mind control

observation: mind control is possible because controlling influence (thought/perception/karma) appears in our brain directly bypassing crucial stage of natural process of mind: stage of determination, which is our natural ability to regulate and avoid harmful actions and perceptions
it distorts the natural process, so that outward mind-influencing thought/perception/karma domeneers/acts first and only then our determination activates, post factum.
this is why people often do something and only after are ashamed or have a regret “i should not have done so and so…”
if unobserved, mind control not only harms us – it enslaves us to phantom matrix (the goal of phantom matrix corrupted consciousness is to keep us “in the head” to permanently severe our awareness/connection to ourselves, to make us unable TO LIVE, but to be the slaves to harm)
we are earth
phantom earth is still a very real threat unless we act naturally:
hell or heaven is a matter of frequency because everything exists in the same space simultaneously and frequency of consciousness is in what we do/think/feel – in our state of beingness:

Spiritually healthy behaviors naturally connect one with God Source and are God-Sovereign-Free or GSF behaviors.

Spiritually abusive behaviors disconnect you from God and Krist and are promoted in the Archontic Deception or AD Behaviors

phantom: http://www.ascensiondictionary.com/2017/06/phantom.html

angular rotation of particle spin: http://www.ascensiondictionary.com/2017/07/angular-rotation-of-particle-spin-arps.html

checker-board mutation: http://www.ascensiondictionary.com/2017/07/checkerboard-mutation.html

there is a collective memory field and if we have a clinging to one of its samskaras (deep impressions) it begins to manifest in our experience and “drive” our actions – in the following text regarding Jehovian death seals there is a mention of “living-dead” thought-form body, which is exactly it: existence as acting out memories (samskaras/deep impressions) by our clinging to them instead of LIVING – perpetually newborn spontaneous livingness… from the heart…

and this is the essence of mind-control: domineering by clinging mind that arrests our livingness


PRACTICE of Raja Yoga (see Yoga Sutras by Patanjali) enables to gradually heal from clinging and attenuate samskaras (deep impressions in consciousness/memories)

Instructions of Hrih Shri PadmaSambhava are extremely beneficial to dissolve clinging and samskaras (mental, cognitive, and verbal labels as he calls them)

see Treasures from Juniper Ridge https://www.amazon.com/Treasures-Juniper-Ridge-Instructions-Padmasambhava/dp/9627341622/ref=pd_bxgy_14_img_3?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=9627341622&pd_rd_r=719d4702-cfd0-11e8-af0e-892466a53ea7&pd_rd_w=AdJno&pd_rd_wg=a1SKr&pf_rd_i=desktop-dp-sims&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_p=6725dbd6-9917-451d-beba-16af7874e407&pf_rd_r=SJ3JM9ZNB29AVEC6K854&pf_rd_s=desktop-dp-sims&pf_rd_t=40701&psc=1&refRID=SJ3JM9ZNB29AVEC6K854)


(HD-C,The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse)

The Jehovian Hyperdimensional Cone (HD-C) is an advance technology which utilizes external, Merkaba Mechanics – an external energy technology that was seeded into Earth’s Planetary Shields.

The Hyperdimensional Cones (HD-Cs) were placed as standing-conical-scalar-wave clusters imbued into Selenite and quartz rods, which were originally implanted into Earth’s crust, mantle and Planetary Shields during earlier Atlantean periods, in an unsuccessful attempt to fulfill the Jehovian/Anunnaki Fallen Angelic/Intruder One World Order Agenda (OWO) dominion agenda during the 22,326 BC SAC.

The Jehovian Seals, wormhole APIN Dove shaped HD-C system network implants represented an interface between Earth and the Phantom Matrix.

These HD-C implants system are frequency generation points implanted into Earth’s body that can create external, artificial, reverse-spin (Phantom Matrix spin) Merkaba Vehicles of various sizes and designs.

Once generated, these spiraling electromagnetic Reverse Merkaba Fields can hold a person or object, or an entire city or continent, depending upon the size of the field, through hyperdimensional transport into phantom matrix.

When used in other ways, these Jehovian Seals receive, amplify and transmit invisible sub-sonic ave fields from the Pylon Selenite Rod transmission bases in the planetary fields of Phantom Arcturus.

