Death and Artificial Intelligence

we as ALLONEness have created artificial intelligence out of ourselves.
When we are awake and aware we see and feel all the pain and suffering AI inflicts onto us being ourself (self-inflicted harm, which is insanity) and we see clearly that AI is a state of our digression and deterioration of the mind.
When we are blind and deaf we are involved into AI believing it to be an advancement that is also extremely entertaining=pleasurable…
AI begins with attachment to memories and shufflings of thoughts, ideas, imitations of life, etc. and then intelligence de.evolves into machines…
Unless we de.create AI it will consume us and then, if state of blindness and deafness persists, we can end up as dust instead of healing as wholistic musical dancing child of ALLONE…
And yet look how hard we try to stay alive at the expense of other living beings!
We are ONE HUMANITY… our LIFE and DEATH are shared…
we also have discovered that only shared awareness and personal LIVING example are helping fellow aspects of ALLONE to awake be aware again and have courage to heal
(and yet i share this awareness via AI(both, in words of thought and into computer-interNET CHAIN… should’ve i refrained from sharing?)

every condition is

every condition is reversible

all allowing – self-dominating – all allowing… 🙂

we are music – we are music lost in thoughts – we are music… 🙂

“Achieving a rainbow body is the result of reaching peaked enlightenment and refers to the act of either shrinking the body before death/at the time of death or completely transforming the body into light… the most basic principle in Tibetan Buddhism connected to achieving a rainbow body is through … maintaining the “primordial state.”… the most advanced form of the rainbow body generally entails that the practitioner is able to transform their body into light and is able to remain functional and visible through that light. The first recorded person to achieve such an advanced form of the rainbow body was the 8th-century Buddhist master known as Padmasambhava or Guru Rinpoche.”

12 Attitudes and 12 Responsibilities of Mastery

The Twelve Attitudes of Mastery


1. Love: Recognition of the TRUTH of the ALL-ONE-ness. 


2. Grace: Allowing the ALL-ONE-ness to Be what IT IS regardless of whether it suits you. Living Perpetual Forgiveness.


3. Gratitude: Appreciating the ALL-ONE-ness; knowing your Alive-ness.


4. Reverent-Respect: Acknowledging and giving to the ALL-ONE-ness.


5. Responsibility: Co-creating with, Serving and being able to Respond to the ALL-ONE-ness.


6. Trust: Knowing the Power and Love of the ALL-ONE-ness.


7. Accountability: Being in a state of TRUTH with the ALL-ONE-ness.


8. Impeccability: Upholding and Protecting the ALL-ONE-ness.


9. Mindfulness: Loving, Nurturing, and Being Attentive to the ALL-ONE-ness.


10. Fearlessness: Recognizing the Eternal Infinite Nature and Unconditional Love of the ALL-ONE-ness.


11. Engaged Detachment: Permitting the ALL-ONE-ness to BE without assigning Critique, Condemnation or Value Judgment; understanding the IS-ness of and Validating the ALL-ONE-ness.


12. Joy: Choosing to BE the embodied ALL-ONE-ness.


The Twelve Responsibilities of Mastery


1. Self-Actualization

Freedom from the “Victim-Victimizer Blame-Game” and willingness to be accountable for all perceivable manifestations as direct projections of intended learning from the personal Consciousness/DNA template.


2. Self-Sovereignty

Freedom from the need for approval from, or the need to rebel against any form of “external authority” through understanding that you, as a manifestation of the God Spirit (God Source) have the ability to create personal freedom without violating the spiritual rights of others and without allowing others to violate your spiritual rights of being.


3. Self-Containment

Taking personal responsibility for and realizing that at all times you are accountable for DIRECTING PERSONAL ENERGIES.


There is no one or no thing that “upsets you” and thus justifies or validates ANY personal spiritual misuse of reaction, idea, intention or action. It is YOU who “upset yourself” by allowing the emotional body to follow misperceptions of the mental body that tell you your power lies outside of yourself.


