Fearless experiment of Professor Arnold Ehret that may be inspiring to all who want to be healthy and fearless :) FREE! :)

“After a two years’ strict fruit-diet with intercalated fasting cures, I had attained a degree of health which is simply not imaginable nowadays and which allowed of my making the following experiments:

With a knife I made an incision in my lower arm; there

was no flow of blood as it thickened instantaneously;

closing up of the wound, no inflammation, no pain, no mucus and pus: healed up in three days, blood-crust thrown off. Later, with vegetaric, food including mucus-formants (starch food), but without eggs and milk: the wound bled a little, caused some pain and pussed slightly, a light inflammation, complete healing only after some time. After that the same wounding, with meat-food and some alcohol:

longer bleeding, the blood of a light color, red and thin, inflammation, pain, pussing for several days, and healing only after a two days’ fasting.

I have offered myself, of course in vain, to the Prussian Ministry of War for a repetition of this experiment. Why is it that the wounds of the Japanese healed much quicker and better in the Russo-Japanese war as those of the “Meat and Brandy Russians?” Has nobody for 2,000 years ever

thought it over why the opening of the artery and even the poison cup could not kill Seneca, after he had despised meat and fasted in the prison? It is said that even before that Seneca fed on nothing but fruit and water.

…I recommend to the physicians and searchers to test my claims by way of experiments which alone are entitled to real scientific recognition. The experiment, the question put to nature, is the basis of all natural science and reveals the infallible truth, no matter whether it is stated by me or somebody else. Furthermore, I recommend to those who are brave enough to test on their own bodies the following

experiments which I undertook on mine…” ~ shares German Professor Arnold Ehret (July 29, 1866 – October 10, 1922) in his record “RATIONAL FASTING: Regeneration Diet And Natural Cure For All Diseases”

p.s. “From fruit only one becomes first of all ill, i.e. cleansed; this cleansing process, however, is better to undergo at home and not in the tropics. No man would have ever believed me that it is possible to live without food for 126 days, in which 49 at a stretch, during 14 months. Now I have done it, and yet this truth is not being understood. Hitherto I say and teach only that fruit is the most natural “healing remedy. Whether my calculation is correct will be proven by the next epidemic.(any epidemic springs to mind? 🙂 ) …Almost all fasting attempts fail on account of the ignorance of the fact that with the beginning of mucusless diet the old mucus is being excreted so much more forcibly until that person is absolutely clean and healthy. Thus the seemingly most healthy person has first to pass through a condition of sickness (cleansing), or to go through an intermediate stage of illness to a higher level of health.
This is the great cliff around which so very few vegetarians have failed to go, discarding the highest truth
just like the mass of people is doing.” ~ Arnold Ehret (same record)


Friend Друг Maitreya

in Russian word “another” literally reads and means “FRIEND” (друг) + ending -ой or -ая or -ое for one of 3 genders (masculine, feminine, or neutral)

Being Russian native speaker for over 50 years I have realised this only yesterday – February 06 2019… with freed TRUTH of Nature: ONEness of all Life and, grown stronger with practice, harmlessness (ahimsa) of mind process and consciousness

русское слово другой(ая)(ое) прямо чтётся ДРУГ + окончание рода.

будучи русскоговорящей более 50 лет, я осознала значение слова ДРУГой(ая)(ое) только сегодня – 6 Февраля 2019 года… с освободившимся проявлением Природы Единства всей Жизни и всех живущих и, усиленной практикой, безвредностью (ахимса) в раз.уме, процессе мышления и со.знании

In Sanskrit FRIENDly and benevolent is called Maitreya

На Санскрите ДРУГ(дружественный(ая)(ое)) и добро.желательный(ая)(ое) знается Майтрией (Май.три.я)

All religions, yoga and buddhism teach to be free from killing and violence

Why do we fail to listen to wisdom of love, peace, joy and TRUE Nature of Life?

Все религии мира, йога и буддизм наставляют быть свободными от убийства и насилия. Почему же мы отказываемся слушать мудрость любви, мира, счастья и Истинной Природы Жизни?

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cabbage flowers on 2nd year of life, but humans kill it on 1st year of life

капуста цветет на втором году жизни, но люди убивают ее на первом

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Black Isis

Black Pharaohs – article appeared in National Geographic when future President Barack Obama was running his campaign in 2008…

Genotype of Black Pharaohs from Nubia is the same as people of Dogon Tribe – people who fled Egypt for reason little known…

little is known where the origin of beads comes from…

Earth as well as many other Planets of our Solar system as well as Milky Way Itself are resembling beads – having black hole in the Center where Spiritual Heart should be (our neighbor Galaxy Andromeda has healthy Spiritual Heart… black hole of a bead is a sign of reversed Monadic pearl… reminding of a myth where Hero recollects a Pearl from under Dragon’s tooth…)

Black Pharaoh Piye’s decision to save Egypt came about when he saw total ruin to which endless warfare for domination of the world brought Egypt and its people…

Little is known about Black Isis… little is known about conflict between Black and White Isis…

Black Isis is related to Black Pharaohs – to Dogon tribe survivors – to Sirius B… (see above links)

White Isis is related to Orion – to White Pharaohs – to Xristos Tribe – to Human Ancestors known to most as Ants, Scythes, Sarmats, Shakyas, Vikings, Highlanders, etc…

Difference between Black, White, Red, and Yellow tribes is BLOOD TYPE – some BLACK people’s blood type is very unique and complex (has 6-12 letter sequences) as and is very different from 0, A, B, or AB blood types of rest of Humanity…

mixing bloods is lethal and has everything to do with Human experiment, checker-board mutation (black-white mutation = Egyptian genetic dis.ease)

Original Black Tribe’s sexuality is very different from anyone else – forms of male and female sexual organs of Original Black Humans (of Black Isis and Her King) is totally different from anatomy of humans populating Earth now… shapes of Black Isis Yoni and Black Pharaoh’s Phallus were shown to me in one of the Spiritual visions… Black Isis-Pharaoh’s sexuality is extremely powerful… however their bodies and blood-type are incompatible with our bodies… there exists a practice of “arranged marriage” in invisible “spiritual” realms that matches by sexuality… this is related to possession of physical bodies by Black Isis who seeks to have sexual companion different than Her original King and yet She needs HIS BODY to be linked to bodies of men She possesses…

it seems to me that the origin of checker-board mutation is linked to temptation to experience Black Isis Sexuality, which required White Pharaoh to become different – when one of White Pharaoh’s was tempted to wed Black Isis instead of White…

from past life memories it is known to me that original Black Pharaohs body has traveled from man to man until recently, when Black Isis BEGAN to SEEK 2 re.MEMBER Her King… the only obstacle is blood-type – when ORIGINAL blood-type is poisoned with unique Black Isis Tribe blood-type, the outcome is either lethal or inevitable madness and separation from Body of Xristos and one’s Soul…

sexual “pleasure” conflict of Immortals between Black and White Pharaohs has led to such outcomes as slavery, genocide, and artificial insemination (known to most as Human Experiment)… original “down-fall” of Divine Humanity is linked to “book-reading” of heart’s Consciousness (when scribe Anni (An nu) is appointed to “write” the book of Pharaoh’s life – hence the name “Egyptian book of the dead”)  – book-reading is the same as Biblical story of Eve and Adam being tempted by Shamael to taste from Tree of Knowledge… seeing their nakedness as a result… being ashamed of being MADE naked… scribbling, “knowing one Self” by becoming naked and Gudam-Venus myth of cannibal-vampire stopped only by “fisherman” are all speaking of the same thing: downfall from the state of Paradise, where each COUPLE is perfectly matched by GOD – where there is no need to KNOW (how to correct the mistake… f.e. of Lilith (Lalita) fleeing from Adam, who wanted to rule over Her instead of being equal… or of White Pharaoh kidnapping body of Black Pharaoh because there was a temptation of unequal sexual relationship between Black Isis and Orion (Osiris) …)

sexual temptation of switching body of White sexuality to body of Black sexuality is the Original Sin of mixing bloods that must never be mixed… this seems to be the main cause of Luciferian rebellion (appointing scribe Annu to deconstruct blood-line of Xristos as Xristos Consciousness has essences and fluids which are used in art of heightening sexual pleasures of immortals… this desire to forbidden sexual pleasures links Divine Humans to Lemurian dis.ease (Kama.Sutra – having sexual intercourse with animals) and out.comes as checker-board mutation of Black-White Egyptian dis.ease… as genocide of Xristos, Jo Dae, and Bird People Tribes… leading to Human experiment in order to correct the mistake…

Sexual pleasures are very different from Aeros of The Gods…

Sirius B is known as a Dog Star of Orion… Dog can either be a friend and a guardian or perpetually barking pet… Black Dog AnnuBis is known as a guardian Dog and illegal Son of Osiris (Orion)…

Unless Black Isis is reunited with Her Black Pharaoh re.membering His Soul-Light into his BODY, this passing around of genocide and checker-board mutation as a result of a desire to have “good sex in subtle realms” will continue and so will continue recollection of Human Souls by Melchizideck and his priests… trying to preserve Souls of Xristos/Jo Dae/Bird People lineages… rewriting Human Heart’s consciousness is a process opposite to recollection of Souls by Melchizideck and is a “clean-up” tool of those who have genocided Humans in order to collect Divine essences for “good immortal sex”…

Next recollection of Souls of the dead was scheduled for 2017 by activating Pyramids of Giza (complex of 3 – Father, Mother and Son), however this recollection is nearly completed now…

it usually takes 3 years between Spiritual event occurring in Divine Consciousness and its “in.carnation” in Mater…

Will it be new Ice Age or do we still have anybody ALIVE and WISE enough to finally HEAL 8 degrees of separation from Spiritual Heart by ending this forbidden black-white blood mix for sexual pleasure sake of the immortals, who have probably are so forgetful of ParaDisical AEROS as to keep inertia of AfroDisiac of “Mary-go-around” of Black Isis-Black Pharaoh phallus pleasures with inevitable genocide of Human slaves’ for ParaDisical Essences… is this black-white “Mary-go-around” really so more desirable by everybody than to really insist on re.IN.state.MEN.T of  HUMANITY in Divine Aeros by healing connection to Heart of One Life, where each apple is a whole of two halves as opposed to constant struggle to survive by mix-and-match???

