‘…AEYONIK TanTra’…NOW-ART of touch’…from all containing emptiness sufused with all pervading AERos’…tear of flowery AEONS’…aeyonik petals loving touch @ play of instant signs and sounds…’

Lord teaches his Lady how to shed blood

Lady teaches her Lord how to love

Fascinated by bloody exchange


No other formula can ever substitute this Absolute Formula of Art of LIFE as it is uncreated, uncultivated, beyond explanation, it is both, Supreme Formula and Supreme Mask of ALL LIFE. Transcend it and experience The Source of all that ever was, is and will be! Master It and be Quantum Co-Creators of Pure Cosnciousness


May 03, 2010

Pure Love and Art of Sacred Calligraphy:

Tonight I’ve dreamed of HOW Sacred Words and Prayers are to be written:
 … T ‘… R ‘… U ‘… E ‘… L ‘… O ‘… V ‘… E …’
‘… all originates in a ‘… all returns to a …’
‘… ALL LIFE is vibe in G “calligraphy” of NOW-states
immovable SEED DHAMs touched by sun-fiery clock-wise spinning eitht-spoked wheel
EACH TOUCH BETWEEN – complete creation AKT & ART
‘… :{o’.’.o’.’.o’.’.}: …’
TRUE ART of SACRED PRAYER & CALLIGRAPHY is yet to be revealed to Humans – mastered not on papyrus by ink – by following “on foot” Its Dha.’.Ma fiery wheel gliding in-between primordial fiery seed-dha’)s perfectly alligned in rows as tablet in Void “Sky”)
Learning to apply an Art of Sacred Prayer  Humans learns to paint upon The OkeanUS of One Life without leaving footprints of Our lotus feet as Artist moves in-synk o’ fiery wheel NOW-touch o’ Dha’ Ma ~ vibe as ~ NOW touches waters ~ dancing waltz as each wave churns UNSPOKEN SACRED WORDS and DANCinG PRAYERS
… o’ .’. o’ .’. o’ .’. o’ .’. o’ .’. o’ .’. …
in-finity of time NOW okeanus seems so vast below()above our Pearl’… our Lotus Feet’… and yet’… in timelessness whole okeanus is ONE wave of NOW…’
TRiAM is MAi of ART
With such a mastery cojoining NOW-to-NOW
rippling not between i fail to attach past . future
looking not below-above
until eight-spo’ked wheel pauses in between itself to start new Sacred Prayer…’
Will NOW Ma trans-send Her Child shudders of New PRAYER SOUNDS to dance?
in silent NOW pause we wait between The Prayers
NOW LIFE between ‘…Dha’…M’…asked’…P’…Ra’…YeR’…Rose…’
‘…n o seed'(dha’) of same prayer can be added after…’
p.s. wishing well  hire is not just silly wishfulfilling superstition – it is a PRACTICAL QUANTUM formula of HOW aim, having been catapulted by Red Rose Strength so-anchored by White Aeros Power until our Seed Dha is within The Source, our Seed Dha is then ‘pulled’ right back by Xrist-Sophia on the right re-turning our Seed Dha to Our HEART to pour’ collected ‘aqua’ right into the crystal bowl of Heart’s Fountain of Youth. And only Femenine can triple flow flow flow in-to-out Well for water o~()~o
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