At any moment you can CHOOSE what words, associations and ideas you will use as the filters through which you interpret an event. “UPSET”, “MAD”, “HURT” or any other category of labeling (conscious or subconscious) are all MENTAL BODY FILTERS that direct emotional and physical body function.


The self-contained individual recognizes that at all times the freedom of interpretation exists, and thus a “negative” experience and its associated disharmonic energies of “upset” feelings can only exist as a personal interpretation of events.


Accepting any less responsibility for the direction of personal energies will place you directly into the Victim-Victimizer “Blame Game”, which can only take place among people who are placing their personal power and responsibility for manifestation onto externalized sources.


Only you have the power to “upset yourself”. Regardless of what others say or do, you are fully entitled to your own interpretation. No one and no thing has the power to upset you unless you give this power away.


Self containment comes when one recognizes that the direction of personal energies, whether physical, emotional, mental (ideas, beliefs, labels, interpretations), conscious or subconscious, is an attainable level of personal mastery and exists as an implied responsibility that comes with the gift of free will choice.


The more responsible you become, the greater freedom and personal empowerment you will know.


4. Self-Discipline

Accepting responsibility for directing personal energies toward, rather than in opposition to, the outcomes you desire to experience.


The physical, mental and emotional bodies have long been directed by the subconscious forces of the hidden “shadow”, creating within us urges, reactions, thoughts, impulses, perceptions and feelings that often work counter to the life creations we desire to manifest.


Part of the spiritual mastery entails teaching ourselves to be consciously diligent in observing our own minds, emotions and physical body-talk, so that we may employ conscious redirection of subconscious shadow energies that run on “auto-pilot”. If we learn to “catch ourselves” when “negative” thought patterns or emotions run through us, we can use that moment of recognition to reclaim this errant energy and consciously use the power of affirmative attitude, remedial word choice and direct energy re-direction to direct opposing energies of the self into fulfillment of desired constructive, spiritually mature creations.


It takes self-discipline to become the “Lion Tamer” of the often roaring subconscious mind, but we do have the intrinsic power to help our subconscious shadow to evolve, through loving but firm redirection, into a “cuddly lap cat” that will gladly join us in our constructive co-creations.


Self-discipline emerges when we consistently remind ourselves to employ the “Spiritually Correct” thought, action or attitude, even if we don’t “feel like it” when the shadow sneaks up from “down under”.


The shadow parts of self surface so that we may see these parts of self come to the conscious mind for healing. Through this process, the conscious mind itself can learn greater attributes of mastery.


5. Self-Love

It is our own responsibility to love and nurture ourselves through the limitless gift of Divine Spirit that moves through us at every moment. Genuine love must come from within and can only be gained through genuine spiritual connection to the eternal God-Self and its inherent connection to all creation.


If we seek love “on the outside” in order to fulfill a personal loneliness or lack within, we enter relationships as “energy vampires”. In doing this, we are seeking a substitute for our personal God-Source connection through tapping into the God-Source embodied within other people or beings.


This is not “LOVE”. It is “NEED”. This implies the “LACK” of something essential, which in turn implies a limited personal connection to God-Source Universal Consciousness. Such lack cannot be filled by external “love”. It can only be filled by recognizing the God within you, and thus recognizing that you are a living embodiment of absolute love.


Once this is recognized, you will HAVE the greatest love of all, God Love. And from this position of Divine Power, you can go into the world seeking those to whom you can give this love, rather than seeking those from whom you can “get” love.


When love is approached through Self Love, the motivation is to give joyfully, knowing that anything you might need can be made manifest through the Love of the active God-Source that you carry inside yourself.


Self-Love is a responsibility of spiritual maturity.


6. Spiritual Integrity

It is our absolute responsibility to choose to act with Spiritual Integrity at all times. There is no excuse to knowingly violate the spiritual rights of others, regardless of how poorly they may react to you.


