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perpetual rebel without a cause

i have no respect for adult limitations
i m perpetual new born
i touch i love and satiate expressions
i expand in boundless vibrations
i m empty awe
skull of perpetum mobile
skeleton of primal core
sharing music…

lament of ode
creation-son be-comes unfolds dissolves
just once i celebrate and mourn each ode
no branches and no tree…
i m perpetual new born
i m atomic chain reaction
i m uranos that returned to gaya as ion
i m aware of kronos and no longer killed by him
i m perpetual rejuvenation
i m quantum leap without swallowing aeons
i let them thrive an instant and dissolve
perpetual rebel without cause
i m perpetual new born
i m full revolution of an empty point
i m you

i touch each one vibration once
i touch – explore – adore – and – drop
i m new born who cannot hold
i challenge – jump over your head!

i m full revolution of an empty point
i m you

pearl in a flower
one vibe of countless expressions
quantum leap
pure love
i m


there is no death
pure love alone
pure love i m
say i m you

(this came through as i was walking this morning inspired by touch of Arlene’s inspiration…
it is healthy to start new day with inspiration… and as i walk through the day something always comes through… 🙂


we inspire each other by instant appreciation
aeyonik tantra=aeon (ion) + yoni + formula of love 🙂
the age of forgetfulness robbed spirit child of creative expression by artificially shifting appreciation to "food and lodging" safe-deposit-box, created a desease of self gratification… there is no ego, but a crying loud spirit child: love me! see me! love me! look what i can! love what i give! it’s time earth be healthy ionic expressions again 🙂

i dare you express and never hold!
i challenge – JUMP OVER YOUR HEAD!
perpetual rebel without a cause…
what do you FEEL?) 


it is accomplished 
Someone just now pointed my attention to upcoming Jupiter return to Uranus and lightning of realization flashed my mind: this poem has everything to do with upcoming material event: Jupiter is Zeus that returns to Uranus in a way prodigal son returns to its root: …i m Uranos that returned to Gaya as Ion… i m full revolution of an empty point… and perpetual rebel without cause…:))) Leap! Leap! Leap! Many happy ionic returns to all

AEYONIK TanTra formulas


Lord teaches his Lady how to shed blood

Lady teaches her Lord how to love

Fascinated by bloody exchange



This IS absolute instruction in both, Kama Sutra and Tantra. No other formula can compare to it: uncreated, uncultivated, beyond explanation, it is Supreme Mask of ALL LIFE. Transcend it and experience The Source of all that ever was, is and will be!


Following sayings are PRACTICAL application as of TanTra so of quantum physics (from particles to parallel universes, their coitions and offspring of various coitions) as within so without:

‘…we are what we think (Gautama)’…as we believe so it is (Xristos)’…we are what we eat (Unknown)’…and as we are so is our world (Lao Tzu)…’

Immovable TanTra equation

(works on ALL planes: individual, collective, human, super-human, planetary, stars and systems, galactic, AEYonik, etc…)  


 ‘… = O’…

O = 1’…

1 = () + ()’…

() + () = O’…

1 + O = 1000’…

1000 = …’

Shiva=perfection=bindu=union of two females

Shakti=AEROS=Power to rouse, procreate, dissolve


Ultimate Mystery to solve by The AEYonik TanTra: all that stands between The Lovers is the light…’

‘…Quantum fluctuation is the initial stage of each creative act of AEYONIK TanTra. Each quantum fluctuation is aroused by primordial WILL (dragon in a pearl) and carried on by Its POWER (pearl in a dragon)’… “Red Button” activating Primordial Will and Its Power is hidden beyond 10 Tantrik seals within void secret chamber’… Only Divine FEMALE can unseal, enter, behold The Pearl and ride The Dragon without as Divine MALE within…’ 

Deciphering secret formula in ‘…NO TIME’…NO PLACE of NO MIND’…discover The Pearl’…free Its Power and ride It by Void WILL alone’… Only thus Tantrika is capable of learning to open AEYONIK Flowers on canvas of akasha by means of quantum fluctuation without ANY material equipment, thought and idea’…opening () and letting It touch Itself


TanTra for AEONS of Pure Light: by mutual satiation and Tantra equation conjoin East and West and reduce Ketu to Rahu to bindu to Void…’

All Mayan Codices may serve as AEYONIK TanTra student manuals as well as quantum mechanics researcher’s guide (my favorite – “Madrid Code” 🙂

