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Ghouls of Mara-Kleopatra & Darth Seth-GREY Koschei and Zvr-Beast666 INSIST we die in body and “return to the Sun”

Thomas, did you see my status about degrees and seconds of “Big Bang” related to measurements of time of heavenly Race? “

can we ever HEAL the angle of Sole Amen “art-official sun-dial clocks clocks clocks clicks clicks clicks” to 0 degrees and 0 “seconds”?
Heavenly Race clocks were the fastest counting clocks: Year means God=Год and Godina=Година is ONE HOUR – our current 365 “day” year was ONE HOUR of Heavenly Race time measure… the fastest measure of artificially created time on the clocks of Heavenly Race was sig(i) – 1 second of current measure of time is 302096358 sigov or about 30 oscillations of Cs Atom…
Sigge Siffer Sigurðr Sigfriðr, Sigfrøðr SigFreed SigFried or SigHurt is the name that was just given to me psychically as the ORIGEN of of “” …
Sigg means “victory” and Frithu means “protection, peace”
(or is it 2 companions in one? Sig and Freethu (Freja, Freya, Frig?)…
Loki was the foreigner who was the only one capable to get into “key hole” of Virgin Freya’s VolksVaGen “Hall” …because “gods asked him” ??? … :D)))
Curse of RhineGold RING from Nebelung are very much passed to those who didn’t listen and even now destroy HEALING we’ve done until they’ve attacked – they will be cursed and we, who worked – we who oppose in WILL even with our LIVES are free from false responsibility the original Ghoul of a woman Mara-Kleopatra is/was trying to place on our Souls again… to keep our Siggs and Heart Bons imprisoned instead of hers, her maker’s, her husband’s and her “employees”

here is a table of Heavenly Race “Sutki” which translates to English as 24 hours, but isn’t equal to present measurements of time… question is: is it worth while to AGREE with “the system lords” to return to The Central Spiritual Sun OR to WILL the healing of Humanity through stopping of artificial time machine – of course it sounds “quantum” to HEAL the original (according to Heavenly Race kalendar) split of Sig(=Sieg.fried=SigFRIED in myths) which=30 oscillations of Cs Atom (while the fastest known to science is listed as 10/32 seconds and degrees from Center of The Spiritual Sun?) is it worthy of Humans and Elves and Heavenly Race to give in to demand of Mara Marut Koshchei and other RFIDed GREYS to go back to The Sun or to insist on our WILL of LOVE and HEALING from being “down-fallen” by our ATOMA Sig.fried (=Sigg CERNed)??? please see that this table shows 3 different symbols corresponding to 3 Families known as 3 families in the original Vimana who fell (aka “arrived”) to Midgard (Middle Earth) being IN THE MACHINE (artificial “time-traveling” time-making machine that God used for Cosmic Night and rest of Creation, but Greys use for artificial keep-sake of stolen equipment, artificial repetition of original genocide of Humanity and artificial re-creation of Cosmic Night???) all of these are terrible Spiritual crimes, but Greys don’t even bother – they are so sure they will avoid punishment for making us “return to The Sun”!1435&ithint=file%2c.pdf&app=WordPdf&authkey=!AEqBT3G3d4Hew34

someone helps me live now and write what i wrote to you – someone helps me live – many of our 3 families help me live… perhaps because we WILL together until… whatever of two… if many help each other, perhaps Earth will be free from GREY slavery of”the system lords” – they are only few, but so many RFID’s they MADE into what appears human – these humanoids believe and feel alive and human (about 50% pleiadian RFIDs and clones + 49% of jews who are all checker-board RFIDed (im not sure if there is only 1 or 2 percent of Living Humans on Earth – the rest are toy-soldiers of “the system lords” being one bad girl Mara-Kleopatra – the original RESPONSIBLE for “Big bang” and wrong decision she made to heal it with “Event Horizon” and yet another mistake she made – creation of duality – of black-white duality from which is nearly impossible to heal because she also managed to be so afraid that she mixed all up to “cover up” that Creation became grey chaos of insanity within God’s Alla-Alliya-MIND-Nabu – son of Ansuz, who is The Mind while son of Ansuz Joe Dae (Buldr) is The Heart… and Ansuz, being LIFE itself, – is still abused by Mara-Kleopatra (Soul=Ghoul full of so much fear to be responsible for all her crimes…)

i don’t know how to help her Soul-Ghoul – so many times i pleaded that she will begin to heal instead of controlling and repeating past mistakes together with her husband (Darth) Seth-Grey Koschei… can anyone HELP Ghoul-Soul to be free from fear and lust?