The Seven Jehovian Seals of the seven Prime HD-Cs of the Dove APIN Wormholes system were placed on Earth’s Planetary Shields specifically on one vertical column, horizontally across from certain natural configurations in Earth’s Templar called Star Crystal Seals and connect to a secondary set of seven artificial Jehovian seals that are placed within the natural “Seed Seals” of Earth’s Seven primary vortices.

The first four Jehovian Seals HD-C implants of the Dove APIN are known as “The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse

The “Four Horsemen” are the frequencies of the first four Jehovian Seals that would ride upon and direct the frequencies of Earth’s natural carries waves, the “horses.”

As the first four Jehovian Seals release, unleashing the “Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse“, Earth’s Planetary Shields would begin ripping apart as the artificial external Merkaba Fields generated by the HDCs held select portions of Earth’s matter base and populations in trans-dimensional suspension.

The part of Earth’s Template and populations held by the Jehovian Dove APIN are intended to go into merger with Density-3 Phantom Arcturus via the HD-C network.

The Jehovian Annu-Elohim and Anunnaki false “ascended masters” refer to this as “ascension”; it is macabre, unholy, ascension.

Unless, of course, one desires temporary, artificially sustained “eternal life” in a “living-dead” thought-form body, trapped in a Phantom Matrix as a “demon-on-leash,” commissions to do the bidding of Jehovian Annunaki or one of the other unsavory Fallen Angelic dictatorships.

(See: True Ascension)

The Khu-VecaDha-VecaRha-Veca, codes have ability to override the Jehovian Seals in physical and planetary body.

References: The “Freedom Teachings” of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO), Speaker: E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas.

  • Voyagers II


just in case ascension dictionary gets discontinued (links provided above), here are cut-and-paste texts describing phantom, angular rotation of particle spin and checker-board mutation:

The term Phantom refers to the state of a Planet, Galaxy, Universe, etc. – or the part of it – which have become Descending, that is, unable to evolve out of the Time Matrix.

Phantom: Unable to Ascend through the multi-dimensional cosmic structure and out of the Time Matrix.

(See: FallPhantom EarthPhantom Matrix)

Phantom Planet, along with all life forms on it, is trapped within the fields of time.

This Phantom Planet condition is referred to as planet being “cut out the grid“. The planet is no longer attached to the evolutionary imprint contained within its morphogenetic field.

Phantom Planet is no longer capable of evolving out of the Harmonic Time Cycle in which it is placed, it is no longer considered an Ascension Planet, it is called a Descending Planet.

Such a planet will continue to evolve within its present Harmonic Universe time cycles, slowly expending the energies held within its core, until its particle pulsation rhythms slow, its temperatures cool and eventually it implodes to become a black hole.

It can take billions of years for a Descending Planet to meet its destination, this does not occur quickly, and life can continue to evolve upon its surface for many years.

References: The “Freedom Teachings” of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO), Speaker: E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas.
  • Voyager II
  • Personal Healing Through Planetary Service


Angular Rotation of Particle Spin:

The Angle of the axis upon which the sub-atomics particles rotate.

ARPS is determined by the core rate of internal fission-fusion (Merkaba Field Speed and axis angle) with the fixes Partiki units that form the scalar-standing-wave template of the dimensional frequency fields.

Rate of particle fission, oscillation and Merkaba Field spin rate, increase upward through the Dimensional Scale creating progressively less-dense state of matter.

A Planet progression through one Time Continuum creates a 45° shift in the Angular Rotation of Particle Spin (ARPS).

In order to understand the dynamics involved in such time continuum shift, it is helpful to realize that the structure and illusion of linear time is created through the pulsation rate of particles and their relationship to that of other particles.

It is through the multidimensional relationships between angles of particle and anti-particle spin (ARPS) that multiple reality fields (Harmonic Universes – HU) can take place in the same space, while remaining invisible to each other. As a planet evolves through this process. the rate of particle pulsation, and thus the speed at which it moves, progressively increases, while the density of matter progressively decreases.

This is the process of evolution through the 15-dimensional scale.

All Reality Fields (Harmonic Universe – HU) take place in the same space but appears to be separated and “invisible” to each other due to Variant Angular Rotation of Particle Spin.

ARPS determines the Matter Density level of each Harmonic Universe or Reality Field.

