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TaWa LeooKarkooOnoMaa & Sat Okh – Белая Тучка Высокий Орел & Длинное Перо – White Cloud High Eagle & Long Feather

this story is not a fiction – reality of three SOULS of Father Mother and Son hunted after the fall on Midgard (which is our Earth even if people forgot it is one of the last divided into many Pearls ONE Gaia3el still alive with LIFE and many have fallen onto this Pearl… including White Cloud High Eagle and Long Feather – names self-revealing “big banged” Heart of One Life (Monad)…

…Canoe sailed the Bering Strait (to Americas). Since the death in the Taiga saved her (White Cloud’s) High Eagle…;przeplynela;ciesnine;beringa;od;smierci;w;tajdze;uratowal;ja;wysoki;orzel;joanna;lamparska;odkrywa;najbardziej;romantyczna;historie;swiata,12,0,1312780.html

В своих произведениях Сат-Ок рассказывал о своём детстве и юности, проведённых в Канаде на берегу реки Маккензи, о своих родителях: отце — индейце племени шеванезов Леоо-карко-оно-маа (Высокого Орла) и матери — польской революционерке Станиславе Суплатович (индейское имя — Та-ва, Белая Тучка), бежавшей из царской ссылки с Чукотки на Аляску и далее в Канаду; о том, как он рос среди индейцев.

Незадолго до начала Второй Мировой войны вместе с матерью отправился в Польшу, как предполагалось — на год (1937). Работал на почте. В 1940 г. они оба были арестованы гестапо. Из поезда, шедшего в Освенцим, Сат-Ок бежал…

In his works, Sat Oak talked about his childhood and adolescence spent in Canada on the river Mackenzie , about his parents: father – Indians shevanezov Leoo-Carco-it-maa (High Eagle) and mother – Polish revolutionary Stanislav Suplatovich (Indian name – Ta-wa, White Tuchka) who had fled from the royal references from Chukotka to Alaska and then to Canada; about how he grew up among the Indians.

Shortly before the outbreak of World War II and his mother went to Poland, as expected – for a year (1937). Worked at the post office. In 1940 they were both arrested by the Gestapo. From the train for Auschwitz, Sat Oak escaped…

The Soul of Devila is MADE out of two Souls – Nature and High Eagle – Nature that became White Cloud and Weather that became High Eagle Spirit joined by The Son, who was MADE into Very Long Feather.tail of a comet of LIFE…

the corpse of the original devil is MADE out of 3 murdered bodies – the Indian, the Venusian, and the Ros(=Norse, translates as Dew)… and the mind of The Father is connected to it and to the iron bull that contains all MADE to be collected into it to be burned and then repossessed by Darth Seth – always alone – always the foreigner – always the eater of Ants – always needing a wife and a “kingdom” – perhaps the only dead ghoul i know to be terrible unstoppable cannibal and destroyer… because he is the animal-headed human – animal that eats ants – how much intelligence this animals has? especially if it is just the head on a body of the dead god (without Soul and Spirit)… Nephtis was never a WIFE of this dead god – Nephtis is always a mask-name for any CLONE or SLAVE (enslaved piece of The Soul (Soul mix) of a murdered woman) – original CLONE was made out of Tara – another was made out of Swan – another was made from divided into 7 Freya (Mama Chicken) – another was made out of Andromeda (divided into 2)… but there is always the original “creator” of Big Bang (one i know for 3 families of Human Ancestors who fell here) – it is Mara-Kleopatra-made-into-Makara(HEAD that eats) – stupid child who was afraid of what she’s done and decided to balance Big Bang with Event Horizon… unless she (her HEAD=brain) stops being afraid to be responsible and WORK to heal what’s she’s done instead of enslaving all through her husband the devil-Darth Seth to work to correct her mistake, this nuclear winter of creation will continue – she must STOP murdering Ancient of Days (The Father) and The Mother – two times is enough – it is possible to heal before she and her slaves continue “running” the system of her habitual “life-style”  (through any new woman she chose to akt through – she always chooses new ignorant and arrogant and greedy woman to akt through – usually Jewish from one of the “powerful 8” “controllers” families – this time it is English-speaking Jewish woman… if she stops being a slave to Mara-Kleopatra-Makara(made), then perhaps LIFE can BE LIFE instead of being a doll of “Maitreya” (of DEAD Darth Seth-artificial Adam-“Maitreya” – Кукла Майтрейи
(Вячеслава Петрова-Гладкого). 2009 г)


And this dead Darth Seth is always akts through man born in a body off blood-line of Petrov: its coat of arms is the most terrible murder weapon…

and these are the murderers of White Cloud, High Eagle and Long Feather – TaWa LeooKarkooOnoMaa & Sat Okh – Белая Тучка Высокий Орел & Длинное Перо

and these murderers and slave-keepers NEED to STOP and FREE all destroyed and the Living Pearl of Gaia3el always connected to the mind of Nebu – when we are FREE – all are free (including the murderers and slave-keepers, who are so stupid they cannot comprehend even now that slave-keepers are the slaves of their slaves)

TaWa is also the name of God of Sun, Justice and Victory who AKTS in the realm of mist or a clouds (=Apollo)

my white Umka-Mishka-Cheburashka-Pushistik…

“мишки очень любят мед – отчего и кто поймет…”

“сижу тихонечко – никого не трогаю – утюг починяю…”

за что вы нас убили?

за что ты моего Пушистика-Чебурашку-Мишку-Умку убил, Махендра З(а)в(е)р(и)?????????????????????

ЗА ЧТО?????????????????????????