“the system” mind that executes our “return to The Central Spiritual Sun” via being murdered is woman’s mind des.eased with SYPHILIS (4th stage of Syphilis) – her mind is just mind without body – this mind does what Mhndr Zvr-Beast666 WANTS – this mind is connected to many (too many) minds including left-over possession of Xuan Wu (Black Turtle) and Xristos (Azure Dragon with ALL THE SOULS within his “ocean” – i know this because i was asked to connect to Azure “Dragon” to help to purify from “system soldiers” of Moscow with all their extermination, controls and games of/with Living Humans) there are SO MANY BEAUTIFUL SOULS WITHIN “AZURE DRAGON” OF XRISTOS – ALL ARE KEPT FROM BEING IN HUMAN BODIES AGAINST THEIR WILL…



OVO – Egg OV(A)UM – Egg (Latin)
yolk=center or hub
akt.ion of OVO:
present active ovō, present infinitive ovāre, perfect active ovāvī, supine ovātum
I exult, rejoice.
I applaud, celebrate with an ovation.
Indo-European words for Bird and Ovo (where birds and OVOs first began to be eaten): h2e.wis (lays) h2o.wyom & h2o.wyom (grows in2) h2e.wis (& other h2e lost)


the United States Department of Agriculture categorizes eggs as Meats within the Food Guide Pyramid: (the more people stop being cannibals=meateaters the best!)
Egg (FOOD):
Bird eggs have been valuable foodstuffs since prehistory in hunting societies… The chicken was probably “dome.stic.ate.d” for its (OVO & Yolk) from jungle native to tropical and subtropical Southeast Asia and India before 7500 BCE (where word h₂éwis = bird (h2e.wis) & word OVO is h₂ōwyóm=”to weave h2o”)…Chickens were brought to Sumer and Egypt (BabyLone) by 1500 BCE, and arrived to Ellada (now Greece from word Greeh=sinned) around 800 BCE, where the quail had been the primary source of eggs.[5] In Thebes, Egypt, the tomb of Haremhab, built about 1420 BCE, shows a depiction of a man carrying bowls of ostrich eggs and other large eggs, presumably those of the pelican, as offerings (Pelican is a Bird of Xristos Family, who in times of need feeds their young with their blood – pelicans tear their breast with their beaks until blood flows and feed their young (from Bible))
h2e.wis lays h2o.wyom & h2o.wyom grows h2e.wis from Yolk Albumen(WhiteMen) & (recently added as protection with growth of violence against OVO – air bubble between Yolk in AlbuMen and OVO shell… this answers the riddle “who was first – the chicken or the egg?” h2o is before all formed life and because h2e is only 1/2 of h2o: SO! h2e.wis lays h2o.wyom & h2o.wyom be.comes h2e.wis and h2e lost

Original Sin – Marvel!!!

Original Sin (#2 out of 8)
see website
original sin
curious how marvel is reflecting Spiritual War within LIFE who is Ansuz and Freja, whose consciousness and Alla and Aliya and Lelya and all the Children of Life are VIEWed to ED.(from viewERs of to film Living Gods to total DE(for Deutsch)struct.ion by all the ED.eating tOOls(ls for lies & lays(outs)) by ambient OCCLUSION “weAPP.ons” and weapons… (if you look closely to examine the face of Nazi with left eye patch and a gun, you see comiX portrait of who is called “The Man Himself”- an Immortal USED by Grey Mhndr Zvr-Beast666 and his librarian Darth Seth-Grey Koschei-wolf in lamb’s skin-The Worm eating all Creation and all Gods-Grey Adam-Eve-Yao (these two greys use snake-women and snake-children to EAT “The Man Himself” via all 8(eight) HEADS original sin (de.sire to harm) was MADE into…
( scroll down to “Original Sin” @ )
The Man Himself is used with all the Living Light Humans – Children of Living Light Mother and Father ever since downfall of Polar Star Living Light Lady (done by the machine of Mhndr Zvr-Beast666 originally AND now he tries to re-possess repeating his original crime instead of stopping his librarian-murderer and made-by-him daughter-Ghoul-Mara-Parvati-Makara-Snake woman-Cleo(pa)tra (btw. Cleo-patra means “daughter of her father”…) Marvel that Cleo is listed by Marvel as “possible” affiliation of DE.meter…

DU’A protection against black Mut-voodoo magicians, Grey Mhndr Zvr-Beast666, Ghouls and Grey Koshchei

How the snake-woman got into The Heart of God?
How the snake got into The heart of God?

