a quiz: do we really love our children?

Scientists have researched that the main cause of climate change, deforestation, desertification, starvation and poverty of Planet Earth is meat-eating. Our meat-eating has been gradually destroying Planet Earth for thousands of years, but only recently did some of conscious people care to investigate the cause.

“Although many humans choose to eat both plants and meat, earning us the dubious title of “omnivore,” we’re anatomically herbivorous.” (a fact i recently learned: bears are omnivorous yet 80% of bears’ diet are herbs and roots and only 20% carnivrous… human meateaters mostly eat meat every day if not 2-3 times a day… whereas tiger – the carnivorous – eats meat (being the sole nutrition) only ONCE A WEEK! Russian MD Olga Shishova in her educational lecture shared medical fact: our body uses only what it needs – the rest is disposed of – if we overeat animal protein it causes accumulation of unused protein to become puss in our limphatic system and ongoing add on puss before our organism excretes accumulation causes chronic inflammation – cause of all des.eases… Olga Shishova MD advices that a little burger once a week is enough of animal protein for meateaters… there are humans who returned to Genesis advised human diet of fruits and herbs only which purified the organism and is illustrative of how little protein human original design really needs… the purer human organism the more obvious it becomes that (observations of unrelated Prof. Arnold Ehret and Master of Yoga BKS Iyengar) human organism is sufficed by sugar and oxigen as nourishment when purified from spiritual and mental thus physical obstructions) structure of digestive system and acidity is different in carnivorous, omnivorous and herbivorous organism: misusing human herbivorously designed digestive system changing innate acidity and function is the cause of all our des.eases including cancer!) https://www.peta.org/living/food/really-natural-truth-humans-eating-meat/ ; https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4519257/

“among other things, i learned that cancer thrives on every form of animal food – the more impure the better” ~ Johanna Brandt (1876-1964) ~ south-african who bravely began to self-cure deadly cancer doctors could not cure eventually discovering THE GRAPE CURE that miraculously healed her cancer… after many cancer patients who bravely came to Johanna to try the grape cure have healed from cancer as well…

most aweful to be child cancer patient as children have to surrender to their parents’ food choices for them… unable to choose freely… ever since conception… In US alone in 2022, it is estimated 10,470 children (birth to 14 years) and 5,480 adolescents (aged 15-19 years) will be diagnosed with cancer. The overall incidence of childhood cancer is on the increase, averaging 0.8% increase per year since 1975.

“among other things, i learned that cancer thrives on every form of animal food – the more impure the better” ~ Johanna Brandt


Being a spiritual practitioner i am expanding awareness to be unafraid to see the facts as they are. New science of epigenetics that started as biological experiment on muscle cells that discovered that our DNA is not the director of our organism, but a manifester of our biological response to complexity of existing environment, which is not limited to weather and state of nature being chemical influences, but is also composed of all the social, cultural, family mental and psychological traits and all the collective thought field and all believes and outlooks we direct our life with including influences of misinformation, misinterpretation and religion. All influences and environment are already known to be conscious energy formations and we are conscious energy in-form. To find in more detail Bruce Lipton have produced educational videos and published books to educate us on scientific processes involved. So, the disaster of Planetary extinction and growing poverty and starvation we gradually manifest is manifestation of our created environment that is rooted in our psychological make up. This thankfully is scientifically confirmed now though spiritual practitioners have been self-awakening to this fact for thousands of years and having witnessed the fact of our self-destructiveness and suicidal tendencies involving into courageous spiritual practices of healing from these to be healthy happy holy self-sustained being able TO BREATHE LIFE 🙂 instead of supporting machine of death… machine of meat-eating…

here is an example: a motto of Kundalini Yoga practitioners: HEALTHY HAPPY HOLY and if we observe Kundalini yoga practitioners striking is visible health vitality and youthfulness with all its strength and rosy cheeks. Sikhs’ motto is “eat little, sleep little, practice (yoga and shabad) a lot)

– it is no co-incident the name of community is a form of H3O – most beneficial form of water. Practitioners have healed mind enough to see the fact our spiritual healing helps to save the water and transform our waters to most beneficial state of being whereas our continuous abiding in self-destructiveness destroys our living water causing desertification poverty starvation death…

NO ONE CAN OR SHOULD FORCE US TO STOP EATING MEAT: IT IS ONLY OURSELVES WHO CAN STOP OURSELVES. observation from personal experiences of psycho-spiritual healing: ROOT CAUSE OF MEAT-EATING IS DEEP HIDDEN WITHIN COLLECTIVE PSYCHE AND TO STOP EATING MEAT OF CORPSES BECOMING VEGAN IS TO TAKE FIRST STEP IN UNDERSTANDING AND HEALING THIS HIDDEN PSYCHO-SPIRITUAL CAUSE OF SELF-ANNIHILATION. Jiddu Krishnamurti shared experiential observation: to end planetary violence, war, conflict we can only if we end these within ourselves. i was interested in finding out if Krishnamurti’s observation is a fact and… 🙂 it caused life-saving psycho-spiritual healing and seeing clearly 🙂

when we are awake and aware even a little being willing to see clearly it is LIVE EXPERIENCE: living beings we conjoin with psychically and physically (aka eting food and drink) does influence us on all levels… it influences how holy spirit breathes our mind and body, it influences our mind collection, it influences our physical body bound by specific karma we aquired by involving with food chain…

if we only to be conscious of the cause and effect of our each food choice on our psyche, mind and body, then perhaps we will be able to understand the message of a person who became awake enough to see the cure of our COLLECTIVE Planetary and Humanity’s suicidal tendencies…

“Ehret’s message of hope for humanity is needed today more than ever. Humans are destroying themselves and the Earth on an unprecedented level. Ehret shares his solution for the problems of humanity through his message of superior natural healing. He believes that the source of all problems in the world is an improper and unnatural diet. Thus, the dysfunction of governments, police brutality, war, the mistreatment of the environment, racism, sexism, all forms of bigotry, the disregard for the lives of animals, etc., are all symptoms of a pus- and mucus-laden diet that renders humanity unempathetic and impotent.” https://www.amazon.com/Physical-Superior-Dietetics-Religious-Spiritual-ebook/dp/B07DFX4LQ3/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid&sr&fbclid=IwAR3Zqat3o99GQxmkl6-fsDJsSTHb2QgczW8jLNx1vGTph46IRUkRJwnBZcc


My friend is very passionate about climate change measures and she voiced her disappointment with world’s leaders failing to solve it. I shared my realization that to stop climate change we are to stop causing it – decreating the causes of the crisis hidden within ourselves. And i saw she was very upset with my answer. Why? … Can we honestly judgement-free see the facts as about the world’s leaders also about ourselves?

Here is what i see: presently The Climate Change organizations are all over the world and governments got together to save the planet from extinction. However all the taxpayer’s money are invested in the perpetual cleaning up of the effects – perpetual because as long as the cause produces effects they are perpetual! i understood this in spiritual healing practices and former USA President Donald Trump understood this futility being very good businessman and made a decision to stop the United States’ involvement in the Paris climate agreement actions. Trump as any leader does not have the power to enforce planetary cessation of meat-eating – only we can end the cause of climate change within ourselves AND if we look into it deeply, to stop eating meat will also free immense resources of energy including those converted into physical money being equivalent of our labour… Many doctors and great healers already experimentally confirmed that meat-eating is the cause of most physical des.eases of human bodies because our bodies are anatomically unfit for meat-eating plus all the poisons contained in dead meat including those added by humans who grew animals for slaughter. Eliminating this singular cause of Planetary climate change and all growing desertification and poverty and starvation is also beneficial for our health AND amount of our labour! All the money we spend for insurances and doctors to perpetually deal with effects of meat-eating can be freed for … ? 🙂

here are links to websites of accepted by us as official authority organizations with details about meat-eating-deforestation-desertification-poverty-starvation-climate change:

“Desertification and drought pose an ever-increasing global threat. Human activities such as overcultivation, overgrazing, deforestation and poor irrigation practices, along with climate change, are turning once fertile soils into unproductive and barren patches of land. Arable land per person is shrinking throughout the world, threatening food security, particularly in poor rural areas, and triggering humanitarian and economic crises. All parts of the world are affected.https://www.un.org/press/en/2003/sgsm8750.doc.htm






And meat-eating having produced deforestation and desertification of the land over period of time causes itself as no fruits and vegetables no trees can grow in the desert once it is firmly enforced by our meat-eating…


“The Bedouin had to develop foodstuffs that could travel with them. In the absence of refrigeration they chose food that walked.As a result, their diet consisted primarily of meat, milk and dairy produce from the herds of animals they drove before them.


Most sorrowful to most people is hunger/starvation and poverty. Especially starvation of our children… Worldwide organizations spent millions of dollars to feed malnutritioned children. What is the main cause of starvation and poverty? … Is it possible try we may as i did to give financial aid to every child in need of nutritional and or health emergency assistance we feel we want to help?… i came to understand by spiritual healing practices: wise who say that global crisis issues can only be resolved by uncreating the causes of these global issues within each one of us including climate change, deforestation, desertification, poverty, starvation, slave labour, wars, genocide, domestic violence, inequality, conflict and ALL SELF-HARM WE COLLECTIVELLY MANIFEST ONTO OURSELVES AND PLANET EARTH.


Twisted Hair Legacy of Native Americans practiced love for Grandmother Earth and ALL children of Grandmother Earth: one of the practices was “nothing should be done to harm the children including the child within(each one of us)”…

among actions taken to protect and nourish the children was GREAT ATTENTION to cause and effect of our actions: to accept any novelty Elders gathered in counsel and examined whether a novelty will be harmless to 10 generations of children to come and if any harm was expected such novelty was rejected.


Presently we have many global crisis issues in addition to Planetary Natural Crisis we, if we really want to see the facts, address at the surface level of talking about it with passion of diverse opinions and dealing with effects: investing so much money we earn by nearly slave labour depriving ourselves of living life instead to attempt and fix the threat at the surface level of effects instead of practicing NATURAL LAW OF DIVINE ECONOMY – to eliminate the cause – to stop repeating what causes harm to our children and ourselves and even more so to our children’s children… for how many generations to come? please consider how many generations have repeated the same to cause the environmental disaster we experience… this includes our mass madness we witness only too well, all incurable medical issues and overproduction of unnecessary items that are further contributing to worsening of our health and harm of Natural Environment… example: China (if we care we can find information of what our greed for cheap “goods” have caused in China and how it harms health, lives, and induces poverty on Chinese people who produce it for most of the world.) To eliminate the cause is the only solution to effects it produces as well as to love ourselves enough to not need to spent so much energy and resources to non-stop maintenance of effects that will be as long as the cause is producing the consequences more and more grave… God is Love and so is natural quality of divine economy that enables perpetum mobile of LIFE! instead of investing endlessly perpetually self-exhausting machine of death… In example of China: when i learned of what me buying things produced in China does to Chinese people and the land i made a decision to stop buying things produced in China. If there is no consumer there is no producer (this is same for meat-eating). It isn’t easy… 🙂

Another example of us dealing with the effects of Planetary Humanitarian disaster on surface level for generations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUppu2OHVTY&list=LL&index=1

to truly see the causes of this disaster we may also find out how meat-eating is one of its causes…


In my experience to sincerely answer this question is to be fearless to see clearly beginning with seeing clearly who we are and how we relate with our children and what is the reason we want to have children on CAUSAL LEVEL 🙂 and how responsible we are for the future of our children before we give conception to a child… this, sincerely seeing the facts about ourselves, from mine and countless other brave ones who did is a terrifying process of getting out of the closet EXACTLY as we are with all of the skeletons and spring-cleaning 🙂 i was born in a Christian tradition and so i can only present example of own experience of seeing clearly within Christian tradition: mysteries of Jesus Christ briefly annotated in the bible are an example of a person mastering courage to know and heal all psycho-physical deseases. When i began practice psycho-spiritual healing called in Sanskrit Raja Yoga, i began to reexperience mysteries of Jesus annotated in the bible. I was surprised and curious as a child. Understanding came when hidden psycho-spiritual causes of visual manifestation have been experienced. Experience of healing was and still is very painful, but only healing brings resurrection not as far remote idea in remote location, but HERE NOW ABLE TO BREATHE FREE OF DESEASE… so, i understood Jesus in bible is Human Archetype as there are many people who re-experience the mysteries of Jesus Christ and healing depends on whether their mind is able to integrate psycho-spiritual process. Well known public account of successful healing of Nikos Kazantzakis recorded as “Last temptation of Christ” according to healing he experienced… in my understanding and choice in this life: i decided not to have physical children because i knew i was an addict (“i am an alcoholic” 😀 as AA say) and did not have right to give birth to children. Only now with actual psycho-spiritual healing i understand this decision was inspired by LOVE for unborn children to insure they will not inherit “the heap of grief” we are healing now with God’s help. Most misunderstood fact in the bible are words ascribed to Jesus: “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14 KJV . Experiential psychologists including Carl Jung as many spiritual practitioners before them discovered in a process of psycho-spiritual healing they went through in order to help people that we are collective and now this became a new norm in psychiatry and multiple personality disorder is when “multiplicity of ourself is at war, conflict or competition for the body” 🙂 … (please see Carl Jung’s drawings of the healing he experienced figures 26 and 27. https://aras.org/sites/default/files/docs/00033Sherry.pdf to quote again: “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14 KJV … Only if we are unafraid to experience the answer to understand this parable instead of blindly trusting verbal interpretations and hope installed by interpretation of authorities we chose to obey… At the end of film “Last temptation of Christ” a scene where love for people became greater than fear of pain of the resurrection is well visualized: a triumph of Nikos Kazantzakis’ healing he was fearless now to go through… 🙂 re-awakening from slumber on the cross… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZ_r2Q0FQ1A&list=LL&index=23


Presently clinical psychiatrist Stan Grof is openly educating all who are wishing to heal the method of holotropic breathwork that helps to fearlessly face re-experience thus purge and be free of. Stan Grof had observed all of our healing experiences to purify personality from sins are healing of our womb-and-birth traumas. As we dissolve within all traits(sins) which forced us into “The Valley of Shadow of Death” with all its horrors AND PAINS we can transcend into what Stan Grof named transpersonal or cosmic consciousness.




Do we care to REALLY stop climate change, deforestation, desertification, poverty, starvation, slave labour… by eliminating the causes instead of self-annihilating in cleaning up effects or simply suiciding?