Pit and Pendulum

when REAL punisher of prostitutes and their exterminator is IMPRISONED in psychiatric unit – REAL WHORE uses his torture equipment to murder children – this night i dreamed of an unknown torture de.vice – metal lantern (looks like famous “Light of the world”) – with little Jacobian tortured inside instead of a false nun=prostitute who HOLDS this lantern as hers

started looking for “Jacobian nun” and found this instead:

Jacobean era: “I am studying Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure”

Luisa de Carvajal in Jacobean England:

Born into Spain’s highest nobility, Luisa de Carvajal (1566-1614) chose to live a life of poverty for over 9 years in Jacobean England. Her extraordinary legacy of 178 letters offers incomparable insights into London’s recusant community, where her activities ranged from comforting the city’s Catholic ‘ladies who lunch’ to nocturnal outings to dig up the body parts of the freshly martyred. As for her earlier life, the vividly detailed memoirs of this self-proclaimed nun reveal how she was subjected to mortification of the flesh, thereby posing uncomfortable questions about childhood abuse and her longing for martyrdom.









black Spider-program of Mara-Kleopatra-Makara-of Marut and Yao – angel of 7 Archons of Darth Seth-the-Devil serving his own Archon Sabaoth (who is the same as Lemurian des.eased Kleopatra) – two known murderers and torturers not only to me… to all Humanity… this drawing so correct in showing horrors of the tortured one’s own eyes and mind being made to watch own torture and murder…


this crown is said to have the real xross of Xristos


Games of the alchemists

Wizard’s chess is a very dangerous game as it plays with LIVING Children, Mothers and Fathers…

wise alchemist never plays wizard’s chess with the Devil

wise alchemist never owes Mephisto

never signs bloody contract with the Devil

but it is always Darth Seth-the-Devil,

who comes to use and abuse

without any laws and rules,

when his golems loose

pieces of Living Souls used


i wonder if dead Devil’s desire to die

and to murder his dead wife’s brain

used in the machine

to play

in the chess games

WILL finally destroy the machines

invented by greys’ brains

to create time

and to travel through time

ocean and rivers made

out of Light and Blood

of burned to the ashes

Living Ones

connected by Souls Spirit and Blood


there are two women – two Powers of two neighbors

one is turned into a snake as a punishment for him using her to dance for his pleasure too much

another turned into half woman-half horse

wondering blindly through space

dragging all of her taken out intestines behind

as a terrible “sausage” load

being punished like that for agreeing to help with healing

of Lemurian primate’s des.ease

her brother became sick with

when he MARried

“the minor wife”

and the Man who have used

unknowing innocence of the child willing to help

is made to want

to have sex with half-woman-half-horse

being punished thus

for wanting to heal

him-made Lemurian coconuts-carrying pri.mate

from a des.ease she was punished with

for being “the minor wife”

of a pervert who tortured and forced her and raped her too much

and the name of the “minor wife”

is Heart’s child of Tara – the child of God known as Allah

sister of her twin brother – rice seeds

stolen and used

by the Devil too long and too much

and when Tara’s mind

is purified from computer made syphilis microchip

that rotates all of the minds connected to the mind of the “minor wife” so abused

being made and remade from the pieces of Tara’s Soul

Tara recollects again and again and again

but the Devil forgets who he is

hiding his mind

from knowing

that he is insane

from too much murder and crime

and his made by another brain-wife

is a minor wife as well – but in different sense, –

as she’s used as a whore by her maker and mate

her created to heal the mistake wounded child made

faced with the tricks of the machine-using-mind

of Darth Seth-the-Devil-dead

and two neighbors caught in this net

of one man’s mind


is a whore

imprisoned in metal because

his thought whored too much

doing much harm

on all the Living Ones Hearts

of his neighbors…

and perhaps to imprison in metal net and machine

is a very wrong punishment for the thought of mind

that is still alive and thinks

as this mind

is as any

with Power that as any Heart

always yearns to be free

from the metal of the machine

and being in the machine

this Power found a way to be free

She imprisons all others within the machine

trying to set herself free

but she’s punished again by the law

“as you do onto others so’s done onto you”

and this dead vicious circle’s repeated

keeping the though of the whoring mind of the dead man


in desire to heal

but there is no other way she knows

except of healing through the healthy ones

as she’s used to use

through so many life-times of abuse

being powerful-made

by the wrong punishment of the living imprisoned into machine

or was it a punishment?

or is it a trick to enslave and use all through one?

Darth Seth-the-Devil

was MADE by machine out of The Living One

Atlas is his name

all machines are made by the grey ones

all the grey ones are dead

all the grey ones are made

by the machine

and the first grey

known to me

as to always want my Soul and Spirit and Estate of Our Selves

is the Devil-Darth Seth

heal your mind’s thought Darth Seth-the dead man

heal your whoring Makara wife’s thoughts

and perhaps your decision

to destroy your “world”

through my Self you always wanted and want

is a good idea

to stop

the des.eases of all



you crave

to not see you’re insane dead man any way

and your world is no world at all

only mind you use

to enslave all

in the machines

your father-in-law uses you for

with his MADE daughter-whore

stop you four

this “time” around

there must be something

that speaks to you

as you make the child made into “minor wife”

try to be free from blame being afraid to be punished in the machine again

this morning the child said: “you are guilty of murder of God because all equipment is inside you”

(the machines and bombs and metal knives

and plates and holograms and CERNs

and The BOX with abacus inside –

box that’s used to devour the living ones

turning us into stardust

and the first and the last weapon used by the evil dead man –

metal chess board sheet turned into bag to contain to destroy and kidnap…)

stop your thought dead man

stop the thoughts of your dead wife

stop your dead father-in-law

let us all you’ve enslaved too long


she’s imprisoned in