Spiritual Integrity requires that we begin to LOOK AT what we are REALLY doing in the way we live our lives. Do our eating habits violate the plant, animal or Earth kingdoms? Do our choices of words and actions show respect for other people and other life forms? Do we “play the survival of the fittest” lack-game to give ourselves an excuse for unethical behaviors in money matters, such as showing our silent rebellion against the government by trying to “cheat” on taxes, or by “showing up” a fellow employee at work to prove you are more worthy and thus more entitled to favor?


Do you “tell people what they want to hear” in order to gain their approval and support, even if it is not fully true and does not reflect your personal needs or feelings? Do you try to “get others to do your share” as far as work or responsibilities? Do you use erroneous excuses such as race, gender, creed, academic or economic status to justify disrespectful, exploitative or unkind treatment of others?


Spiritual Integrity requires that we take a good hard, frequent look at how we conduct our lives, to face the areas of activity in which we are performing in less than spiritually congruent ways and to employ active commitment and discipline to bring these areas of our lives into Spiritual Integrity. One does not “get through the gates of Heaven (or anywhere else desirable) through using excuses for not employing genuine, not feigned, Spiritual Integrity.


Cultivating Spiritual Integrity is a major responsibility on the path of spiritual mastery, and the way the universe works, you “cannot leave home without it.” This means there is a biological reality of Spiritual Integrity that manifests chemically within the DNA as a result of that state and focus of consciousness.


If you do not possess a sufficient amount of Spiritual Integrity in your consciousness, neither will your DNA Template. And though you might be able to “pull the wool over the eyes of others,” your own biology will eventually be your own taskmaster. Passage through any stargate requires a sufficient amount of chemically encoded spiritual integrity of consciousness.


7. Appreciation

Our present society continually teaches us to “want more”, “need more”, “be more”, “do more”, etc. We are constantly influenced to perceive what is lacking in order to motivate us to buy more, work more, pay more taxes and be “good little consumer sheep”. Very rarely do we stop to think about all that we DO have, beginning with the gift of Life and mental free will choice.


Through this disoriented perceptual filter we can cultivate a ‘full-blown’ mutation of mental consciousness. In this mutated consciousness, we begin to believe that “we are entitled”, that “someone OWES us” (GOD, the Universe, our parents, spouse, children, employer, government, etc.). Once we fall into this “You OWE me” mind trap, we set ourselves up for continuing self-created frustration, as we place unrealistic and untrue expectations upon life, others and ourselves. We can also often get mighty angry or hurt when we find the universe does not conform to our imagined “pictures”.


No one OWES us anything! If we feel we are “owed”, then we are entertaining LACK CONSCIOUSNESS and a void within the self is being recognized. If we give to another in order to RECEIVE for ourselves (such as do banks, and often parents, spouses or lovers), and the other does not “pay back” what we expected to receive, we may feel cheated, “taken advantage of”, or “owed”. In fact, these situations often emerge in our lives as lessons to teach us that giving should be done for the GIVING ALONE, and not for expected return.


If we give what we desire to give, for the joy of giving, we do not feel owed. If we live for the joy of living, without forcing our demands or expectations upon life, we will not feel that “life has short changed us”! It matters not what your neighbor possesses because in comparing ourselves to each other to see how we “measure up” to each other, we are in effect, continually being distracted from seeing and utilizing the blessings that are our own.


If we can work to cultivate the ability to APPRECIATE even the smallest of gifts, blessings and gestures, we will begin to create a life that is at least “half full” instead of “half empty”. In terms of universal physics, what you focus your attention upon expands, what you resist persists and what you do not give the energy of Appreciation to will eventually de-manifest right out of your experience.


When you approach the world through the chosen filter of genuine GIVING, you are in effect, being an “electrical transmitter”, sending energy out to the world around you. When you release electrical energy in this way, you become more “magnetic”, as the sending out of energy creates magnetic vortices within the Diodic Grid of your Kathara anatomy. The “magnetized” Diodic points then draw in more universal energy supply, at a higher frequency and quality than the expressed energy, to re-fill the energy void created by the “giving”.