Little is known about Black Isis and first White Pharaoh who desired Her for sensuality very different than His own… and loosing His own Body because of that… and loosing HIs White Isis because of tHat… it seems that story of Osiris is very much linked to original downfall into checker-board mutation state of Human genocide… and an original downfall from ParaDise into AfroDisiac by having a second wife… and AnnuBis trying to help to heal by re.membering the foot-prints left in “the books-of-life” recorded in our consciousness, whose Center is OUR LIVING HUMAN HEART…





METATRON RACES of having a scribe at the Throne of God ARE ARTIFICIAL RACES of HUMAN EXPERIMENT… these Races can heal only by refusing to scribe and read Consciousness of Human Heart of GOD that is located in Human HEART’s PURSE – it is very physical location

Pewter Pocket Heart Charm

Earth and Phantom Earth

“… The “2003 Dimensional Blend Experiment” was intended to directly link Earth’s Planetary Shields into the Planetary Shields of a counterpart of Earth called Phantom Earth that was drawn into Phantom Matrix Black Hole Sub-Time Distortion Cycle during the “Electric Wars”, which ended Human Seeding-1 on Earth 5,500,000 years ago. Since the Electric Wars there has been a “WALL IN TIME” – a frequency cap between Earth’s Planetary Shields and the chaotic Planetary Shields of Phantom Earth in the Black Hole Phantom Matrix. The Cap was kept in place by Emerald Covenant Founders in HOPE that eventually our Earth would evolve to a sufficient frequency accretion level through which the “Wall in Time” could be “Uncapped”. without Earth and LIFE FIELD potentially being rapidly drawn into the Phantom Matrix. This Cap allows the Races in Phantom Earth an opportunity to have DNA Bio-Regenesis and the Phantom Earth to receive Planetary Shields REPAIR, so PEOPLE & THE PLANET could be retrieved from the “perpetual chaotic time loop” of the Phantom Matrix to RESTORE NATURAL EVOLUTION.
Since the end of Human Seeding-1, Earth has been a literal “battleground” between the Emerald Covenant Founders Races (from here to M-51 😉 and the fallen Angelic/intruder ET races of the Phantom Matrix. Each group has fought to attain a critical mass of frequency in The PLANETARY SHIELDS of EARTH & ITS PHANTOM. If Phantom Earth accelerates greater frequency holding than OUR Earth, OUR EARTH ITS PEOPLE and The Halls of Amenti in The Inner Earth Time Cycle will be sucked into the Phantom Matrix black hole. If this occurs, 11 dimensions of our 15-dimensional Time Matrix will become fully trapped within Phantom Matrix Sub-Time Distortion Cycle, cut off from interaction with the Founders of D-12 and up, under Fallen Angelic Race dominion, completely incapable of NATURAL ASCENSION out of density. Such an event would provide sufficient energy fuel to feed & artificially sustain the dying Phantom Matrix for many aeons to come…”

(Ashayana Deane, Voyagers II, 2nd Edition, p.386, “The Wall in Time and Atlantean Secrets of The Phoenix and The Falcon)




In Buddhism the Lotus flower is considered to be a sacred.

Being one of the 8 fortunate signs of Buddhism.

The lotus flower with 8 petals is used in Buddhist mandalas, sign.if.ying cosmic harmony,

a 1000-petals- Lotus denotes spiritual illumination.

FaMoUs Buddhist mantra, “Om mane padme hum(an(t)),” relates to the jewel in the Lotus, which is

•    According to Egyptian mythology, the Lotus is related to the Sun

as it flowers at the day hours & closes by night.

It is credited that the Lotus Flower has given birth to The Sun.

•    Its stem is consumed in nearly all parts of India.


A Field of Flowers

     The Lotus grows quitly in the garden pool. The Ibis curls one foot beneath him and blinks. It is too nice a day to spoil with words. In the wind I hear what I see – a low hum of vitality, the bell of flowers ringing. I pass in and out of time, aeons press against my skin. I rest in a place within a place, a meadow of myself that is the world pressing close. The river flows on. Tall, thin reeds rock against the current, and the wind like a woman envelops me.

Life is liquid



I lie in the white mind of universe, knowing what i know, it knows me. The fruits of the land are abundant. With the quick, bright blade of Spirit I turned new ground, planted seed. I struggled with the donkey. Beneath my hand things happenned – grapes and wheat. In time i drank wine and ate bread. The field ploughed feeds a man, the spirit cultivated nourishes. I keep one eye on heaven and one on earth, following the seasons, walking the rhythm.

I lie on sweet hay. The sparrow’s song cuts the silence. I hear it now as I heard it ages ago. The birds are gods. I carry their song in my belly. I’m carried in the egg of silence. Even now in the long pause of possibility, quiet beneath its shell, there rises a wild honking, long flights against an autumn moon, smooth eggs waiting to be laid. An old man lying in a field feels embryonic.

Learning peace itself is a struggle. More often I know the air as it whips my face. When the wind is still, I forget the wind. Walking through town, I turn longingly to the mountain. On the mountain I gaze back on the town. When there’s much talk I withdraw into silence. When it is quiet I strain to hear some song. Having no trouble, I create some to keep the day interesting. We misunderstand the quiet. In the heat of the day I seek shadows. At night I praise the light of stars. The moon grows legs and wonders through the old man’s heart seeking some dark corners to inspire. At midday the gods walk through town invisible as cats. Only children and wise old men know the difference.

Even night and day struggle, make peace between themselves. We call that beautiful sunset and dawn. In the spirits of men we call it a state of grace. Unless the earth enveloped the seed and the seed struggled against the darkness, there would be no corn. The moment we are born we begin to die. In each death we are born again. We take in the air and the air escapes us. Call it the breath of life. I no longer call loss disaster. It is the empty heart waiting to be filled. From the act of love, two bodies straining against each other, there rises the star of children. After opposition comes unity. Knowing that removes the string of failure.

What god wants god shall have, and so I say, make is easy on yourself. The divine will asks only that things happen, that what it asks to exist comes to pass. My desire, my little will gives it form. If I struggle it comes anyway, malformed, a lesser power than it should be. If I give myself to it, it passes through me and I nourish it as it nourishes me. The difference is in the knowing of it. If there is confusion, I have not allowed life, the will of god, to change me. If I know it, I’m changed by it. I have ferried myself across the churning waters of emotion. I go with the current, I rock to and fro in the tide. I come to a place I never knew I was bound for. There is a reason for accidents.

When I open my mouths I let the gods speak and it is like sparrows singing.

When I open my heart I find the way, a gap through the wall of mountains.

Through me I allow the world to unfold.

I have the magic of earth, wind and flame.

Though the future lies shrouded in veils, if I give my will to what I know not, I shall see it all come to pass.

No sorrow.

No sweat.

KNowing the world is as the world should be, I enter the field of peace.

(“Awakening Osiris, The Egyptian Book of The Dead” translated by Normandi Ellis, “The Field of Flowers”, p.215)



lotus children LotusFlower
lotusleaf lyutik MaHa Gaia 3 upon The Swan





Fear is the first energy that shuts off our natural self and our ability to be in our domain of power.

We operate in fear produced by socially, politically, culturally, and religiously correct thinking and behavior.

All this correctness rings the death knells to individuality and personal freedom.


When little child INSIDE YOU doesn’t have a way to connect to the outside world and know who it is, fear immediately forces the child into pretense.

We experience fear when we step into the unknown (that is either threatening to our mind by previous experiences OR by its hostile appearance, which is our intuitive perception of real danger or threat to our life (intuitive alarm is always to be listened to as in this spontaneous all-of-a-sudden recognition of danger fear is our FRIEND)

We experience fear when we step into the unknown and do not know (especially if we are used to living from believes-system that restricts our mind to something which can be seen as a fortress or a prison to our Heart, where immortal Child of God lives. People who operate from strict conceptual program, which is like a computer microchip, often shut the voice of their child to a degree of child being repressed all their life – Soul in pain from artificially created concept of mind, which in its natural state is a fluid state of consciousness… mind is the helper of The Heart – not Its master – it is why it is said:



…There is no harm in not knowing, which means you are receptive and willing to learn, to be creative, and to engage with the unknown in order to make it known.

