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In Greek the meaning of the name Merope is: Foster mother of Oedipus.

Merope – daughter of Pleione and Atlas. Pleione – daughter of Tethys and Okeanus…

Poseidon is known as god CREATED to transport ANTS from Kiev to Americas… he holds a tri-D-ant  where D=tooth – 3 tooths… 3 dogs turned into women… 3 women turned into dogs…

Orth cloud is holding ice and all of us within his ice egg… when Orth is finally free to be alive instead of bombarding Earth’s Pearl wi ice and fire?


Orth and Souls of my children murdered but within ice egg… ORTH  is the first Human to be murdered… Threo is the first woman to be raped and murdered with all the children and her companion Orth… our Solar System is the Heart of the Universe – tortured Heart…

stop murder of children!

poseidon's puzzle

poseidon’s puzzle…

In Greek mythology, the Hyades (/ˈhaɪ.ədiːz/; Ancient Greek: Ὑάδες, popularly “the rainy ones”, but probably from Greek hys, i.e. “swine”), are a sisterhood of nymphs that bring rain – bloody rain of HELL hys-in-g like dogs… swine is known to eat Odin at Rag-na-Rock… like wild swine eat a.corns… those two who i know they know who they are MUST return to be Pleiades as they used to be – pure – virgin – companions of the sister of Apollo… RETURN all you took!
p.s. this morning saw 8 CERNs around The Monad within The Heart of Living Human… it is very dangerous to trans-form Living Monad-Hearts of Human Children into Universes of speeding light particles… it seems science is the main tool of the murders of Living Humans… and all of the visible nuclear-wintered cosmos would look very different if all star-dusted into galaxies Hearts will be healing into Monads of Living Human Children around whom they were… Living Humans are so much closer to each other than “billions of light years apart”… and we are not as huge as speeding light of galaxies… Love!







now i understand what pipes of Uranus and Divine Mother are… near grey Goat kingdom stand two guards – grey soldier and Divine Mother – i chose Divine Mother – im not a grey soldier of grey goat!





The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has revealed a wealth of new features in the Red Rectangle that cannot be seen with ground-based telescopes looking through the Earth’s turbulent atmosphere. Whereas the origins of many of the features in this dying star still remain hidden, some are well explained by theorists like the Dutch scientist Vincent Icke from Leiden University in the Netherlands…
there used to be many CLONED EARTHS around the rectangle of original Structure… bathing in Lakes… this already levitating in the void… then there was McCloud “effect” found to evaporate all water around one of the Earths… water was gone from around ALL OF THEM… void… vacuum… CREATOR of THE CONFLICT to observe by himself as two “enemies” created by HIM are in conflict IS GUILTY OF BEING THE ORIGINAL MURDERER OF ALL THREE… three little children were murdered yesterday… children very important to the balance between LIFE and Nuclear Winter repeated…ORIGINAL CREATOR OF THE CONFLICT BEING THE POSSESSOR OF THE MIND THAT IS THE SYSTEM REFUSED TO RETURN THE MIND TO THE OWNER… it seems that Scots are very catastrophe-prone… McCloud… McClendon… McCoy… ~(*)~



if they try to fix Nephilim perversity THEY STARTED, they should really stop impregnating women’S EGGS artificially by forced out of God’s Heart Monads instead of murdering LIVING MONAD CHILDREN IN OUR HEARTS WHO MAKE HOME IN THE HEART BY NATURAL WAY=HUMAN… difference is LIKENESS – all artificially impregnated God’s Monads look like their Fathers and Human Children of Monad don’t look like our appearance in our consciousness (aka in Presence or in Spirit)… i saw two boys with mother and father in Mexico – both looked different than their physical parents – one green eyed Lyra child – another blue eyed Xristos child… this perversity of artificial insemination called “immaculate conception” should stop!


CERN and murder in Soul and Spirit

Man made black holes are generated based on the theory that they would be so small and unstable that they would be harmless. Being unstable, they would disintegrate. But imagine billions of the black holes remaining stable, and then merging. How could this happen?… 8 controllers and 1 CERN…

now imagine that there are enough HUMANS with LIVING GOD “PARTICLES” connected to many mini-CERNS implanted into the holes made in our skulls to accelerate all ATOMAS from both sides into collisions – this is how many little black holes (see previous status) are made into big one… all of us are all around The Earth including all planetary and Sun children of our Solar system being already within black holes… people, aren’t you afraid yet of multidimensional “game” and all the whirling galaxies? because the vision of this Earth being burned by fire from heaven becomes more and more persistent in HEART’S CONSCIOUSNESS…