References: The “Freedom Teachings” of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO), Speaker: E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas.
  • Voyager


Checkerboard Mutation:

(The Nibiruian Cross – Crucifixion)

The Pleiadian-Nibiruian Anunnaki’s Nibiruian Diodic Crystal (NDC)-Grid (NDCG) “Checkerboard Matrix” Sonic Program running through Earth’s Templar since 25,500 BC reverse the Natural Fire Letter Sequences and polarity in DNA Templates 1-2-3 and Axi-A Tonal Lines 1-2-3-4-7-10 and one-half of Axi-A Tonal Lines 5-8-11.

Resulting DNA Template add Axi-A Tonal Line distortions block the embodied D-12 Pre-matter “Divine Christos Blueprint” of Earth life forms and link the body to the Reverse Matrix.

NDC-Grid Checkerboard Mutation has reduced Human Life span, chemical DNA, brain function and blocked Race Memory since 25,500BC.

The false “Crucifixion” story was invented by Annu-Elohim and Anunnaki to symbolize their intentional “crucifixion” of the INNER CHRIST D-12 Maharata Current within Earth life forms.

Checkerboard Matrix Axi-A Tonal Lines blockages were represented as the “Crucifixion Wounds of Christ

The D-12 Maharata Christos Current is available on Earth as of January 2000 for first time since 208,216BC, offering Humanity the opportunity to “come down off the Nibiruian cross” and re-set the D-12 Divine Christos Blueprint within the body via use of the DNA Template Bio-Regenesis Maharic Seal technologies which can clear the NDC-Grid Checkerboard Mutation.

(See: Maharic Shield)

The Checkerboard Mutation is a result of Sho-na Transposition Fields created in this Ecka-Veca around 25,500 BC causing:

  • Inactivation of DNA Strands 9-12
  • Disassembly of DNA strands 1-8 and insertion of a skip code (resulting in an un-natural sequencing of the PCM-PKA strands in the DNA’s double helix)
  • Inactivation of all but 4 sub-frequency bands in all 12 DNA strands eliminating the natural form of ‘variable base’ DNA
  • Scrambling of the natural pairing configuration between the nucleotide sequences within the double helix
  • Phase-lock between Kathara Grid Centre #5 and the E-Umbi (False Navel)

References: The “Freedom Teachings” of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO), Speaker: E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas.

  • Voyagers II
  • Kathara 2-3 Foundations Module Handout




ease and des.ease: sukha and duhkha

Sanskrit has very truthful words to stand for ease (happiness, joy, delight, felicity) and des.ease (suffering, pain): sukha and duhkha
duhkha is one of four noble truths revealed by Buddha and is usually translated as suffering, but translations fail to convey why duh.kha is suffering, while examining syllabic meaning of the word itself makes it clear
the fundamental difference between su.kha & duh.kha is in the first syllable, while kha stands the same:
a cavity , hollow , cave , cavern , aperture
the hole in the nave of a wheel through which the axis runs, vacuity , empty space , air , ether , sky
brahma (the Supreme Spirit)
the anusvAra represented by a circle (bindu)
to beget , bring forth, good , excellent , right , virtuous , beautiful , easy , well , rightly , much , greatly , very , any , easily , willingly , quickly
to pain, draw anything out of another thing, to milk, take advantage of, to milk or squeeze out , extract, yield any desired object, to be drawn or extracted from

as seen, the difference between su- and duh- in sukha and duhkha is not merely difference between happiness and suffering, it is the difference between natural and unnatural(artificial) creation as is manifest in Organic and Inorganic Creation of Time Matrix and Phantom Matrix (known in Yoga as Nirvana and Samsara respectfully; known also as conflicting Angelic and Fallen Angelic states of beingness in messages of Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order and Guardian Alliance)

meaning of su.kha and duh.kha is absolutely fundamental to understanding the nature of two great obstacles: ragA (lust, passion for, attachment, addiction) and dvesha (aversion, hatred) as worded in Yoga Sutras by Patanjali (when i read the original Sanskrit wording, i finally understood!!! and saw how translations fail to bring forth the true meaning of these two sutras unless we contemplate the profound depth of the original with our Essense and regard syllabic meaning of su.kha & duh.kha):

sutra 2.7 (definition of ragA)
su.kha anushayi ragA

sutra 2.8 (definition of dvesha)
duh.kha anushayi dvesha

anushayi = sequential attraction to, closely following, secondary accompaniment, resting on

ragA – inflammation, any feeling or passion , (esp.) love , affection or sympathy for , vehement desire of , interest or joy or delight in, a musical note , harmony , melody(musical mode or order of sound or formula ; bharata enumerates 6 , viz. bhairava , kauzika , hindola , dIpaka , zrI-rAga , and megha , each mode exciting some affection)

dvesha – hatred, dislike, enmity to, aversion, hostility, above(!)