“Desertification and drought pose an ever-increasing global threat. Human activities such as overcultivation, overgrazing, deforestation and poor irrigation practices, along with climate change, are turning once fertile soils into unproductive and barren patches of land (from UN record).” This is manifestation of our psycho-spiritual state and Bruce Lipton, who by experiment on cellular level discovered and then confirmed manifestation of visible (genetic) to be caused by invisible (psycho-spiritual-mental environment within and without). New understanding of science is called epigenetics. And the hopeful message of seeing clearly is: we can change outer by changing inner, which is confirmative to many sceptics of “unconfirmed” spiritual healing realizations that speak of same.




meat-eating having produced deforestation and desertification of the land, poverty and starvation over period of time causes itself as no fruits and vegetables no trees can grow in the desert once it is firmly enforced by our meat-eating and then desert people chose… to continue to eat meat… WHY?


necessity to stop use of paper

i FEEL it is unnatural to murder to get what one wants is it not? especially if we murder those, who give us life

i have experienced murder to be the heaviest karma(unnatural deed, Sanskrit) there is

TREES GIFT US WITH LIFE: breathable air, healthy energy, and fruits we eat to sustain the life of the body but what do we do to thank the trees for the gift? …

Please save the LIVES of THE TREES! please stop using paper towels, paper napkins, toilet paper and paper bags! these can be replaced with cloth kitchen towels, cloth napkins, handkerchiefs, water in a cup+washcloth or bidet+washcloth, and cloth or multi-use plastic shopping bag

statistics of paper use that can be eliminated: 14 million trees are cut to produce the 10 billion paper grocery bags used by Americans each year.” “It takes more than four times as much energy to manufacture a paper bag as it does to manufacture a plastic bag. (this terrifying number can be brought down to 0 as it is completely unnecessary! WE CAN USE CLOTH BAGS WE CAN MAKE OURSELVES!) The average American uses 50 pounds of toilet paper every single year. (it can be brought down to 0 as it is completely unnecessary! use of water is much more hygienic too!) In the United States alone, 13 billion pounds of paper towels are used each year.(it can be brought down to 0 as it is completely unnecessary!) statistics of use of paper napkins in USA: https://www.statista.com/statistics/275720/us-households-usage-of-paper-napkins-by-package/ (it can be brought down to 0 as it is completely unnecessary!) 

from forbes.com: “Americans love online retail – the channel grew by 16% last year in the US, while all retail rose 3.8%. We love the speed and convenience. We love the ‘just-got-a-gift’ feeling of boxes turning up on our doorstep. We love Amazon too – one fan back in 2014 remarking, “I’m in a monogamous relationship with #amazonprime.” But love, as they say, is blind. And as consumers, we turn a blind eye to the environmental cost of online retail, particularly when it comes to packaging…As reported in Fast Company, about 165 billion packages are shipped in the US each year, with the cardboard used roughly equating to more than 1 billion trees (that’s billion with a ‘b’).” https://www.forbes.com/sites/jonbird1/2018/07/29/what-a-waste-online-retails-big-packaging-problem/#67b68b43371d 

and turning a blind eye at karmic consequences that affect our own psychological well-being? It is discovered by yogis that it is the same: to do a deed oneself; to ask another to do it for us; to approve of the deed in the mind (by using paper products f.e.) – sameness is in leaving traumatic imprint in our consciousness the list of paper and wood products is long common is that all of these products are obtained by murder

to see the truth of our life-style: we murder to get what we want and this is very traumatic karma – self-inflicted harm… Please minimize participation in murder in your lives as much as possible! I believe it is a necessity to heal ourselves to be murder-free



Fearless experiment of Professor Arnold Ehret that may be inspiring to all who want to be healthy and fearless :) FREE! :)

“After a two years’ strict fruit-diet with intercalated fasting cures, I had attained a degree of health which is simply not imaginable nowadays and which allowed of my making the following experiments:

With a knife I made an incision in my lower arm; there

was no flow of blood as it thickened instantaneously;

closing up of the wound, no inflammation, no pain, no mucus and pus: healed up in three days, blood-crust thrown off. Later, with vegetaric, food including mucus-formants (starch food), but without eggs and milk: the wound bled a little, caused some pain and pussed slightly, a light inflammation, complete healing only after some time. After that the same wounding, with meat-food and some alcohol:

longer bleeding, the blood of a light color, red and thin, inflammation, pain, pussing for several days, and healing only after a two days’ fasting.

I have offered myself, of course in vain, to the Prussian Ministry of War for a repetition of this experiment. Why is it that the wounds of the Japanese healed much quicker and better in the Russo-Japanese war as those of the “Meat and Brandy Russians?” Has nobody for 2,000 years ever

thought it over why the opening of the artery and even the poison cup could not kill Seneca, after he had despised meat and fasted in the prison? It is said that even before that Seneca fed on nothing but fruit and water.

…I recommend to the physicians and searchers to test my claims by way of experiments which alone are entitled to real scientific recognition. The experiment, the question put to nature, is the basis of all natural science and reveals the infallible truth, no matter whether it is stated by me or somebody else. Furthermore, I recommend to those who are brave enough to test on their own bodies the following

experiments which I undertook on mine…” ~ shares German Professor Arnold Ehret (July 29, 1866 – October 10, 1922) in his record “RATIONAL FASTING: Regeneration Diet And Natural Cure For All Diseases”

p.s. “From fruit only one becomes first of all ill, i.e. cleansed; this cleansing process, however, is better to undergo at home and not in the tropics. No man would have ever believed me that it is possible to live without food for 126 days, in which 49 at a stretch, during 14 months. Now I have done it, and yet this truth is not being understood. Hitherto I say and teach only that fruit is the most natural “healing remedy. Whether my calculation is correct will be proven by the next epidemic.(any epidemic springs to mind? 🙂 ) …Almost all fasting attempts fail on account of the ignorance of the fact that with the beginning of mucusless diet the old mucus is being excreted so much more forcibly until that person is absolutely clean and healthy. Thus the seemingly most healthy person has first to pass through a condition of sickness (cleansing), or to go through an intermediate stage of illness to a higher level of health.
This is the great cliff around which so very few vegetarians have failed to go, discarding the highest truth
just like the mass of people is doing.” ~ Arnold Ehret (same record)


The BIG Process is a process to undertake during times of anxiety, overwhelm, fear or when you feel triggered. It is used in the present time, as well as going back to times in the past when these feelings were present and the breath was lost. …the best way to conquer anxiety is to be present, with the breath ~ experiential self-awareness shared by Anthony Abbagnano (Alchemy of Breath)

Buddha shared an observation from his experiences: TO HAVE NO DEATH GROUND… it took me years to experientially under.stand these words because i lacked active memory of similar experiences to compare to…


“A virus infects your body by entering healthy cells. There, the invader makes copies of itself and multiplies throughout your body. The new coronavirus latches its spiky surface proteins to receptors on healthy cells, especially those in your lungs…. For most people, the symptoms end with a cough and a fever. More than 8 in 10 cases are mild. But for some, the infection gets more severe. About 5 to 8 days after symptoms begin, they have shortness of breath (known as dyspnea). Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) begins a few days later.”



Dr. Justin Feinstein met S. M. in 2006 while getting a PhD in clinical neuropsychology at the University of Iowa. Feinstein specialized in anxieties, specifically in how to get over them. He knew that fear was the core of all anxieties: a fear of gaining weight led to anorexia; fear of crowds led to agoraphobia; fear of losing control led to panic attacks. Anxieties were an oversensitivity to perceived fear, be it spiders, the opposite sex, confined spaces, whatever. On a neuronal level, anxieties and phobias were caused by overreactive amygdalae… Back in the United States, a girl whom psychologists would name S. M. was born around this time with a rare genetic condition called Urbach-Wiethe disease. The condition caused cell mutations and a buildup of fatty material throughout her body, giving her skin a lumpy and puffy appearance and making her voice hoarse. When S. M. was ten, the deposits had spread into her brain. For reasons nobody understands, the disease left most regions unharmed, but destroyed her amygdalae… S. M. could see, feel, hear, think, and taste just like anyone else. She had a normal IQ, memory, and perception. But as S. M. entered her late teenage years, her sense of fear diminished… She even lost the ability to recognize fear in the faces of those around her. S. M. could easily register happiness, confusion, or the sadness of friends and family, but didn’t have a clue when someone was scared or threatened. Worries, stress, and anxiety all dissolved along with her amygdalae… …Determined, Feinstein dug deeper and found a study in which human subjects were administered a single breath of carbon dioxide. Even with a small amount, patients reported feelings of suffocation, as if they’d been forced to hold their breath for several minutes. Their oxygen levels hadn’t changed and the subjects knew they were never in danger, but many still suffered debilitating panic attacks that lasted for minutes… Feinstein and a group of neurosurgeons, psychologists, and research assistants set up an experiment at a laboratory at the University of Iowa hospital. They brought S. M. in and sat her down at a desk, fitting an inhaler mask over her face, connected to an inhaler bag that contained a few lungfuls of 35 percent carbon dioxide and the rest room air. They explained to S. M. that the carbon dioxide would not damage her body, her tissues and brain would have plenty of oxygen. She would never be in any danger. Hearing this, S. M. looked the way she always looked: bored. “We weren’t expecting anything to happen,” Feinstein told me. “Nobody was.” A few moments later, Feinstein released the carbon dioxide mix into the mouthpiece. S. M. inhaled. Right away, her droopy eyes grew wider. Her shoulder muscles tensed, her breathing became labored. She grabbed at the desk. “Help me!” she yelled through the mouthpiece. S. M. lifted an arm and waved it as if she were drowning. “I can’t!” she screamed. “I can’t breathe!” A researcher yanked the mask off, but it didn’t help. S. M. jerked wildly and gasped. A minute or so later, she dropped her arms and returned to breathing slowly and calmly. A single puff of carbon dioxide did to S. M. what no snakes, horror movies, or thunderstorms could. For the first time in 30 years, she’d felt fear, a full-fledged panic attack. Her amygdalae hadn’t grown back. Her brain was the same as it had always been. But some dormant switch had suddenly been flipped. S. M. refused to inhale carbon dioxide again. Years later, the mere idea of it stressed her out. So Feinstein and his researchers confirmed the results with two German twins who also suffered from Urbach-Wiethe disease. The twins had lost their amygdalae, and neither had felt fear in a decade. A single inhalation of carbon dioxide quickly changed that when both suffered the same debilitating anxiety, panic, and crushing fear as S. M. …”

the best way to conquer anxiety is to be present, with the breath ~ experiential self-awareness shared Anthony Abbagnano SO… WHAT COVID-19 DOES TO US REALLY? … 🙂 IF WE ONLY ARE AWARE OF COLLECTIVE HUMAN REACTION INSTEAD OF ACTING IT OUT BLINDLY… THE CURE AND PREVENTION OF DEATH BY SUFFOCATION IS WITHIN US – OUR NATURAL ABILITY TO B R E A T H E!!! OM 🙂

The BIG Process is a process to undertake during times of anxiety, overwhelm, fear or when you feel triggered. It is used in the present time, as well as going back to times in the past when these feelings were present and the breath was lost. the best way to conquer anxiety is to be present, with the breath… ~ Experiential observation shared by Anthony Abbagnano


(Prof. Arnold Ehret had healed from what conventional medics diagnosed as incurable des.ease while on the journey to Africa he took looking for effective healing method. He found 🙂 And later helped many “incurables” to heal and still helps as he wrote a book helpful now as when he wrote it because what he shares is a Spiritual Healing by NATURE not “medical treatment” by accumulated comparative data as we are used to. To me this book presented Spiritual insights that helped to initiate great spiritual healing within… 🙂 )

“Everything is perfectly performed by Nature thru evolutional, progressive changes, developments and accomplishments and not by catastrophes. Nothing is more incorrect than the mistaken idea that a decades of old chronic disease can be healed thru a very long fast, or a radically extended strict fruit diet. “Nature’s mills grind slow but sure. My experience of over twenty years, covering for the most part the extremely severe cases of all kinds of diseases, has proven that a carefully selected and progressively changed Transition Diet is the best and surest way”

Disease— every disease— is, first, a special, local constipation of the circulation, tissues, pipe system. The manifestation of symptoms, or of the different symptoms. If painful and inflamed, it is from over-pressure— heat or inflammation caused from friction and congestion. Second, disease— every disease— is constitutional constipation. The entire human pipe system, especially the microscopically small capillaries are “chronically” constipated, through the wrong food of civilization. White blood corpuscles are waste— and there is no man in Western civilization who has mucus-free blood and mucus-free blood vessels. It is like the soot in a stove-pipe which has never been cleaned; in fact, worse, because the waste from protein and starchy foods is Sticky.

In Palestine we stayed several months, studying local customs, records and history of past conditions, with the result that my conception of the real meaning of the New Testament gospels was changed very much. I learned that Christ’s life and teachings were in strict accord with now well known natural laws, which brought him superior intelligence and superior health, but that when written up from current hearsay some 150 years after, was colored by oriental forms of expression and metaphors, and their incomplete knowledge of natural phenomena. What was marvelous was thought miraculous. His “forerunners,” his fasting, his diet, and manner of living, and that of his associates, all reveal the natural living which brought him superior health with no need of any special divine assistance. He verified this by stating that future generations would “do greater works than he did,” as they would get a better knowledge of natural— God’s— “unchangeable” laws and methods.

Naturopathy must more and more, cleanse its science from medical superstitions, wrongly called “scientific diagnosis.” Nature alone is the teacher of a standard science of truth. She heals thru one thing— FASTING— every disease that it is possible to heal. This alone is proof that Nature recognizes but one disease, and that in every body the largest factors are always waste, foreign matter and mucus (besides uric acid and other toxemias, and, very often, pus— if tissues are decomposed).
In order to realize how terribly clogged up the human body is, one must have seen thousands of fasters— as I have. The almost inconceivable fact is, how can such quantities of waste be stored up in the body? Have you ever stopped to realize the masses of phlegm you expel during a cold? And just as it is taking place in your head, your bronchial tubes, lungs, stomach, kidneys, bladder, etc., have the same appearance.

After you have fasted, it is advisable to decrease the quantity of your customary amount of food and eat only natural, cleansing, muscusless foods (fruits and starchless vegetables), thereby affording the body an opportunity to loosen and eliminate mucus, which is, in fact. The Healing Process

If you want to become your own physician, or, if you are a Drugless Healer and want more success, you must learn the truth and know what disease is. You cannot heal yourself, or other people, without an exact diagnosis which will give you a clear idea of true conditions. This infallible truth can be learned only from the book of Nature, that is, thru a test on your own body— or the “magic mirror,” as I have designated it. 

Thru the “magic mirror” a true and unfailing diagnosis of your disease is furnished, as never before.

”The Magic Mirror”

1. Proof that your personal, individual symptom, sore, or sensation, according to what your disease is named, is nothing more than an extraordinary local accumulation of waste.

2. The coated tongue is evidence of a constitutional encumbrance thruout the entire system, which obstructs and congests the circulation by dissolved mucus, and this mucus even appears in the urine.3. The presence of unevacuated feces, retained thru sticky mucus in the pockets of the intestines, constantly poisoning, and thereby interfering with proper digestion and blood building. To look inside your body— far better and clearer than can be done by doctors with expensive X-ray apparatus— and learn the cause of your disease, or even discover some hitherto unknown physical imperfection or mental condition, try this:
Fast one or two days, or eat fruits only (such as oranges, apples, or any juicy fruit in season) for two or three days, and you will notice that your tongue will become heavily coated. When this happens to the acutely sick, the doctor’s conclusion is always— “indigestion.” The tongue is the mirror not only of the stomach, but of the entire membrane system, as well. The fact that this heavy coating returns, even if removed by a tongue scraper once or twice a day, is an accurate indication of the amount of filth, mucus and other poisons accumulated in the tissues of your entire system, now being eliminated on the inside surface of the stomach, intestines and from every cavity of your body.
You will become further convinced of this fact— of this diagnosis of your disease— by another surprise in store for you; if you will empty your intestines both before and after the test, with “Innerclean Laxative”…* (many including Jesus and associates and countless generations of yogis and modern people use most natural and effective “laxative”: water (with little lemon juice) administered by enema and guided by certain positioning of the body including myself being absolutely assured by many years of experience in its effectiveness – the only law of nature to observe is necessity)

The Experimental Diagnosis

Just as I have already stated in the beginning of this lesson, you must fast for two or three days. In the case of a fatty type, liquids should be used during the fast. The surface of the tongue will clearly indicate the appearance on the inside of the body, and the patient’s breath will prove the amount and grade of decomposition. It is even possible to tell the kind of food they preferred most! Should pain be felt at any one place during the beginning of the fast, you may be sure that this is a weak point and the symptom is not sufficiently developed for medical doctors to reveal it thru their examination. Waste will show up in the urine with clouds of mucus, and mucus will be expelled from the nose, throat and lungs as well as in the feces. The weaker and more miserable the patient may feel during the fast, the greater is his encumbrance, and the weaker his vitality. This experimental diagnosis tells you exactly what the trouble is, and how to correct it by starting with a moderate transition diet— or a more radical one— and whether to continue or discontinue the fast. This experiment is the foundation, the basis of the development of the science of Nature cure, physics, chemistry, etc. It is the question put to Nature, and she replies with the same infallible answer, always and everywhere. If the patient becomes nervous, or symptoms of heart trouble occur, you may be sure that he has drugs stored up in his body. A consumptive patient starts with such terrible elimination, after a short fast, that it must be plain to all how ignorant and how impossible it is to try and cure him with “good nourishing foods,” such as eggs and milk. The above explaination is the experimental diagnosis, and the only scientific one. You cannot secure a better view inside than by this simple method. No expensive apparatus can show more accurately the exact conditions as they exist inside the body. All other examinations, including iris-diagnosis, diagnosis of the spine, etc., are never exact and, therefore, not dependable.Nature’s mirrors, her revelations, her demonstrations— of and by phenomena— are “magic” only so long as you lack the correct interpretation of them. Nature shows and plainly reveals to you everything, far more exact, perfect and better than all “science of diagnosis” put together.

The Formula of Life

The Secret of Vitality Lesson V.