Terms in equasion:

Zero Aeros = Pure Love = Power electromagnetic.
Kundalini = electric Life energy.
Both, electromagnetism and electricity = SHAKTI
Pure consciousness = Father Sky (Uranos, Shiva).
DNA = Mother Earth (Gaia, Gauri).
Alchemically Purified Mercury=Divine Intellegence=catalist & messenger of the gods

Quote from ‘The Children of Now’ by Meg Blackburn Mosey: ‘it is a scientific fact that Mercury is highly conductive and can actually be used for creating electric energy as fuel. When there is electrical conductivity, an electromagnetic field is generated. The electromagnetic field is generally opposite in polarity to the electrical field, with the electrical revolving in one direction and electromagnetic polarity revolving in the opposite direction. This opposition of polarities creates balance and stability. When both the electrical polarity and the electromagnetic polarity spin in the same direction, GATEWAYS () through time and space are opened, the barriers between our reality and that of other worlds disappear, and gravitational pull no longer exists. This phenomenon is exactly HOW antigravitational technology works… It is HOW our consciousness works within the reality and beyond…’ (this is exactly how QUANTUM LEAP of Uranos-Gaia is synthesized with help of Zero Aeros and The Son. One bread of Christ feeds all! i m SO happy that this book ‘jumped’ into my hands early this week! i m not surprised it did – when we activate our pure consciousness’ quantum ability and aim to apply it on material plane, mater shifts to materialize whatever we need whenever we need it:)

Pure Love directed to Zero Source with all its MIGHT is a simple technique of ‘anchoring’ Zero Aeros in one’s pure consciousness :))) Pure Love directed to The Center of Mother Earth is a simple technique of anchoring Volcanik Kundalini :))) and then… we… LOVE… la la la :)))



Quantum LOVE LIFE :)))

On May 9th at 5:00 am added:
“At last… ECSTATIC TOUCH of SAME DIMENSION of KNOW… All it took – detachment from all that is not and unwavering magnetism to attract same as I m… Bernard’s Mercurial Pearl compliments I M’s AEYonik Flower… direct contact within one no-mind without need to penetrate the 7 veils… an example of AEYonik TanTra AKT of NOW AGE – AEOn of harmonious TOUCHING relationship many call age of group conscience and ceremonial magik 🙂


NOW “child” of this virgin coition: If conscious being is conditioned to 5th dimension (mind narrowed to a state of collective animal soul), it believes that there is a need to coincide multiplicity into unity + conjoin physically through one or more of 7 bodies by means of penetrating Einstein’s “worm holes”:)))… Free Being IS immovable and coincide by magnetism of no-mind: ALL ARE ONE NO-MIND – no need to MOVE to TOUCH or COINSIDE – only TO SHINE… Abridged mastery recovers by letting simple observation deeply penetrate your mind: human being doesn’t move when 1000000 thoughts arise, vibrate, seemingly interact seemingly producing quantum offspring of seemingness; eight dharma strings, when allowed to reverberate, SEEM to touch each other – SEEM to produce the stir of echoes (thoughts) in perpetual nothingness’…karma is a conditioned believe that stir of echoes is tangible’…reflection exists for an instant of REAL shuddering and is sterile’…karma is nonexistent simply because eight dharma strings are immovable and never really touch – aroused to shudder dharmas are unmoved – untouched – as virgin groom and bride two shudders coincide producing NOW states that are to NONE as soon as shudders’ gone…deep wisdom in symbolic infertility of Arthur-King and Genevieve-Queen’…no children and no karma there’…no multitude offspring from touch immovable as in the mind, so in the matter… thus camel goes through an eye of a needle and tiny black hole indraws Milky Way without becoming anything else but itself – nothing at all…’ 


…Express NOW fully at once dissolving all being in non-being…’


AEYONIK TanTra of Immovable Race… one – equal to another – can manifest and move Its Mater or conjoin or indraw without being moved… Real creative without reflected symbolism of a pearl on 1000 and 8 petaled Lotus :)))

NOW is fully expressed’…nothing is left to echo’…nothing will ripple the waters to move The Spirit upon them’…no-mind is as pure as it was before NOW Pearl of Bernard Poolman touched NOW AEYONIK Flower of I m’…no footprints left where are no sands of time’…perpetual NOW silence…’


Tibetan Tantrikas KNOW LAW:


