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The Krystal Spiral

“The Krystal Spiral is based on The 12-Kathara Grid


Kathara Grids rotate around their common Azur-A center and expand from there (Azur-A center manifests azure light and Amorae flame and is located at Thymus – 8th chakra – seat of the Soul – it is said that 8th Kathara center manifests at Thymus)

The Azur-A center is the center for the Krystal Spiral. The Spiral holds connection to Azur-A center at every stage. The points on the Krystal Spiral are connected to the center by the central vertical lines of the Kathara Grid. These form arms or radii of the spiral. The Krystal Spiral expands by square root of 2 =1.414 for each 45 degrees or by 2 for every 90 degrees of rotation. This derives from the height to width ratio of The Kathara Grid. The number 2 is the key to the Krystal Spiral. The Krystal Spiral forms smooth exponential spiral that looks the same at every scale from the microcosmic to the macrocosmic.

Krystic structures support an open living universe with full higher dimensional connections and direct connection through CENTER (Azur-A) to Source. They derive from Kryst Code, which embodies original intention for creation as expressed through the Kathara grid, Krystal Spiral and subsequent structures. Krystal Spiral numbers (Krystal sequence):

Krystal Spiral:

  1. The ratio between successive numbers is the Krystal Spiral ratio of 2
  2. The Krystal Spiral can be generated by addition as well as multiplication
  3.  This addition/inclusion of all earlier points is a key distinguishing feature for The Krystal Spiral
  4. Every number is a SUM of all the previous Krystal numbers plus Unity
  5. The Krystal Spiral has a very regular spiral structure with simple well behaved math
  6. We get the primary number sequence for the Krystal Spiral by adding all previous numbers, not just the last two, as is the case with the Fibonacci spiral (which creates a progressively greater separation and isolation from Source)
  7. Krystal Spiral is symmetrical, centered and aligned with the Kathara Grids that generate it. In comparison to Fibonacci sequence of finite life, the numerical expansion of The Krystal Sequence, (as stated in) the CDT-Plate teachings, occurs through multiplying the preceding numbers, in specific increments that are based upon the core structures of Kathara Grid rotation, to create the “next expansion”, leaving the “numbers before” intact; in “energy quantum” terms, the eternal quantum integrity of all previous numbers remains constant, as the quanta before are multiplied through self-generated power “to create next unique number”. Thus the “numbers” within Krystal sequence ALL represent eternal energy form that will remain to infinity within their own unique individuation, always in relationship to The Center 0-Point from which they emerged, and always within the context of what they have “grown to become”, while the “next generation” emerges as a unique quantum expansion born of relative multiplication of the quanta before. This is “creating new growth through perpetually self-regenerating power, not growth through “recycling of finite energy”, – and thus the mechanics of The Krystal Sequence imply that it represents a growth-expansion formula for organic eternal life, not inorganic finite life (that “expands” by “devouring” the preceding, where each next is “a belly” filled with all preceding ones (that lost its uniqueness for the sake of sum-total) instead of Kryst Sequence UNITY of all as a SUM-total of all UNIQUE expressions expanded from ONE CENTER – 0-Point – Azur-A) Inorganic finite life “expansion” by devouring is causing molecular compaction.  The growth-expansion pattern of The Krystal Sequence can be found in Nature within energy structures and biological forms of an organically eternal nature, which includes all life-forms within the Freed Worlds of Eternal Life “Ascension Systems”. The Krystal Spiral has a direct immediate permanent relationship with Its Center-0-Point of Creation, whereas the Fibonacci “golden mean” spiral (which is relatively based upon the geometries of “the golden mean rectangle”) has a de-centralised start point of expansion, rather than a centralized “center-0-point” of creation (AZUR-A)… The difference between The Krystal Sequence and Spiral and “the golden mean”-Fibonacci spiral and sequence can be simply understood in terms of their respective relationships to the “creation point”. The Krystal Spiral-Sequence emerges from Its center-point of creation AZUR-A, to which it perpetually retains a LIVING “BREATHING” (expanding and contracting) connection through preservation of what “came before” – and it expands through multiplication of that which came before. The “golden mean”-Fibonacci spiral-sequence emerges from a “point of adhesion” to a living-breathing form, to which it progressively loses contact as it expands perpetually through consumption and annihilation of that which came before… Fibonacci sequence Metatronic structures can be traced to their origins in Krystic structures. They represent distortions from them. Metatronic finite life structures lead to a severing of higher dimensional and Source connections (Metatronic structures connect to healthy Krystic Structures and “feed” on them because Metatronic expansion sequence is based on consumption and so they cannot behave otherwise, so the “infection” of Krystic Sequence-Kathara-Spiral by artificial distortion (Metatronic sequence-Kathara-spiral) may lead to either distortion with following isolated, closed and dying universe OR TO HEALING of distortion depending on The Source (AZUR-A) AKTION – Healthy AKTION is HEALING of infection)
  8. (Warning!) If exploration of opposite expression (Metatronic sequence-Kathara-multi spirals) becomes excessive (critical “mass” of Healthy Universe infected and perverted), the personal Merkaba Circulatory System becomes progressively damaged until a “point of critical mass distortion” is reached, causing the personal Merkaba Spirals to completely reverse spin, which creates complete separation from the natural Cosmic and Universal Krystic Merkabic Circulatory System. This is a condition called Monadic reversal (Anti-Krystiac Merkaba) The reverse spin can no longer circulate Life Force energy from naturally rotating Universal Merkaba Circulatory System and thus becomes a finite life fueled by a limited supply of energy that remained within its own shield template and personal Merkabic Circulatory System when Monadic reversal occurred. Confined to its own energetic “quarantine”, the reversed spin Anti-Krystiac Merkaba “turns on itself” becoming an internal “black hole”… manifesting a condition called molecular compaction…” (it is said that if 1/3 of or 30 % or more are HEALTHY then healing from Metatronic “fall”-Monadic reversal and re-in-state-menT of Natural Krystal Sequence-Spiral and Healing of Merkaba is possible – Ashayana Deane published changes that occurred on Earth during the last few days of 2012 on Arhayas Productions website – in this “13 days of Kryst-Mass” message ( among other things it is mentioned that because 1/3 “quanta” of Earth was preserved it became possible for Earth to become ascension Planet via Krystal River Host and to begin healing from Metatronic distortion (its “Fibonacci” sequence-spiral stopped at 34 before reaching so feared 55)) Pray to our Kryst Source that 1/3 of our QUANTA is healthy and we can HEAL from Metatronic distortion as well! ALL living on Earth are infected by Metatronic distortion due to checker-board mutation that CREATES the opposite expression despite Free Will! Pray all living WILL HEAL from this horrible distortion and re-in-state The Krystal Sequence-Kathara-Spiral)
  9.      Metatronic distortion sequence     KrystSpiralExpansionNumbers