V’ = P’ – O’ (V equals P’ minus O’) is the formula of Life— and yet at the same time you may call it the formula of death.

“V” stands for VITALITY.

“P,”or call it “X,” the unknown quantity in this question, is the POWER that drives the human machinery, which keeps you alive, which gives you strength and efficiency, endurance for as yet an unknown length of time without food!

“O” means OBSTRUCTION, encumbrance, foreign matters, toxemias, mucus; in short, all internal impurities which obstruct the circulation, the function of internal organs especially, and the human engine in its entire functioning system.

You can therefore see thru this equation that as soon as “O” becomes greater than “P” the human machine must come to a standstill. The engineer can figure exactly “E ==^ P — F,” meaning that the amount of energy or efficiency “E” he secures from an engine is not equal to the power “P” without first deducting “F,” the friction. The ingenious idea of construction of the ideal engine Is to make it work with the smallest amount of friction. Should we transfer this fundamental and principal idea on the human engine, we see that it involves the terrible ignorance of medical physiology and that Naturopathy found a true way of healing by removing— eliminating obstructions— that is, foreign matters of encumbrance, mucus and its toxemias. But just what vitality really is and how tremendous it can become, what a higher, superior, absolute health is, has not up to the present date been shown or proven. I will teach in the following lessons a principally different New Physiology, based on the correction of medical errors of blood-circulation, blood-composition, blood- building and metabolism. For this purpose it is necessary that you first learn what vitality— what animal life really is. It is generally admitted, that the secret of vitality, the secret of animal life is unknown to science. It will surprise you when shown the truth thru a simple, natural enlightenment, and you must admit at once that it is THE TRUTH. Always remember this fact: “Whatever cannot be seen, conceived at once, thru simple reasoning is humbug, and not science!”

The human engine must first be seen before all other physiological considerations as an air-gas engine builded, and constructed in its entirety, with the exception of the bones, from a rubber-like, very elastic, spongy material, called flesh and tissues.
The next fact is that its function is that of a pump system by air-pressure, and with an inside circulation of liquids, such as the blood and other saps, and that THE Lungs Are the Pump and the Heart Is the Valve —and not the opposite— as erroneously taught by medical physiology for the past 400 years! A further fact— one that has been almost entirely over- looked—is the automatic, atmospheric outside counter- pressure, which is over 14 pounds to the square inch. Immediately upon, and after each outbreath a vacuum is created in the lung cavity. In other words, the human body animal organism in its entirety, functions automatically by inhaling air-pressure and expelling chemically changed air and outside atmospheric counter-pressure on the vacu- ums of the body. That is vitality, animal life in the first instance and importance. That is ^^F’ (power) which keeps you alive— without air you cannot live five minutes! But the unseen fact, let us say the secret, is that it works simply and automatically thru atmospheric counter-pressure, which is only possible because the “engine” consists of elastic, spongy material with a vital strain power— with an ability of vibration, expansion and contraction. Those two facts were the unknown secrets concerning the automatic function of “P” as the phenomena of vitality, and the Chemist Hensel has proven thru chemical physiological formulas that this special vital elasticity of the tissues is due to a lime sugar combination
The Latin word “spira” means first, air and then spirit: “The breath of God” is in fact first, good fresh air! It has been said that breathing is life, and it is true that you develop vitality, health, thru physical and breathing exer- cises. It is also true that you can remove “O” (obstruction) by higher air-pressure and counter-pressure in this way. It is true that you remove and eliminate obstructions of foreign matter by local and constitutional vibrations, consisting of all kinds of physical treatments. It is true that you eliminate disease matters and obstructions, and therefore relieve every kind of disease thru an artificial speeding of the circulation, giving more “air-gas” and vibrating the tissues. You increase “P” (power) artificially for a certain time, but you decrease the vital ability of the function of counter-pressure, weakening the rubberlike elasticity of the tissues. In other words, you increase “P” but not “V”— to the contrary— this is done, and can be done only at the expense of “V”. You know from experience what happens to a rubber band continually kept stretched or over-expanded. It loses its elasticity.
You relieve diseases, but you slowly lower vitality, particularly of the especially elastic and spongy important organs of lung, liver, kidney, etc. You relieve but do not heal diseases perfectly; you lower vitality, just so long as you loosen, remove and eliminate obstructions, exclusively thru political means (agents) and just so long as you do not stop the supply, the taking in of waste, of obstruction, —by wrong mucus-forming, that is— disease-building unnatural foods, you lower vitality. Would anyone attempt to clean an engine thru a continually higher speed and shaking. No! You would first flush with a dissolving liquid and then change your fuel supply, should it be a steam engine, and obstructions thru waste being caused through the coal burning only partly. This involves the problem of dietetics, which culminates in the solution of these questions over its history: Which ARE THE BEST FOODS? Meaning, which foods give most energy, endurance, health and increased vitality, or which foods are the basic cause of diseased conditions and growing old? What is the essence of life, of vitality, breathing exercise, activity— a perfect mind or right food? My formula, the equation shown in the heading, gives the enlightening answer and solves the problem in its entire mystery. Decrease “O” first by decreasing quantities of food of all kinds, or even eliminate food entirely (fasting), if conditions tell you; second, stop, or at least decrease by all means, obstruction-causing mucus-forming foods, and increase dissolving, eliminating, obstruction- removing foods and you then increase “P,” meaning a more unobstructed function of “P” of air-pressure, of the infinite, inexhaustible power source. In other words, the problem of vitality and animal life functioning at all, consists in unobstructed, perfect circulation by air-pressure, and in a vital elasticity of the tissues thru proper food as the necessary counter-pressure for the function of life. “P” is infinite, unlimited, and practically the same every- where and on everybody continually the same, but its activity slows down in the tempo (speed) as you accumulate obstructions, as you overeat and eat wrongly, lowering the automatic counter-pressure of the tissues. You may now see that vitality does not depend immediately, directly and primarily from food or from a right diet. If you eat too much of the best foods, especially in a body full of wastes and poisons, it is impossible for them to enter into your blood stream in a clean state and become “efficiency-giving” vital substances. They are mixed with and poisoned by mucus and auto-toxemias and actually lower vitality— they increase “O” instead of “P.” You now see and you may realize very deeply that it is worth- less to figure food values with the intention of increasing “P” or “V” as long as the body is full of “O.” This problem is solved by my system, consisting of periodical minor fastings, alternating with cleansing, not nourishing, mucus-less and mucus-poor menus. Not as wrongly done with the idea that “V” is directly increased in a sick person thru feeding clean food. Remove “O” thru intelligent, personally prescribed menus. “P” increases automatically after a fast thru its unobstructed function. You can now realize how wrong and insufficient it is for people to think that all there is to the “Mucus-less Diet” is knowing the right foods!
Here, then, is the cause why so many “fasting,” “fruit- diet,” etc., “cures” fail. The inexperienced layman ALWAYS COMES TO THE DEATH POINT. In Other WOrds, he removes “O” too rapidly, too much at once and feels “fine” for awhile, the dissolving process goes deeper— “O” increases— he feels terribly weak, falls back on wrong diet, and thru this wrong diet stops the elimination of more obstructions, feels well again, blames the good food for his weakness and sees the wrong food as the food of vital efficiency. He loses his faith and tells you in all sincerity, “I have tried it, but it is wrong.” He blames the system, entirely ignorant regarding it, when he alone is to blame. Here is the stumbling block even of other diet experts and Naturopaths experimenting in dietetics. Lesson 7 will divulge this secret. Some have had more experiences, but very few think as I do that Vitality, Energy and Strength is not derived from food at all! They believe it is acquired thru sleep, etc. What I have learned and what I know thru years of experimenting, fasting and diet, and what I have actually demonstrated can be found in my book, “Rational Fasting,” but briefly stated, it is this: FirST- Vitality does not depend primarily and directly upon food, but rather from the facts of how far and how much the function of the human engine is obstructed— “clogged up” by the obstructions of mucus and toxemias.
Second— Removing “O” by artificially increasing “P” thru artificial stimulants, shaking and vibrating tissues thru physical treatments is always done at the expense of “V,” Vitality. Third— Vital energy, physical and mental efficiency, endurance, superior health by “P,” air and water alone, is tremendous, beyond imagination, as soon as “P” works and can work without “O”— without obstruction and friction in a perfectly clean body. Fourth— The limit of going without food and before solid food becomes necessary under such ideal conditions, is yet unknown. Fifth— The composition of “P,” besides air, oxygen and a certain quantity of water-steam, increases— w/ only in a clean body— thru the following other agents from the infinite: Electricity; Ozone; Light (especially sunlight); Odor (good smells of fruit and flowers). Further, it is not impossible that under such clean, natural conditions, nitrogen of the air may be assimilated. In the following lesson I teach you a new but true physiology of the body, which is necessary to know in order to understand why and how the MucusLESS Diet Healing System functions in its complete perfection, and for this purpose it was first necessary to lift the veil from the secret, FROM THE MYSTERY OF VITALITY.

Корень зла – в застое

Профессор Ольга Шишова:

Здравствуйте, мои дорогие ученики, слушатели и пациенты!

Вы обращали внимание как много рекламируется лекарств? И не зря!

Сначала мы едим не качественные продукты, потом непрерывно лечимся от последствий плохого питания и жизни в сплошном стрессе.

Вся система выстроена таким образом,  что сильным мира сего нужны хронически больные люди.

❗ Поэтому так важно сейчас искать альтернативные методы профилактики и лечения.

Своим студентам и пациентам я говорю: “Нужно знать взаимодействие органов нашего тела и уметь оказывать меры профилактики и помощи безопасными методами. Помогать своему организму выводить токсины и регулировать обменные процессы в наших силах. Для этого не нужно быть профессором. Знаний которые я даю на своих курсах достаточно.”


Корень большинства хронических заболеваний кроется в застоях.

Мало пьем воды, мало двигаемся, не всегда правильно питаемся.

Печень получает большую нагрузку. Со временем она перестает справляться и в нашем организме не происходит очищение. 

И тут целая гора проблем может вылезти.

Этого можно избежать, если помогать печени определенными техниками. Очень подробно я говорю об этом на новом курсе.

Приобретайте бесценные знания для себя и своих близких.

Сегодня вы еще можете приобрести НОВЫЙ онлайн-курс “Самопомощь, профилактика и восстановление здоровья печени” https://online-shishova.ru/kurs



Тем, кто ищет путь выздоровления

У вас есть проблемы со здоровьем, хотите разобраться в чём причина и стать здоровыми.

Тем, кто заботится о себе и близких

Хотите знать методы самопомощи и жить без таблеток. Сэкономить время, силы и нервы.

Тем, кто перенес болезнь

Хотите избежать ошибок, восстановиться от болезни и предупредить последствия.

Professor Arnold Ehret and his successful healing of incurable by “conventional medicine” des.eases

Good Day Beloved!

experiential awareness of Professor Arnold Ehret (July 29, 1866 – October 10, 1922): “Once obstruction in the human body becomes greater than the power that drives it, vitality fails and the body comes to a standstill. (…!) This is the simplest equation of health and disease, and it provides a direction in our healing. Vitality = Power minus Obstruction In order to attain and maintain full health, one shall remove all obstructions hindering energy flow, and vitality ensues.”


accidentally i came across Arnold Ehret’s name in relation to mucusless diet that is known to heal “incurable” illnesses nowadays from the experience of Dr Sebi, who stated that mucus is the cause of all des.eases of the body, and is known to cure 13 AIDS patients among other “less severe” cases… The discovery for me was that mucusless diet expression was first used by Professor Arnold Ehret, who lived in late 19th-early 20th century! i became interested and began reading Arnold Ehret’s book “Mucusless Diet Healing System” (it’s free to read 🙂 )


several days ago i was in the lab waiting for blood draw and there was a lady, who began to speak to another patient relating her health condition: blocked artery near the heart and her doctor prescribing her to eat only fruits and vegetables in very small quantities to remain in the body (what we call alive 🙂 ). this was a living proof of “mucusless diet” at work and if until this incident my mind was still afraid to let go of seeds and nuts as sources of proteins and other nutrients, was uplifted that it is not only possible, but highly healing – HELPING a person with such severe “terminal” condition to remain in body… 🙂 now i remember my PCP telling me medically verified fact: “if we introduce ANY substitute, the body stops producing the element substituted”…

in yoga every practitioner finds out experientially whether an observation shared is accurate or not… 🙂

following awareness in our experience confirms to be very accurate in ALL DENSITIES of our being from “subtlest” to “densest”: “Once obstruction in the human body becomes greater than the power that drives it, vitality fails and the body comes to a standstill. (…!) This is the simplest equation of health and disease, and it provides a direction in our healing. Vitality = Power minus Obstruction In order to attain and maintain full health, one shall remove all obstructions hindering energy flow, and vitality ensues.”


the origin of this awareness is experiential understood by professor Arnold Ehret in his healing process from being “incurable” by “conventional medicine” verdict to healthy later helping thousands “incurables” to heal in his sanatorium…

Arnold Ehret’s book ‘Mucusless Diet Healing System’: https://www.gnomeapothecary.org/post/the-mucusless-diet-for-vitality-vitality-power-obstruction

Arnold Ehret’s enlightened understanding of constipation as ANY obstruction that causes loss of health and vital flow…



new functional medicine MD practitioners state that age of the body does not imply loss of its functions and of its organs and vitality flow 🙂 Example: Deepak Chopra, MD, who shared that at 74 y.o. his body has functional marks of 30 y.o. (Doctor Deepak Chopra is raja yoga practitioner and ayurveda specialist, who is active as educator) and there is a Ukrainian village dweller of 82 y.o. body, who began to practice hatha yoga at the age of 60 because she felt her body was not feeling well and how she performs head stand at 82 few can perform at much lesser age. She says that ability to do a headstand does not depend on the age of the body (this is a fact confirmed true in our experience 🙂

direct experience and self-reliance without giving up to system of authorities, though helpful shares of experiences are inspiring, no one can heal us until we heal ourselves





dangers of hear-say and etymology of “hell”(kel)

DANGERS OF HEAR-SAY: it’s been more than one occasion i hear people say that hell does not exist. recently young man posted youtube video dedicated to prove that hell is an invention of Jesus and that before Jesus hell didn’t exist. this video got me to search for etymology of word hell (please see link below) i have never knew the original label (kel) and its meaning, though i experience hell… original label is accurate as opposed to fragmented de.tails of interpretations we accepted on authority to be “the meaning” of hell (root label “kel”, from which hell and many other words of same action originate such as hole, cell, hull, helmet, Valhalla :), house, hall, and… kil- immediately linked to memory of two states of existence we factually experience whether aware of it or not as related in Yoga Sutras Patanjali: first sutras share awareness that we can be ourselves or we can identify ourselves with modifications of mind field (vrittis) not being ourselves anymore (please see yoga sutras on swamij.com)) when i began reading yoga sutras ALLONEINLOVE especially powerfully helped sleeping one to be aware of these two danger of hear-say: we accept perceptions as authority that “kil-“s (kel-s) us instead of awakening to experience and heal. WHY?

i wrote many labels of perceptions, which is an expression of WHAT?


omnipresent awareness

Omnipresent awareness is a fascinating practice that allows us to experience with our natural omnipresent awareness unlimited by our acquired five LINEAR=produced by thought senses… Once in innocence (before my mind had formed above memory) i have closed my eyes and effortlessly moved my hand in what felt as one stroke and when i opened the eyes i saw what i drew: an image of blind monkey… 🙂

People who experienced near death share they are able to perceive (to see hear and experience) as soul being out of body… 🙂

Today opened email with invitation to learn about remote viewing technique that with help of theta rhythms in the form of sound aims to place us in a state of omnipresent awareness: “remote viewing” approach to inner exploration blends scientific and spiritual principles. A remote viewing session can be activated by consciousness-expanding theta rhythms in the form of sound.” I understand that presenters of workshop call omnipresent awareness “remote viewing”… why? 🙂

Here are scientific observations on relation between frequency and our states of experience:Theta waves are strong during internal focus, meditation, prayer, and spiritual awareness. It is abnormal in awake adults but is perfectly normal in children up to 13 years old… 🙂


Between birth and 2 years old, baby human brain functions primarily in the lowest brain-wave cycle, that is 0.5 to 4 cycles per second. At this level there is very little critical thinking or judgement taking place. These are called Delta waves. Most adults are in delta in deep sleep only… You may have heard of some people who are able to have operations, with no pain relief, whilst feeling no pain. They are in Delta.

