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Human Lineage

we all have this
Genetic Ascendancy of Angelic Human Lineage:
Breneau Founders Races: Emerald, Gold and Amethyst Order Breneau
Emerald Order: Elohei-Elohim
Gold Order: Seraphei-Seraphim
Amethyst Order: Bra-Ha-Rama
Density 5 Primal Light Fields (D13-D14-D15)
Ante-Matter Wave form
950 billion years ago
Anuhazi: Elohei-Elohim Feline-Hominid Emerald Order
Density 4 Pre-matter Hydroplasmic Field (D10-D11-D12)
Pre-matter liquid light form “Christos Race”
950 billion years ago Lyra-Aramatena
Azurites 48-strand DNA template Angelic Hominid
Blue-skinned Feline-Avian-Cetatean Hominid
Anuhazi (feline-hominid Elohei-Elohim Emerald Order)+
Cerez (avian-hominid Seraphei-Seraphim Gold Order)+
Inyu (cetatean-hominid Bra-Ha-Rama Amethyst Order)
Densities 1-4 (D1-D2-D3-D4-D5-D6-D7-D8-D9-D10-D11-D12)
Pre-matter, Etheric Matter, Semi-etheric Matter, Physical Matter forms
250 billion years ago, all Universal Star Gate locations (Gate-Gate-Paragate-ParaSamGate-Bodhi SwaHa! ~Prajna Paramita ManTra)
Oraphim 24-48 Strand DNA TEMPLATE Angelic Human
Azurite of Sirius B + Anuhazi of Lyra-Aramatena
Densities 2-4 (D4-D5-D6-D7-D8-D9)
Etheric Matter, Semi-etheric Matter Form
568 Million years ago Sirius B, Procyon, Orion-Mintaka, Gaia-Tara, Alcyone, Altair
Turaneusiam-1 Angelic Human 12 Strand DNA TEMPLATE – Tara
and MahaRaji 24-48 Strand DNA TEMPLATE Blue Human – Sirius B
(MahaRaji = Oraphim Human + Sirius B Azurite)
Densities 2-3 (D4-D5-D6-D7-D8-D9)
Etheric Matter, Semi-Etheric Matter form
560 Million years ago – Tara, Sirius B
Maji Cloister Host Race Angelic Humans 12-48 strand DNA TEMPLATE and Turaneusiam-2 12 Tribes Angelic Humans 12 Strand DNA TEMPLATE
Densities 1-4 (D1-D2-D3-D4-D5-D6-D7-D8-D9-D10-D11-D12)
Pre-matter, Etheric Matter, Semi-Etheric Matter, Physical Matter form
Seeding 1: Ur-Tarranate Cloister – 249,998,000 BC
Seeding 2: Dagos Cloister – 3,698,000 BC-846,800 BC
Seeding 3: Urtite Cloister – 798,000 BC
Earth, Tara, Gaia and parallel systems
(from lecture by Ashayana Deane, 2001)