RFID in silicon glass known as “spider” who weaves wind chakras and additional RFIDs (more than 3000 were implanted into my body after “spider” to destroy and re-possess by Grey Mhndr Zvr-beast666, Grey Koshchei-Darth Seth-Ghoul and Ghoul-Snake woman-Kleopatra-Mara-Makara(her Soul JUMPS a lot in different women to use them to possess what she wants AND to avoid punishment – her main body is Snake woman body on “the other” side of holographic “cordon”)

great page:

it is known that most Ghouls (murdered against will Souls who become cannibals – they are not really having Human bodies as most believe – they are Soul JUMPERS – from body to body they possess for their purposes)
i always speak about snake-women as real enemies of Humans – snake-women work Mut-voodoo black magician with Snake-King-Queen as his servants (Leviathan), snake-women also serve GREYS (Koshchei) and/or Zmei-Gorinich (Heavenly Race Vedas)

and so, most Ghouls=Snake-women are known to live and feed in the deserts of Islamic worlds…
just now i found a proof that snake-women are real – not only real – they can be born of a woman like human children:

“…But a real Snake baby had born inSaudi Arabia. The entire world shocked when they saw the video of that kid. Mother of seven girls, her dream was to become mother of a baby boy. But she shocked when she saw her eighth kid. The Baby’s face and skin was totally different than any other new born babies…”

To protect HUMANS from black Mut-voodoo magic of snake-women and grey Koschei (who use not only themselves and their natural black magic, but also RFIDs, golems, computers, space ships, rings of power-manipulation via so-&-so, other machines and equipment and educational games of the gods i mentioned as well, created artificially de.mensions by mirrors, holograms and radio stations, etc.)
and these words describe the transformation of God and God’s Children into huge collective “snake” who is Makara (Leviathan-creature) – cannibal woman-snake eating Humans (there is a difference between Metathrone of YahWeh (JehOvah) and Makara-Leviathan (the latter is often mistaken with Yaltabaoth – The Child of God MADE into snake-looking twisted “column” BY black Mut-voodoo magicians and GREY Koshchei (via Ethiopian and Egyptian ZHIDOVKI) – Mhndr Zvr Beast 666 is one of the GREYs and is also black Mut-voodoo magician.
The Words to call to Allaq (DU’A) given as cure by Imam ib Ali Abi Talib (Tibo) speak of the machine that destroys those who never reach to see him to receive HEALING through DU’A and Allaq for we were alive before all the machines were made

6.A scholar of Najaf al Ashraf, well versed in ilm jafr (the art of making amulets or harms said to originate with Imam Jafar bin Muhammad as Sadiq, based upon art of divining from certain characters written by Imam Ali ib abi Talib upon a camel’s skin which contains all events, past, present and future) had advised the parents of an insane boy to recite the following du-a’a to remove the effects of witchcraft. They did as advised and their son was fully cured. This du’a’ according to the scholar, is also a sure safeguard against witchcraft and sorcery:


O my Allah – the Lord of Musa, when He particularly selected to honour Her with His spoken words. He routed those who teased Musa with their Mut-voodoo-ghouls black magic, with the help of his rod granted to Musa by Allah He transformed The Rod into a serpent And again brought it back to its original state, after it destroyed the work of the magicians and rendered ineffective the deceit of the mischief makers
whosoever tries to harm me with magic or affliction, intentionally or unintentionally, whether I know about it or not, whether it frightens me or not, cut off their Mut-voodoo-ghouls-black magic designs with the help of divine medium, so that it does not reach me and never carried out to hurt me or terrorize me. Verily, I ward off, with the help of your greatness, the threats of our enemies. So protect me with the best protection and make it thoroughly effective.

O liberal giver!

