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Begetter of Heaven

Yalthabaoth – the child-god – first time i found beautiful image that truly matches beauty of a child who gave his half-light into Human Body he created in LOVE with reflected in WATERS image of Perfect Man… though not like Perfect Man, Yalthabaoth is a beautiful child – a Lion with “snake tail” – our Imagination (pin.ael gland in a hat of epiphis with a tail of a bridge and medula oblongada… & epiphany & rainbow & medium are very WORDS to praise the Child – pray His half-light WILL be again whole-holy with Heart of One Life…)

“Yaldabaoth: (Yaltabaoth, Ialdabaoth, Jaldabaoth, ‘yalda baoth’) From the Aramaic language, meaning “begetter of the Heavens”. A name corresponding to the Demiurge meaning Child-lord.”


does this image re.mands you anyone? … oops, sorry! “re.minds” … :D)))

BTW (in relation of pin.eal to its hat epiphis):

there is a beLIVE in Buddhism that between departure of ShakyaMuni Bud.HA & arrival of Maitreya Bud.Ha there is a Savior of Children Bud.Ha:

NaMa FUDO MUYO… Bud.Ha of Under.World (Xibalba)… for murdered Children to be saved Japanese people place little statues of them in Red Hats for Fudo Muyo to know where they are… ManTara of Fudo Muyo is Ha-Ha-Ha… :D)))

how abouth Shambala (Agartha) AKA “Hollow Earth”?)

does it re.mands you any one?)


sup(p)er article about so called “holy war in hAEvan”