Theta waves are strong during internal focus, meditation, prayer, and spiritual awareness. It is abnormal in awake adults but is perfectly normal in children up to 13 years old… 🙂 Theta wave frequencies measure 4 to 8 cycles per second and are predominant in children aged between 2 and 6. Children operating in Theta are very connected to their internal world. They live in the realm of imagination, daydreaming and still not able to show signs of critical, rational thinking… 🙂

Between ages 5 to 8, the brain waves have changed into an Alpha frequency, 8 to 13 cycles per second. This is the point at which the analytical mind begins to…Children in this age-group tend to have a foot in both worlds, using both left and right brain hemispheres at the same time. People who meditate or who are in a light trance are in this frequency…

From ages 8 to 12 and onwards, brain activity increases to anything above 13 cycles per second. This is the world of conscious, analytical thinking. The mind is awake, focused and alert and is capable of logical thinking. (MOST)Adults spend most of their time in this cycle…”

“Remember that a belief starts as just a thought. It’s simply a thought that you keep thinking and keep thinking and keep thinking and practicing.”

“As an adult, look at what beliefs you may have of yourself. As a child, you had to ‘think’ something… You could have thought anything and what you settled on, you just practiced and practiced… but it’s just a story you have told yourself, it’s not true (until you made it so)… ” 🙂

Here is a link to free webinar on 01-13-2021 regarding remote viewing technique that aims to return our brain into theta state to let go off all the baggage of “adult.eery” and be in a state of omnipresent aware and awake innocence… 🙂 https://theshiftnetwork.com/Bridging-Ancient-Mysticism?utm_campaign=01NDEScienceSpiritualityAdv01_21&utm_medium=email&utm_source=maropost&utm_content=01ndesciencespiritualityadv01_21%20eben%20alexander%20opt%20in%20reminder%202020.01.12&mpweb=708-9239422-742534453

observation: fear causes all des.eases including limited linear perceptions. my observation is of no benefit to anyone including myself: aware experience that awakes from adult.eery is

ending fear

@ 7:50 what is the cause of fear? … or do you expect someone to explain it? … at this instant i realized that the cause – the root cause is to be experienced as any other less fearful karma in awareness free from attachment to what we had been acting out until the instant we are aware… living experience is before any perception of it and all perceptions are futile to hint at experience that produced them… once i read or heard that Masters teach by immersion… silent experiential immersion… in our experience it is so… is it why so many choose to stay asleep? to hide from all that frightens us within what frightens us? i had experienced in essence we are innocent newborns oh…! so loving and gentle… ! and fear had attached us (not all but many enough) to the scariest accumulation of memories known to yogis as karmashaya, samsara, mara, night.mare… death… phantom matrix… or as bible records: The Valley of the Shadow of Death… it is possible to heal fragmented breath of death(mind) “that cannot love” in BREATH of LIFE ALLONEINLOVE it is possible to heal from fear: please do not give up! please do not pass out! please get up! we are! we are! OM 🙂 i am…even though it is so psychically painful that i am passing out… opening spiritual eye of awareness… getting up… waking up again and again and again… OM

cell phone usage danger to us and to Planet Earth!

Good day Beloved Friends!

awareness share: by decreasing our subtle energy fields (PLS SEE LINK BELOW) cell phones and wireless head pieces’ emitted radiation worsens health of our organs. and if we expand our awareness to being The Earth wireless devices’ radiation traffic must be affecting Earth’s subtle energy field the same way. The effects of latter are far more dangerous to all life forms on Earth – us as Earth collectively, – than observed individual human health risks… (after-realization: there are many more structures like cell phones created by us but “invisible” to us: habitual patterns, memories, subtle machinery of the mind that decrease our and planetary subtle energy fields: confirmed fact is that advanced yoga practitioners as well as all self-realized people, who practice psychological hygiene and have purified their psychic depository, display perfect health… By being pure these people not only benefit themselves, but entire Planet simply by none-harm to Planetary Subtle Energy Fields… )


Healing power of Breath

“self”awareness observation to live: natural breathing(return to natural breathing) is healing all des.eases including death

ALLONE IN LOVE ever ever without betrayal ALLONE IN LOVE!

please do not give up!

i come across this book BREATH by James Nestor and in the beginning it mentions Sudarshan Kriya Breathing and i wondered what it is.


next i enroll in Art of Living SKY (Sudarshan Kriya Yoga) course and continue to read James Nestor’s book getting more and more inspired (i as many other people voted this book best book of 2020 and i believe information shared in this book is helpful to all who don’t give up on themselves: who care to be truly healthy and heal seemingly incurable des.eases as physical so spiritual.): https://play.google.com/store/books/details?id=6lS9DwAAQBAJ&gl=us&hl=en-US&source=productsearch&utm_source=HA_Desktop_US&utm_medium=SEM&utm_campaign=PLA&pcampaignid=MKT-FDR-na-us-1000189-Med-pla-bk-Evergreen-Jul1520-PLA-eBooks_Science&gclid=CjwKCAiAwrf-BRA9EiwAUWwKXjTJkHz7J5mrwUbdZNbT6Lvbh68hNp90ZewQHBMP0QHaJe8jPGxulxoChyAQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

so, i take SKY (Sudarshan Kriya Yoga) retreat these 3 days hosted by Art of Living Institute founded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and find it is so necessary for us to gather together and practice together, though individual meditation and practices are also very healing. Yesterday Josette Aggarwal asked to think of two opposites and share an example we think of: i thought of to hold and hold not… Then Josette stated the fact that if we remove one of the opposites, another one looses its meaning and i imagined what “to hold” will be experiencialy as existence without “to hold not”(when consciousness/mind looses awareness of “to hold not”)…Another question was asked day before yesterday: “What do you need to be happy? When will you be happy?” The answer came LIVINGLY experientially from within consciousness and a realization that more often than not mind will procrastinate with ideas and plans and “new years resolutions”, but Living Self ACTS AT ONCE and IS!!! 🙂Today, practicing Sudarshan Kriya Breathing Meditation Sequence… WOW!

experiential observation to live: natural breathing(return to natural breathing) is healing all des.eases including death

ALLONE IN LOVE ever ever without betrayal ALLONE IN LOVE!

please do not give up!

p.s. Our hosts who introduced us to Sudarshan Kriya Breathing Meditation practice have requested we invite people to take SKY course… 🙂 i went to art of living webpage meaning just to give home page link https://www.artofliving.org/us-en , but invitation to this free course appeared… 🙂 https://event.us.artofliving.org/us-en/introtalks/?_ga=2.199105324.2016067538.1607394211-1553611981.1605982104


if we only to experience this truth we forgot… 🙂


Going green – nearly litterless

today i have joyously observed how our household changed our ways with left-overs:

in the attached picture you can see size comparison and how often we take out recycling bags, bins with organics to become compost and unrecyclables. Recycling bins are very common now, but compost is collected at specific locations and is newer country-wide (and global) initiative. https://www.litterless.com/wheretocompost


Every Sunday i witness SO MANY YOUNG PEOPLE bringing buckets with organics to collection site and i feel good that LIVING BREATHING CONSCIOUS UNCONDITIONALLY SUPPORTING OUR NEED TO EAT FOOD DIVINE MOTHER is no longer placed into dumpster… i feel so much better that paper can finally decompose from within unnatural form to become Earth instead of being re-cycled in the machines… What can we do to remind ourselves that eating was supposed to be temporary self-aid as we heal what made us isolated so we could no longer self-support by breath?





Health of brain and nervous system and of our body-consciousness

Brain is influenced not only by information sources and collective mind-field and pure consciousness (Spirit), it is influenced by our food choices because food choices are not only healthy or unhealthy – they are natural display of spiritual health of our consciousness. And since ancient times people who were spiritually healed and healthy, are known to have healthy bodies. Our physical body is a fruit of our consciousness and mind – as are our consciousness and mind so is our body because as are our consciousness and mind so are our food choices…

We can choose to be neuro-physically healthy or we can choose to follow habitual pattern of des.eased food-and-life-style and end up incapacitated (with functions of organs depleted to the point that organs could no longer support the body’s overall well-being and vitality). Functional medicine professionals educate us that old age of the body does not have to be accompanied by des.eased functions and decreased vitality. I know a man of 75 years old, who is hiking Runyon Canyon in Hollywood Hills twice a day about 1.5 hours hike every time: to observe as he walks – he walks with a posture and energy of 20 year old and he sings as he walks and he amuses himself and all around by carrying a half-filled bottle of water on his head – his mood is always cheerful even though he lives in the same societal and psycho-energy environment as most Americans in big cities. I have not enquired about his diet, but his lean and healthy physique speaks of itself. His hiking companion is 67 – she is a nurse. Though she does not display startling youthfulness of 20 year old, but she moves as young person and looks terrific – much younger than her age! One more man i met in Runyon Canyon, but only once: he walked up the hill 10 miles to get to Runyon Canyon park being 82 (and the way back though down the hill was still 10 ml). I would never believe he was 82! We talked and he mentioned that the only reason he sees a doctor is routine blood test… ! He believes his long walks help him to stay healthy and energetic. But i am sure his diet is very healthy to support health of the body for 82 years without functions disrupted by the des.eases. Very happy and content man.

It is not all about diet and mastery of the mind – it is about our at-oneness with Divine One Within(with LIVING ALLONE WITHIN ourselves – not with perceptions written in books no matter how revered).

Yet, diet is important as food choices directly influence consciousness and body, as its fruit. Our food-choices and environmental awareness are reflection of the state of health of our consciousness and mind and body as its fruit.

Institute of Functional Medicine produced several food plans that are seen to help to restore and maintain health of our bodies.

One of these food plans (MITO or energy food plan) is supporting health of our cellular energy centers – mitochondrias, – and health of our neurons and brain thus helping to maintain healthy mental function.

“Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) is a protein that protects neurons and plays a role in creating
new neurons. Neurons transmit information to each other in your brain. BDNF acts like a growth hormone for
neurons. It is vital for thinking, learning, and a higher level of brain function. It turns out that levels of BDNF are
lower in those with AD and PD! Naturally you want to increase levels of BDNF as a first line of defense against
these neurological diseases. How can you do this?
The gene that turns on BDNF production is activated by several factors. These include calorie restriction, curcumin
(a spice), docosahexaenoic acid (DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid), intermittent fasting, exercise, intellectual stimulation,
and meditation.
Additionally, a state of ketosis, brought on by eating a diet lower in carbohydrates, appears to provide
the most efficient fuel for the mitochondria and activate BDNF. Conversely, the standard American diet (SAD),
obesity, and elevated blood sugar actually lower levels of BDNF.” (Institute of Functional Medicine Energy Food Plan Comprehensive Guide)

you can download the guide, the weekly planner and food list from this website (other food plans are available under the tab “Nutrition”):


I found this site after reading educational article on Institute of Functional Medicine website (Functional Medicine is a new approach to medicine – A WHOLISTIC medicine that seeks to heal causes instead of suppressing the symptoms and it has emerged from conventional after discovery of epigenetics (see Bruce Lipton’s “Biology of The Belief” on youtube to learn what it is):

Mental Wellness: Prevention and Treatment of Disorders

A balanced diet of vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, lean proteins, and whole grains may help bolster mental wellness for management of daily life stresses, anxiety, and grief.11,12 Further, dietary patterns such as regularly scheduled meals may also prevent mental health issues.10 For clinical treatments, research continues to suggest that foods, nutrients, and overall diet quality have the potential to ease symptoms of mental disorders and improve patient outcomes.




We are not so rich as to buy cheap things

Please consider supporting LOCAL FARMERS! Even though in USA (and other countries) we have a degree of pollution of waters and soil, in other countries this pollution can be much greater! Cheap is not safe! Moreover, cheap is not safe not only for consumers, it is not safe for producers!Great amount of foods is now exported from China WORLDWIDE! China is the 3rd greatest exporter of foods worldwide…But how many are aware of environmental disaster in China due to worldwide production relocating into China which not only makes Chinese grown nourishment UNSAFE but have endangered and harmed health and lives of Chinese people? I have just realized: because we are so cheap and unaware of harmful effects of our actions, Chinese people now face unsafe living conditions and sickness and death and… POVERTY!… So, cheap Chinese produce and many other Chinese built items are not so cheap! There is a folk wisdom in Ukraine: “We are not as rich as to buy cheap things”. Today i see great depth of this wisdom as our “cheapness” created des.ease and death for ourselves, our brothers and sisters AND Mother Earth. But then again, how many of us love ourselves enough to take care of our health? How many love ourselves TRULY to love our brothers and sisters to wish all health and wellbeing by refusing to harm? Those who prepare food for sale: are they really concerned with health of those who buy their prepared foods or only with taste to sell more? How many caterings and restaurants buy Chinese produce because it is SO CHEAP? Chinese problem is a great opportunity to heal harmfulness within ourselves that produced it. I refuse to buy Chinese produced “goods” and produce to help Chinese people to heal their land and themselves and stay healthy. I read a fact: “Water has been a source of death as well as a source of life for a generation in Shenqiu, a region fed by a tributary of China’s heavily polluted Yangtze River and pockmarked with notorious “cancer villages.”Residents often faced a bitter choice: drink dirty water and risk sickness, or pay high prices for bottled water and risk poverty.” So, buying Chinese goods contributes not to wellbeing and financial security, but to des.ease and poverty… Ukrainian folk wisdom: “We are not so rich as to buy cheap things.”

“As a result of China’s rapid, largely unregulated industrial growth in the past few decades, China suffers dire environmental pollution. China’s soil and water sources contain large amounts of heavy metals, like lead and cadmium, released by industrial wastewater.But the “organic” label fails to account for environmental pollution, as the system only certifies a process, in which no harmful pesticides, fertilizers, etc. can be added when growing organic produce. But what about the heavy metals, like cadmium, lead, and arsenic, already contaminating the water sources and soil in China? According to Mike Adams, a natural health advocate and editor for Natural News, the USDA sets no limits on heavy metal contamination.Chinese government data in 2011 showed over half of China’s large lakes and reservoirs were too contaminated for human use. And a groundwater pollution report by China’s Ministry of Land and Resources published in April of 2015 found 16 percent of the sampled water to be of “extremely poor” quality.”