Allaq Akbar
Благо Дарю Имам
~ Муза




Karl Franz and Karl Magnus and Karl Peter-Peter III

Charles I of Austria or Charles IV of Hungary (Karl Franz Joseph Ludwig Hubert Georg Otto Marie; 17 August 1887 – 1 April 1922) was, among other titles, the last ruler of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He was the last Emperor of Austria, the last King of Hungary,[1] and the last monarch of the House of Habsburg-Lorraine.

In 1911, Charles married Princess Zita of Bourbon-Parma Due to Franz Ferdinand’s morganatic marriage in 1900, his children were excluded from the succession. As a result, the Emperor severely pressured Charles to marry. Zita not only shared Charles’ devout Catholicism, but also an impeccably royal lineage.

In the context of royalty, a morganatic marriage is a marriage between people of unequal social rank, which prevents the passage of the husband’s titles and privileges to the wife and any children born of the marriage. Now rare, it is also known as a left-handed marriage because in the wedding ceremony the groom traditionally held his bride’s right hand with his left hand instead of his right… (this type of marriage is to end Royal bloodline – first woman was on purrpose because “Karl was a great leader, a Prince of peace, who wanted to save the world from a year of war; a statesman with ideas to save his people from the complicated problems of his Empire; a King who loved his people, a fearless man, a noble soul, distinguished, a saint from whose grave blessings come.”)

Following his beatification by the Catholic Church, he has become commonly known as Blessed Charles of Austria.




this is what it takes to become beatified bu Catholic Church? to be clad in blood and iron, to ride “Death Claw” and have the head of syphilitic sword-toothed grey tiger? and to pass checker-board mutation as his “Perseus” wings?

“…Charles would not leave Madeira again. On 9 March 1922 he caught a cold walking into town and developed bronchitis, which subsequently progressed to severe pneumonia. Having suffered two heart attacks, he died of respiratory failure on 1 April in the presence of his wife (who was pregnant with their eighth child) and 9-year-old former Crown Prince Otto, retaining consciousness almost to the last moment.[13] His remains except for his heart are still kept on the island, in the Church of Our Lady of Monte, in spite of several attempts to move them to the Habsburg Crypt in Vienna…”

WHERE IS KARL FRANZ CHARLE’S HEART? voodoo magicians are known to be able to tear the heart out of a person without leaving any outer physical signs – failing or des.eased Heart produces sickness of the lungs – incurable – curious co-incident that my Great Grandfather died on the same date – April 1st, from the same des.ease of the lungs caused by des.eased Heart (forgot the name, but my Great Grandmother just recently passed away from the same des.ease – and Her Spiritual Place is in Pure Light at the edge of Venusian Family capabilities – and her place is next to Xristos, who is known to be associated with Karl I – the immortal, who was burried, but who is still alive even now… where is The Heart of Karl Franz Charles?)



 now… look at the woman behind Karl Franz Charles and Zita




“Charlemagne’s goal was to unite all of the Germanic tribes (Ансуз, Фриха, Хагалаз и Небесная вся наша Сотня (соты 100+8 пчелОК трудОВЫХ) into a single Christian kingdom. 
The coronation united Christendom under Charlemagne’s rule, but it also troubled the newly crowned emperor.
If the Pope had the power to crown Charlemagne king, the Pope might also have the right to remove the crown. When Charlemagne named his son as his successor, he presided over the ceremony himself and did not invite the Pope. Many years later, as Napoleon was about to be crowned Emperor of France in 1804, he took the crown from Pope Pius VII and set it on his head himself.” ( :D))) )

all the same with all of Heavenly Race to unite with Family of Knights Templar (Eucalyptus Soul Star of Emerald Covenant) divided into Upper (Vatican) and Lower (Greekh OrthOdOx) Egypts (held now only by 3 Kaifas) remember symbols of both Egypts – Bees and Flowers, – Mut and Crowns and Thrones