‘…Termas elaborated upon in writing are lost; written books ARE dead-food to The Spirit of Logos as fully expressed leaves nothing to reverberate…’


‘…newly found Termas are HOT and hide within a secret message’…hidden remains alive’…waiting in utterance surface in due time to elaborate and dissolve into silence‘…Wise speak in parables to preserve and elaborate to dissolve…’

Eastern Promises… Pure Love ALLONE :)

I stand in famous Maitreya Hall at Thikse Gompa… I drink it in… slowly… as a wine-taster…
The Hall is all adorned with silky panels of mystic flowers…
Statue of Maitreya is bathing in silky flowers of various shapes and kinds… even attending monk doesn’t know ALL of their names… “Mentok”, he says, “means flower. There are sooo many different mentok…”
I smile… contemplate many mysterious shapes of Eastern mentok… Eastern… Rising Sun… Isn’t it curious that Eastern traditions picked up and carried on detailed description of Initiator of Upcoming Age? Maitreya is one of the attendants of The Rising Sun (East – Buddha Aksobya called by Tibetan Tantrikas Guhyasamaja)… suddenly realize: “AEYonik Flower TanTra IS advanced spiritual ART… NOW Dance of Immovable Race…  Like DNA Dance in The Rainbow Frequencies of Light… Creative State of Super-Conscience where DNA acts as ‘…compact carrier of extensive divine information…’ …Fresh water can only be poured into empty cup… However, we must be aware that new milk is unlikely to be welcomed by a jar that’s used to its own Amrita… It is dangerous to attempt and change one’s nature to accommodate something that looks tempting, yet is not our cup to taste… Those who attempt to change another, must be aware that freedom-loving sparrow can never be changed into… sword-bearing Tara… Process of purification is a delicate individual process indeed – most dangerous of all to purify another for in so doing those who attempt to purify another place upon their being grave responsibility: Delicate state of Divine Love must be preserved in The Soul no matter what the cost…
Pure Dance of Flowers… Light as the swift flight of sparrows that bridge Heavens with Highest mountain peaks… And those who stand upon the mountain top… Or even better – sit on the precipice with legs hanging into abyss as sparrows swift through pure sky making music as they pass so close to our cheek that one can feel the air becoming powerful whirlwind inviting off the edge and into sparrows flight…

Pure Love and Art of Sacred Calligraphy

( )
‘…where two or more are gathered in my name, I am between them…’







O + O = 1 = O



Tonight I’ve dreamed of HOW Sacred Words and Prayers are to be written:

‘… T ‘… R ‘… U ‘… E ‘… L ‘… O ‘… V ‘… E …’
‘…p ‘…r ‘… e ‘… m ‘… a …’


‘…we become what we eat’…and as we are we utter…’

Everything originates from a ‘… everything ends in a …’


Mahatmas that left Earth’s future generations TanTra tutorials in a form of Khajuraho Temples, applied this sacred law: what appears to be ornaments adorning temples’ walls, is INSTRUCTION for advanced (each temple has a unique set of "ornamentation"). What is relayed in body-language of sculpture groups is much simplified form of Tantric instruction for atmas, who forgot how to read SansKrit Seed DhaM.








Since ALL LIFE is vibratory "calligraphy" of successive NOW-states (of 50 immovable SansKrit siddhaMs touched by fiery eitht-spoked wheel), EACH TOUCH BETWEEN THE WHEEL and THE SIDDHAM is a complete triplefold akt of creation

as above  ( ‘…(…’ )  so below  ( ‘…)…’ )

TRUE ART of SACRED CALLIGRAPHY is yet to be learned by most Human Logos – not on papyrus by ink – by following "on foot" Its dharma wheel between primordial letters (standing still as tablet in Void "Sky")

Learning to apply this technique from Alpha to Omega, Human Logos learns to paint upon Akasha without leaving footprints: by lotus feet as NOW-Mirror ("as above") touching cosmik waters ("so below"), churning SACRED SIDDHAMas and PRAYERS as successive NOW-triple-states-of-NOW-letters: NOW-rise to NOW peak space-time to fall to none as soon as NOW no more, yet with such mastery as to conjoin NOW-to-NOW-waves without ripples of past or future until eight-spoked wheel completes Its "touching course" above and scroll of waves – no more

‘…no seed dha of same prayer can be added after …’

‘…p ‘…r ‘… e ‘… m ‘… a …’