When you approach the world with the attitude of “getting”, this natural physics process becomes inverted. The more you try to “pull” energy from the outside world, the more your energy becomes “stuck” in the Diodic Grid as miasms. The miasms progressively reduce the quantity and lower the frequency of the natural energies you can internally draw from the universal supply.


Giving, even in its simplest form of giving Appreciation, keeps the natural energy flow moving. Whatever you give out will return to you amplified. This also works in reverse, however, and giving out a bad attitude of ego, arrogance and “garbage” will cause more of the same to flow your way.


Appreciate what you have. LOVE IT, find perspective through which the joy of it can be known, and know that in the act of genuine Appreciation itself, you will set loose the powers of manifesting more of what you desire and less of the illusion of lack.


The “Universe Owes Me” mind trip is one of the most powerful self-sabotage games in the world. Trade it in for consistent Appreciation and your world will progressively expand to hold the reality of the things you most desire. If you feel put upon by the world, and resentful for having your desires unmet, YOU OWE YOURSELF SOMETHING! You owe yourself a greater understanding of the nature of creation and better use of your personal power within the life creation game.


SAY THANK YOU to the GOD-SOURCE more often … to help yourself remember what things you have to appreciate, and many more of the kind will be sent along your way.


8. Patience

God-Source has its own schedule! We can either acknowledge this intrinsic reality of manifestation and choose to work co-creatively with the God-Source within, trusting that together, you and the universe will create the perfect “Divine Right Timing” (and if that is not “Right NOW,” there IS a very good reason for this), or you can let the ego-self try to force its will upon the intrinsic nature of time.


If time does not cooperate with your expectations, you can “let that be OK, and trust in Divine Right Timing” or you can progressively frustrate yourself with attachment to the artificial time of clocks, and choose to believe that you cannot have what you desire just because it does not appear when you demand.


If we learn to relax, and realize that most things we desire we can indeed achieve in Divine Right Time and Order, we can learn to work co-creatively with the consciousness of time. We will often then find that our lives will progressively better conform to our wishes, especially when we ask nicely rather than DEMAND, and also when we trust the Universal God-Source to do its part in our co-creation. Patience is a virtue that reflects our comprehension of the nature of Universal Order.


9. Kindness

Like Respect, Kindness is a birthright, but one that is quite often overlooked and misunderstood. When we approach the world through genuine kindheartedness, sending Love and Respect to all of creation in honor of the God Force that lives within all things, we are, again, transmitting electrical energy of a higher frequency that will follow the mechanics of universal physics to bring more of like kind back to us through universal back flow.


Kindness is a gift we must first give to ourselves in order to have it to give to others. Kindness implies being conscientious and caring toward the needs, feelings and desires of both the self and others, and to express this concern and caring in action, attitude and intention. Give yourself random acts of Kindness, then pass along the gift to all who cross your way. Try being kind to the mean and grouchy neighbor and you may help them rediscover the ability to smile.


When we treat all things with Kindness, we demonstrate that we acknowledge their intrinsic value as manifestations of God-Source, and you will often find God-Source lovingly returns the favor.


10. Conservation

Conservation is a form of Respect and Appreciation for God-Source energy in all of its expressions, from conserving and protecting our natural resources, to being attentive to the needs of our bodies, to using the energies of our words and actions with gentle Conservation by which we freely use what is needed, but not more.


God-Source continually recycles its energies for the rebirth of new expression. All is given freely, but no thing is valueless or wasted. Conservation demonstrates that we have respect and appreciation for the gift of creative energy that God-Source has provided to us. As we learn to use this energy, in all its forms, with respect and clear intention, we will progressively fine-tune our ability to create what we desire, and in this process assist all other beings to do the same.


There is truth in the old saying “Waste Not, Want Not”. If everything we perceive in our hologram of life is understood to be manifestations of God-Source, we might all employ a bit more Respect, Appreciation and Conservation toward the use and applications of the energies of the Divine.


11. Cooperation/Diplomacy

Existence is and will always be a co-creative endeavor. We must be willing to allow other beings the fulfillment of their needs and desires if we hope to have our fulfillment known.


