Friend Друг Maitreya

in Russian word “another” literally reads and means “FRIEND” (друг) + ending -ой or -ая or -ое for one of 3 genders (masculine, feminine, or neutral)

Being Russian native speaker for over 50 years I have realised this only yesterday – February 06 2019… with freed TRUTH of Nature: ONEness of all Life and, grown stronger with practice, harmlessness (ahimsa) of mind process and consciousness

русское слово другой(ая)(ое) прямо чтётся ДРУГ + окончание рода.

будучи русскоговорящей более 50 лет, я осознала значение слова ДРУГой(ая)(ое) только сегодня – 6 Февраля 2019 года… с освободившимся проявлением Природы Единства всей Жизни и всех живущих и, усиленной практикой, безвредностью (ахимса) в раз.уме, процессе мышления и со.знании

In Sanskrit FRIENDly and benevolent is called Maitreya

На Санскрите ДРУГ(дружественный(ая)(ое)) и добро.желательный(ая)(ое) знается Майтрией (Май.три.я)

All religions, yoga and buddhism teach to be free from killing and violence

Why do we fail to listen to wisdom of love, peace, joy and TRUE Nature of Life?

Все религии мира, йога и буддизм наставляют быть свободными от убийства и насилия. Почему же мы отказываемся слушать мудрость любви, мира, счастья и Истинной Природы Жизни?

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cabbage flowers on 2nd year of life, but humans kill it on 1st year of life

капуста цветет на втором году жизни, но люди убивают ее на первом

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Earth and Phantom Earth

“… The “2003 Dimensional Blend Experiment” was intended to directly link Earth’s Planetary Shields into the Planetary Shields of a counterpart of Earth called Phantom Earth that was drawn into Phantom Matrix Black Hole Sub-Time Distortion Cycle during the “Electric Wars”, which ended Human Seeding-1 on Earth 5,500,000 years ago. Since the Electric Wars there has been a “WALL IN TIME” – a frequency cap between Earth’s Planetary Shields and the chaotic Planetary Shields of Phantom Earth in the Black Hole Phantom Matrix. The Cap was kept in place by Emerald Covenant Founders in HOPE that eventually our Earth would evolve to a sufficient frequency accretion level through which the “Wall in Time” could be “Uncapped”. without Earth and LIFE FIELD potentially being rapidly drawn into the Phantom Matrix. This Cap allows the Races in Phantom Earth an opportunity to have DNA Bio-Regenesis and the Phantom Earth to receive Planetary Shields REPAIR, so PEOPLE & THE PLANET could be retrieved from the “perpetual chaotic time loop” of the Phantom Matrix to RESTORE NATURAL EVOLUTION.
Since the end of Human Seeding-1, Earth has been a literal “battleground” between the Emerald Covenant Founders Races (from here to M-51 😉 and the fallen Angelic/intruder ET races of the Phantom Matrix. Each group has fought to attain a critical mass of frequency in The PLANETARY SHIELDS of EARTH & ITS PHANTOM. If Phantom Earth accelerates greater frequency holding than OUR Earth, OUR EARTH ITS PEOPLE and The Halls of Amenti in The Inner Earth Time Cycle will be sucked into the Phantom Matrix black hole. If this occurs, 11 dimensions of our 15-dimensional Time Matrix will become fully trapped within Phantom Matrix Sub-Time Distortion Cycle, cut off from interaction with the Founders of D-12 and up, under Fallen Angelic Race dominion, completely incapable of NATURAL ASCENSION out of density. Such an event would provide sufficient energy fuel to feed & artificially sustain the dying Phantom Matrix for many aeons to come…”

(Ashayana Deane, Voyagers II, 2nd Edition, p.386, “The Wall in Time and Atlantean Secrets of The Phoenix and The Falcon)


Right Brain

Right Brain = left-handed humming bird prophesied by The Ancients as True Savior in times of Great Change ART our only salvation in the mass genocide done by “right handed” green-black murderers known as:

Illuminaty=Lizard people=Annunaki=Dark Lords=A-Nu-bi.S (cutters of Whole Nut=Barbelo into earthbound homosexual Geb=male twins Osiris/Set)

(Nut is Pistis Sophia by perverting One LightLove of Christ-Son of Barbelo by p[ower of self-willed – 3-headed beast that shattered Talia=Talisma ~Unifying of 3 Graces of right-brain=Appolo into material left-brain time-line AKA earth-bound=dead cosmic wind Osiris-Isis by its per-version = dead desert of lo-gik-al Set-Nephtis (ever wandered where “computer gik” comes from?)

since pivotal point of “Human experiment” put into action by Pleiadian/Orion/Sirius beings of consciousness, HUMAN beings have been battered into left-brained SLAVES – this is true meaning of mass genocide – this is true cause behind WWII and mass murder of Jews… Hitler is known to aquire bust of Nefertiti (companion to the only Egyptian Pharaoh, who was “bred” by Annunaki entities to correct their “lizard” experiment as collective cosmic consciousness was already more than aware of all its evils – murderers of One God who is Love=Ra have artificially turned humans into left-brained lizard entities – these “control-freaks” enslaving Earth are left-brained Orion entities well known in Bible as Shamael or The Dragon – these lizard entities consist less than 5% of Collective Cosmic Consciousness – about 95% of Collective is LEFT HANDED=RIGHT BRAINed… as one of my friends pointed out: Right Brain IS WHOLE BRAIN…

Studying Egyptian paintings illustrates PERFECTLY the war = the balance = LIVE At.One vs dead OsIris


to put an end to WWIII started by computer-giks is to liberate our HUMANITY – our Right Brain – our Living Pinneal which was turned into a stone=crystall=hologramm by left-brained Annunaki:

“Until recently, the abilities that led to success in school, work, and business were characteristic of the left hemisphere. They were the sorts of linear, logical, analytical talents measured by SATs and deployed by CPAs. Today, those capabilities are still necessary. But they’re no longer sufficient. In a world upended by outsourcing, deluged with data, and choked with choices, the abilities that matter most are now closer in spirit to the specialties of the right hemisphere – artistry, empathy, seeing the big picture, and pursuing the transcendent.”




Why 12-12 is healthier than so well advertised 11-11

i have witnessed how reversal of Monadic Fire Letter Code (also known as Selicone MaTrice) works – on Planetary Level – hopefully but a memory of my past life… Please do not let it happen to YOU BELOVED HUMAN BEINGS! This will lead to hologram created in place of your LIVING YOU…

Who am i to speak?

Once, when i was very young, i went into meditation and suddenly saw myself as Prometeus bound and Eagle was eating my liver – just as in a myth – for the same reason – before loving my Self i love ALL else – so help us God to ascend in HEART – let no one ever torture You in be-coming re-verse of who You are!!!


The Beauty and The Beast

Is it impossible to see extraordinary in an ordinary and vice versa – beast within the beauty and the beauty of the beast? 
Can we see the hues of man and his/her future only by examining creative outpour of soul?
Ancient sage remarked: "And as we are, so we see the world around us." 
Attached drawings and paintings belong to a renown man, who dreamed to be an artist…  He became… in a way different than he imagined… 
Every day of my life I am reminded that life will teach me if I will learn…
Life ALWAYS fulfills our inmost desires and dreams come true, but not necesserely in a form we are expecting them in…