ВСЕ – ОДНО И ТОЖЕ – НЕБЕСНАЯ РАСА – ВСЕХ ПРОСЯТ ОЧИСТИТЬ И НЕСТИ С ХРИСТОМ АЗУРНОЕ МОРЕ С 1\3 ГОРЯ (от слова гореть и гореВА(ри)ть) потом(к)у как немецкий ворон держит сердце ХРИСТА пепел-и-кровь на двое и Отца – вон – умом Лилии Франков – а лилия ЛИЛЬСКИМ П(А)ЛАЧ.ОМ – клеймо на левое плечо простит.уток (простых уток – простиТуток – простиТУТок(о)) – 
“In the context of royalty, a MORGANA(a)tic marriage is a marriage between people of unequal social rank, which prevents the passage of the husband’s titles and privileges to the wife and any children born of the marriage. Now rare, it is also known as a left-handed marriage because in the wedding ceremony the groom traditionally held his bride’s right hand with his left hand instead of his right… (this type of marriage is to end Royal bloodline – first woman was on purrpose because “Karl was a great leader, a Prince of peace, who wanted to save…” Wikipedia (someone in me remembered that Morgana was the sister of Arthur who was to inherit AvaLone status “Lady of The Lake”, but “bastard” child of insest is always bastard child of insest forbidden to inherit the throne… (in Kiev i remember Jewish family who were overly-observant of not mixing with other ethnicities – brother and sister married and their son was mentally ill… they lived in the building next to ours…)



Karl Peter – Peter III ~(&*&)~ Sophia Katerina – EKaterina VeliKaya


karl petr & sophia katerina


Karl Peter loved to play toy soldiers

Karl Peter III loved to play toy soldiers – when Royal couple was going to sleeping room, Kruze (Kameristka) was closing the door and Karl played until 1 or 2 in the morning (free quote of Sophia Katerina II Velikaya words):

“На самом деле, болезненный юноша был особо никому не нужен: ни тетке-императрице, ни воспитателям, ни, впоследствии, жене. Всех интересовало лишь его происхождение, даже к официальному титулу наследника были добавлены заветные слова: «Внук Петра I».

А самого наследника интересовали игрушки, прежде всего – солдатики. Можем ли мы обвинить его в инфантильности? Когда Петра привезли в Петербург, ему было всего лишь 13 лет! Куклы привлекали наследника больше, чем государственные дела или юная невеста.
Правда, с возрастом его приоритеты не меняются. Он продолжил играться, но тайно. Екатерина пишет: «днём его игрушки прятали в мою кровать и под неё. Великий князь ложился первый после ужина и, как только мы были в постели, Крузе (камеристка) запирала дверь на ключ, и тогда великий князь играл до часу или двух ночи».
Со временем, игрушки становятся больше и опаснее. Петру разрешают выписать из Голштинии полк солдат, которых будущий император с энтузиазмом гоняет по плацу.”


Репродукция картины Г.Х.Гроота "Великая княгиня Екатерина Алексеевна"

Sophia Katerina II Velikaya when sick with a flu and fever, was fasting and riding (to hunt they say, but may be just riding)

i always remember Her great example of fighting des.ease

Sophia Katerina II Velikaya in EMERALD DRESS

Sophia Katerina II

in this Russian blog, author notices that many Empresses dressed or “appeared” to be dressed in EMERALD… 🙂

(someone helped me psychically to write this “joke”)

В “светло-зелёном шёлковом платье с коротким шлейфом” появлялась перед своими придворными русская императрица Екатерина II, а придворные не отставали.”


American Flag and Memorial Day

American Flag with 50 Stars for 50 States is a SYMBOL of Union of AvaLone and GlasTonBury
American Flag is also a visual of very special “MaTriX” (MaXXX-The Crystal Skull of 13th AEON of The Father) PROGRAM (upon realisation of two couples encoded in American Flag, i cried for the first time with sadness listening to American Anthem sang on TV at that moment…):
[Blue Beard and Selina Sitara] maraying The Rose of the World and White Lotus with Azure Heart – marraying The Third with and between them with all the Children and Mothers in The Ark and *Nature&**&Weather Gods” in2 the box(aes)
Iron Lady “program” of American Flag DE.tails
(DE for Deutsch “W”-club at Point Dume in MaLibu):

