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about Runes

В отличие от скандинавских рун, которые, как известно, получаются из матрицы Одина – шестиугольной структуры, славянские руны содержатся в розетке Всебога

Unlike the Scandinavian runes, which are known to be derived from the matrix of Odin – the hexagonal structure, Slavic runes are in Vsebog rosette






Human karma is the karma of kitchen knife and a drinking cup

ignorance about “food” keeps “kitchen knife and drinking cup” karma keeping Humanity prisoners of “the food chain”

look at what we call food

is it really food?

Archangel Michael is often seen with the knife and drinking cup and sometimes with a sword conquering red-brown fallen

name Michael asks

are you equal to God?

God is within and all around us – everywhere

are we equal to God within us?

Archangel Michael will hold kitchen knife and drinking cup until we are

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