0-55 Metatronic sequence                              0-256 Kryst sequence

(Krystal Spiral begins as 2 Katharas at 90 degrees to one another and then continues rotation at 45 degrees)

The Fibonacci spiral doesn’t have in INNER spiral (as does Krystal Spiral with inner spiral of Katharas connected to Azur-A)

(Fibonacci spiral) is incapable of converging towards the center.

The Krystal Spiral is much stronger and expands more rapidly than “Golden Mean” or Fibonacci spiral.

Even when “golden mean” or Fibonacci spirals start further out the Krystal Spiral will always over take them…

The genuine Kathara Grid represents the organic core mathematical radiation-structures, or “lattices” upon which eternal life LIVING morphogenetic field-matter templates are built. The mathematical relationships depicted within the organic Kathara Grid symbol represents the literal “core mathematical formula” of organic radiation-lattice structure, numbers of which (lattices) group together in very specific geometric-mathematical patterns forming the structure of organic multi-dimensional radiation templates upon which “dark matter”, quarks and subatomic particles organize into structured manifest atoms and forms.

The organic Kathara Grid “lattice” features 12 “Signets” or “Power Points” placed in very specific positions within a “cross-bar lattice” of very specific proportions; the proportions and relationships depicted in the genuine Kathara Grid symbol represent the mathematical formula of organized-radiation-structure through which organic, living matter, light and biology are formed. The organic Kathara Grid … is a depiction of the core organizational structure upon which the organic, living, eternal Life Cosmos is, and always been, formed…

…the various versions of the “tree of artificial life” (as Kabbalistic Kathara) symbol represents a distorted, contrived, inorganic “creation formulae” through which unnatural multidimensional radiation template-structures can be artificially created… (originally depicting 11 “Signets” instead of naturally 12) further distortions of “the tree of artificial life” symbol emerged later in history as “tree of life” symbols depicting 7, 8, 9 or 10 Signet points, with different “cross-bar lattice” distortions… All such Kathara Grid distortions represent attempts at implementing unnatural creation formulae that deviate from the organic structures and Natural Laws of Energy and Consciousness inherent to the eternal Living Cosmos…

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