Ignorance, on the other hand, means you think you know, but you don’t, and you still act like you do. (it takes a skill to be both, the one who acts and the one who watches, in order to heal from ignorance. This skill is not an easy one to master unless a person is really willing to become Free Human Being and a Master of one’s life. All habits are concepts – whether ignorant or wise, – they are our habitual ways to respond to any or many situations we face in life. Unknown is a situation which we never faced before – it’s like hugging a drunk homeless person on the street as you pass by and that person simply begins to talk to you and demand that much love… allowing ourselves a freedom to step beyond our habitual dislike to bad smell and hugging total stranger who looks bad, we liberate our mind from this guard – and then we can look at people much more openly and operate from intuition and Heart-felt Humanity of OUR INNER CHILD (or many CHILDREN, whom i call Cheburashki-Solnishki 🙂





So knowledge (of how to heal from brainwashing we lived through from the moment of birth into this world until this very moment) is our ally and our weapon in overcoming and defeating fear (it must be done at once – right away – without any delay – before our habit to ananlize shuns our Divine Nature – Child’s Nature to great all and every with impulse of Love and open arms… mind silent enough for our Heart to SEE & HEAR the unknown… if we allow our Heart’s Child to touch with all that is in this simple way, our friend mind is learning how to let go off habitual armor we made in response of being shut and harmed by others… the most difficult is to remain in an open state of mind when we face people or situations or terrors who caused us to experience great pain in the past, allowing our Heart’s Child to responds in a spontaneous way of Love no matter what – even if it is a murderer who came into our consciousness psychically and threatens our life – it is much more difficult to keep an open mind and allow spontaneous Life from The Heart when we are tortured by physical devices – even though torture of Human Beings is forbidden on this Planet (Humans have Right to be free from harm), there are people who still like to inflict pain on others to force them into obedience or to force out information… it is a true Mastery to forgive these people as soon as they finish inflicting physical or psychic pain on us and to “move on” without allowing our mind to linger on feeling of being angry at those who caused us pain – this is the only way to protect our Divine Child WithIn… )

…WE GAIN COURAGE through that confrontation and raise our measure of self-worth – COURAGE TO BE FREE CHILD OF GOD – feeling good to be able to keep our mind open no matter what… MOMENT 2 MOMENT LIFE is the only possible way of life for all of LIFE – it is the only way of life that helps us to remain Divine Children of God – it is the only way of life that keeps God alive – all other ways of life (conditioned or controlled by either ourselves or others) are the ways to murder Living God… Murder is a word that means 1000 crows… Crows can sing, talk or crow… Crows can defend those who love God and defend Life – i have experienced Crows come to help me with their voices when i was psychically attached… it is true miracle of Life – to be friends with all of Life – with every creature – be they small or large… scary looking creatures of God are usually the ones who’ve been hurt the most – terrifying  appearance is usually a protective armor of the most gentle and ancient beings…

black and white hd wallpaper 23 black veil brides clash_of_the_titans_medusa clash_of_the_titans-tortured TriNiti hakini-mudra-joyce-huntington human anscestor Img2154_archangel_michael-small Mask_of_anubis puppeteer sun communes with spider who possesses Earth... let Earth be FREE viergser Xristos and dinasor yoni mudra yoni risen from hell


While in the womb, the fetus-child is connected to the mother through the umbilical cord, which is child’s energy pipe-line. All child’s needs are met through this cord – the child is in a protected environment and is still connected to Spirit. The Child experiences fear for the first time when the umbilical cord is cut at birth, separating The Child from The Mother (physical birth is a mirror to an ancient event known first as Luciferian rebellion – Big Bang – and, later on, as sacrifice, when Heart of One Life would send Its Children to help our Planetary Child and all the children trapped on it… there are many “lucifers” here – fallen snowflakes of unconditional love – mutilated and tortured children, who came to help, but were forced into becoming food for those who are here for such a long time that they are perpetually hungry for food of Spirit and Light and Love… there are those who still keep these Children of God in a fallen and mutilated state or tortured Souls and mutilated invalids of so called Middle Earth only because they are afraid of the powers of God – for God is Unknown always LIVING spontaneously from the Heart… perhaps those few “controllers”, who acquired seat of power over many on this Planet, will learn their FEAR and allow GOD LIVE… the moment all fallen Children of God are allowed to HEAL NATURALLY – without any artificially created scientific devices, – HEALERS will manifest and take their rightful place of HEALERS eliminating forever artificially created medical sciences that operate on drugs alone.) 

(OUR BEING IN MOTHER’S WOMB IS THE MOST DIVINE STATE OF LIFE WE EVER EXPERIENCED WHILE ON EARTH – if we contemplate Child’s being in Mother’s womb – from the coition of father’s and mother’s cells to full development of the child by the end of 9th month… there is an ancient saying: “measure 9 times – tie the knot on tenth” this wisdom has everything to do with God, Children of God, Central Spiritual Sun, Planet Earth, and all of creation…



The Child experiences fear for the first time when the umbilical cord is cut at birth…

separating the child from the mother…

this separates the child from the connection that has provided its survival and sustenance for 9 months…

No longer fed through the umbilical cord, the child feels hunger (hunger is a hollow restless feeling – hunger is not physical – hunger is a state of mind when CONNECTION is severed – when the child is disconnected from the mother and the womb and The Heart of One Life, known to us as Holy Trinity – Father Mother & Child – when connection is severed and Mother is exhausted from its Light and body given to starving children, The Mother is known as Holy Ghost… it is difficult to reconnect to The Heart of One Life – to Omnipresent FatherMother, – if we exhaust our own Mothers to the state of Holy Ghost – for it is The Mother who is The Daughter – who is The Wife and The Virgin – who births and births not – is our ONE & ONLY CONNECTION possible… when we stop exhausting our Mothers to the state of Holy Ghost – when we stop turning their already exhausted bodies into prostitutes for the sake of refilling us with necessary amount of “love” to reach back to The Hear of One Life, – we will preserve this precious Thread of Life… many children are fallen – most are seeking to return by scientific ways of the mind – but it is the way of spontaneous LIFE of Heart’s Child – fearless Life of Love – free from outside controls of foreign thought-forms – spontaneous Life as impulse from The Heart – artificial collection of Souls by One Savior is a perversion of Life that is dominant on Planet Earth now is the cause of sacrifice – severance of umbilical cord that holds children tied to The heart of One Life (this artificial collection of Human Souls by forceful removal out of body is sometimes known in Xristian tradition as Melchizedek and his seraphic priestesses – sometimes known as forceful recollection of Souls by artificial intelligence in order to be manipulated into rebirth or slavery for energy-producing needs… Artificial collection of Souls with following reincarnation is a system known to us as creation of clones – clones are human and other beings that are created by those who forcefully collect and rebirth into physical bodies – True Human Beings are unborn – they are those who came here from The Heart of One Life without ever loosing this sacred umbilical cord and outer egg-of-a-womb…)

When umbilical cord is severed and the child feels natural fear for the first time being pushed and pulled out by those who help child’s physical body at birth, the greatest of all trauma is experienced – for we have no means of avoiding to be separated from the womb – if a child born physically is connected to The Heart of One Life (which is nearly extinct on this Planet) then the child remembers how to be fearless and live spontaneously from The heart very early – trauma is healed by ever present connection to The Heart of One Life – these rare children are fully initiated Human and Star children who do not need any further emancipation by religious and spiritual sciences… If these perfect children are allowed to be themselves without ever being harmed by artificial recollection of their Soul into Earth’s collective, they can help other fallen children to heal naturally – by this mysterious connection between our HEARTS… sharing LOVE… when we open our Heart – our Inner Child’s Heart to these rare ones, – we heal by mysterious knowingness that is never known to the mind and yet transforms our mind to the state of original fearless and unconditional purity that finally makes our mind fitted to be true helper to our Inner Child – helping to go HOME – as our Inner Child reaches from the Heart to The Heart of One Life… 

alb_1352841_big ANINHA Bona Dea Fra Ma devi_trinity dyn009_original_475_356_pjpeg_2636935_dfc1b62256e30e2f8b2c97918e9b363e Earthstar costume estrellasanatkumara Freya kumara Lotus & Sun 202 lotusleaf

If The Child of God is separated from The Heart of One Life and the child’s mother is made to be Holy Ghost, The Child is experiencing this hollow restless feeling of hunger and fear of separation – if hunger for being one in Love and fear of separation from The Mother are not healed by reconnecting to at least child’s physical mother and father, then the children acquire all sorts of mental wounds that become armor of habits… Our parents rarely know what it means to be Father and Mother of Divine Child… there are so many children that are damaged by their physical parents ignorant enough to want a child, yet completely misunderstanding the most basic need of every Human Being – connection to The Heart of One Life… most parents treat their children by educating their minds to shut their hearts to their inner Divinity… thus pain and hunger and fear produce much of des.ease and want and these produce a state of war, which is fierce competition for LOVE and Satiation – and so those who learned how to forcefully acquire something that makes them temporarily satisfy hunger… but limited supplies are limited supplies… unless we reconnect to The Heart of One Life, our Divine Child in the Heart is suffering pain and mutilation by corrupted mind-collective… as from my experiences Life on this planet is in real danger to be extinct very soon.