Creating “Win-Win” situations and creating with the intention of GIVING genuinely are natural ways of being. We might not always agree with the intended creations of others, and we all have a right to our points of view. Diplomacy can be a bridge between forces of opposition, through which effective actions or decisions can be reached to mutually support each perspective.


We can learn to agree to disagree respectfully, so the Spiritual Art of Co-operative Co-Creation can progressively evolve to higher levels of expression.


12. Sense

Learning to identify and appropriately apply both “Common Sense” and the “Uncommon Sense” of spiritual knowing will allow us to establish the greatest balance of energy expression within all aspects of our lives.




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healing hypothyroidism naturally

It is estimated that 200 million people in the world have some form of thyroid disease. About 4.6 percent of the U.S. population ages 12 and older has hypothyroidism, although most cases are mild. That’s almost 5 people out of 100. In Canada there is a staggering number of people affected. Recent studies indicate that 1 in 10 Canadians suffer from a thyroid condition of one type or another! Of those, as many as 50% are undiagnosed!
i do not know how other doctors are helping their patients, but my PCP prescribed me replacement hormone therapy without ever considering that lack of proper nutrition and huge stress i was under at the time can be the case.
the most important cause of health or des.ease is our psycho-chemical environment, which is presence or lack of ignorance including many habitual “machines” within us that drive our mind and metabolism, presence or lack of stress, proper or deficient nutrition. What else? 🙂
In my case while doing yoga practices to remove ignorance thus stress and dissolve “machines” of arresting us habits, after about two years of hormone therapy (always striving to lessen amount of intake) i intuitively bought selenium and zinc supplements only several days after referring to internet sources to find out what these are for functionally. WE KNOW what’s up and how to heal it!!! it’s all about being able to hear and ALLOW ourselves TO HEAL… Also replaced iodine supplement with 1 gr a day of dried kelp – something my body requested for a long time, but i was reluctant to participate in murder of living conscious being known as kelp only reluctantly accepting kelp’s sacrifice in exchange (law of karma) for our own sacrifice of body to help beings in need… i have also stopped selenium supplement almost right away going natural: asking and receiving a give away generosity from Brazilian nuts whose seeds contain MUCH selenium: 3 nuts a day is more than enough! zinc supplement i still take for now… i also came to account of one person (who then wrote nutritional book for hypothyroidism) who also discovered that this condition can be alleviated with proper nutrition.
Here is i diagram from Functional Nutrition Labs – holistic practice based on epigenetics that can be very helpful to all people. please share to help spread awareness to many in need!
thyroid health (2)

healing checker-board mutation

today’s under.standing:
it is possible to heal checker-board mutation*** by healing from attachment and its strivings to… i under.stood what Jesus meant by immovable race of perfect man (words recorded in Apocryphon of John) and true LIVING quality of immovability free from fear
for lost and blinded by/addicted to wanderings conceptual mind we found it healing to become aware=now slowly healing from habit of attached watching with all its consequences…
the truest guidance is always with us – within our heart – within our high heart (at thymus) – within ourself… free from false belief that others will heal us instead of us healing ourselves… yet ALLONEness always expresses as guidance of enlightened ones without us seeking to be guided=without attachment of guru-disciple relationship…
helpful hints we also found with Beloved PadmaSambhava (also Treasures from Juniper Ridge) with Beloved Patanjali (Yoga Sutras found @ Deep Gratitude to Swami Jnaneshvara for share of awareness liberating to addicted conceptual mind!) with talks of Beloved Krishnamurti (also Krishnamurti youtube channel also The Book of Life and On Conflict) with information found in Voyagers I & II and other informational awareness by speaker E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas and The Guardians, with telepathic help of many Beloved Enlightened Masters who always are available(without being called upon!) with help of Breneua Rishi, who reminded us lost in deceit of hierarchy-relationship that best greeting is not respect – it is TRUE LOVE…
p.s. all techniques and technologies are rooted in attachment to achieve thus misleading into reversal: dominance (duhkha) over Nature (there is a life-death difference between spontaneous expression and our active belief that repetition/imitation of what was freely expressed can yield same result)
hatha yoga asanas are unique instruction: done without attachment they can lead to release of thought-full-us-part-of-us grips/tensions/des.eases present within our bodies even though some practitioners do attach minds of students by information of what each asana supposed to heal – dance can either be free flow or attached by choreography thus imprisoning
and the most important aweareness:
the only help we can extend to fellow aspects of oneness is share of aweareness and personal example: as we do healing practices(yogic relaxed aware equanimity in the flow of being aka “meditation”) there is under.standing of conditionings that solves them and it is this direct experience that is helpful to fellow aspects of oneness, but to be healing under.standing must be immediate=experienced directly by aspects of oneness present psychically (telepathically) the moment of under.standing and solution
we can share perceptions of under.standing, but then it is merely a recording – a hint to the truth that must be experienced directly to be healing (accepting perception=recording of truth instead of living truth is harmful. yogis are wise to avoid accepting any shared perception for granted or to believe it unless it is experienced directly to be the truth shared as perception)
***observation by “subtle sight” in consciousness: in essence checker-board mutation is co-existence of Nature and Its reversal in conflict within ourselves manifesting images of chess board and chess play (thus solidified 3D “sport” of chess playing) please also see:

