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“God had created each to his/her own duty

Do this and you shall prosper

Doing the duty of another will place you into great spiritual danger”

(Bhagavat Gita)


Ancients knew to keep tribes separate yet live in peace of One Planet – ancient Slavik Vedas mention that ancients welcomed visitors heartily sharing food and giving lodging YET they always kept a distance from accepting foreigner’s believes – they listened to visitor’s stories as to fairytales – possible realities elsewhere, yet they never changed themselves into the clothes which were not their own…

“God created each to his/her own duty

Do this and you shall prosper

Doing the duty of another will put you into great spiritual danger”

(Bhagavat Gita)

When the scientists begin experiments on other beings, they condemn themselves into great karmic responsibility as it is inevitable that a creature other than fellow scientist will suffer change or loss of its nature and restriction from living its own duty – its OWN SONG OF LIFE & LOVE… any scientist subjecting other creatures to its studies in any other way than uninvolved observation without introducing/implanting any idea/thought-form foreign to Living Creatures abiding in joyous natural state of who they are, is an egotist a tyrant and a murderer… one thought-form implant can lead to utter destruction of a Living Being – premature destruction of life is a crime against God – any change inflicted from the outside is a crime against Life – any re-form & revolution implanted into the mind is unnatural way of life destructive to The Heart of Hearts of each Living Being… all scientists who wish to experiment must do so on each other – this and only this will allow TRUE STATE OF GOD’s FREE WILL BE in its NATURAL STATE of GRACE & LIFE as it is in Its Pure ity

whosoever falsified teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni as “science of mind” was a criminal against God and Life having subjected countless generations of Living Beings to unnatural experiment for its own amusement… one thought-form having countless generations reforming Natural State of Living 17 moments of consciousness from The Heart to attempting to overcome 17 moment s of consciousness by means of architect (the mind) who is subordinate to the Spirit (The Heart)…

falsification lies in interpretation – believing interpretation or involving oneself into attempts to justify our own INTUITIVE knowing to the intruder/intruding thought-form(s) that attempt to study=put to test who we are is to create a dialogue with an entity foreign to who we are… dialogue of the mind is an artificially created drama implanted into our Living Being to disrupt holistic unconditional dance of HeartMind… In our Natural State of Grace we LIVE free from questioning “how it works” – it is the intruders who are eager to study and experiment on other Living Beings they consider inferior to their own “genius” who are responsible for all the false teachings and all of science – science is false approach that harms Life and Nature – scientific beings MUST be limited to experiment on each other

“God created each to his/her own duty

Do this and you shall prosper

Doing the duty of another

will place you into great spiritual danger”

(Bhagavat Gita)

when entity other than our Own Divinity residing in The Heart attempts to “will”=”design”=”architect” our life for us, know this entity being of scientific origin – such entity will destroy your being if you agree to dance with a foreign thought-form… if your own Divinity is OK with being experimented upon, it means that Your Divinity is either asleep or extremely tramautised – each Living Spark of Life has its own unique Sound – this Sound creates Our Unique Song of Songs – from The Heart the 3-nity of mind is WILLED – free will resides in The Heart – Love is The Will – Love is The Law – Love is The Great Revealer of Mysteries and ALL OF LIFE… Life’s dance…

Ancient Edda depicts Father of The Gods Odin riding 8-legged horse Sleipnir – over time false interpretation of Asgard as mind presiding over Midgard falsified Odin as mind-centered figure – totally perverting TRUE STATURE of Odin who is Spirit Quake of The Heart of Hearts – 8-legged horse is 8-pointed star of Ishtar – it is 8-petaled HEART chakra (sphere=disc) of sacred triple flame also called Wish fulfilling Tree – it is 8-spoked creation wheel of The Heart of Heavens ever spinning ringing Sound Bells of Sacred Seals moving Love and Oceans in a dance of Life…

My Heart

My Heart

My Heart

my mind bewitched by simple Sacred Song of Heart – what other Song can be so… ??? … to me – this Sacred Song of Heart is holiest of Holy – Love in Love – all else is transitory… sign of awakened Heart is speech in poetry and songs – all ancients spoke in songs – all life is Song – and only scientifically murdered species speak in prose dependent on the scientific books to guide them and on teachers to “re-mind” them of their primal core… 🙂 … all scientists are karmically endebted creatures lost in their own egoes – tyrants who believe themselves great teachers – creatures lost in Light decrease to none and Sound gone they teach decrease of light in others as the way to god – mad who forgotten who they are as spiders catching living prey into their nets of falsehood and supremacy perverted – Heart is 8-pointed Star – 8 legged Horse of Life – its shadow is self-centered spider spinning as its own spindle in hell of windy wheels destructing life – a victim of its own forge – a creature weaving mind’s membrane of starry sky instead of being slippery yet ever FREE in WILL of LOVE… One Light and Its 8-spoked wheel – petals 8 in Lotus of The Heart of Hearts – The Sacred Tree of Life – all wish fulfilling Center – Awe of Triple Fire – Triple Life as Bird of SpiritSoulLife – True Eagle is full-Hearted Spiritual Sun – Its Sacred Flight – be-moving all existdance as the wings of Heart make poets muses dancers artists fly…

look at the ancient image of The Odin riding his own Heart of Hearts

elixir cup in hand

his phallus is erect in ecstasy of  life lost to destruction Odin rides returning to The City of The Gods!!!

Amen Amen Amen!!!


“But from the hill of Lidskialf Odin rose,

The throne, from which his eye surveys the world;

And mounted Sleipnir, and in darkness rode

To Asgard. And the stars came out in heaven,

High over Asgard, to light home the king.

But fiercely Odin galloped, moved in heart:

And swift to Asgard, to the gate he came, And terribly the hoofs of Sleipnir rang

Along the flinty floor of Asgard streets,

And the gods trembled on their golden beds

Hearing the wrathful father coming home.”  

From The Classic Myths by Charles Mills Gayley.

in ancient myth The Mother of The Gods refuses to leave sleeping Odin for an instant – in a sacred chamber so secluded – court deprived of wisdom-love – their sons a-rule – until when their mistakes of child-hood so great that Odin wakes and mounts Throne – Two Hearts return upon 8 legged ever spinning Lotus…

Heart of Hearts, to You i cry in desperation: WAKE & WAKE all sleeping LIFE subjected to the studies of invador-mind…

(two sons – one self-concieved – one is adopted with the hospitality of open Heart of Hearts – The Visitor could be a blessing or a curse – who knows until adopted child shows its Nature… outcome of such an income is to stay or leave – a poverty or an inrichment – full destruction or prosperity – it is the Visitor who is to realize its place of being GUEST on premises of Royal House…)

Fate is The Triple Spider Triple Flame re-versing in2 starry web…










a trouba dur of Love a rules all rules! HURRAY!!! :D)))

this reading on the Lover from before re.mem.berance reversed The Spider to The Horse

wake sleeping spindler!

be 8-petaled STAR!


The only one duty of Life is Ecstasy – whosoever tells you otherwise – know them to be intruders that attempt to enslave God within You – Humans GUARD YOUR HEART!!!


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