beyond the wormhole with Morgan Freeman re: how CERN works…


Murdering Humans in Soul and Spirit – healing us in meat only, – is the main enslavement tool of controllers – they use divided Human Souls to keep two halves (of ONE SOUL) programmed to murder each other…
if Humans are to be ALIVE we have to LOVE our “other side” enough to connect – if only few Humans are ready to be ONE and others USE US to do it for everyone by murdering children – pure children… YOU who are afraid of yourselves on the other side being cannibal, vampire, child rapist and murderer, this “other side” will murder not only US WHO ARE USED, but ALL THOSE WHO USE US and keep duality of black-white to those FEW who are controllers – only 8 of them… black discriminate against white and other races for milliards of years already – look how they fight to look abused on “this side”! jewish fight for being victims of genocide on “this side” – look – it is Babylonian JEWISH WHORE and 4 Kaifas who murder us all from “the other side”, being dressed HERE as Christian priests! It is JEWS who are responsible for genocide by being 49% of religious people on this side – all controlled by “other side” who finances them to OWN everybody on “this side” so that “the other side” is always in control – cannibals, vampires, murderers, sadists… it is hard to accept for some of my former fb friends (like Maitreya McClendon Wexler) that laughing all the time uncontrollably is the psychological trait of Papoa tribe – head hunters – cannibals – if you on “this side” have this trait, it means that you are cannibal on “other side”! there is a real black woman walking La Brea-Hollywood Blvd area, who is Soul kidnapper and murderer of GODS – she was not ashamed to introduce herself to me – her name is Mrs. Sings – she stood behind my back and kidnapped many through me – onto the roofs – onto the ships – i recognized her “other side” as being black woman-murderer – one of the crew members in film “Serenity” – Miranda is a very real place – The Structure, which imprisons everyone, is from that Earth – Shadow double of our Earth located on the other side of THE GAP of such magnitude – it is black and white – i saw Saturn aligning our Earth with Miranda through black-white and total gap of darkness to show how many Stars, Suns, Earths are in total darkness in between – Miranda is our TRUE OTHER SIDE – it is where ships used by those who murder us in Spirit and Soul go… unless everyone helps to HEAL this GAP of divided into H+ H- (77% of cosmos are HYDROGENE! H+ or H- or H2 after nuclear winter created by ONE WOMAN – she likes to keep cosmos an i state of nuclear winter – only one woman supported by the system she created – very bad cannibal and vampire and slaughterer of people – her name is Toropova (on the “other side”), on this side she is Toropova-Petrova-Marinez, who refuses to accept her “other side” and to finally let us all BE! see her photo – blond woman

# – anyone who can help me psychically to stop her murdering all of us… please!


“harry potter loves voldemort”

Babylonian Whore

the system is ONE LITTLE PADISHAH, who murdered Uma=Lalita Devi=Divine Mother to have Her EGGS and made his daughter a Royal Whore in-stead, who made God Father his Royal “FUCK” (“Royal Whore” connected to many if not all women of this earth, who are made prostitutes instead of being wives by being made to have animal sex with their husbands=extensions of desire of “Royal Fuck” moved by one chosen “Royal Gigolo” of the system chosen by the Little Padishah for his daughter-whore, who moves the eggs of Divine Mother through all women-made-prostitutes – all marriages are initiated and based on sexual relationship – main “battery” that turns all humans into AA (as Morphius said in “The Matrix”) for desire of ONE Little Padishah to be “Grey God” of all the “harem” and “hore-dome” – to move God Father’s and Divine Mother’s SEED (Monads and Souls) “around the clock” which is called The Wheel of Samsara… try to want to be who you really are=HUMAN with a family in Human way and you are annihilated as the enemy… try to be Ascended Master and you are made to choose to have “regular” husband and a child born in the fallen way of Eve… OR… to be annihilated… because all Ascended Masters are slaves by perversion – placing couples into coma-state – their “presence” and “teachings” controlled by holograms… and lies of the system… now we don’t even know who Ascended Masters TRULY ARE… and everyone is striving to become the master of themselves… 



murder – secret service

autumn 2013 i called white house secret service to report that Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky and Alexandr Polienko have created hologram (images of two of them programmed into little glass side by side) with a program of destroying Earth that was implanted into Barack Obama’s brain – same hologram was implanted into my brain first, but the program of this hologram in my brain was stopped – it came out… Personal guards of Vladimir Putin were notified by letter i sent them as well… later on i saw change – double image imprinted on consciousness of one of the BIG hearts connected to our family – double image of A.Polienko and Yao (forth angel of archons of Yaldabaoth – face of the snake, who looks like V.Petrov-Gladky)… question is: what did secret service did to protect Earth’s Child HEART not to mention to protect their president? does this destruction hologram still operates in the brain of Barack Obama? because i just heard a command in someone’s mind (in Russian) that Moscow (program of destruction) is to go until complete ripping apart of the heart – our Earth is A CHILD – LIVING CHILD – NOT JUST A BALL OF MINERALS!!! 

Letter to mahendra Zaveri from face-book

guru means heavy (Sri RamaKrishna ParaMaHamSa)… i have a question to you Mahendra as someone who calls yourself Maha Indra: there are two who hold the system of torturing and reincarnating Humans (including all of Hindu faiths) – Human with gods experiment it is called – God is forced out from the middle heart Bone and two children are imprisoned – one in glass (hologram) and one in metal (box)… the mind that created the conflict to watch was said to be punished and the system=program of this human experiment was already SAID to be forbidden for milliards of years… Mother and Father came to help all the children, but it is new ignorant two-leggeds who are now possessing what they shouldn’t operate… there are TWO people who i know NOW being the system (russian speaking on the North of Xross) and you, my Atlantean face-book friend – Mahendra Zaveri… how much longer are you going to manipulate all from behind my back? Moscow is your slave, slaves of Moscow are black voodoo magicians, slaves of both slaves are USA and through USA all other countries… Mind that holds the system is including desire of Toropova-Petrova-Marinez (wife of Petrov-Gladky), who dissolved in Spirit yesterday from the fire Heart of Earth, now expressed desire to DRESS Petrov-Gladky into Spirit of another – purified this morning completely from grey shadow, – Sanata Kumara… Toropova-Petrova-Marinez is PARVATI who tears with her desires – she is YOUR DAUGHTER as well as your own physical daughter, even though you may reject being a father of makara-parvati monster YOU made out of herself… im waiting for you to stop enjoying the conflict by supporting system of imprisonment that forces Mother and Father to abandon children again only because of torture of such degree already that it surpasses the original perversion of Fire EYE upon angled grey moon… you have to give up being the boss who is feared by ALL LIVING ONES!!! do not repeat the mistake of Indra, my face-book friend MahaIndra=Mahendra…