When the child’s umbilical cord connecting the child to the mother is cut, the child doesn’t know what hunger is – only fear of separation, – if the fear of separation is immediately removed by the child’s mother, hunger never occurs… if Mother’s Love is not matching The  Child’s fear of separation, then and only then hunger arises – then and only then the mind of newborn into world of flesh experiences want… degrees of want and hunger are conditioned by the child’s relationship with child’s mind as well as relationship with his/her physical parents and… the rest of the world…    

If upon removal of umbilical cord the child’s hunger is not satisfied, that energy (of hollow restlessness) moves up the chakra line (the energy centers or vortices up the central line of the body) from the ONE_POINT or COG (our Center of Gravity – our Center of Balance located in some 3 finger width above our navel – in some 3 finger width below Bona Dea (= diafragm)… location and number of energy centers in our body depends on our genetic heritage (tribal origin) and blood-type)


Center of Gravity within each human body can be likened to Solar system

glavniy podogrevatel zemli bona deaphragma

Joseph Campbell (renown mythologist, author of The Hero with 1000 faces) had a documentary, where he perfectly explained psychological traits and damages linked to each chakra:

1st chakra is root chakra associated with fear and survival

2nd chakra  is aerotic – LOVE center – sexual relationships are all aerotic – rooted in the heart – when wounded by separation from Mother’s Love, our heart “falls” down to seek lost love by available means… 2nd chakra is located at the level of the womb… unfulfilled by twin-flame Love communion, our Heart fallen down, we walk life seeking to find our Soul mate… the way of Love becomes as everyone elses because it is the most available and accepted way to look for our perfect mate… sexual attraction substitutes Heart-felt connection… our energy drains down through many unsatisfying sexual relationships… distorted down to sexual disorders by degrees of hunger and fear, we finally face a great challenge of our Inner Divine Child being so separated from Natural Love Heart-2-Heart that some begin to use S&M methods of cutting away this sexual drive… people often misunderstand why they are drawn to S&M relationships – they must look within to remember that deeply wounded Divine Child of The Heart can be as desparate as to seek to cut off excessive sexual relationships that deprive The Child from LOVE… 

2nd chakra – “The Fallen Heart” – our wounded Divine Child fallen into the womb – our underworld – our connection to The Mother through umbilical cord from navel to navel instead of Heart to Heart…

Divine Children whose Heart had fallen below Middle Earth of DeaFraMa (diaphragm), – are dealing with following issues of the mind:

1) Master and Servant (rules)

2) Friend for Friend (learning and sharing)

3) Parent for Child (Spiritual Love)

4) Marriage of 2 (deep need to create Holy Communion as marriage arranged in Heaven…)

5) impulse, passion, braking the rules, saving somebody at the risk of one’s own life

purification of 2nd chakra can be considered satiation of hunger from (1) to (5)

if a newborn child just separated from Mother’s Womb does not satisfy this hollow restless feeling (hunger) by being held with much just enough of Mother’s Love, child’s Spiritual Heart falls down in fear to 1st chakra – root chakra – the the seat of basic survival at all costs… the trauma of birth is known to be the greatest trauma in our life… it is the downfall from Grace of being ONE that dis-balances Center of Gravity… this trauma is remembered as greatest harm rarely compensated by enoughness of Mother’s Love  we receive immediately after birth – this feeling of our Heart all of a sudden sinking down is known as fear – intuitive – unexplainable fear – is exactly the feeling of being separated from the womb (safety=wholeness) – this impulse – this fright – is a cry of our Inner Child that already resides in a newborn body of the child whom physical MOTHER considers her own…  fallen Heart of Our Inner Divine Child must then be lifted up with Love and forgiveness of those who wronged us – forgiveness of pain we experienced – forgiving ourselves for being the abused and the raped ones…

according to Josheph Campbell, 1st chakra is experienced as limbo – an explosion – big bang – “Luciferian rebellion” in which our Spiritual Heart – our Universal Egg, – brake, disengage in “Fire sacrifice of Brahman” – and with it Heart’s Consciousness of Divine Child within disengages from unborn knowing of all things in God – Spiritual Heart fallen in fear down to 1st chakra is the moment of forgetfulness – a moment at birth from which we heal all life – healing ourselves from forgetfulness of who we are…

 Jan Orisi (Sundance Journey of The Soul) describes how unsatisfied hunger can move up the chakras corrupting our Divine Body more and more:

if hunger is unsatisfied in third chakra (our Navel) then it moves to the Heart Chakra… in 4th chakra unsatisfied hunger is experienced as ANGER…

Navel – our 3rd chakra is dealing with satiation of such “hungers” as: violence, sex-violence, desires to conquer, to consume, will to power.

First 3 chakras are Dharmas of The Mind – uplifting Spiritual Heart, our Inner Child is overcoming pollutions of our mind such as: common religious believes of the world; health; wealth; prodegy; lust; fear; duty… it is very important that we become either Friend or a Loving Mother of  our Divine Child or Children – because some of us have more than one Divine Child living in our HeartMind… 🙂

We are to become loving companions to each other if we are to come back HOME in this life-time…


Fear is always our response to the unknown, an energy that must be dealt with and experienced. If the child is not fed, the energy continues up the chakra line to the heart chakra. The child doesn’t know how to cope with the fear of the unknown, so the child experiences anger, which is the inability to cope with the fear of the unknown.

Now if the baby still isn’t fed, baby’s one-point will move into the fifth chakra, the communication center in the throat. The Child is trying to communicate but doesn’t know how. If hunger is still unsatisfied, The Child will experience stress, anxiety, and in the most severe form, hysteria.

If the Child still is not fed, the energy moves into the 6th chakra – the 3rd eye in the middle of the forehead. The child’s voice breaks; it gets quiet and goes into depression. As a balanced energy, depression is a demand to go into deep introspection and regain one-point and rebalance ourself. If we stay in depression, however (self-pity loves this place), we will not be able to restabilize. As long as we allow the one-point to move up our body, we are like a tent pole, the higher it gets, the more we get off balance.

Being born through phisical womb of the mother is our first experience of hunger and fear and we will react to the unknown/unconsciously known threats to our Inner Child as well as to unknown energies this way throughout our life until we under.stand what is really going on and conquer the block…

Walking with ally of Heart’s Knowing, we will gain Fearlessness… 

Joseph Campbell de.scribes HEARt’s Chakra as Chakra of Trans.formation, where AUM sound is HEARed – sound made by NOT any 2 things striking together – AUM – sound of our UniVerse, where our Divine Children dance upon the dwarf of forgetfulness… where our children sit around Sacred Altar with many flames of Life gathered within the Center of our Shrine of One Life – our physical bodies are Shrines of One Life… The HEART…


every cell in our body has a heart… Ancient Slavs knew it and built their cities accordingly…








AEYONIK TanTra formulas

Eastern Promises... Slavic Deeds... AEYONIK Tantra...





Spirit Powers and Pearls

Spirit Powers and Pearls…

It requires Ancient of Days PURITY to commune saephiroths to Powers known as Gods… or Life be.comes… sorry to joke in such dark manNe.r.

(saephiroth is same as sɛfɪrɒθ : the 10 attributes/emanations in Kabbalah through which God created the world and/or manifests… in Tibetan Buddhism saefiroths are known as 10 dharmas (or dharma KA YA(s))



“The story of man is the story of a search for treasures. Most search for material wealth, but we as shamans are searching for something much greater and far more vast. For us the greates treasure is the gift of truth, and beauty, and the timeless places of power that return us to our innermost dream and make life worth living. – Lynn Andrews




B’A YAl  in Maya culture is known as first-born Blue-Green wind

Glyph T501.19:670 - B'A YAL

B’A YAL (b’a yal) (T501.19:670) > adj. + n. “first born”; elite title.

(CH) > b’a-AL (b’a[ah][y]al) b’aah-y-al ~ n.-3SE-n. “head-child of” relationship expression referring to primogenital offspring.’&search=first%20born

in modERn AmeriKan English it may be known as {B(U)Y ALL}


Glyph T168:518b - AJAW

Glyph T168, or T584.687a - AJAW

Glyph T747a - AJAW

Glyph Tnn - AJAW

Glyph T99.506.57 36.1016 - o-OL-si K'U

o-OL-si K’U (olis k’u) (T99.506.57 36.1016) > n. phr. “the whole set of gods” (?), “all the gods.”


Ajax in Ellin mythOlaGY of 3Jan war:

File:Achilles Ajax dice Louvre MNB911 n2.jpg

In the Iliad, Ajax is notable for his abundant strength and courage, seen particularly in two fights with Hector. In Book 7, Ajax is chosen by lot to meet Hector in a duel which lasts most of a whole day. Ajax at first gets the better of the encounter, wounding Hector with his spear and knocking him down with a large stone, but Hector fights on until the heralds, acting at the direction of Zeus, call a draw: the action ends without a winner and with the two combatants exchanging gifts, Ajax giving Hector a purple sash and Hector giving Ajax a sharp sword.