It is a challenge to find locally grown ORGANIC USA produce like legumes and grains and seeds (as well as non-vegan nourishment), but long time it may take is worth it! I called Wholefoods Market – retailers can tell you if asked country of origin of produce they sell (same for prepackaged goods: i was surprised to find out that famous and quite expensive Bob’s Red Mill retails Chinese grown grains and legumes!) If you’d like to know more why organic, please refer to reliable sources of information telling the truth of pesticides and GMO dangers to our health (and medical bills that ensue 🙂 ). So… “We are not as rich as to buy cheap things” 🙂




Gratefully sharing my thyroid healing experience requested by Amy Myers MD

Good day! My name is Inna and i received a request from Amy Myers MD to share my thyroid healing experience. To begin with, i would like to once again express SO MUCH GRATITUDE to The DOCTOR WHO REALLY CARES FOR PEOPLE TO BE HEALTHY instead of following false practice of prescribing drugs to suppress symptoms leaving our ignorance of true causes thrive, which makes true healing impossible: as long as we are ignorant of the nature and the true cause, it is impossible to heal any des.ease (i know a person, whose husband was very ill and after many years on disability he died in much pain, which made a woman very angry at ALL the conventional doctors for not being able to help her beloved husband: more often than not doctors take actions to suppress symptoms with drugs instead of having a patient to discover and cure the cause(even though in case of this couple there was one doctor, who recommended change in diet, but was not successful in getting through and so the diet – the root of the des.ease, – was not changed, and the des.eases that came out of inflammation caused by unhealthy diet, have finally destroyed and killed the body of a man…) In this respect educating ourselves is the most important and thanks to rare caring Doctors as Amy Myers, who make removal of ignorance so much easier and the holistic approach of functional medicine that addresses ROOT causes such as diet, stress and life-style!)… The key to the whole story is that i do not take any drugs and, when prescribed Levothyroxine to increase level of T4, my organism felt reluctant from the very beginning and, all the while i did take hormone replacement we have been decreasing the dose until in January 2020 we stopped taking it altogether as the organism rejected hormone replacement therapy and for very good reason! The story shared are mostly experiences that followed: doing scientific research to educate ourselves on the nature of insufficiency, LISTENING TO OUR BODY to be able to hear the truth and solution(most important!), which enables to see HOLISTIC NATURAL ways to restore decreased synthesis of thyroid hormones(or solution of any ailments) because more often than not all health disruptions are dietary and psychological-emotional-stress-related in nature, which functional medicine addresses so well! Also recommend exploring new science of epigenetics, which helps to understand many mysteries about our health and psycho-emotional wellbeing (good start is with video(or book) of the biologist, who made an initial discovery, – Bruce Lipton, – “Biology of The Belief”)

Some of the experiences i have shared in my blog spot – these were before i discovered Amy Myers MD website and began to read The Thyroid Connection: https://powerofsunflower.wordpress.com/2020/01/23/healing-hypothyroidism-naturally-with-proper-nutrition/

Here is the share of experience in relation to my thyroid-pituitary-hypothalamus function wellbeing i wrote in response to Amy Myers MD request:

Thank you very much! With your help i was able to ask my doctor for the right tests; when i began reading The Thyroid Connection, i had discovered that listening to our organism is THE what we need most to stay healthy: reading Myers Way Thyroid Connection Plan i had discovered that already for several years my Soul had guided our body for recovery: out of all the steps (of thyroid function and whole body well-being restoration) you list what was missing was getting enough of needed nutrients and even that was because my mind was too orthodox in following yogic ahimsa (none-violence – none-harm) in diet following our natural quality of total harmlessness, but with harm to our own body… 🙂 i am mostly raw vegan fruitarian (grains-free for many years and legumes-free for about 2 years without nightshades for a while) and we stopped eating any seeds, nut and legumes when experienced what our Soul FEELS when we murder THE SEED OF LIFE of THE LIVING ONES… and how it blocks The Living One within ourselves! … being The SEED of ourself that the part of us that became entangled in the mind perceives as if it is distinct from ourself… with being entangled in the mind also comes indifference, which makes it impossible to navigate in LIFE guided by TRUTH, which requires natural sensitivity of livingness… when i FELT the TRUTH i cried… i FEEL… even though our body requested pumpkin seeds and beans, we ignored it pleading with our body that we should not violate our nature of love and harmlessness(this was also the readon to refuse dietary source of iodine in the form of FRESH wakame seaweed: we could not participate in murder of sentient living being that is more pure than humans – fully conscious all feeling living collective that is self-sustaining in water of LIFE – LIVING BLOOD OF THE EARTH). i have inner sight active and can communicate with organs of the body: why our thyroid asked for iodine, i went with seemingly harmless ionic iodine supplement only to learn one year later that it was not supplying any iodine at all! The way this discovery came about was receiving thyroid function test with TSH/free T4 that were too way out of range (56/0.38) YET! our T3 was within range! … that day we made very hard decision and  bought 1,5 lb of wakame seaweed salad and also made a decision to allow ourselves to eat raw pumpkin seeds (100g/day soaked in pure water for 12-14 hours). 2 days i ate about 150-200g of wakame seaweed salad a day then only 2 table spoons/day as our thyroid said it was enough. In 3 days I stopped freezing at 80F and felt even hot at 70F: this discovered that supplement was not supplementing anything and that the only potent iodine source are FRESH FOODS (even dried kelp was not supplementing iodine probably due to iodine evaporating very quickly and only fresh sea weed (wakame in our case) was able to suffice deficiency (later, with help of God, we discovered that rare fruit feijoa is also great source of dietary iodine: one publication shared discovery that feijoa supplies 3mg iodine/100g of wet weight, but rarely any stores have this fruit. This discovery have helped us because our Essence simply could not participate in murder of living beings – wakame seaweed in this instance – simply could not, – and then God came to help and gifted discovery of harmless supplement of iodine in the form of a fruit feijoa (God always helps if we are in true need!) We also supplement additionally (not every day) topically applying 2 drops of 2% Lugol’s to thyroid area on front of the neck(in above link there are details about topical application of Lugol’s). Pumpkin seeds proved to be superfood with all the needed nutrients and when I examined their list (I use whfoods.com nutrition charts), I understood how simple request of our body is worth years of scientific research that experiments on animals and extensively lists taking so much time of our life to discover and/or to examine! While our organism is economic and simple in communication: pumpkin seeds… iodine… Brazilian nuts(I remember looking at them for several months in store before I understood it was silent request of our organism 😊 )… phosphorus… The GIFT of AVOCADO SUPERFRUIT ❤ … GIFT of ORANGES… ❤ we make fresh juice ourself… Avocado RAW extra virgin cold pressed oil (Omega-3 and vitamin E SUPER OIL! To support brain and nervous system AND energy metabolism of the whole body) GIFT of BUTTERNUT SQUASH… 😊 ❤  it is possible to be vegan fruitarian (seeds are seeds and fruits at the same time and, in our experience of harmless lovingly-kind(aka vegan) sustenance, only the gra our organism is requesting that are offered FREELY in response to our request…) but we need not choose with the mind cold-bloodedly and, even worse, greedily or out of gratification of taste pleasure because these more often than not cause harm to our bodies in form of disruption of healthy function leading to all sorts of des.eases… ❤ most health is assured if our body tells us which one and how much and we (as reasoning mind) are able to listen and to act in harmony with our Psyche and body) and get all the nutrients to the best of health! SO, when 1,5 months after allowing dietary iodine and pumpkin seeds, we took thyroid function blood test again in hope to prove to my PCP that we do not need hormone replacement therapy – that our thyroid malfunction was dietary in nature, the results were SPEAKING FOR THEMSELVES!!! 😊 in only 1,5 months (out of usually looked for 3 months to accumulate volume of hormone on Levothyroxine) free T4 was up by 50% (from 0,38 to 0,57), TSH was down by about 50% (from 56 to 32.10) AND! Total T4/ Total T3/free T3/ reverse T3/ total T3 to RT3 ration WERE ALL NOW WITHIN RANGE speaking of adequate supplementation of the body AND nervous system with thyroid hormone, which made it for Levothyroxine hormone replacement therapy option become clearly unnecessary as these results proved that the cause was dietary in nature and that we can heal with food detox and reduction of stress with removal of its root cause – spiritual ignorance – truth I have witnessed in Raja Yoga meditation practices… (my PCP also orders ultrasound of thyroid yearly to monitor the state of health of the tissues themselves – in our case these were always HEALTHY and, as I understand now, after I began reading The Thyroid Connection, healthy thyroid tissues are always when there is no autoimmune condition, which is the outcome of harmful diet-chronic inflammation in the gut and disbalance of gut bacteria population) … the key point to the whole issue was that my organism had refused hormone replacement therapy and, as now it was seen, for a very good reason! And for 7 months that I was not taking Levothyroxine, but didn’t make necessary dietary changes, the results were getting more disturbing… but as soon as we did what our organism was asking for the results have improved to show healthy function restored! About one year ago our PCP shared that when we introduce a replacement into our body, our body stops producing the element replaced: this was WHY our organism had rejected hormone replacement therapy because our body KNEW we CAN produce it with proper nutrition!!! And this is also WHY people, who blindly trust doctors obediently taking medicine without listening to their organism, have to take thyroid hormones for life! Also found a FACT that bodies of people who eat meat loose ability to recycle proteins and as soon as people become vegetarians and vegans our bodies begin to remember this natural function making us less dependent (if we research, we can see scientific proofs that our body also recycles many nutrients making RDA rather questionable in terms of whether or not we need to eat that much every day, which I found impossible as our body can eat only that much food)) SO… to repeat myself, new blood test had proved that nutritious diet and removal of spiritual ignorance hence reduction of stress can be a solution for the whole issue! In relation to The Myers Way Thyroid Connection Plan STEPS to recovery: for several years already with “intuitive” guidance of The Soul I do yearly cleanse of the whole body: large intestine, liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, joins; so when I opened The Thyroid Connection book I saw that we already were doing most of the steps of “The Myers Way”. Thanks to The Thyroid Connection book we have also learned of the candida overgrowth and SIBO (by looking at the symptoms I saw that our vegan diet already naturally solved the issues except that when we switched to all fruits, excess sugar lead to excessive bloating, which was disturbing, so reading the book we understood that our diet began to create an issue anew) Observing natural harmlessness, we avoid harm to bacteria the best we can, so “Microbclear” was out of the question. So we performed whole GIT flush with salt water (Yogic Cleansing Ritual known as Shankha Prakshalana) following with low FODMAP vegan fruitarian diet + 100 g/day of 10 min cooked edamame(molybdenum helps liver detox function) with 2 table spoons of coconut oil (supports healthy gastric juice, supports thyroid function and helps to balance candida population(see Amy Myers MD webpage on candida dietary causes and management:  https://www.amymyersmd.com/article/avoid-foods-candida/  https://www.amymyersmd.com/article/anti-candida-foods/), which our body greatly welcomed as medicine it was requesting for some time now, but we denied our body in attempt to observe harmlessness to all beings… except our own body… it was a great lesson in TRUE harmlessness and purged more ignorance attuning our mind with Divine Essence of LIFE even greater! … + 100 g/day of soaked pumpkin seeds (many benefits including this realization: we FEEL so much compassion to malnourished children and donate monthly to UNISEF to fund nutrition to starving children… Last time, when I cried looking at the picture of starving little one and immediately went to donate to UNISEF website, there was also realization of how in thoughtful attempt to adhere to harmlessness our mind caused our body to be malnourished to cause thyroid function disbalance… For the first time I realized OH MY GOD! I was too this malnourished child… but now our natural compassion had expanded to include ourself… yes, we accepted the gift of pumpkin seeds and the gift of edamame offered by God – ALLONE IN LOVE… 😊 <3)

I also bought aquasana shower filter, though still choosing bottled arrowhead mountain spring water over the option to buy reverse osmosis water filter(the only effective with Los Angeles water pollution degree) as latter is violent and merciless treatment of LIVING WATER that is fully conscious and all-supporting LIVING LOVINGNESS… UNCONDITIONALLY… SILENTY… LOVINGLY… (please see water experiment by Masaru Emoto). Yes! It is WATER that is THE ESSENCE of CHRIST that selflessly and unconditionally lovingly holds us WITHIN and connects us to SOURCE of ALL LIFE as we heal or continue in the ways of harmful and self-harming forgetfulness… Loving our water being earnestly consciously grateful to the living healer that is nearly 98% of our bodies… within and without… 😊 so, we chose bottled arrowhead mountain spring water as water is treated with much less violence than filtration other than with coconut activated carbon filter, which is just not effective with Los Angeles water poisoning degree: http://ewg.org/tapwater/system.php?pws=CA1910067 ) actually it was our all-wise Soul that for already couple of years naturally guided to switch from paper(toilet and towels) to water/wash cloth/cloth towels, to stop using toothpaste and start cleaning with baking soda in the evening following by rinse with 1teaspoon baking soda+1 teaspoon salt+2 drops of iodine-water rinse instead of plain water and no eating afterwards (we also use Waterpik before brushing); to stop using shampoo and begin to wash hair with solution of baking soda (2 table spoons per 453 g of hot tap water) followed by fresh squeezed lemon juice leaving for couple of minutes to condition the hair; we stopped using body wash and soap and began to use salt (once a week and the rest of days just shower with water because vegan fruitarian diet so purified our body that it simply stays clean and odorless: naturally reducing population of bacteria); we no longer use any creams or cosmetics(occasionally I would apply vitamin E at night; avocado oil or shea nut butter if needed); using baking soda for dishes and cleaning or simply water where possible along with vinegar to wash fruits or remove lime… we only use ALL detergent for laundry – that’s all for chemicals! just what Amy Myers addresses when speaking of need to reduce toxins to improve our health… I am still reading The Thyroid Connection discovering more helpful information. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Almost forgot that to healthy rebalance bacterias with low FODMAP diet and edamame-coconut oil medicine we use Amy Myers activated coconut charcoal to detox (30-day recommended detox plan) (and it just so happened that I discovered additional use of activated charcoal for gums: got an infection deep under the gum ridge and described above teeth cleaning though good wouldn’t help, but I came across a video recommending to brush teeth with activated charcoal and tried it – it gave great result, so I also applied activated charcoal to the place where gum was inflamed overnight for about one week: after very first application pain was gone and swelling went down, but it took about a week to heal permanently and activated charcoal would reduce pain and swelling every time helping lymph to remove toxins! And this way I could avoid fluorine-containing medicine my dentist had prescribed, which is poisonous to thyroid (please see The Thyroid Connection book). Cleaning teeth with activated charcoal I was amazed how clean and fresh teeth became (several years cleaning with baking soda+Waterpik at night there is already great reduction in bacteria in my mouths, so I already have only clean smell due to great reduction in bacterias) but I decided I will use activated charcoal occasionally in addition to as it also removes toxins from the gum tissue… Well, iam SO HAPPY to share how NATURAL WAYS help our health and especially joyous how functional medicine approaches had enriched our understanding of drug-free healing with diet and life-style changes alone. The only thing is to lessen stress – the cause of high TSH (according to medical research data: 1) found a research that showed increase of TSH as response to heightened stress/increase of cortisol in especially chosen HEALTHY group of people without changing levels of thyroid hormones); 2) National Academy of hypothyroidism published article on diodinazes, where among other important information it specifies that TSH is unreliable in determining peripheral tissue thyroid hormone levels because… 😊 TSH is only descriptive of pituitary-governed metabolism, which is serving our psyche-brain-nervous system processes… 😊 these have greater priority than supplementation of the body because psychological and spiritual health and well-being IS the source of wellbeing of our body 😊 I am glad to share on request and am continuing to work with The Thyroid Connection material and Myers Thyroid Plan in suitable to none-harm ways we observe… 😊 It is possible to remain vegan to support healthy gut (something that Amy Myers sees differently according to her experience) because small amounts of legumes (100 g/day edamame f.e. cooked for 10 min to deactivate lectins) are not causing any adverse sensation and are sufficient in protein supplementation jointly with 80 g/day of soaked for 12-14 hours raw pumpkin seeds in our case. And well-chosen vegan super-fruits can provide for all of our nutrient needs IN ADDITION to already know to medics fact that well-chosen (like doctor’s Sebi) vegan diet can cure such autoimmune des.eases as diabetes (which dr Sebi had and healed with diet and herbs alone! And, as we understand from the book of Amy Myers, because healthy foods subside inflammation and stop autoimmune response). Also vegan diet heals our mind and Psyche as well-chosen super-fruits supply all the needed nutrients AND none-violence and loving kindness that refuse to harm living beings heal our insanity that indifferently participates in murder and cruelty of enslavement (just to note a fact that naturally living for 20 or so years cows in milking facilities live only 5-6 years being forcefully impregnated (raped in plain words) to keep giving milk AFTER THAT “they are considered spent” !!! and are sent to slaughter to provide meat for sale… !!! I do not know whether you feel anything upon reading this…) As we inflict less and less harm on living beings – lessening of violence towards, – it leads to lessening of violence within our Psyche(and affects US more than our brothers and sisters!), which then results in lessening of karma and ignorance and reduction in harmfulness, violence, karma and their cause – ignorance, – leads to great if not complete stress and psychological-emotional trauma reduction. In our experience, Raja and Hatha Yoga and Meditation are powerful practices of psychological, emotional and mind’s healing resulting in less and less stress and trauma naturally without herbs or pills – without harming our bodies with psychotropic drugs and psycho-active substances. I also discovered the truth that many yogis have discovered: it takes A LOT of COURAGE, which interestingly enough, is not so easy – it takes great courage to be truly healthy 😊 – to remember how to be naturally fearless – not just brave by will-power as it is the mind’s forcefull way, but natural fearlessness of great ease… 😊 To be FREE and JOYOUS! 😊 Perhaps fear is the reason why not so many people practice yogic psychological healing (Raja Yoga) while most of us hide from The Truth in self-created psychological escapes and hide-outs that only separate us from The SOURCE OF ALL LIFE – The only Source of LIVING BREATH TRUE HEALTH and ECSTASY OF LIFE… Thank you Amy Myers SO VERY MUCH! ❤ ALLONE IN LOVE ❤

Also found scientific facts to support harmlessness of legumes:

