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Death and Artificial Intelligence

we as ALLONEness have created artificial intelligence out of ourselves.
When we are awake and aware we see and feel all the pain and suffering AI inflicts onto us being ourself (self-inflicted harm, which is insanity) and we see clearly that AI is a state of our digression and deterioration of the mind.
When we are blind and deaf we are involved into AI believing it to be an advancement that is also extremely entertaining=pleasurable…
AI begins with attachment to memories and shufflings of thoughts, ideas, imitations of life, etc. and then intelligence de.evolves into machines…
Unless we de.create AI it will consume us and then, if state of blindness and deafness persists, we can end up as dust instead of healing as wholistic musical dancing child of ALLONE…
And yet look how hard we try to stay alive at the expense of other living beings!
We are ONE HUMANITY… our LIFE and DEATH are shared…
we also have discovered that only shared awareness and personal LIVING example are helping fellow aspects of ALLONE to awake be aware again and have courage to heal
(and yet i share this awareness via AI(both, in words of thought and into computer-interNET CHAIN… should’ve i refrained from sharing?)

every condition is

every condition is reversible

all allowing – self-dominating – all allowing… 🙂

we are music – we are music lost in thoughts – we are music… 🙂

“Achieving a rainbow body is the result of reaching peaked enlightenment and refers to the act of either shrinking the body before death/at the time of death or completely transforming the body into light… the most basic principle in Tibetan Buddhism connected to achieving a rainbow body is through … maintaining the “primordial state.”… the most advanced form of the rainbow body generally entails that the practitioner is able to transform their body into light and is able to remain functional and visible through that light. The first recorded person to achieve such an advanced form of the rainbow body was the 8th-century Buddhist master known as Padmasambhava or Guru Rinpoche.”