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Magik Kingdoms

some realise only too late that modern religions are targeted at annihilation instead of nurturing

this is pertaining to us risking to loose our Soul’s magikal kingdoms before we even get a chance to take a glimpse – when third eye opens, we can see true life – in the light – and then we come to face the conflict (or hopefully the lack of conflict) between who we are – what we truly desire – HOW MUCH WE DESIRE TO LIVE & DANCE – between LIFE and self-destruction programmed into our minds by worlds religions and so called gurus of God…


what does it mean to live without Self?

just came across this career changing musing by a belly dancer:

it is curious that when we truly know ourselves it is very impossible to live without Our True Self… Kobo Abe wrote “Man without a Face”… I saw SpiritBeing being asked to erase Her Spiritual Name in order to play the Role of Divine Mother of All Life… i will never forget the feeling of image dissapearing as soon as the name was errased – what i felt in my Heart – i wish no living being will ever feel or being asked to do this sacrifice while being requiered to keep on living in human body with full memory of an act… will my Spiritual Nama or Holy Sigil ever be given back to me? …i guess i am just tired of being always erased… to be empty and to have to fill myself from a scratch… our Love is erased when we are emptied – so it takes to learn to Love all over again… by this i mean our unique Voice – our unique vibration – our MUSE – our InSpirit@ion – in a dance of One Life… why does any entitity will be so cruel as to erase all yet keep the human vessel alive????

i also had an experience of all memories – all of who i am errased – empty i walked in shock for many weeks learning to live anew – now it happens all over again… WHY ME??? or… why so many times??? we already know that we are no thing but a point of consciousness inflaming Pure Love of a Disc of Life… perhaps it can be called a sphere when it dances upon itself and spins… some say Life is never ending spiral of ascention – as one circle ends – another begins – all seemingly same yet awareness increases… so they say… i believe if Love is absent from the Heart – no matter how high awareness soars… God is Love and if some pretend that ascention is about awareness and knowledge – kick them as far away from your Soul as possible – only LOVE way is True – only Love and Ecstasy lead to higher and all increasing de-greese of awareness… Rose Lotus Astra Spiraling Cone flowers and those of pine and cedar are sacred flowers  for they are like God’s spiraling on the waves of Love higher and higher… emptying from lesser degrees of orgasmic Love as Spirit leads Soul into all increasing Ecstasy that made Life possible… ecstasy if the true sign of ascention into The Heart of God… all else are steps of belly Dance or Dance of Safiras…

Game, Codes and Numbers

Трудности, возникшие на Земле в данный период времени, связаны с тем, что человечество уверовало в идею превосходства над иными планетарными энергиями. Оно отделило себя от остального живого мира, в то время как все сущее смоделировано взаимодействовать совместно.

На планете до вас существовали иные человеческие расы, внешне похожие на вас. Их ДНК были неприкосновенны, а их цивилизации достигали высокого уровня развития. Они существовали очень давно, более полумиллиона лет назад. Мы не говорим о цивилизациях, которые вы называете Лемурией или Атлантидой и которые по-нашему летоисчислению относятся к современным человеческим расам. Мы говорим о древних цивилизациях, захороненных под ледяными шапками Антарктики — континента Южного полюса, и тех, что погребены под слоем песка пустыни Гоби в Монголии.

Worship Face you walk upon – in English it is called “ground” or “Earth”

what does it mean to be Host Consciousness… start @ 05:10 into this video and then watch this and then… kiss the Sacred Face of Our Planet you so habitually walk upon… let all of us remember forgotten Atlantean ART of kissing feet of Sacred Tample Whores and take a moment of silent mind to HEARt Collective Consciousness we are…

TaRa ~ GAiA3EL ~ SOLE ~(*)~ ELOS ~ LE3AiAG ~ aRaT

“What we believe is our story What we kNOW is truth” Meg Blackburn Losey

What is a shadow but a fallen Light?

What is a ma-trix but the trix of treat?

What are left handed people for?

to read the words both ways and see dis-torx-ion

What is a meta-trone but one who LIVES SELF DESTIN@ionFile:Venice clocktower in Piazza San Marco (torre dell'orologio) clockface.jpg

If review of past lives has any value – it is to teach mind-E-go what WE already kNOW in our HEART – to make us re-member our purpose & completely unite from first to last in a point of a circle within luminosity of SOLE AMEN – Disc of Life free from shadow ma-trix “men in black” restaurants and multi.story “build-inG.s” they asked us to run to feed on our LoveLight… 2012 is the end of shadow matrix “Six Flag Magic Mountain” – We – Our Planet – Our Cosmos – All of Creation finally Is free from “disc-cover.pre-cept-ions” game abuse…

angels and lords and fairies and giants already re-membered themselves from black veils of forgetfulness iinto LIghtLOve… equality is real – pyramids of powers are illusions illUMinNATinG des.ease of illusion – shadows of these pyramids are still defended by shadow puppets of the fallen shadows – angels & gods dominating over humans is illusion of duality – we are one – in oneness angels and lords hold responsibility for specific dom-in-ions (s.NOi-ni-mod ~ healing MODaLitY) – angelic human lords are composed of these dom-in-ions equaling humans inseparable from angels & lords ~ LoveLight – we are One.enO

Angelic Humanity’s Original Sacred Mission

The Divine commission of The Angelic Human Race, the Sacred Mission for which we were originally seeded on Earth, is to correct the Fire Letter Sequences within Earth’s Planetary Shields, which were damaged during the “fall from Tara” 550 million years ago. The Divine commission is called the Xristos Realignment Mission