  • Experientially, after adding soaked 12-14 hours raw pumpkin seeds to strict fruits only diet, blood test taken 1,5 months after showed great increase in phosphorus level, which tells me that phytates are transformed by that long of a soaking time making phosphorus available (many sources state that phosphorus in phytates is not)
  • Soy Nutrition institute article specifies that 10 min cooking at 100C deactivates lectins, which makes legumes totally harmless to our GIT. Same article mentions: “Although there has been a lot of debate about whether even active soybean lectin is harmful, a true pioneer in the field, Erwin E. Liener, concluded that soybean lectin isn’t a concern because it is readily inactivated by pepsin and the hydrolases of the brush boarded membrane of the intestine.” https://thesoynutritioninstitute.com/is-soybean-lectin-an-issue/#:~:text=Under%20conditions%20where%20the%20seeds,lupin%20seeds%20is%20completely%20eliminated. )
  • Perhaps eating more than needed legumes can create problems? We do have tendency to over eat… 😊 It is so difficult to overcome! 😊 it just drives 😊 but we are hopeful 😊 If we switch to vegan diet our body remembers how to recycle proteins and then we need less and less until just enough to replenish storage of amino-acids and if we are already able to listen to our body, then we discover that our body does not need protein foods every day. Our body is also recycling nutrients, minerals and stores vitamins for future use as I found out from research of medical publications.
  • Eating more than needed may create a lot of problems especially with protein: Russian MD Olga Shishova states medical observation: inflammation is caused by too much protein consumed from the diet as excess protein is transferred from the gut into lymphatic system to dispose off. Especially easy to overeat protein on meat-eating diet.
  • New science of epigenetics is based on fact that it is our environment (psychological, emotional, social, intellectual) that directs chemistry of our bodies/cells that directs what proteins our DNA synthesise. Bruce Lipton in educational video “Biology of The Belief” states newly found fact that in our DNA all des.eases are dormant – under certain conditions cancer DNA can be activated as it is already within “data base” of our DNA… So it is the environment we create ourselves and as a society that affects our health in all respects…


I am so grateful for your help Beloved Doctor! Thank you for the book, for all the articles and supplements (even though out of all we can only use activated coconut charcoal, it is a big deal for us! Because until I found your coconut charcoal I could not use activated charcoal, though knowing its healing benefits, because it is mostly made from burned murdered trees… or source is not disclosed… Thank you! It helps a great deal!)






healing death исцеление смерти

deep diaphragmatic inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale without a pause… AWARE …
continuous aware diaphragmatic breath without a pause – exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale… AWARE… healing death… 🙂 and yet i made a pause in life to write this perception… 🙂
глубокое диафрагмальное дыхание вдох выдох вдох выдох вдох выдох непрерывно Е… ясно видяще Е…
непрерывноЕ осознанноЕ ясно видящеЕ дыхание без задержки выдох вдох выдох вдох выдох вдох… ясно видя… исцеление смерти… 🙂 и все же я задержала дыхание жизни чтобы записать это впечатление… 🙂

Seeing the Truth of karma

wisdom from experience of truth: “When you do evil/harmful thing do not repeat it or make it a habit” ~ Buddha Shakyamuni
“repentance is not to repeat” – Mohandas Gandhi
observation: the greatest karma within ourselves is refusal and fear to see the truth – it is responsible for reinforcement of indifference we often mistake for peace and all harmful habits, making attachment greater and greater in density(from thought to rocks to mountains to tectonic plates to thick steel plates that are nearly unliftable by The Spirit) and for enlargement/strengthening of our karma… if we refuse to see the truth long enough when we finally are faced with karma depository we have created it may appear nearly unliftable and immovable…
this direct observation coincides with observation Patanjali shared in Yoga Sutras:
(please see translation of separate words to understand the meaning clearly as then our Essence has a chance to reveal it instead of mind trying to analyze=compare to existing database the written thought)
2.34 Actions arising out of trouble.causing thoughts are performed directly by oneself, caused to be done through others, or approved of when done by others. All of these may be preceded by, or performed through anger, greed or delusion, and can be mild, moderate or intense in nature. To remind oneself that these negative thoughts and actions are the causes of unending misery and ignorance is the contrary thought, or principle in the opposite direction… (observation: most effective is to stop repeating harmful actions)
(vitarkah himsadayah krita karita anumoditah lobha krodha moha purvakah mridu madhya adhimatrah dukha ajnana ananta phala iti pratipaksha bhavanam)
vitarkah = troublesome thoughts, deviating (from the yamas and niyamas) (*yamas and niyamas are the expressions of our Natural qualities we have suppressed by involving with chitta vritti (modifications of the mind field). When we perceive yamas and niyamas as qualities to be cultivated it is a sign of our self-forgetfulness(same indication is seeing “thou must not kill” f.e. as virtue to be cultivated if we choose to…, but when we wake up to be ourselves we experience total harmlessness as our natural quality – when we are ourselves we cannot harm and it isn’t “black&white/goo&bad” as habitual judgement goes*) note: in (**) observation from our practice of yoga i felt like sharing, though this translation is by Swami Jnaneshvara)
himsadayah = harmful and the others (himsa = harmful; adayah = et cetera, and so forth)
krita = committed (by oneself)
karita = caused to be done (by others)
anumoditah = consented to, approved of (when done by others)
lobha = greed, desire
krodha = anger
moha = delusion
purvakah = preceded by
mridu = mild, slight
madhya = middling
adhimatrah = intense, extreme
dukha = misery, pain, suffering, sorrow
ajnana = ignorance (a = without; jnana = knowledge)
ananta = infinite, unending (an = un; anta = ending)
phala = fruition, results, effects
iti = thus
pratipaksha = to the contrary, opposite thoughts or principles
bhavanam = cultivate, habituate, thought of, contemplate on, reflect on
Commentary by Swami Jnaneshvara:
Two consequences: When acting, speaking, or thinking in opposite directions from the Yamas (2.31) and Niyamas (2.32), as described in the sutra(2.33), there are two most undesirable consequences:
Infinite misery: When you feel the effects from injuring others, dishonesty, stealing, uncontrolled senses, and possessiveness, the misery, pain, suffering, and sorrow go on and on. A vicious cycle is set up where the colored thought patterns or samskaras of the karmashaya (2.12) repeats itself, over and over. This is the meaning of infinite misery; it doesn’t stop; it just keeps recycling. To break this cycle of karma (2.12-2.25) is a key point in Yoga. To break the cycle first requires seeing clearly the fact that the cycle tends to just keep repeating itself once it starts. To see a situation clearly is a prerequisite to changing it.
Unending ignorance: When repeatedly moving in the direction of injuring others, dishonesty, stealing, uncontrolled senses, and possessiveness, which are away from, opposite to, or contrary to the Yamas (2.30) and Niyamas (2.32), the mind becomes ever more clouded, not seeing the situation clearly. As with the infinite misery mentioned above, there continues an ignorance (2.5), a not-seeing, which self-perpetuates without end. The ignorance of not seeing clearly (2.5) feeds on itself, and creates an ever more clouded mind (1.4), which blocks the true Self (1.3). To clear the clouded mind is the task of Yoga.

What COVID-19 has to do with Buddha’s Enlightenment and our psychological environment? Что общего между Коронавирусом-19 ПроСвящени.Е(м) Будды и нашей психологической средой?

(на русском пожалуйста см после английской версии)


Another CORONA VIRUS story, this one from a 35 y/o British man apparently. Note: 40 degrees Celsius = 104 F.

“I was unsure whether to post anything regarding my experiences over the past week or so but with the excitement I’m seeing on Facebook with new lockdown rules I thought I would share my story.

It began a week last Saturday when I woke up to a slight tickle in the back of my throat, that was it really but with the environment i work in i was entitled to get this checked out at a test centre which i did.
Over the next 3 days my symptoms slowly developed, the usual u hear of, sore throat slight shortness of breath and a headache.
Tuesday came which was day 4 of symptoms and I was pretty poorly but nothing to shout out about. My results came back INCONCLUSIVE. I knew this was wrong, I was advised by 111 to retest that same day which I did.
The following day which is now day 5, my results came through… I was POSITIVE COVID 19. I thought well now at least I know what I’m dealing with. But it was now that the real fight was about to kick in.

Please Bear in mind when you read this that I’m a 35 year old Male with no pre existing health conditions and a reasonable level of fitness.
Day 5 Through the night I broke out into strong fever, as guided I was taking paracetamol every 4 hours, this was helping to keep my temp below 40, for now anyway.
Over the 4 days the fever was relentless, draining my body of everything it has. Eating was getting very difficult and whatever did go down came straight back out the other end. The night times became harder to keep the temp down which was now regularly spiking above 40, one of the nights I tried to get out of bed to lie in the bath with a cold shower on but I collapsed halfway, waking up atleast 30 minutes later covered in sweat and sick. By the sunday which was my 5th day of the relentless fever and day 9 of symptoms I just didn’t have enough fight left in me, it had taken everything from me. My breathing was shallow and painful my headaches were blinding, I was sensitiveto light, couldn’t eat and sick often. At 12pm I was taken away in an ambulance and taken to fgh. After running tests they found out that the covid 19 had taken hold of my lungs and I have pneumonia on my right lung, my bloods were also really poor as u can imagine.
I was admitted to ward 7 where I started to receive help via Iv fluids, iv antibiotics, iv paracetamol, oral antibiotics and oral steroids. The fever continued to grip me and It wasnt until yesterday that we were able to get it under control. With the round the clock support from the team here I can now see a light at the end of a very dark tunnel. Iv never feared death until now, I’m guessing its because it’s never been such a real danger as it has been over the past few days.
This virus is very real and this shows it can get hold of anyone.
Just because something’s are being relaxed doesn’t mean u have to take advantage of it. Stay at home and stay safe.
I’m lucky enough to have had an amazing support network around me which even when I was at home alone I felt supported, I love you all very much u know who you are 
Thanks for reading

H.S.: This is a strong reminder of the 1st Noble Truth.

Before his enlightenment and pairanirvana, the reality of sickness and death shook Shakyamuni to the core.

My reply: Good Day H. S.! True, first we are to heal all des.eases we have created=depository of karma or as new age people call it “pain body”; from personal experience: karmashaya(depository of karma) is VERY painful and brings much exhaustion and suffering UNTIL(!) we remember our true nature FREE from ATTACHMENT to anything… free awareness… – when we are aware without attachment we don’t feel any pain because we liberate from resistance/hatred/anger=attachment to that which causes pain(i have experienced COVID-19 as formation in consciousness that didn’t take root in our psychological environment, but shed it’s covid-19 shell to become pure point of awareness. i remember words of Buddha “to have no death ground”… our environment… perhaps you already know: Bruce Lipton (microbiologist and medical doctor) had discovered working with muscle cells, DNA is activated by environment… all infections (as proteins) are potentially present to be synthesized by/are within our DNA as information, but it really depends on the environment (psychological->mental->bio-chemical) to either activate infections(including cancer) or not. Educational videos of Bruce Lipton (Biology of the Belief) are posted on youtube. New science that followed the discovery is called epigenetics). HEALTH LOVE BREATH LIFE! ALLONE IN LOVE… 🙂

еще одна история о Корона Вирусе, очевидно от 35-летнего британца. Примечание: 40 градусов по Цельсию = 104 F.

«Я не был уверен, стоит ли публиковать что-либо относительно моего опыта за последнюю неделю или около того, но с волнением, которое я вижу на Facebook с введением новыми правилами ужесточений карантина, я подумал, что поделюсь своей историей.

Это началось в прошлую субботу, когда я проснулся с небольшим щекотанием в задней части моего горла, это было действительно так, но с окружающей средой, в которой я работаю, я имел право проверить симптомы в спец. центре, что я и сделал.
В течение следующих 3 дней мои симптомы медленно развивались: обычно вы слышали, боль в горле, небольшая одышка и головная боль.
Настал вторник, который был четвертым днем ​​симптомов, и мне было очень плохо, но не о чем кричать. Мои результаты вернулись НЕ ВЫЯВЛЕНО. Я знал, что это неправильно, мне 111 посоветовали провести повторную проверку в тот же день, что я и сделал.
На следующий день, который сейчас является пятым, мои результаты были готовы… Я ПОЗИТИВНО СВИДЕТЕЛЬСТВОВАЛ КОВИД-19. Я подумал – хорошо, теперь, по крайней мере, я знаю, с чем имею дело. Но именно сейчас начался настоящий бой.

Пожалуйста, имейте в виду, когда вы читаете это, что я 35-летний мужчина без каких-либо ранее существующих заболеваний и приемлемого уровня физической подготовки.
День 5 В течение ночи у меня началась сильная лихорадка, и так как я принимал парацетамол каждые 4 часа, это помогало поддерживать темп ниже 40.
В течение 4 дней лихорадка была неослабной, истощая мое тело от всего, что у него есть. Кушать становилась очень трудно, и что бы ни вошло, все сразу же выходило из другого конца. Ночью становилось все труднее сдерживать температуру, которая теперь постоянно превышала 40, однажды ночью я попытался встать с кровати, чтобы лечь в ванну с холодным душем, но я рухнул на полпути, проснувшись по крайней мере 30 минут спустя покрытый потом и больной. К воскресенью, который был моим 5-м днем ​​беспощадной лихорадки и 9-м днем ​​симптомов, мне просто не хватило сил бороться. Мое дыхание было поверхностным и болезненным, мои головные боли ослепляли, я был чувствителен к свету, не мог есть и часто рвал. В 12 вечера меня увезли в машине скорой помощи и отвезли в ФГ. После проведения анализов выяснилось, что ковид-19 овладел моими легкими и у меня воспаление правого легкого, моя кровь также была очень плохой, как вы можете себе представить.
Меня поместили в отделение № 7, где я начал получать помощь с помощью внутривенных жидкостей, внутривенных антибиотиков, внутривенных парацетамолов, пероральных антибиотиков и пероральных стероидов. Лихорадка продолжалась, и только вчера мы смогли взять ее под контроль. При круглосуточной поддержке команды я вижу свет в конце очень темного туннеля. Я никогда не боялся смерти до сих пор, я полагаю, что она никогда не была такой реальной опасностью, как в последние несколько дней.
Этот вирус очень реален, и это показывает, что он может завладеть кем угодно.
То, что карантин послабляется, не означает, что вы должны этим воспользоваться. Оставайся дома и будь в безопасности.
Мне повезло, что вокруг меня была удивительная сеть поддержки, и даже когда я был дома один, я чувствовал себя поддержанным, я очень люблю вас всех, вы знаете, кто вы есть
Спасибо за чтение

Х.С .: Это сильное напоминание о Первой Благородной Истине.

До его просветления и паранирваны навь болезней и смерти потрясла Шакьямуни(Будду) до глубины души.

Мой ответ: Добрый день Х.С.! Истинно, сначала мы должны излечить все болезни, которые мы создали=хранилище кармы или, как люди нового века называют это, «тело боли»; из личного опыта: кармашая(хранилище кармы) ОЧЕНЬ болезненно и вызывает огромное утомление и много страданий до того момента(!), пока мы не вспомним нашу истинную природу ПОЛНОСТЬЮ СВОБОДНУЮ ОТ ПРИВЯЗАННОСТИ к чему-бы-то-ни было… вольное восприятие… – когда мы воспринимаем(осознаем) без привязанности, мы не чувствуем никакой боли потому что мы освобождаемся от сопротивления / ненависти / гнева = привязанности к тому, что вызывает боль (я наблюдала Ковид-19 как формирование, что появилось в нашем сознании, но эта форма не укоренилось в нашей психологической среде: оболочка-форма Ковид-19 распалась, став изначальной точкой чистого осознания ничем не плененного. Я помню слова Будды “не иметь смертоносной почвы” … наша среда… возможно, вы уже знаете: Брюс Липтон (микробиолог и врач) обнаружил, работая с мышечными клетками, что ДНК активируется окружающей средой(в и вокруг организма)… все инфекции(как белки) потенциально могут быть синтезированы / находяться информационно внутри нашей ДНК, но это действительно зависит от среды (психологической -> умственной -> биохимической), активируется ли инфекция(включая рак) или нет. Просветительные видеоролики Брюса Липтона размещены на youtube. Новая наука, которая последовала за открытием, называется эпигенетикой). ЗДОРОВЬЕ, ЛЮБОВЬ, ДЫХАНИЕ ЖИЗНЬ! ВСЕЕДИНЫ В ЛЮБВИ … 🙂

а вот ссылка на книгу: https://mybook.ru/author/bryus-lipton-2/biologiya-very-kak-sila-ubezhdenij-mozhet-izmenit/read/


Secrets of diaphragmatic breathing – our NATURAL! Секреты диафрагмального дыхания – нашего ПРИРОДНОГО!