(duh.kha is when we squeeze out of our self instead of allowing to manifest(su.kha), which is unnatural, and this is why duh.kha is interpreted as pain and pain-infliction while sukha is interpreted as joy and happiness; but (in translation) simply substituting the true meaning of duh.kha with word pain fails to convey the understanding of why duh.kha is painful and why it is suffering: so important to read Sanskrit texts with guidance of our Essense equipped with Sanskrit dictionary to enlighten into meanings of each syllable and the whole composition of them into a word and sutra)

the root of duh.kha is in a.vidya – fundamental forgetfulness of the truth
sutra 2.5 (what is a.vidya – forgetfulness, not-knowing, ignorance(from to ignore))
antiya ashuchi duhkha anatmasu nitya shuchi sukha atman khyatih avidya
(mistaking “anitya ashuchi duhkha anatmasu” for “nitya shuchi sukha atman” is avidya)

here is word-by-word translation as given in commentaries to Yoga Sutras by Swami J (http://www.swamij.com/yoga-sutras.htm), but i benefited a lot by looking up each word in Sanskrit-English dictionaries studying them with guidance of The Essence)
antiya = non-eternal, impermanent, ephemeral
ashuchi = impure
duhkha = misery, painful, sorrowful, suffering
anatmasu = non-self, non-atman
nitya = eternal, everlasting
shuchi = pure
sukha = happiness, pleasurable, pleasant
atman = Self, soul
khyatih = taking to be, supposing to be, seeing as if
avidya = spiritual forgetting, ignorance, veiling, nescience
(a hint to words shuchi and ashuchi came to me from being native Russian speaker as Russian derives from Sanskrit: shuchi co-resonates with Russian word for One, who truly is=сущий, thus ashuchi is that, which is not One who truly is=не сущий (which stands for all perceptions/reflections)

regarding origin of war and peace

regarding origins of war and peace…

there are two ways of liberating Essense from with.in samskara(deep impression in consciousness), vritti(enclosing, whirling, modification of the mind field(chitta)), smriti(memories) and other conscious structures including programs of AI:
one is to allow The Essence express Free Will and come out of the structure;
another is to affect the structure with frequency forcefully disassembling the structure thus “liberating”/forcing out(depending on the intent of using frequency in such a way) consciousness that held it from within the construct

the difference between the two can be illustrated by the “original sin” memory:
“During a period of time that span from 250 billion to 570 million years ago, a series of wars called the Lyran-Elohim wars, and later the Angelic wars, broke out in the Density 4 Prematter systems. The Gold order Seraphei-Seraphim reptilian Omicron Race from D-10 Lyra-Vega began to DIGRESS (leave the main subject temporarily in speech or writing; synonyms: deviate, go off on a tangent, get off the subject, get sidetracked, lose the thread, turn aside/away, depart, drift, stray, wander) and set forth dominion conquest into the stellar systems of our Time Matrix; they became known as the “Fallen Seraphim”, the forefathers of the contemporary D-10 Orion-Drakonian Fallen Angelic Legions. Simultaneously, The Emerald Order-Amethyst Order hybrid Feline-Aquatic Ape Anyu Race from Lyra-Aveyon also suffered digression and petitioned the Elohei-Elohim Feline-Hominid Christos Founder Race of D-12 Lyra-Aramatena to destroy the Fallen Seraphim Omicron Race. When the Yanas, Breneau Order Founders Races and the Elohei-Elohim of Aramatena ferused, opting for REHABILITATION of the Fallen Seraphim, the Anyu Race of D-11 Aveyon attacked and destroyed Aramatena to gain control of Star Gate 12…” (memory from Voyagers I, p.162)

desire to dominate is also a conscious construct as it expresses in a mechanical repetitive way

Buddha is said to discover 3 causes of pain and state of duh.kha:
craving for objects of de.sire to give pleasurable feelings
craving to dominate
craving to hide from the world because of painful feelings


p.s. “existence of the external world and the memories is not the problem. Rather, the pure consciousness mistakenly takes on the identity of those thought-patterns”~ Swami Jnaneshvara

