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karma at work is pretty mechanical: thought-form is created and applied until desire is satisfied, which makes original thought-form stay in consciousness expanse as habitual tendency – becoming habitual tendency thought-form will then repeat itself within the mind that created it affecting the creator until dissolved
if, for example, an “i” had harbored desire to torture “another” and is executing it telepathically, this thought-form and all its accompanying thoughts-variations are reinforced by practice of repeated torture and will remain in the mind that conceived it after the desire to torture “another” is satisfied; created habitual tendency will ACT on the being whose mind has conceived it until dissolved (which implies that the torturer will face the practice of ahimsa (non-violence) until all thought-forms of torture and murder and other violence aimed at “others” and backfired against “self” are dissolved in the mind-field)… same mechanically works with any desire created in a state of ignorance of the law of how habitual tendencies of cognition are formed… this is why violence ALWAYS backfires against oneself having in mind that past present future are simultaneous…
is it why most people are afraid of being left tete-a-tete with their minds?
makes a lot of sense that 3 most sought for states of mind to be dissolved are ignorance, greed and hatred with all the resulting multitudes of thought-forms created from the beginning of individuation until realization of Truth… needing to be dissolved… technique of dissolving various mind-objects with all its memory bank is addressed in Yoga Sutras by Patanjali – how DO we all need to practice Ashtanga (Raja) Yoga to become ourselves free from “sins” we have created!
“Yoga has to do with examining ones internal states of consciousness, and clearing out the clouded mind, so that the jewel of the center of consciousness, the Self, can be experienced in its unalloyed purity.” ~