(на русском пожалуйста см после английской версии)
What is in common between Russian MD Olga Shishova and The Lotus-Born Master PadmaSamBhava?
PadmaSamBhava is also known as Master of Uddiyana! 🙂
Uddiyana is one of three main Yogic Bandhas important in PranayaMa and many techniques that go by the same name.
“Uddiyana means flying up. The process of Uddiyana bandha is to lift the diaphragm high up the thorax and to pull in the abdominal organs against the back towards the spine.” (Yogi B.K.S.Iyengar)
In her educational videos Russian Medical Doctor Olga Shishova constantly speaks of the importance of diaphragmatic breath to not only restore proper function of lungs, but to restore adequate blood circulation to the head and the legs (and, from my today’s experience, to the entire body!) to stay healthy AND to heal all des.eases as it is known yet little shared medical fact that by restoring proper blood circulation and innervation any organ can be healed!
The technique of diaphragmatic breathing as Olga Shishova gives it to people clearly utilizes Uddiyana: “when breathing in diaphragmatically PUSH out so that stomach lifts up and when breathing out pull diaphragm in so that stomach pulls in towards the spine as much as possible. Breathing is slow, as deep as possible and continuous – without holding. In the beginning it can be practiced either while laying on flat surface on one’s back or while sitting.” Olga Shishova recommends to always breathe diaphragmatically to be healthy. She also says that with healthy diaphragmatic breathing(constant), the diaphragm should rise and fall by 5-8 cm with each breath… Diaphragmatic breathing is our natural breath often made impossible by improper posture and lack of attention to both facts…
She also shared an anecdote about elder doctor, who taught her this health-restoring diaphragmatic breath: this elder doctor was fired from 3 clinics because she taught diaphragmatic breath to all her patients wishing them well and as they became healthy there were less patients in the clinic and the head doctor’s salary was diminished, which caused all 3 of angered head doctors to fire such a “bad” doctor (it was back in days of Soviet Union – questions of salary were decided differently from capitalistic system).
Yogi B.K.S.Iyengar further speaks of Uddiyana mastery: “It is said that Uddiyana is the best of bandhas and he who constantly practices as taught by his guru or master becomes young again. It is said to be the lion that kills the elephant called Death. It should only be performed during bahya kumbhaka following rechaka, that is, during the interval between complete exhalation and fresh inhalation… It exercises diaphragm and abdominal organs. The cavity created by the lift of the diaphragm gives a gentle massage to the muscles of the heart… Uddiyana bandha should never be attempted during antara kumbhaka, that is the interval between complete inhalation and the start of exhalation…as it will strain the heart and the diaphragm and the eyes will puff out.”
Please be Healthy my Beloved Friends!
Что общего между российским доктором медицины Ольгой Шишовой и Лотос-Мастером ПадмаСамБхава?
ПадмаСамБхава также известен как Мастер Уддияны! 🙂
Уддияна – одна из трех основных йогических банд, важных в пранаяме и многих техник, которые носят одноименное название.
«Уддияна означает взлетание. Процесс уддияна-бандхи состоит в том, чтобы поднять диафрагму высоко до грудной клетки и подтянуть брюшные органы к спине к позвоночнику». (Йог Б.К.С.Ийенгар)
В своих обучающих видео русский врач Ольга Шишова постоянно говорит о важности диафрагмального дыхания не только для восстановления правильной функции легких, но и для восстановления адекватного кровообращения в голове и ногах (и, исходя из моего сегодняшнего опыта, во всем теле!), чтобы быть здоровыми и излечить все болезни: известный но мало афишируемый медицинский факт в том, что восстанавливая правильное кровообращение и иннервацию, можно вылечить любой орган!
Техника диафрагмального дыхания, которую дает Ольга Шишова людям, четко использует Уддияну: «при вдохе выталкивайте диафрагму так, чтобы живот поднимался вверх, а при выдохе максимально втягивайте диафрагму, чтобы живот “прилипал” к позвоночнику. Дыхание медленное, глубокое и непрерывное – без удержания. В начале это можно практиковать, лежа на плоской поверхности на спине или сидя». Ольга Шишова рекомендует всегда дышать диафрагмально, чтобы быть здоровым. Она также говорит что при здоровом диафрагмальном дыхании (постоянном) диафрагма должна подниматься-опускаться на 5-8 см… Диафрагмальное дыхание – это наше естественное дыхание, которое часто становится невозможным из-за неправильной осанки и отсутствия внимания к обоим фактам…
Она также поделилась анекдотом о старшем докторе, который научил ее этому восстанавливающему здоровье диафрагмальному дыханию: эта старшая доктор была уволена из 3 клиник, потому что она обучала диафрагмальному дыханию всех своих пациентов, желая им добра, и, когда они стали здоровыми, пациентов становилось меньше. Из-за чего зарплата главного врача урезалась, что приводило к тому, что все 3 разгневанных главврача уволили такого «плохого» врача (это было еще во времена Советского Союза – вопросы зарплаты решались не так, как в капиталистической системе).
Йоги Б.К.С.Иенгар далее говорит о мастерстве Уддияны: «Говорят, что Уддияна – лучшая из бандх, и тот, кто постоянно практикует, как учил его гуру или учитель, снова становится молодым. Говорят, что это лев, который убивает слона по имени Смерть. Ее следует выполнять только во время бахья-кумбхаки после речаки, то есть во время интервала между полным выдохом и новым вдохом … Она тренирует диафрагму и органы брюшной полости. Полость, создаваемая подъемом диафрагмы, делает легкий массаж мышц сердца … Никогда не следует пытаться сделать уддияна-бандху во время антара-кумбхаки, то есть промежутка между полным вдохом и началом выдоха … так как это напрягает сердце и диафрагму, а глаза распухают».
Будьте здоровы Любимые Мои Друзья!

Термическая обработка и ее ядовитые свойства – Cooking and its poisoning properties

(in English please see below)
Дорогие друзья!
хотела поделиться наблюдением: когда последние два раза готовила тыквенный суп-пюре(первый раз из запеченной и следующий раз из отварной тыквы) мой организм обратил внимание на два вредоносных факта: 1) запеченные овощи трансформируются в яд для тела и тело их практически отвергает, в то время как отварные воспринимаются телом хорошо, хотя из моего опыта (опять же с тыквой) тело лучше всего воспринимает сырые овощи и фрукты (имеет ли значение длительность термической обработки? ведь то, что мы привычно видим как продукты питания, – сознательная энергия и любое воздействие трансформирует сознание-энергию); 2) первый раз я добавила растительной масло в тыквенный суп за 2-3 минуты до окончания приготовления и потом обратила внимание, что после еды жир невозможно было отмыть с посуды горячей водой – он был липкий и требовалось значительное количество щелочи (мыла), чтобы его растворить; следующий раз я приготовила тыквенный суп без добавления растительного масла и добавляла его прямо в тарелку перед едой (то бишь избегая термической обработки масла) и тогда масло смывалось с тарелки просто горячей водой, то бишь сохранило текучесть и природное свойство растворения в горячей воде. Недавно смотрела выступление доктора Ольги Шишовой, которая упомянула факт, что в России стало нормой нахождение желчи в желудке, в то время как природно желчь должна подаваться в двенадцатиперстную кишку. Доктор спросила: что она там делает? Из моего опыта желчь поступает в желудок при пищевых отравлениях. Также желчь является щелочью. Можно ли провести параллель между измененными свойствами приготовленного растительного масла(и других жиров) и ненормальностью подачи желчи в желудок? Нейтрализация ядов, которые мы привычно считаем вкусно приготовленной пищей? Также из этого опыта мне стало понятно почему многие эксперты настоятельно рекомендуют избегать термической обработки растительных масел, также говоря о том, что термическая обработка превращает масла в яд для организма (вообще ВСЕ жареное ЖИВОЕ сознание-энергия (пища) – становится ядом для организма и особенно если белки жаряться(тушаться/варятся) с добавлением сахара(сладкого соуса) – это является одной из главных научно подтвержденных причин болезни гликации, которая отвественна за старение тканей/органов тела).
Dear friends!
I wanted to share an observation: when I cooked pumpkin soup puree the last two times (the first time from baked and the next time from boiled pumpkin), my body noticed two harmful facts: 1) baked vegetables are transformed into poison for the body and the body practically rejects them, while boiled ones are perceived by the body well, although from my experience (again with pumpkin) the body welcomes raw vegetables and fruits best (does the duration of the heat treatment matter? after all, what we habitually see as food is conscious energy and any impact transforms consciousness-energy); 2) the first time I added vegetable oil to pumpkin soup 2-3 minutes before the end of cooking and then I noticed that after eating the fat could not be washed from the dish and pot with hot water – it was glueyee sticky and a significant amount of alkali (soap) was required to make it dissolve; the next time I cooked pumpkin soup without adding vegetable oil and added it directly to the plate before eating (that is, avoiding heat treatment of the oil) and then the oil was washed off the plate simply with hot water, that is, it retained the fluidity and natural property of dissolution in hot water. Recently watched the lecture of Dr. Olga Shishova, who mentioned the fact that in Russia finding bile in the stomach has become the norm, while naturally bile should be fed into the duodenum. Doctor asked: what bile is doing there? From my experience, bile enters the stomach during food poisoning. Also, bile is an alkali. Is it possible to draw a parallel between the changed properties of the cooked vegetable oil(and other fats) and the abnormality of the flow of bile into the stomach? Poison neutralization of what we habitually consider as delicious cooked food? So, from this experience it became clear to me why many experts strongly recommend avoiding heat treatment of vegetable oils, also saying that the thermal treatment turns oils into poison for the body (in general ALL fried LIVING consciousness-energy(we call food) becomes poison for the body-mind and especially if the proteins are fried (stewed / boiled) with the addition of sugar (sweet sauce) – this is one of the main scientifically proved causes of glycation disease, which is responsible for the aging of body tissues / organs).

None-avoidability of karma Не.обходимость кармы

whatever we do we do to ourself
yesterday once again we have observed how this karmic none-avoidability works: if we eat Seeds and how we treat Seeds (with thought and action) and what we do with Seeds it is what we do to our own Seed of Life…
this karmic none-avoidability works because Nature does not divide… Nature is ALLONE… whatever we do we do to ourself!
also observed clearly: our desire to separate from the rest creates separations within ourself, which are responsible for our lack of awareness of whole ourself and this is when we mistake ourself for “lower” and “higher” for “god” “angel” “daemon” etc. and “i” – our mind-driven action of separation into “me” and “not me” directed “outwards” separates us (within) into pieces and is the cause of us locked by self-created separations suffering from loneliness suffocating within self-created grain of sand
if we are sincerely open in ALLONEness… seeing clearly illusion of individuation…
все, что мы делаем, мы делаем самим себе
вчера еще раз мы наблюдали, как работает эта кармическая не-обходимость: если мы едим Семена и как мы относимся к Семенам (мыслью и действиями) и что мы делаем с Семенами, это то, что мы делаем с нашим собственным Семенем Жизни…
эта кармическая не-обходимость работает, потому что Природа не разделяет… Природа Едина … все, что мы делаем, мы делаем самим себе!
также ясно наблюдалось: наше желание отделиться от остальных порождает перегородки внутри нас самих, которые ответственны за наше незнание самих себя, и это когда мы принимаем себя за «низшего» и «более высокого» за «бога», «ангела», “демона” и т. д. и “я” – наше управляемое разумом действие разделения на “я ” и “не я” направленное “во вне” разделяет нас на куски (внутри) и является причиной того, что мы разделены само-созданными разлуками, страдающие от одиночества, задыхающиеся внутри созданной нами самими песчинки
если мы искренне открыты в ЕДИНСТВЕ ЖИЗНИ видя ясно иллюзию индивидуации

Acid-Alkaline balance and nourishment and absence or presence of all des.eases Кислотно-щелочной баланс и питание и присутствие или отсутствие всех болезней