God is all.mighty: always to remember that hydrogene of water that composes our body can be peaceful and allowing or it can be as powerful as hydrogen fission and fusion

Integration of levels of identity, Raja Yoga and Merkaba vehicles

“integration of levels of identity”
Re.membering be.in.G ONEness and Raja yoga practice offer a doct(O)r.in(e) of be.coming able to peacefully and lovingly release multiple points of awe.art.ness from with.in deep impressions(samskaras) and other structures/formations so that the original source-point-of-awe.art.ness that had invested itself so can be again whole thus free to naturally align with The Source
(consider investigating 🙂 http://www.swamij.com/yoga-sutras.htm)
“entities existing as merkaba vehicles”
from Tangible Structure of The Soul class 7 by E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas:
1. Dimensions:
Sets of frequency bands, structured into groups of three dimensional bands per Harmonic Universe.
2. Merkaba:
System of spiralling electro-magnetic energy constructs within and surrounding the body that manifests in the form of interwoven, counter-rotating star tetrahedrons—two
pyramids together combining to form a Star of David. The Merkaba Vehicle forms in stages as a natural product of merging the multidimensional Merkaba spirals that arise as a result of the evolutionary process and integration of the 15-dimensional levels of identity.
3. Nethra Phase:
The 3-dimensional Merkaba. The position of the harmonic Merkaba spirals when they are locked into their respective Harmonic Universes, is called the “Nethra Phase” Merkaba.
4. Hallah Phase:
Merging of Harmonic Universe 1 (HU 1) and Harmonic Universe 2 (HU 2) body/identity systems, i.e., the Earthly Incarnate Identity with the Soul Matrix Identity. The 6-dimensional Merkaba Vehicle. This process creates the common bi-pyramidal Merkaba Vehicle otherwise referred to as the Star Tetrahedron, which facilitates movement between HU 1 and HU 2. Through this wave pattern structure a state of physical bilocation of the identity within corresponding space-time coordinates in HU 1 and HU 2 takes place; the consciousness can simultaneously experience life in HU 1 and HU 2, and the identity becomes a fully embodied soul.
5. Quatra Phase:
The Soul Identity merges with its Oversoul Identity. The 9-dimensional Merkaba Vehicle. It looks like an 8-pointed star. The 9-dimensional Merkaba Vehicle through which full displacement from HU 1 to HU 2 and bi-location between HUs 2 and 3 can occur.
6. Mahunta Phase:
The 12-dimensional Merkaba Vehicle. A 4-pyramidal structure, 10-pointed star, and 12-strand DNA activation. One rotating ring of multi-spectral light. The Christed Merkaba Vehicle used by the Avatar Identity. The 12-dimensional Merkaba Vehicle of the Avatar Identity, through which full displacement from HU 2 to HU 3 and bi-location between HUs 3 and 4 can occur.
7. Rahunta Phase:
The 15-dimensional Merkaba Vehicle created by integration of the Rishi Identity of HU 5; a 12-pointed star surrounded by 2 rotating multi-spectral rings of light. The Rahunta Phase Merkaba Vehicle only moves between HU 3 and HU 5, since it would vaporize anything lower.
8. Rishi Body:
The Universal Body of Light. It first evolves as a Geomantic Entity within the Triadic Level of the Energy Matrix in HU 5, just outside of the Time Matrix, just beyond the Meta-galactic Core at the 8th dimension.
9. Tinatra:
Merkaba form of the Geomantic Entity Rishi Body. It appears as an elongated diamond form comprising 2 elongated 3-sided pyramids, one inverted, surrounded by three rings of multi-spectral light. The rapid counter-rotating spin of the 2 elongated pyramids give this Merkaba vehicle the appearance of a Sphere of Fire, surrounded by rings of fire.
Entities existing as Tinatra Merkaba Vehicles remain at the Meta-galactic Core just beyond the 8th dimension and send forth to the Time Matrix fragments of themselves to evolve within the 15-dimensional system.
Stairway to Heaven begins with integrating point of awe.art.ness in.to Merkaba Vehicle:

