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Hologram and the two meanings of the word

Hologram, meaning:
1) A REPRODUCTION (a three-dimensional image reproduced from a pattern of interference produced by a split coherent beam of radiation) – a photograph of an interference pattern that, when suitably illuminated, produces a three-dimensional image
2) THE ORIGINAL – the pattern of (light) interference itself (produced by LIVING PRESENCE and Its qualities), which corresponds to the origin of the word hologram (Greek): holos (whole) and gramma (message)

it is too bad that word “hologram” (whole message) began to be used for the 3D photographic reproduction of the Original “Whole Message” of The Living Presence in Light because “holographic gestalt” is a collective that controls local Life by the photographic 3D reproductions of The Original (!!!) (aka sets of holographic inserts that control or attempt to control individual expressions of The Source by presenting reproductions for originals (including such reproductions of originals as Mahavatar Babji’s (!!!))

when we read such things as “universe is holographic” we must really differentiate whether an author means the pattern of (light) interference Itself produced by The Original Presence or Its reproduction: for example, Ashayana Deane in Voyagers mentions regarding Stellar Activations of 2017 (D7 Arcturian Spiral, D8 Orion Spiral, D9 Andromeda Spiral) “holographic beam aligns” – we should really question whether it means The Original Beam of Light (aka pattern of interference itself) or The Beam of Light sent from The Sources to reach by reflecting off of the series of reproductions (holographic inserts stationed/placed in space) because there is a huge difference between The Living Beam and Its reaching The Earth by being reflected off the series of reproductions (as i have seen “holographic gestalt” planning to channel The Light Beam from The Source to Earth (i did not see reproductions of which Original Holo-Grammas=Whole Messages stationed in space are(were) planned to be used by “holographic gestalt” to channel The Beam from The Source to Earth (to Big Island, Hawaii, Waipio Valley), but it’s the fact of controlling The LIVING REACH of The Source to The Earth by reproductions itself that isn’t natural…) also, Voyagers II mention “holographic beam” only in relation to last 3 Stellar Activations to occur in 2017 – not to the first 3 ones (!!!) and this fact is very important (the first 3 Stellar Activations were D4 Solar Spiral (2000), D5 Pleiadian Alcyone Spiral (2004) and D6 Sirian Spiral (2008))

it is really important that we differentiate in our minds two modern meanings of the word “hologram” and “holographic”… In Voyagers II it is mentioned that Jesheua-9 chose “holographic healing” – i really remember this fact because there are beings who choose to exist with sets of reproductions of the originals and this is unnatural state of existance separated from Unified Field of LIFE and LIVING ONES… i pray we are all strong enough to choose Natural Beingness and Unified LIFE to finally liberate from unnaturalness of “holographic gestalt”