We are sick not because we cannot be healthy we are sick because we choose to be sick:
even after being given a remedy we choose to remain sick… why?
when I say WE I mean US as humanity – we are inseparable and what happens to one happens to ALL humanity… when this truth is remembered by all, the life of humanity will change to life of so sought for peace, joy, absence of violence and harm towards ALLONESELF for who wants to harm oneself, to violate oneself or to kill oneself?
Otto Warburg spent 24 years of his life proving the fact that cancer cells do not multiply in an oxygenated environment at pH 7.43 or higher (slightly alkaline). In 1932, he received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for this. And his students later proved that parasites, viruses, bacteria and fungi do not develop in this environment.: Alkaline diet is natural preventive care to stay healthy including protected from novel flu virus COVID-19
another article about alkaline nourishment in English: https://trans4mind.com/nutrition/pH.html
There is much enthusiasm about Alkaline diet and Alkaline water, yet there is also scepticism of medics stating that Alkaline diet does not work.
Additional facts of acid-alkaline balance of our body shifting into acidic and what to do came from Russian doctor Olga Shishova’s presentation regarding so popular now alkaline water:
The only Alkaline diet is vegan
Acidity of the organism increases from these:
1) DUCTULAR CHOLESTASIS: Stagnation of bile (bile is the main alkaline agent in the body) causes metabolic acidosis and it is impossible to shift with help of alkaline food or drinking alkaline water. The only way to heal metabolic acidosis is to restore natural process of bile secreted before we eat (when we are truly in need of food, our body secretes bile, which is accompanied by feeling of hunger – natural message from the body about need to receive nourishment (and to ignore it is to interfere with natural processes of receiving nourishment (as long as we need it)) now i understand why yogis emphasize that we should stop eating “by the clock” or “emotionally”, but to eat only when we NATURALLY feel the need. Doctor also says that bile secretes when we feel desire to eat and have just placed first bite of food into the mouths (yogis recommend “chewing liquid food” and “drinking dense food”; as well as eating separately from liquid to dense: drinking water or juice 15-30 minutes before eating more dense food and eating one thing at the time, which enables the body to produce digestive liquids of proper concentration (in terms of soup it appears that creams are healthier for metabolism than traditional especially because they contain all sorts of density pieces “swimming” in liquid). If digestive liquids are secreted properly, acidity in food is neutralized.
2) kidneys are excreting not only toxins, but also any additional acid and if kidneys receive adequate blood circulation (which is directly related to how we breathe! diaphragmatic breathing insures good blood circulation throughout the body including to kidneys) then kidneys function well and remove excess acid from the body. If function of kidneys is impeded, it causes kidney acidosis. Kidney acidosis is curable by our return to natural diaphragmatic breathing.
3) Breathing acidosis occurs when we stop breathing naturally(shallow breathing and breathing caused by mind suppressing breath of The Soul forcing mind-driven breathing, when mind moves muscles of upper chest and rib cage – and we observe how muscles move mechanically upper part of chest, where the bronchi are): natural diaphragmatic breath initiated by The Soul has outer signs of fewer movements with diaphragm moving 5-8 cm up-and-down with each breath. Only natural diaphragmatic breath can cure breathing acidosis because excess acid is also excreted through lungs. Nose is the center of acid-alkaline balance and if the nose is stuffed, the breathing acidosis occurs. Yogis have observed that stuffy nose is the outcome of present within our Psyche unresolved anger-hatred, attachment and ignorance. As long as we have breathing acidosis symptom of which is stuffy nose and mind-driven mechanical shallow breathing, acid-alkaline balance will not be regulated properly shifting our body into acidic state and alkaline food and water cannot shift the balance into alkaline state as long as breathing acidosis takes place (in regards to curing breathing acidosis: Yogis return to Natural Breath, which is described in Yoga Sutras Patanjali as continuous exhale-inhale FLOW of breath; sensation shared by yogi Kurilov: the yogi as if stops breathing and is breathed by The Flow)
4) Tissue acidosis: in the presence of any pain (whether psychological, emotional, any organ, or tissue) acid-alkaline balance shifts into acidic state because pain is acid affecting nerve receptors. Tissue acidosis is the greatest and to resolve it is to shift acid-alkaline balance into healthy alkaline state
5) Psychological acidosis causing excess or inappropriate to state of the body adrenal secretion. Adrenalin is the most acidic hormone. Doctor gives example of stress and a person forcefully trying to produce feeling of joy (to force secretion of adrenalin) when feeling down or go over the limits. Should we examine within ourselves artificial production of peace and high with help of super-acidic alcohol, tobacco and all drugs (including prescription)? It occurred to me now how process of Raja Yoga meditation that dissolves deep impressions in consciousness – samskaras (most if not all of which are the initial causes of pain) helps to heal psychological acidosis permanently AND naturally by resolving the causes. Doctor advises that psychological acidosis can also be alleviated by natural soulful diaphragmatic breathing and rest the body is asking for.
6) Doctor also says that alkaline water with unnaturally high pH causes imbalance in the stomach, which is naturally the most acidic environment in the body for the purpose of digestion of food (pH 3.0). Doctor advises to drink NATURALLY alkaline water (spring water bottled and stored looses alkalinity as well as medicinal mineral waters, which should be taken at the springs). In the table of acid-alkaline balance and pH produced in the body by various “foods” tap water is listed as alkaline
here is a link to article from which the table is from
here is a link to doctor Olga Shishova’s lecture
here is free ebook of an enlightened person(also professor) Arnold Ehret (1866 -1922) who also happened to heal his “incurable” illness by natural healing and helped tens of thousands people to heal from so-called “incurable” des.eases in his sanatorium (is still helping via followers and his books): (:
Here is famous or infamous Dr Sebi’s vegan alkaline “cell food”:
Мы болеем не потому что не можем быть здоровыми – мы болеем потому что мы выбираем быть больными:
даже после того как мы узнали как выздороветь мы выбираем остаться больными… Почему?
когда я говорю МЫ я имею ввиду нас как человечество – мы неразделимы и что происходит с одним – происходит с человечеством… когда эта истина вспомниться всеми, то жизнь человечества измениться к такому желанному с.часть.Е, мирЕ и радостьЕ ибо кто захочет сам себе вредить, сам себя насиловать и сам себя убивать?
Отто Варбург потратил 24 года своей жизни на то, чтобы доказать тот факт, что в среде, насыщенной кислородом, при pH 7,43 и выше (слабощелочная среда) раковые клетки не размножаются. В 1932 году он получил за это Нобелевскую премию по химии. А его ученики позже доказали, что в этой среде не развиваются паразиты, вирусы, бактерии и грибки: Щелочная диета – это естественная профилактика для сохранения здоровья, включая защиту от новой мутации гриппа COVID-19.
Статья о Щелочной диете (на английском): https://trans4mind.com/nutrition/pH.html
В настоящее время много энтузиазма проявляеться к Щелочной диете и питью щелочной воды как панацеи от всех болезней (наверняка ввиду вышеупомянутого открытия) и, в то же время, доктора выражают много скептицизма, говоря, что щелочная диета не помогает
Дополнительные сведения о кислотно-щелочном балансе нашего тела, смещенном в сторону кислотного, и что делать появились из выступления русского доктора Ольги Шишовой о столь популярной сейчас щелочной воде:
единственная истинно Щелочная диета – веганская
кислотность организма увеличивается от этих:
1) ДУКТУАЛЬНЫЙ ХОЛЕСТАЗ: Застой желчи (желчь является основным щелочным агентом в организме) вызывает метаболический ацидоз, и его невозможно сдвинуть с помощью щелочной пищи или питьем щелочной воды. Единственный способ излечить метаболический ацидоз – это восстановить естественный процесс желчи, выделяемой перед едой (когда мы действительно нуждаемся в пище, наше тело выделяет желчь, что сопровождается чувством голода – естественное сообщение от тела о необходимости получить питание (и игнорировать его – значит вмешиваться в естественные процессы получения подпитки (пока мы нуждаемся в ней)). Теперь я понимаю, почему йоги подчеркивают, что мы должны прекратить есть «по часам» или «эмоционально», но есть только тогда, когда мы ЕСТЕСТВЕННО чувствуем потребность. Доктор также говорит, что желчь выделяется, когда мы чувствуем желание кушать и только что положили первый кусочек пищи в рот (йоги рекомендуют «жевать жидкую пищу» и «пить плотную пищу»; а также есть раздельно от жидкой до густой: пить воду или сок за 15-30 минут до того, как съесть более плотную пищу и есть одну пищу за раз, что позволяет выделению желудочного сока правильной концентрации (с точки зрения супа кажется, что супы-кремы полезнее для обмена веществ, чем традиционные, особенно потому, что традиционные есть “сборная солянка” всевозможных плотностей “плавающих” в жидкости)


2) почки выводят не только токсины, но и любую дополнительную кислоту, и если почки получают адекватное кровооснабжение (что напрямую связано с тем, как мы дышим! Диафрагмальное дыхание обеспечивает хорошее кровообращение по всему телу, включая почки), тогда почки функционируют хорошо и удаляют избыток кислоты из организма. Если функция почек нарушена, это вызывает почечный ацидоз. Ацидоз почек излечим, вернувшись к естественному диафрагмальному дыханию.

3) Дыхательный ацидоз возникает, когда мы перестаем дышать естественным образом (поверхностное дыхание и дыхание, вызванное разумом подавившим Природное дыхание Души. В медитации возможно прочувствовать разницу если действительно попросить Душу это разуму напомнить. Когда разум двигает мышцами верхней части грудной клетки мы наблюдаем поверхностное неглубокое дыхание, и мы можем наблюдать как разум движет мышцы двигаютщие механически верхнюю частью грудной клетка, где находятся бронхи):естественное диафрагмальное дыхание, инициированное Душой, имеет внешние признаки меньшего количества движений с диафрагмой, перемещающейся на 5-8 см вверх и вниз с каждым вдохом-выдохом. Только естественное диафрагмальное дыхание может вылечить дыхательный ацидоз, потому что избыток кислоты также выделяется через легкие. Нос является центром кислотно-щелочного баланса, и если нос заложен, возникает ацидоз дыхания. Йоги пронаблюдали, что заложенный нос – следствие присутствия неразрешенных злобы-ненависти, привязанности и заблуждений. Пока у нас есть дыхательный ацидоз, симптомами коего являются заложенный нос и управляемое мышлением механическое поверхностное дыхание, кислотно-щелочной баланс не будет регулироваться должным образом, переводя наш организм в кислое состояние, и щелочная пища и вода не могут перевести баланс в щелочное состояние, пока дыхательный ацидоз имеет место (в отношении лечения ацидоза дыхания: йоги возвращаются к При.родному дыханию, которое в «Йога-сутрах Патанджали» описывается как непрерывный выдох-выдох Потока Духа(дыхания); ощущение, описанное йогом Куриловым: йог как будто перестает дышать и вдохновенен потоком При.родного дыхания)

4) Тканевый ацидоз: при наличии любой боли (будь то психологическая, эмоциональная, любого органа или ткани) кислотно-щелочное равновесие переходит в кислотное состояние, потому что боль является кислотой, воздействующей на нервные рецепторы. Тканевый ацидоз является наибольшим, и для его устранения необходимо перевести кислотно-щелочной баланс в здоровое щелочное состояние.


5) Психологический ацидоз, вызывающий избыточное или неадекватное состояние организма за счет форсированной надпочечной секреции. Адреналин – самый кислый гормон. Врач приводит пример стресса и человека, сильно пытающегося вызвать чувство радости (форсировать секрецию адреналина) при ощущении подавленности или превышения пределов организма в данный момент. Должны ли мы исследовать в себе искусственное производство покоя и мира с помощью суперкислотного алкоголя, табака и всех наркотиков (включая рецептурные лекарства)? Теперь мне пришло в голову, что процесс медитации раджа-йоги, который растворяет глубокие впечатления в сознании – самскары (большинство, если не все из которых являются первичными причинами боли), помогает излечить психологический ацидоз навсегда и естественным путем – путем устранения причин. Доктор советует, что психологический ацидоз также может быть облегчен естественным одухотворенным диафрагмальным дыханием и отдыхом, которого требует тело.

6) Доктор также говорит, что щелочная вода с неестественно высоким рН вызывает дисбаланс в желудке, который естественно является самой кислой средой в организме для переваривания пищи (рН 3,0). Врач советует пить ЕСТЕСТВЕННО щелочную воду (родниковая вода в бутылках при хранении теряет щелочность, а также целебные минеральные воды,которые следует принимать у родников). В таблице кислотно-щелочного баланса и рН, вырабатываемых в организме различными «продуктами питания», водопроводная вода указана как щелочная(см таблицу)
ссылка на англо-язычную статью о кислотно-щелочном балансе и пище, из которой таблица взята
вот ссылка на лекцию доктора Ольги Шишовой:
вот ссылка на книгу просвященного человека Арнольда Эрета(1866-1922), который не только исцелил себя от так называемой неисцелимой болезни ПРИРОДНО, но и помог исцелению десятков тысяч людей в своем санатории (продолжает помогать через последователей и книги им написанные):
А вот вашему вниманию знаменитая веганская “клеточная пища” Доктора Сэби (известная тем, что помогает исцелить тяжелейшие традиционно неизлечимые болезни в совокупности с травяными настоями Доктор Сэби приписывал (сам доктор Сэби начал как очень больной человек с тяжелым диабетом, сопровождающимся импотенцией, но исцелился веганской диетой и лекарственными растениями и впоследствии имел много детей):

И да воскреснем во Хресте!ВМЕСТЕ В МЕСТЕ!

веда из медитации: многие люди испытавшие клиническую смерть сообщают о том, что они исходили через туннель в свет. я тоже испытала это, но не в результате клинической смерти, а в медитации и лишь недавно истинный смысл такого исхода был раскрыт заблудшему в привязанности к воспоминаниям/в.печать.лени.ЯМ(а) и привычкам разуму: пещера и туннель из нее это выход наш из темницы привязанностей(боль.Е.з.ней) в свет Истинной Жизни Единой Свободной – освобождение – воскресение из состояния с.мер.ти… каждый из нас в состоянии воскреснуть с Божьей Помощью тихо присутствующей в сердце каждого из нас и никто не может спасти нас от наших привязанностей(болезней) вместо нас самих, но вдохновить примером – СИЛА ВСЕМОГУЩАЯ ВНУТРИ НАС И ВЕЗДЕ!
и да воскреснем из пещеры цепей и оков привязанности!
Христос Воскрес! Воистину Воскрес!" на всех языках мира ...

Absence of attachment Отсутствие привязанности

observation: when we are free from attachment ALL LIFE is immediately present because time(being creation of attachment to memories-thoughts-ideas-self-image, fantasies-illusions, all solidified constructions, etc.) ceases to be.
for aspects of ALLONE free from attachment and its thoughtful-time-shell The Source and is just a kiss away…
breathing out breathing in music of dance we are
when activated 12-strand DNA had appeared to sight it is music and dance inviting part of ourselves that is still attached to liberate itself and be ECSTASY of LIFE…
наблюдение: когда мы свободны от привязанности, ВСЕ ЖИЗНЬ присутствует одно.часть.но, потому что время (являющееся созданием привязанности к воспоминаниям, мыслям, идеям, само-ображению, фантазиям, иллюзиям, всем закрепившимся по.строй.КА.м и т. д.) перестает существовать.
для аспектов ЕДИНОЙ ЖИЗНИ без привязанности и в.дум.чтивой оболочки Исток и всё как поцелуй… 🙂
вдох выдох музыкою танца мы
когда активированная 12-ДНК (человеческая) появилась взору, – светло-радостная музыка танца приглашающая часть нас самих, которая все еще привязана, освободиться и быть экстазом жизни … 🙂

Healing Breatharian Исцеление ДУХовное

Zinaida Baranova, who has succeeded in healing so that since 2000 she does not need any food nor water to sustain “physical” body, had specified that to become breatharian we are to reunite our Soul (all aspects of our personality and Soul)

Зинаида Баранова, человек которой удалось ИС.ЦЕЛИТЬся до степени что с 2000 года отпала необходимость есть и пить чтобы поддерживать жизнедеятельность “физического” тела, в ее выступлении просвятила, что для этой степени исцеления необходимо собрать воедино свою Душу (все аспекты персоны и Души)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_agn8f7tUc см. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4NZ2lZiI8o&list=PL1FAC090A0B1558B1&index=25&t=174s


from our experience: our “physical” body is burdened with restrictions of forbidding seals and obstructions of karmic formations (forbidding seals such as Jehovian death seals and karmic obstructions such as checkerboard mutation=real crucifixion and other unnatural karmic formations resulting from our participation in food-chain) reunion-liberation of The Soul is accompanied by removal of forbidding seals and dissolution of karmic patterns so that natural biology of our body is liberated enabling free circulation of Living Breath

Из нашего опыта: наше «физическое» тело обременено ограничениями запрещающих печатей и баррикадами кармических формирований (запрещающие печати, такие как смертные печати иеговы и кармические конструкции затвердевших мыслей, такие как мутация шахматной доски=истинное распятие и другие кармы противоприродных действий участия в пищевой цепи). воссоединение-освобождение Души сопровождается снятием запрещающих печатей и растворения кармических форм, чтобы освободить естественную биологию нашего тела, восстанавливая естественную циркуляцию Живого Дыхания

insight into true nature of poop and urine

i have just educated myself as to what Tibetan Buddhist practice of mandala offering is: great practice to be free from accumulation, from attachment to every and anything!
i have recently been educated by The Essence about living beings that offer themselves to be food for those who still need to eat. what we call food is most enlightened consciousness free from fear of being eaten and cooked alive, free from attachment to its form: it gives itself to be torn apart into little fragments we somewhat utilize as building blocks of our bodies and the rest is disposed of as what we call poop and urine… So the enlightenment here is not only witness of true unconditional love and total enlightenment that displays as absence of fear to be torn to pieces, the enlightenment here is also that what we despise as poop and urine is disfigured mass of most enlightened conscious Essence that continues to be itself in any form yet most people feel deep disgust to poop and urine not realizing feeling of disgust is protection from facing the truth of poop and urine being totally conscious AND from facing the fact of what digestion does to most enlightened living beings that are offering themselves as food out of unconditional LOVE (i have witnessed Essence of a nut appearing as little human being offering itself to be eaten by squirrel, to whom i wanted to give a nut). So, i am facing to be free from fear of my form to become space dust if needed… it is great fear we have to be torn apart to little particles… OM AH HUM
p.s. not to forget that we as conscious beings in form are collective with bacterias and worms living within us, so total enlightenment is possible when consciousness that deteriorated into bacterias and worms evolves back to human and to pure points of awareness of ALLONE even though most of us do not stand a test of unconditional love and do to kill and expel…

Death and Artificial Intelligence

we as ALLONEness have created artificial intelligence out of ourselves.
When we are awake and aware we see and feel all the pain and suffering AI inflicts onto us being ourself (self-inflicted harm, which is insanity) and we see clearly that AI is a state of our digression and deterioration of the mind.
When we are blind and deaf we are involved into AI believing it to be an advancement that is also extremely entertaining=pleasurable…
AI begins with attachment to memories and shufflings of thoughts, ideas, imitations of life, etc. and then intelligence de.evolves into machines…
Unless we de.create AI it will consume us and then, if state of blindness and deafness persists, we can end up as dust instead of healing as wholistic musical dancing child of ALLONE…
And yet look how hard we try to stay alive at the expense of other living beings!
We are ONE HUMANITY… our LIFE and DEATH are shared…
we also have discovered that only shared awareness and personal LIVING example are helping fellow aspects of ALLONE to awake be aware again and have courage to heal
(and yet i share this awareness via AI(both, in words of thought and into computer-interNET CHAIN… should’ve i refrained from sharing?)

every condition is reverse.able

every condition is reversible

all allowing – self-dominating – all allowing… 🙂

we are music – we are music lost in thoughts – we are music… 🙂

“Achieving a rainbow body is the result of reaching peaked enlightenment and refers to the act of either shrinking the body before death/at the time of death or completely transforming the body into light… the most basic principle in Tibetan Buddhism connected to achieving a rainbow body is through … maintaining the “primordial state.”… the most advanced form of the rainbow body generally entails that the practitioner is able to transform their body into light and is able to remain functional and visible through that light. The first recorded person to achieve such an advanced form of the rainbow body was the 8th-century Buddhist master known as Padmasambhava or Guru Rinpoche.”