set up

Porch flowers

inner earth is a trick…

beware of iron star that lays inside

and Shasta caverns are the way to make one’s water stone

green lion is the one who will be liberated from the marcian soil

on mars we must keep vigil to keep hydrogene of God inflow to easy iron grip of marcian soil…

folks eating meat made earth a stone

a visit to four corners monument can yield a clue to dead osiris

and sedona vortex known as red kachina yields a cry – help help


Grounding from The HEART

In many belief systems awakening of Divine Fire known as Kundalini is said to be important to ground… Grounding occurs according to our tribal origin… some say there are 12 tribes of Is-Ra-El – 12 tribes of HuMans – 12 DNA – 12-13th-12… etc.

What i’ve learned so far, it is crucial to do our grounding as our SOUL KNOWS – this inner knowing before all knowledge…

Many tribes ground by means of a tail – from center of Planet Earth through end of spine and up through the crown of the head…

in my kNOWinG Lady Heavenly Fire grounds from Middle Earth up – from discus of Solar Plexus – base of The Most Mysterious Tree of Life… The Secret Temple found there… Not of this world – when Lady comes, our Atma waked by Her with-in… Most Secret Cave…

To my kNOWinG all is rooted in The Heart of Middle Earth – Heart Chakra is Her MoolaDhaRa – Heart Chakra is Her SwaDhiStaNa – Heart Chakra is Her NaBhi… to lower The Middle Earth into the belly is to SINk It (One of Vishnu’s Avatars – Krishna is known for lifting The Middle Earth that has been sunken by daemoun(d)s up upon his finger (is KriShna wind or fire?)…

embodied TWIN to Otherworldly Tree of Life Heart Chakra looks like two mountains united – spinning upon the discus of Middle Earth – Ya-vehicle of Shiva’s Kalabash (why always picture this chakra in red-green & call it AnaHata when Lady’s NaMa is in TRUTH Green Tara – She who dances while being seated?) – and, most Sacred of all is Her Tree-Fire-Knot – Her Sacred Cave and Lotus… Heart’s Lotus known to have color very unique to our AtMa (Sri Aurobindo had Red Lotus – his companion Mother had White Lotus)

music therapy, healing sounds, vibrational healing, nada brahma,

Human BeInG bathing in Fires of Lady KunDalini-Shakti standing upon Middle Earth – or, as some say, upon Waters of Divine Fires… 🙂

some say that most charts contain chakra colors that are false… only The Lady Kundalini can teach us true colors unique yet common to our TriBe OriGen…

in my experiences: Kundalini is Fire Transparent that burns out all impurities – Kundalini purifies our blood which is truly GOLD in color once in original purity… Our Heart chakra Shakti – The Power of Life – Prana – is Red and Blue Fires making aeros to Kunda(Ray)Lini on each side – like DNA entwined together dancing in the Light… mysterious is Gold and Green fires of Heavenly Lady – and so are Fires Grey and Violet and White and Black and other Fires… 🙂

SansKrit Fire Code for embodied Heart Flower-upon-Waters-Sphere is sound Ya=Vehicle – it looks like inverted 5 attached to a J-like handle (Siddham SansKrit is The Sacred Temple  – common script known as DevaNaGari was created for usage outside of Temple)

so im still waiting for my Lady to complete purification of Her Temple – im still waiting to meet members of my Tribe who grounds from Universal Middle Earth up instead of artificial Central Sun of Inner Earth of this very Planet…

Mysterious is in-deed the dance of PriTvi-Gaia-Tara-Shakti-KundaRay of Li.Ni… Filled with SECRETS is Her PreSence and Her ComInG into Our Heart… true caution needed following in.struct.ionSS of so blindly trusted schools as well as all New Agees… To HEARt OUR OWN VOICE of HEART as Lady speaks in Unison with OUR ATMA teachINg from within our utterly mis-guided by the outer “teachings” mind… 🙂

Deep Gratitude to Fiery Lady and our very own Atma – all i wish is HEAR(t)inG better every DA.Y


I.M. pre-sense ‘…A/U~~~(((((M)))))~~~…’