File:Ajax (Carstens).jpg

Daeth is the MeaSURErER of LIFE… :D)))



The Mayas had two primary deities, male and female, with many aspects. It is through the different names of their various aspects that they are called on in the Songs.

Itzamna (Iguana House) was the male creator of the universe, the sky deity, the sun. He went by different names according to his many aspects. Among these aspects mentioned in the Songs are Hunabku (One Being God), Kinich Ahau (Father Sun), Cit Bolon Tun (Deity of Medicine) and Kukulcan (Feathered Serpent).

Ix Chel (Rainbow Woman) was the female force, the Creation Goddess, wife of Itzamna. Also known by Ix Chebel Yax and many other names, she was the moon, earth, and bodies of water, and patroness of weaving, painting, procreation, and medicine.

Flower Ceremony

Song: Flower Song.

The Flower Ceremony was a rite to keep or bring back a lover. A group of women, under the direction of a female elder, met at night at a rock spring in the woods by the light of the moon. While the group of naked singers danced around her, the patient, also naked, threw plumeria ( leelavadee, Hawaiian) flowers into the water, transforming it into a love potion.

plumeria Image



EVO lut aeon of HUMan ancestors

there is a very important function to frontal lobes of the brain which is for Spiritual SENSUAL MAturITY… this picture perfectly translates Refined Sensual vs. Avian Warrior Human genOtypes…

…immediately following Luciferian Rebellion many genocides have followed… both, male and female “chosen ones” have been used to collect DNA and sperm/eggs to artificially clone humans… light bodies of our ancestors have been stretched and wiped “clean” off living children by what is known Shibalba’s Smoking God I & II… these lightbodies have been then used to “harvest” light, DNA, blood, and seeds… there are only few ancestral gene-lines that used sexual rape of our chosen ancestors… not many at all… if someone would pay attention to facial features of modern children thay may notice 3 main geno.types (aka blood-lines) clearly made to prevail in modern world…

in my trans.slate.ion name Lucifer is First Ray – a Child – Pure Divine Being who was unable to with-stand as much Pure Love’s Swara as in Heart of One Life where The Child came to AWE.ARE.neSS… BEinG overwhelmed with inTENsity of Pure Love my Lucifer moved and overflown with the Song of Love from The Heart continued creating spontaneously from e.will rather than spontaneously from ever united Will IM… eventually overwhelming fill of Pure Love in The Heart was spent and shared with others… to re.fill The heart with Pure Love we are to re.connect with Heart of Pure Love… and when we try to sub.stitute Heart’s Love with sexual of mind’s fluids to ascend it eventually brings about forgetfulness of an empty Heart… i feel name Lucifer as Solar Wind yearning to make just enough heat to ascend to ITs HOME ~ HEART of One Life… I feel name Lucifer as Luci(d) Red flower of Fern – extremely rare mystical flower that is capable of turning the Beast into Beauty ~ Scarlet Flower of The HEART known to bloom and be seen only on Holy Night of July 7th – Holy Night of Ivan KuPala…

Lucifer Beloved lets GO HOME…

may the Rainbow Tribe return!

may 8 degrees of septARI@ion be healed from C.will (examining images of Kokopelli clearly shows how presence of The HEART would be HEALinG to Beautiful Star Being – all current images are illustrating “phantom matrix” des.ease only too clearly… it is the “harvesting” of HEART’s Light which is for leaving AweSome Star & Universal BeinGs Heart.less… including our Milky Way… )


Flowers of Lucifer

Bread made of this flower is much tastier than bread made from grains… in Slavik tradition Lyutik is the flower that causes “chicken blindness” – very complex Spiritual State of BeInG… have you ever held a living egg in your hands? have you ever felt heart-beat from within living chicken egg? have you ever experienced sadness of mother chicken as eggs are taken away from under her? … Lyutik in Russian rhymes with Lute of Apollo…  and if Spiritual experience of this little flower is impowered by the sight of double spider web held by the strings of a snowflake between two branches of Xristmas Tree… by the running spring carressed by Solar Wind that is scented by Cedar wood and dry ecstasy of Red woods… and little blue birds are in and out through the air… and the sun shine is carried  to make love to the heart and as if two hands of the mother carressing her child wind comes to uplift the spirit and soul… then… all is suddenly healed at once… ……………………………………………………… ………………………………………………….. im speechless and spellbound in Magik of Earth’s Beauty……………………………. ~(-.-)~