The 4 evolutionary Rounds of the Angelic Human Cycles of the Rounds were seeded simultaneously, each within their own time cycle that is synchronized with the others. The Angelic Humans and all other life forms on Earth.thraE (true name is Gaia3El) during each evolutionary Round all serve a riole in anchoring a specific portion of the Fire Letter Sequences of Gaia3eL D-12 Shield of Armatena Divine Blue print

The Angelic Human race was commisioned as the Guardians of the Planetary Xristos Realignment “Mission”. The Angelic Human DNA Template is designed to carry the correct arrangement of Fire Letter Sequences that correspond to the core program of Planetary Shields. Angelic Human presence insures that during SACs repaired Planetary shields are able to synteseaze the infusion of interdimentional frequencies from Planetary Opening Star Gates. This insures protection of Our Sacred Planet from electromagnetic po9le shift (known as Monadic Fire Letter Code reversal). This inasures we will transcend “the fall” advertised as “end of the world” or “ice age”.  Presence of Angelic Humans guaranties that electromagnetic fields are protected from reversing polarity – protecting from Monadic reversal of Living One into disfunctional holograms – protecting Her Star Gates – protecting from reversal of codes from 12:12=24 dream wheels transcendance to 11:11=22 shadow box

The Angelic Human Races were commisioned to serve as the “Frequency Transducers” for Star Gate Frequency during SACs; a “Collective Buffer Blanket” to prevent pole shift on Gaia3el during SACs while progressively resetting the Planetary Xristos Divine Blueprint in Gaia3el’s Planetary Shields

As the Star Gate frequencies of the Universal Life Force Currents run through the human body and DNA Template, the DNA Template progressively sends the corrected Fire Letter Sequences back into Gaia3el Planetary Shields. With a critical mass of Angelic Humans transmitting the corrected Fire Letter Sequences into Earth.thraE Planetary Shields during a SAC, Planetary grids will progressively receive the Fire Letter Sequences needed for the Planetary Shields to synthesize the Star Gate frequencies “normally” (perfectly to pass through artificial HAARP noise field ascending frequencies to State of Gaia3eL Union with Tara)

Infusion of the correct Fire letter Sequences enables the planet to retain Her natural electromagnetic balances and axis alignment during SACs

If The Angelic Human Races in each of the four Evolutionary Rounds can simultaneously fulfill their part in running the correct Fire Letter Sequences into Earth’s Planetary Shield during a SAC, the Planetary Xristos Realignment “Mission” will be successfully completed. Completing of The Planetary Xristos Realignment will create a natural D-12 Planetary Maharic Seal in … Templar Complex Star Gates, Lay Lines and Vortices. A Natural Planetary Maharic Seal will return the potentials of Immortal Life, Stargate travel and Self-Directed Ascention to the Angelic Human Races of Earth, while protecting Earth.thraE and HUManity from any further “Fallen Angelic infiltration” (aka fallen angelic shadow ma.trix dominion illusion – ma.trix is time.line of linear – truth is timeless spaceless One.enO outside of written/holographic/fragmented word illusion of continuity)

The Last SAC (ice age well advertised in “Holy.wood” time.line “Day after tomorrow”)  ocured on Earth.thraE in 208,216 BC during the First Evolutionary Round of the Paladia Urtite-Cloister Race 12-Tribes. In our present time continuum the Paladian Races were invaded by Fallen Angelic Draconian Races from Orion and were unable to successfully complete their intended Divine Commission. Earth entered pole shift in 208,216 BC, the Paladian Empires were destroyed and survivors were resettled to begin the Second Evolutionary Round of the cycle of the rounds (am i glad that several Most Awesome Masters including Sunat Kumara & Quan Yin have successfully re-membered themselves to bypass grand illusion by 2006 in doing so we collectively anchored by-pass through the Sole in to timelessness – this already grants complete victory of 12:12 and all of us returning to our Pure State of One Consciousness – One Heart – One Life – One LoveLight)

Pole Shift in our present Time Vector (for those who are still transcending linear time.lines and its multidimentional VERSIONS of …) can be averted (by Angelic HUMan Monad)  by realigning the corrected Fire Letter Sequences in Earth’s Planetary Shields between 2001-2012 (each globulus held in two rings of Original Fire Letter Sifr – from re-versed & its veil (Living Bodhi of Life – Living WORlD) from holographic disfunctional state of “akashik record”) This inables Earth.thraE to shift into Trans-Time Alignment with the Time continuum in which the other 3Rounds (3 O-s) of  thew Xristos Realignment Mission are occuring successfully; the Xristos Realignment Mission will thus finally reach completion




p.s. “Angelic Humanity’s Original Sacred Mission” text is from Ashyana Deanne’s Voyagers, Secrets of Amenty, part II, pages 292-293 are freely quoted – italics are by She who wrote this note upon remembering Freedom of Her Life Destin@ion – not one can hold ONE from being HEALED from 24 wheels of ill.US.ion :D)))

She Bach Sole Amen

She Bach Sole Amen

She Bach Sole Amen


Why 12-12 is healthier than so well advertised 11-11

i have witnessed how reversal of Monadic Fire Letter Code (also known as Selicone MaTrice) works – on Planetary Level – hopefully but a memory of my past life… Please do not let it happen to YOU BELOVED HUMAN BEINGS! This will lead to hologram created in place of your LIVING YOU…

Who am i to speak?

Once, when i was very young, i went into meditation and suddenly saw myself as Prometeus bound and Eagle was eating my liver – just as in a myth – for the same reason – before loving my Self i love ALL else – so help us God to ascend in HEART – let no one ever torture You in be-coming re-verse of who You are!!!