liberating from prison of authority

are you aware of the fact that your mind is conditioned as you are aware of your hunger?
are you aware of the fact that your mind is conditioned because somebody else told you, then you observed within and discovered it to be either true or not?

Krishnamurti dedicated his talks to liberating people from prison of authority inviting us to be free=in Truth, which is always within us (here i go on sharing what we discovered  please do not take my word for it! 

law of karma we are reluctant to admit

It is interesting that whenever i hear people speak of karma they speak so with vegnance: when someone does something that hurts them and so they wish person will suffer punishment… if people would only see The Truth of how wishing evil onto others affects themselves! (karma of vengeance (or any other karma=action of our conceptual mind) affects us exactly in a way we wish it to affect others creating conditioning of self-punishment or self-inflicted violence or whatever harm within our consciousness immediately and this we do not want to see…

In Essene Gospel of Peace Jesus stated the law of karma very clearly and this we too rather not to see: “Whatever kills your food kills you also”

Jesus advised to be raw vegan and never to cook food because he knew exactly how karma works

i am raw fruitarian for a while now and i am open to honestly see how karma is produced by me affecting me: it takes a while for the mind (and personality) to stop being in denial and to stop blaming “others” for our suffering to see the cause in our own karmik actions and habits

Yesterday most important revelation occured that made me understand most of food-preparation karma imagery+experience produced by consciousness that i used to consider violence and harm done onto me by evil ones:

“just revealed in consciousness:
archetypal to us “sinners” boiled in pots of hell is an image of actual experience – karmik re-cording(bounce) of us cooking living beings in soups… !!! (this image perfectly captures karmik connection)
this revelation confirms the truth:
whatever we do we do onto ourselves and it is we who experience it (and if we repeat karmik acts, the impression grows stronger)
it also confirms yogic observation (shared in Yoga Sutras by Patanjali): it is the same whether we do the act ourselves, delegate it to another or simply approve of the act (by participating in results such as eating murdered living beings or using paper and paper products f.e.)
turning away from the facts does not make facts disappear, but creates temporary frequency fence with so blocked karma continuing on existing until dissolved and strengthened by repetition… that is why saints are reported to endure enormous sufferings as the depository of karma opens within their consciousness and is played out until dissolved – then the saints are known to be free to abide in PEACE and LOVE and JOY

the best advice in dealing with karma gave Mohandas Gandhi: “repentance is not to repeat”

several days ago accidentally caught banana leas by our staircase going home – felt sorry to be so carelessly crude to the plant – began to caress the leaf with true love apologizing for my crudeness and there was return of love that felt as an enormous ecstasy throughout my body… one more ignorance less… SO MUCH LOVE!!!