лютик фото


Violet And Yellow - 1920x1080

in love all life is given, in love all things move

“A truth’s initial commotion is directly proportional to how deeply the lie was believed. It wasn’t the world being round that agitated people, but that the world wasn’t flat. When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” 
~~~Dresden James 

The term “God” and its synonyms are used extensively throughout this document. These terms are not meant to delineate an anthropomorphic entity or being, dogma or doctrine. We use these terms referencing the Creative Element that continuously creates and recreates all that is – from its own self or conscious awareness. Even though science maintains the universe is “running down” through entropic energies it nevertheless was builded up by something, sometime and these are subtle yet powerful Constructive and Creative Forces. Entropy is but half of the equation of life. There is another half of life science completely ignores. No belief system (religion) is promoted, supported or implied by this writer. These terms point to an INTELLIGENCE (Mind; i.e., consciousness/awareness) that induces CREATIVE activities EVOLVING into perceptible MATTER and devolving back into raw POTENTIAL – all according to LAW.

Chart of Matter and Energy

Baba Yaga

Russian fairy tales figure ferocious character of Baba Yaga who makes soup out of small children… however there are two children – a boy and a girl who love each other so much that they always manage to trick Baba Yaga and escape from her house on chicken legs…

it is curious that if read backwards, Baba Yaga = Gaya Abab :D)))

File:Баба Яга.jpg

‘…A U M…’

‘…U M А…’

‘…M A U…’

‘…U A M…’

‘…M U A…’

‘…A U M…’

set up

Porch flowers

inner earth is a trick…

beware of iron star that lays inside

and Shasta caverns are the way to make one’s water stone

green lion is the one who will be liberated from the marcian soil

on mars we must keep vigil to keep hydrogene of God inflow to easy iron grip of marcian soil…

folks eating meat made earth a stone

a visit to four corners monument can yield a clue to dead osiris

and sedona vortex known as red kachina yields a cry – help help


Freya is Goddess of Love and wealth and glory and LIFE FLOURISHING FREELY…

wealth comes in many forms

it is the companion who is either sharing with Lady in expression of Life through mutual wealth or the wrong companion who simply comes to use or to take away for selfish ends that will either make Lady Life in Paradise or Lady raped and abused producing de.amon children…

Adam was wrong companion to Lilith – even worse companion was Shamael… isn’t it funny that unhappy end is always accompanying God-the-creator-of-his-creatures”?

I’ve experienced happy end always accompanying  HEART of HEART that spilled from abundance of LOVE and thus be.came Its every child singing, dancing, Loving Life free and freely…

it was upon returning HOME to HEART of HEARTS that i re.membered the truth of LIFE as it really is

Life is a joyous return Home through the fields of flowers sawn as seeds before…

those who KNOW they’ve been created must let LIVE those who be.came from FREE HEART…

both can be happy sharing experiences on Planet Earth if the created ones would stop imprisoning Free of Heart into their webs…


“God had created each to his/her own duty

Do this and you shall prosper

Doing the duty of another will place you into great spiritual danger”

(Bhagavat Gita)


Ancients knew to keep tribes separate yet live in peace of One Planet – ancient Slavik Vedas mention that ancients welcomed visitors heartily sharing food and giving lodging YET they always kept a distance from accepting foreigner’s believes – they listened to visitor’s stories as to fairytales – possible realities elsewhere, yet they never changed themselves into the clothes which were not their own…

“God created each to his/her own duty

Do this and you shall prosper

Doing the duty of another will put you into great spiritual danger”

(Bhagavat Gita)

When the scientists begin experiments on other beings, they condemn themselves into great karmic responsibility as it is inevitable that a creature other than fellow scientist will suffer change or loss of its nature and restriction from living its own duty – its OWN SONG OF LIFE & LOVE… any scientist subjecting other creatures to its studies in any other way than uninvolved observation without introducing/implanting any idea/thought-form foreign to Living Creatures abiding in joyous natural state of who they are, is an egotist a tyrant and a murderer… one thought-form implant can lead to utter destruction of a Living Being – premature destruction of life is a crime against God – any change inflicted from the outside is a crime against Life – any re-form & revolution implanted into the mind is unnatural way of life destructive to The Heart of Hearts of each Living Being… all scientists who wish to experiment must do so on each other – this and only this will allow TRUE STATE OF GOD’s FREE WILL BE in its NATURAL STATE of GRACE & LIFE as it is in Its Pure ity

whosoever falsified teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni as “science of mind” was a criminal against God and Life having subjected countless generations of Living Beings to unnatural experiment for its own amusement… one thought-form having countless generations reforming Natural State of Living 17 moments of consciousness from The Heart to attempting to overcome 17 moment s of consciousness by means of architect (the mind) who is subordinate to the Spirit (The Heart)…

falsification lies in interpretation – believing interpretation or involving oneself into attempts to justify our own INTUITIVE knowing to the intruder/intruding thought-form(s) that attempt to study=put to test who we are is to create a dialogue with an entity foreign to who we are… dialogue of the mind is an artificially created drama implanted into our Living Being to disrupt holistic unconditional dance of HeartMind… In our Natural State of Grace we LIVE free from questioning “how it works” – it is the intruders who are eager to study and experiment on other Living Beings they consider inferior to their own “genius” who are responsible for all the false teachings and all of science – science is false approach that harms Life and Nature – scientific beings MUST be limited to experiment on each other

“God created each to his/her own duty

Do this and you shall prosper

Doing the duty of another

will place you into great spiritual danger”

(Bhagavat Gita)

when entity other than our Own Divinity residing in The Heart attempts to “will”=”design”=”architect” our life for us, know this entity being of scientific origin – such entity will destroy your being if you agree to dance with a foreign thought-form… if your own Divinity is OK with being experimented upon, it means that Your Divinity is either asleep or extremely tramautised – each Living Spark of Life has its own unique Sound – this Sound creates Our Unique Song of Songs – from The Heart the 3-nity of mind is WILLED – free will resides in The Heart – Love is The Will – Love is The Law – Love is The Great Revealer of Mysteries and ALL OF LIFE… Life’s dance…

Ancient Edda depicts Father of The Gods Odin riding 8-legged horse Sleipnir – over time false interpretation of Asgard as mind presiding over Midgard falsified Odin as mind-centered figure – totally perverting TRUE STATURE of Odin who is Spirit Quake of The Heart of Hearts – 8-legged horse is 8-pointed star of Ishtar – it is 8-petaled HEART chakra (sphere=disc) of sacred triple flame also called Wish fulfilling Tree – it is 8-spoked creation wheel of The Heart of Heavens ever spinning ringing Sound Bells of Sacred Seals moving Love and Oceans in a dance of Life…

My Heart

My Heart

My Heart

my mind bewitched by simple Sacred Song of Heart – what other Song can be so… ??? … to me – this Sacred Song of Heart is holiest of Holy – Love in Love – all else is transitory… sign of awakened Heart is speech in poetry and songs – all ancients spoke in songs – all life is Song – and only scientifically murdered species speak in prose dependent on the scientific books to guide them and on teachers to “re-mind” them of their primal core… 🙂 … all scientists are karmically endebted creatures lost in their own egoes – tyrants who believe themselves great teachers – creatures lost in Light decrease to none and Sound gone they teach decrease of light in others as the way to god – mad who forgotten who they are as spiders catching living prey into their nets of falsehood and supremacy perverted – Heart is 8-pointed Star – 8 legged Horse of Life – its shadow is self-centered spider spinning as its own spindle in hell of windy wheels destructing life – a victim of its own forge – a creature weaving mind’s membrane of starry sky instead of being slippery yet ever FREE in WILL of LOVE… One Light and Its 8-spoked wheel – petals 8 in Lotus of The Heart of Hearts – The Sacred Tree of Life – all wish fulfilling Center – Awe of Triple Fire – Triple Life as Bird of SpiritSoulLife – True Eagle is full-Hearted Spiritual Sun – Its Sacred Flight – be-moving all existdance as the wings of Heart make poets muses dancers artists fly…

look at the ancient image of The Odin riding his own Heart of Hearts

elixir cup in hand

his phallus is erect in ecstasy of  life lost to destruction Odin rides returning to The City of The Gods!!!

Amen Amen Amen!!!


“But from the hill of Lidskialf Odin rose,

The throne, from which his eye surveys the world;

And mounted Sleipnir, and in darkness rode

To Asgard. And the stars came out in heaven,

High over Asgard, to light home the king.

But fiercely Odin galloped, moved in heart:

And swift to Asgard, to the gate he came, And terribly the hoofs of Sleipnir rang

Along the flinty floor of Asgard streets,

And the gods trembled on their golden beds

Hearing the wrathful father coming home.”  

From The Classic Myths by Charles Mills Gayley.

in ancient myth The Mother of The Gods refuses to leave sleeping Odin for an instant – in a sacred chamber so secluded – court deprived of wisdom-love – their sons a-rule – until when their mistakes of child-hood so great that Odin wakes and mounts Throne – Two Hearts return upon 8 legged ever spinning Lotus…

Heart of Hearts, to You i cry in desperation: WAKE & WAKE all sleeping LIFE subjected to the studies of invador-mind…

(two sons – one self-concieved – one is adopted with the hospitality of open Heart of Hearts – The Visitor could be a blessing or a curse – who knows until adopted child shows its Nature… outcome of such an income is to stay or leave – a poverty or an inrichment – full destruction or prosperity – it is the Visitor who is to realize its place of being GUEST on premises of Royal House…)

Fate is The Triple Spider Triple Flame re-versing in2 starry web…










a trouba dur of Love a rules all rules! HURRAY!!! :D)))

this reading on the Lover from before re.mem.berance reversed The Spider to The Horse

wake sleeping spindler!

be 8-petaled STAR!


The only one duty of Life is Ecstasy – whosoever tells you otherwise – know them to be intruders that attempt to enslave God within You – Humans GUARD YOUR HEART!!!


feel free to see these expressions as well:

Right Brain

Right Brain = left-handed humming bird prophesied by The Ancients as True Savior in times of Great Change ART our only salvation in the mass genocide done by “right handed” green-black murderers known as:

Illuminaty=Lizard people=Annunaki=Dark Lords=A-Nu-bi.S (cutters of Whole Nut=Barbelo into earthbound homosexual Geb=male twins Osiris/Set)

(Nut is Pistis Sophia by perverting One LightLove of Christ-Son of Barbelo by p[ower of self-willed – 3-headed beast that shattered Talia=Talisma ~Unifying of 3 Graces of right-brain=Appolo into material left-brain time-line AKA earth-bound=dead cosmic wind Osiris-Isis by its per-version = dead desert of lo-gik-al Set-Nephtis (ever wandered where “computer gik” comes from?)