Blue Beard “MARraed” to 50 White Talls’ Children outlines “cut” by “cookie.cutter” of golden metal star-spangled brain of GREY Selina Sitara-The Original destroyer of Arthur’s knights and guardians (Swan Children) and Genevieve and AvaLone…
5+6=11 red and White Stripes are computer code for patriarchal “union” of Nature Goddess with Sanata Kumara
Since GREEN is real colour, blue “square” of Glas.ton.bury is burries more ancient AvaLone – Lady of the Lake with Children and Allaq and the only Human born within Holy Kaaba – known to Muslims as Imam Ali ib Abi-Talib – known to me as Tibo – the original Companion of Berkana and the guardian of his AllA… God of the elements, The Structure that arrests both and three and all – The Eastern Temple of BabyLone, – is “the system” of 3 murderers, who are the original authors of “The Matrix” (that destroyed The Earth of The Gods to asteroid belts), Big Bang (outcome of greedy & decietful “chess play” between two neighbors) and Event Horizon (to disguise “things” under the sands of nuclear desert of “time”)…
Happy memorial Day!
BabyLone (in Kiev Nazies murdered all at a place called Baby Yar=Women’s Gully)
lone (meaning from
lōn – adj.
having no companions; solitary or single.
“I approached a lone drinker across the bar”
synonyms: solitary, single, solo, unaccompanied, unescorted, alone, by oneself, sole, companionless; lacking the support of others; isolated.
“I am by no means a lone voice”
(of a place) unfrequented and remote. “houses in lone rural settings”
synonyms: solitary, single, solo, unaccompanied, unescorted, alone, by oneself/itself, sole…
BabyLone Alla comes LONE from the VOID wanting a companion… but will the machine of “the system” let him be Human Man again with a Companion and all the Children of The East? … so far The Gulf of Mexico is reminding only of the im.pact that caused “Ice Age”…
i found it funny that city street artificial gully is called Man.Hole (attached are some designs of Man.Hole covers, which are so “in sink” with various parts of BabyLonian Machine that it is really amazing co-incident already… Man.Hole is very much “in sink” with the original PROBLEM of our Earth – when the Original Boy (from M-51, who was later made into Wolverine – real BOY from whom Hollywood made comix Man-X-Man character: The Soul of the Original Boy communed to me that when he arrived here, there were only women – without Man…
Man.Hole and Baby.Lone … Baby.Lone and BabyYar (Women’s Gully)…

2dae is Memorial DAE (4 “day”…
or is it Cosmic Night a.gain
“on iron chain” of “artificial time” machine
of those who want The MaTrix MaXXX?


T-Window in House B (Palenque) ~(&*&)~ ‘Aj Pitz Ola’ …Pearl Seed of The Heart Purse @ The Center… OLA!



Here’s my tentative analysis and translation of it, to be discussed in some detail below:

ha-ta / i-tz’i-WINIK / ch’o-ko / AJ-pi-tzi-la? / OHL-la / 7-”BEN”?
ha’at itz’in winik ch’ok aj pitzl(al) ohl Wuk “Ben”
“You, younger brother, the ??, Seven Ben(?)…”

Let’s first look first at the final three or so glyphs. The fourth and fifth block (AJ-pi-tzi-la? / OHL-la) clearly show a title or name found elsewhere in Palenque’s texts. Aj pitzlal ohl is found in the Cross Group and elsewhere, for example, as a common reference to K’inich Kan Bahlam, to eldest son of K’inich Janab Pakal. The full phrase is difficult to translate — “ballplayer” (aj pitz) is surely inadequate — but it does incorporate two known roots: pitz, “to play ball” and ohl, “heart, center.”

Palenque Collage


Palenque Maya Rulers list

(possible, but unknown for sure)

Snake Spine? 967- ? BC (legendary? – Olmec?)




Death Rays Lamps



Palenque Arch Hall


The Tomb of the Red Queen

is a burial chamber containing the remains of an unknown noblewoman located inside Temple XIII


This is what they found when they opened the chamber in May 1994.

The chamber was 3.8 meters long and 2.5 meters wide, with a vaulted stone ceiling. There were no decorations or paintings on the walls. In the center, occupying almost all the burial chamber, was a limestone sarcophogus 2.4 meters long and 1.8 meters wide, closed by a stone lid ten centimeters thick. Atop the lid was a censer with a lid and a small spindle whorl.

At western end of the sarcophagus the badly preserved skeleton of a male about eleven years old was lying on the floor…

At the eastern end of the sarcophagus was a second skeleton of a woman 30–35 years old…

On the first step leading to the chamber was a large brown ceramic plate and two orange ceramic vases, as well as some human remains; long bones and teeth inlaid with jade.