds of Ethiopian Queen and her sons and the deeds of all black magicians and greys and others, who were misled into the states of wars and pendulums and conflicts and greed and experiencing pleasures from torturing others, be cleared with help of God by the brave and beautiful Children of God!)