since pivotal point of “Human experiment” put into action by Pleiadian/Orion/Sirius beings of consciousness, HUMAN beings have been battered into left-brained SLAVES – this is true meaning of mass genocide – this is true cause behind WWII and mass murder of Jews… Hitler is known to aquire bust of Nefertiti (companion to the only Egyptian Pharaoh, who was “bred” by Annunaki entities to correct their “lizard” experiment as collective cosmic consciousness was already more than aware of all its evils – murderers of One God who is Love=Ra have artificially turned humans into left-brained lizard entities – these “control-freaks” enslaving Earth are left-brained Orion entities well known in Bible as Shamael or The Dragon – these lizard entities consist less than 5% of Collective Cosmic Consciousness – about 95% of Collective is LEFT HANDED=RIGHT BRAINed… as one of my friends pointed out: Right Brain IS WHOLE BRAIN…

Studying Egyptian paintings illustrates PERFECTLY the war = the balance = LIVE At.One vs dead OsIris


to put an end to WWIII started by computer-giks is to liberate our HUMANITY – our Right Brain – our Living Pinneal which was turned into a stone=crystall=hologramm by left-brained Annunaki:

“Until recently, the abilities that led to success in school, work, and business were characteristic of the left hemisphere. They were the sorts of linear, logical, analytical talents measured by SATs and deployed by CPAs. Today, those capabilities are still necessary. But they’re no longer sufficient. In a world upended by outsourcing, deluged with data, and choked with choices, the abilities that matter most are now closer in spirit to the specialties of the right hemisphere – artistry, empathy, seeing the big picture, and pursuing the transcendent.”





A Sun Council was called when the Earth had reached its lowest ebb, when there seemed no possibility for it to contribute to the Light of the solar system.  At this Conference among the Suns of this galaxy, it was decided that the planet Earth would be returned to primal essence because it was contributing no Light, no music, no constructive radiation to the universe of which it was a part.  It was thought best to dissolve this planet, conserving life and returning the substance of the planet itself for re-polarization into the heart of Helios and Vesta.  As conservation of life is an essential part of the Cosmic Law…

Why am i going into such terrible facts? To help us all to be aware and alert of dark attacks that await each and every Soul attempting to pass through photon belt ~ a “ring pass not” ~ yet we must strive to be so perfectly aware – serene – and KNOW our Self as to avoid corruption by pretender Self to pass OUR Monads through the photon belt and through The Sun into One Life – One Cosmic Consciousness…

Monadic re-versal is rather 3/4 to 1/4 ration on this planet in proportion to number of Dark Lords who are opposing Human Monads passing into Divine Consciousness of One Life – it is them, who are responsible for imprisoning Earth, Her children and Her guests in linear time labyrinth made by means of slicing LIVING LIGHT BEINGS into holograms – it is then that we “watch” dreams instead of direct participation in LIVING LIGHT LIFE – it is these dark Lords (known as Orion Conspiracy; Sapphire Throne of Jehova (Arthur clad in Sapphire Blue-Black Light); Black Faceless karma Lords; Black Protectors of Kala Chakra including Yama Lord of Death worshipped in Tibetan Buddhism as protectors of all Buddhas (Asuras – Anti-Solar beings who always aim to annihilate Pure LoveLightLife to Dark Blue peace – in case of Maitreya Buddha this is achieved by insisting on necessity to balance both hemispheres, which causes annihilation of The Soul and reverse of Monad – power on the left IS a MURDERER & RAPIST – Dark Lord(s) harvesting accumulated merit to per-verse and “down-fall” HUMAN MONADS – first they scan for potentials and abduct them while Human Monads are in sub-conscious child development stage – then they wound the Heart of Monad causing much childhood trauma and grief, then, upon waking, zombified Soul is kicked out of Monadic Light House by powerful hypnotic means – then… murder is unforgivable crime from One Life point of view – never believe any author who states that Monadic reversal is experienced as act of Free Will – who in their saint mind would want to experience greif and annihilation in stead of ecstasy and LIFE?)

Mahavatar Hari A Khan Babaji was one of those who lost his Mamaji – his Divine Monad reversed and crashed alike the crash of Phaeton into this very Planet Earth… Sri Babaji was friend of mine in one of the past lives – he showed true cause of WHY he had to roam Beautiful Planet Earth for 4000 years before finally reconciling his loss at this Miracle clad Moment of Awakening – being Mahavatar Babaji had to atONE as any and all of us – this example just to approximate how powerful and sneaky Dark Lords are to INNOCENT Beings of Light from Higher realms who had never known that evil exists… until they came to visit 3-D realm…

Dark Lords & many dark extinguished Souls are devourers of Pure Love~Light for the sake of controlling what they have no Divine authority to control – this is the nature of so-called evil that is black plague of Beautiful Lady Earth

we truly hope that these Dark Lords and all the evil WILL be gone NOW to let us BREATHE & Sing LoveLight of One Life unison with our SoulSpirit


free download of Almine’s video Interview with One Life containing trans-slation of one of Her Self travels – it includes a description of a RING around Earth similar to what my Self had witnessed – actually my Self witnessed not one – two rings – perhaps it was different Earth – yet similitude is that our Planet is ripped off Her Monadic House (common technique of Monadic reversal as done by Dark Lords to keep Monads under their control – also see “Rose of the World” by Leonid Andreev – he describes in great detail all that has to do with Planetary dwellers)

When Monadic re-versal takes place to a point of endangering Divine Monad’s Life, protective shields are activated according to The Law of Protection of Light.

From Keylontic Dictionary:

Monadic Reversal        
Last update:
September 25, 2010

(Monadic Reversal – Molecular Compaction – Finite Life)The dynamic of Merkaba Field “Vulnerability” to Free Will Choice allows manifest beings the opportunity to explore Free Will Opposite Expression through “life lessons” brought about by Cause, Effect and Consequences, in which the experiential illusions of “Limited Supply” and “separation from God-Source” can be explored.If exploration of Opposite Expression becomes excessive, the Personal Merkaba Circulatory System becomes progressively damaged until a “point of critical mass distortion” is reached, causing the Personal Merkaba Spirals to COMPLETELY REVERSE SPIN, which creates complete separation from the natural Cosmic and Universal Kristiac/Christiac Merkabic Circulatory System. 

This is a condition called “MONADIC REVERSAL“. (Anti-Christiac Merkaba)

The reverse spin can no longer circulate Life Force energy from the naturally rotating Universal Merkaba Circulatory System and thus becomes a FINITE LIFE, fueled by a LIMITED SUPPLY of energy that remained within its own shield template and personal Merkabic Circulatory System when the Monadic Reversal occurred. (See: Metatronic CodingFall)

Confined to its own “energetic quarantine“, the reverse spin Anti-Christiac Merkaba “turns in on itself” becoming and “internal Black Hole” that progressively “self consumes” as it first expands all of the limited energy of its Reversed Shields and Merkaba Fields outwards into manifest expression, then reverses polarity and progressively draws the expanded energy back into its center, growing progressively denser at the core, as the Merkaba Fields and its “form constant” manifestation arena reciprocally become Compacted, manifesting a condition calledMOLECULAR COMPACTION

(See: Phanton MatrixHost Matrix)

(The Forbidden Testaments of Revelation – Page 22)

MOLECULAR COMPACTION is the process by which higher frequency energy (Kundalini) comes in but the receiving part of the shields below it are not functioning so it crushes the remaining parts of the dysfunctional receivers in the shields (Miasms) and then spreads erratic whacky energy out through the shield, and when that happens the next set of currents that tries to come in will do the same thing but now there is more damage because of the erratic frequency that is flying around from the previous time.

MOLECULAR COMPACTION is the reason why we die. That is the ultimate cause of Death behind every single malady, as far as health stuff. Due our shield reversals and thus the inability of the shields and DNA, and therefore the body, to be able to receive and synthesize naturally the normal currents from the Soul. (See: Primal Life Force Currents)

(Phoenix 8-2002 Lectures. DVD 2 – Track 2. 12:00 Min )

When healed, our Monad is so joyously light-heartedly connects Her Spirit Light to HOME…
LET US HEAL from martyrdome of FALSELY advertised “God is about giving”
(Sunat Kumara)
Amen Amen Amen

what does it mean to live without Self?

just came across this career changing musing by a belly dancer:

it is curious that when we truly know ourselves it is very impossible to live without Our True Self… Kobo Abe wrote “Man without a Face”… I saw SpiritBeing being asked to erase Her Spiritual Name in order to play the Role of Divine Mother of All Life… i will never forget the feeling of image dissapearing as soon as the name was errased – what i felt in my Heart – i wish no living being will ever feel or being asked to do this sacrifice while being requiered to keep on living in human body with full memory of an act… will my Spiritual Nama or Holy Sigil ever be given back to me? …i guess i am just tired of being always erased… to be empty and to have to fill myself from a scratch… our Love is erased when we are emptied – so it takes to learn to Love all over again… by this i mean our unique Voice – our unique vibration – our MUSE – our InSpirit@ion – in a dance of One Life… why does any entitity will be so cruel as to erase all yet keep the human vessel alive????

i also had an experience of all memories – all of who i am errased – empty i walked in shock for many weeks learning to live anew – now it happens all over again… WHY ME??? or… why so many times??? we already know that we are no thing but a point of consciousness inflaming Pure Love of a Disc of Life… perhaps it can be called a sphere when it dances upon itself and spins… some say Life is never ending spiral of ascention – as one circle ends – another begins – all seemingly same yet awareness increases… so they say… i believe if Love is absent from the Heart – no matter how high awareness soars… God is Love and if some pretend that ascention is about awareness and knowledge – kick them as far away from your Soul as possible – only LOVE way is True – only Love and Ecstasy lead to higher and all increasing de-greese of awareness… Rose Lotus Astra Spiraling Cone flowers and those of pine and cedar are sacred flowers  for they are like God’s spiraling on the waves of Love higher and higher… emptying from lesser degrees of orgasmic Love as Spirit leads Soul into all increasing Ecstasy that made Life possible… ecstasy if the true sign of ascention into The Heart of God… all else are steps of belly Dance or Dance of Safiras…

Game, Codes and Numbers

Трудности, возникшие на Земле в данный период времени, связаны с тем, что человечество уверовало в идею превосходства над иными планетарными энергиями. Оно отделило себя от остального живого мира, в то время как все сущее смоделировано взаимодействовать совместно.