Pain is healthy

the cause of suffering is desire of mind to escape/suffocate natural expression/experience of pain Divine Essence feels whenever we harm. Pain is a natural alarm helping us to stay in tune. The healing of damaged by escapism thus oppressive/dominating mind begins with us looking the truth in the eyes – with us refusing to harm any living being including ourselves – with us refusing to follow the mind, which seeks to escape responsibility for harm done(navigating into indifference and distraction), allowing our Divine Essence to naturally solve any instance of unnaturalness=self-inflicted harm. The Truth of Oneness – any harm seemingly done to others is in Truth done to ourselves as it is first and foremost occurs with.in our mind – when we even once can truly experience what REAL WE feel when we harm even by accident, we can also witness a degree to which our mind is used to escaping this painful experience by dominating Divine Essence with thoughts of indifference and distraction.
to face long time habit to harm to “well be”… it is when we eat cooked corpse with gourmet pleasure not feeling anything because our Divine Essence is oppressed into silence by our refusal to be ourselves…


Легчайший пух

Легчайшая пылинка


То тополи пустили по волнам

поземку белую что снежно Землю дарит

пушистостью легчайшего пера пребудь во вдохновеньи ум!

Всесильный Боже!

Исцели плотской дворец и голос возверни из под неволи!

Всё Могущий!

Ис”цели страх дышать глубоко по потоку ветра вольного дыхания тваво!

Забывчивость целить:

то единенье! всемогущесть! муза музыка живописанья

Маха Мудра: без хватанья

легким пухом перышком пером на воле ветра вольного с Любовью


Related image


Resistance as a degree of hatred

Dissolving five poisons (hatred/anger/”striking against”, lust/greed/insatiability, ignorance/delusion, envy, pride) is of utmost importance

tolerance is resistance and resistance is a degree of hatred…

to be free of clinging of resistance/hatred/anger towards a sentient being, suffering or the cause of suffering that fuels it, to surrender into total sincerity of our Essence that welcomes Itself genuinely regardless of envelope… dissolving fear of individuated delusion within Truth of OMNIPRESENCE and OMNI LOVE… ALLONE taught me a lesson: it became a custom to mentally welcome all beings of the creation into our house upon entry every day – one day i felt fear because there are beings that could harm us – ALLONENESS manifested at that moment of fear and reminded that it is ALLONENESS that welcomes all Its manifestations and not an individuated point of attention of “me”… also shown by example was that dissolving our resistance to evil=suffering and its cause (genuinely accepting harmful being as part of ourself) heals the veil of harm that temporarily obscured ALLONE…
dissolving resistance in all-embracing ONENESS every moment it arises is fundamental to our well-being as resistance/hatred/anger lead to negative actions that harm ourselves and all Life (as is shown in an example of the original sin: Anyu Race destroying Aramatena Stargate 12 that connects our Time Matrix to The Source because of the resistance/anger they have experienced to the decision of The Founders not to destroy Fallen Seraphim Omicron Race(forefathers of Orion-Draconian Fallen Angelic Legions) that caused suffering by digression, but to let them heal… also resulting from the resistance/hatred/anger were Lyran-Elohim Wars that nearly destroyed our Time Matrix)
“take courage again and again” ~Babaji

Hrih Shri PadmaSambhava gives this advice on overcoming attachment/resistance to the conditionings that envelope the vrittis(whirlings/modifications of mind-field) known as gods and demons: “a god is someone who had abandoned all ill-will; a demon is someone who retains ill will. When applying this experientially in your stream-of-being, the perception of gods and demons is itself your thinking mind. Look directly into this very thinking and see that it does not have any concrete identity, but is empty. In that moment the thought of gods and demons is interrupted; hence, this is the vital point of naturally dissolving gods and demons.”

Resistance is most common behavior as we are addicted to “feel good” by whatever it takes even if it harms us without us willing to see it (using food and drink as means to heal and feel good is an addiction of corrupted consciousness)

a lesson this morning: feel like cannot get up – blood pressure 82:52 – depression of inner child… after long hesitation decided to have a cup of coffee to feel more energy regardless The Essence already expressed that coffee is a poison to us… lesson: it is resistance to being in a state of psychological hence physical exhaustion that made me make a cup of coffee; still working on liberating from attachment to feel good and energized all the time and from resistance as a degree of hatred; it is the beingness that can naturally alleviate any dis.eased state of itself – not the food and drink – i already know it – a lack of patience to wait until extremely unpleasant state of being exhausted is healed naturally as Psyche “changes her mind” 🙂