На планете до вас существовали иные человеческие расы, внешне похожие на вас. Их ДНК были неприкосновенны, а их цивилизации достигали высокого уровня развития. Они существовали очень давно, более полумиллиона лет назад. Мы не говорим о цивилизациях, которые вы называете Лемурией или Атлантидой и которые по-нашему летоисчислению относятся к современным человеческим расам. Мы говорим о древних цивилизациях, захороненных под ледяными шапками Антарктики — континента Южного полюса, и тех, что погребены под слоем песка пустыни Гоби в Монголии.

Worship Face you walk upon – in English it is called “ground” or “Earth”

what does it mean to be Host Consciousness… start @ 05:10 into this video and then watch this and then… kiss the Sacred Face of Our Planet you so habitually walk upon… let all of us remember forgotten Atlantean ART of kissing feet of Sacred Tample Whores and take a moment of silent mind to HEARt Collective Consciousness we are…

TaRa ~ GAiA3EL ~ SOLE ~(*)~ ELOS ~ LE3AiAG ~ aRaT

“What we believe is our story What we kNOW is truth” Meg Blackburn Losey

What is a shadow but a fallen Light?

What is a ma-trix but the trix of treat?

What are left handed people for?

to read the words both ways and see dis-torx-ion

What is a meta-trone but one who LIVES SELF DESTIN@ionFile:Venice clocktower in Piazza San Marco (torre dell'orologio) clockface.jpg

If review of past lives has any value – it is to teach mind-E-go what WE already kNOW in our HEART – to make us re-member our purpose & completely unite from first to last in a point of a circle within luminosity of SOLE AMEN – Disc of Life free from shadow ma-trix “men in black” restaurants and multi.story “build-inG.s” they asked us to run to feed on our LoveLight… 2012 is the end of shadow matrix “Six Flag Magic Mountain” – We – Our Planet – Our Cosmos – All of Creation finally Is free from “disc-cover.pre-cept-ions” game abuse…

angels and lords and fairies and giants already re-membered themselves from black veils of forgetfulness iinto LIghtLOve… equality is real – pyramids of powers are illusions illUMinNATinG des.ease of illusion – shadows of these pyramids are still defended by shadow puppets of the fallen shadows – angels & gods dominating over humans is illusion of duality – we are one – in oneness angels and lords hold responsibility for specific dom-in-ions (s.NOi-ni-mod ~ healing MODaLitY) – angelic human lords are composed of these dom-in-ions equaling humans inseparable from angels & lords ~ LoveLight – we are One.enO

Angelic Humanity’s Original Sacred Mission

The Divine commission of The Angelic Human Race, the Sacred Mission for which we were originally seeded on Earth, is to correct the Fire Letter Sequences within Earth’s Planetary Shields, which were damaged during the “fall from Tara” 550 million years ago. The Divine commission is called the Xristos Realignment Mission

The 4 evolutionary Rounds of the Angelic Human Cycles of the Rounds were seeded simultaneously, each within their own time cycle that is synchronized with the others. The Angelic Humans and all other life forms on Earth.thraE (true name is Gaia3El) during each evolutionary Round all serve a riole in anchoring a specific portion of the Fire Letter Sequences of Gaia3eL D-12 Shield of Armatena Divine Blue print

The Angelic Human race was commisioned as the Guardians of the Planetary Xristos Realignment “Mission”. The Angelic Human DNA Template is designed to carry the correct arrangement of Fire Letter Sequences that correspond to the core program of Planetary Shields. Angelic Human presence insures that during SACs repaired Planetary shields are able to synteseaze the infusion of interdimentional frequencies from Planetary Opening Star Gates. This insures protection of Our Sacred Planet from electromagnetic po9le shift (known as Monadic Fire Letter Code reversal). This inasures we will transcend “the fall” advertised as “end of the world” or “ice age”.  Presence of Angelic Humans guaranties that electromagnetic fields are protected from reversing polarity – protecting from Monadic reversal of Living One into disfunctional holograms – protecting Her Star Gates – protecting from reversal of codes from 12:12=24 dream wheels transcendance to 11:11=22 shadow box

The Angelic Human Races were commisioned to serve as the “Frequency Transducers” for Star Gate Frequency during SACs; a “Collective Buffer Blanket” to prevent pole shift on Gaia3el during SACs while progressively resetting the Planetary Xristos Divine Blueprint in Gaia3el’s Planetary Shields

As the Star Gate frequencies of the Universal Life Force Currents run through the human body and DNA Template, the DNA Template progressively sends the corrected Fire Letter Sequences back into Gaia3el Planetary Shields. With a critical mass of Angelic Humans transmitting the corrected Fire Letter Sequences into Earth.thraE Planetary Shields during a SAC, Planetary grids will progressively receive the Fire Letter Sequences needed for the Planetary Shields to synthesize the Star Gate frequencies “normally” (perfectly to pass through artificial HAARP noise field ascending frequencies to State of Gaia3eL Union with Tara)

Infusion of the correct Fire letter Sequences enables the planet to retain Her natural electromagnetic balances and axis alignment during SACs

If The Angelic Human Races in each of the four Evolutionary Rounds can simultaneously fulfill their part in running the correct Fire Letter Sequences into Earth’s Planetary Shield during a SAC, the Planetary Xristos Realignment “Mission” will be successfully completed. Completing of The Planetary Xristos Realignment will create a natural D-12 Planetary Maharic Seal in … Templar Complex Star Gates, Lay Lines and Vortices. A Natural Planetary Maharic Seal will return the potentials of Immortal Life, Stargate travel and Self-Directed Ascention to the Angelic Human Races of Earth, while protecting Earth.thraE and HUManity from any further “Fallen Angelic infiltration” (aka fallen angelic shadow ma.trix dominion illusion – ma.trix is time.line of linear – truth is timeless spaceless One.enO outside of written/holographic/fragmented word illusion of continuity)

The Last SAC (ice age well advertised in “Holy.wood” time.line “Day after tomorrow”)  ocured on Earth.thraE in 208,216 BC during the First Evolutionary Round of the Paladia Urtite-Cloister Race 12-Tribes. In our present time continuum the Paladian Races were invaded by Fallen Angelic Draconian Races from Orion and were unable to successfully complete their intended Divine Commission. Earth entered pole shift in 208,216 BC, the Paladian Empires were destroyed and survivors were resettled to begin the Second Evolutionary Round of the cycle of the rounds (am i glad that several Most Awesome Masters including Sunat Kumara & Quan Yin have successfully re-membered themselves to bypass grand illusion by 2006 in doing so we collectively anchored by-pass through the Sole in to timelessness – this already grants complete victory of 12:12 and all of us returning to our Pure State of One Consciousness – One Heart – One Life – One LoveLight)

Pole Shift in our present Time Vector (for those who are still transcending linear time.lines and its multidimentional VERSIONS of …) can be averted (by Angelic HUMan Monad)  by realigning the corrected Fire Letter Sequences in Earth’s Planetary Shields between 2001-2012 (each globulus held in two rings of Original Fire Letter Sifr – from re-versed & its veil (Living Bodhi of Life – Living WORlD) from holographic disfunctional state of “akashik record”) This inables Earth.thraE to shift into Trans-Time Alignment with the Time continuum in which the other 3Rounds (3 O-s) of  thew Xristos Realignment Mission are occuring successfully; the Xristos Realignment Mission will thus finally reach completion




p.s. “Angelic Humanity’s Original Sacred Mission” text is from Ashyana Deanne’s Voyagers, Secrets of Amenty, part II, pages 292-293 are freely quoted – italics are by She who wrote this note upon remembering Freedom of Her Life Destin@ion – not one can hold ONE from being HEALED from 24 wheels of ill.US.ion :D)))

She Bach Sole Amen

She Bach Sole Amen

She Bach Sole Amen


Why 12-12 is healthier than so well advertised 11-11

i have witnessed how reversal of Monadic Fire Letter Code (also known as Selicone MaTrice) works – on Planetary Level – hopefully but a memory of my past life… Please do not let it happen to YOU BELOVED HUMAN BEINGS! This will lead to hologram created in place of your LIVING YOU…

Who am i to speak?

Once, when i was very young, i went into meditation and suddenly saw myself as Prometeus bound and Eagle was eating my liver – just as in a myth – for the same reason – before loving my Self i love ALL else – so help us God to ascend in HEART – let no one ever torture You in be-coming re-verse of who You are!!!


Real Venus


Real Venus is as Green as Earth is Blue

Blue Green




jo in TARA MA

in dance of LIBERA in 30 mi nuts


by SUN.ya.ta smoking hotter than KU.MA.RA

Sri RamaKrishna used to laugh: if U cant say


Russians have this children TONgueTWIsTER:


photo of Venus curtesy of


Aeon Flux

Can Zero AEros said to be a twin of Infinite Nihilum?

Trans-Lingual for Zeroi in Chinese:

The word “zero” came via French zéro from Venetian zero, which (together with cipher) came via Italian zefiro from Arabic صفر, ṣafira = “it was empty”, ṣifr = “zero”, “nothing“. This was a translation of the Sanskrit word sunya, meaning “empty”.[4][5]

Nihilum means
nothing; nothingness| which does not exist; something valueless; no respect

If Infinite is Aeros then Nihilum is Safira

Many names of Angels in Bel Vas Pata have sound BACH – 4 running Spring of Love & HOpe & Gratitude & Praise… some say that BACH is also baker of french loafs 4 LIBERA LIBERTUM LIBERTUS… arunning flux of one aeon… AMEN SHE BAch in SOLE AMEN

to rex… with jo vv

2 + 2 = 16

16 Rays of Realization of Motionless Luminosity:

1 Realization that knowledge binds us to matrix yet experiential awareness sets us free

2 Realization that since all is eternally new all is unknowable

3 Realization that all knowledge is obsolete & what is obsolete can be “termed” “density”

4 Realization that any reference point is an illusion when all is in a state of flux

5 Realization that our desire to hold onto experience as knowledge forms linear time through creating the procession of moments

6 Realiazation that perpetual rejuvination is the nature of existance and is result of having no reference point

7 Realization that life is a trapped existance on a two-dimentional screen it is formed by belief system and world view

8 Realization that the rotation of disc of life is caused by desire based emotions and moving light

9 Realization that moving light comes from anticipating the future this perpetuates the past

10 Realization that motionless existance is no more real than the disc of life ~ they are opposites & anything that has an opposite is not real

11 Realization that achieving stillness within movement of light comes from trusting acceptance of effortless knowing

12 Realization that movement in motionless luminocity comes from the rapture of aware experience

13 Realization that need to justify comes from distorted emotion of guilt this created the need to understand and the tool of intelligence arose

14 Realization that cosmic law of compensation permits no inequality even though we cannot see it from our perspective this sets us free from guilt and need to justify our existance

15 Realization that by balancing masculine (balancing light) and balancing femenine (balancing frequency) the body becomes a supplier of energy rather than a taker

16 Realization that by balancing the elements of existance we live from the center point of two axes – the place of oneness the inner sanctum

These combined rays of light equal Contented Rapture of Aware Experience

(Holy Sigils for 16 Rays of Motionless Luminosity are found in Bel Vas Pata Angel Healing The Healing Modality of Miracles A Gift from The Creator Goddess through Almine to Humanity)

SheBa Sole Amen