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6-6-6 Timekeeper mutation

please see info on this unnatural mutation in the following link

experienced tri-torus directly and how it feeds on consciousness: this functions as a machine – it is experienced to be a contrived mechanism of persisting recorded thought-forms (mathematical programs if you will) that act to pervert healthy ornament of relationships into unnatural “Metatronic Beast” and yes – it “lowers the frequencies” of expression (this is why most of humanity and animals “think” as Metatronic Beast – only of “eating and sleeping”)

Metatronic distortions are repetitive recordings (conditionings=samskaras) as opposed to healthy lack of any lasting impressions when creative impulse manifests and demanifests following by another impulse manifesting and demanifesting and so on – creation “in the moment” – without attachment

it takes much LOVE to encourage consciousness to stay awake and strive to be itself

burden of habitual redundancy in the form of body of recorded distortions is what creates perceptual separation within ourself – all practices of yoga are aimed at dissolving this body of distortions (samskaras) by re-learning to abide in dharmakaya – The Source “mind” – Tibetan monks are very successful in Yoga practices and many are known (166,000 or more) to be capable of transforming their physical bodies to rainbow bodies (the secret of successful practices of the Tibetans is LOVE and COMPASSION cultivated to embrace all living beings within UNITY of LIFE as well as dedication of “personal” practices to benefit entire existence) Here is an example of Tibetan meditation:


Slogan #3, with comment, à la Pema Chödrön:
‘Sending and taking should be practiced alternately. These two should ride the breath.’
This is instruction for a meditation practice called tonglen. In this practice you send out happiness to others and you take in any suffering that others feel. You take in with a sense of openness and compassion and you send out in the same spirit. People need help and with this practice we extend ourselves to them.

Ascension is healing of consciousness to remember its UNITY LOVE JOY MUSIC DANCE and UNIFIED BREATH of LIFE



МО Лить Ва

И да исцелиться своеволие – причина всех болезней

И да ВО С ХРЕСТ Люцифер во Хресте!

И да ВО С ХРЕСТ Михаил во Хресте!

И да ВО С ХРЕСТ Человечество во Хресте!

И да ВО С ХРЕСТ все падшие коих по имени не знаю во Хресте!

И да ВО С ХРЕСТ все СОЗНАНИЕ БОЖИЕ что прошло чрез черные дыры падших вкушающих!


И да прибудем ПРИ РОДНО благодатью радости кахання Вольной Воли в ЖИВО писании МУзыки истинных нас!

Стихотворить – не варить!

Живописать – не жирить!

Как Христос учил – коли еще есть нужда целить болезнь своеволия, то еште с Божьего стола – фрукты да орехи – сыроеденье – да умудритесь как зверюшки и птички – без сотворения отходов! Ибо все что в человеком созданных горах отходов – Бог Живой но средь мыслей ужасных болезненных – потому смердь в кучах от.ходов – потому разложение ибо живут сильно больные существа в кучах от.ходов, коии тоже ВО ХРЕСТЕ ВО С ХРЕСТ нуть надо! Просите прощения у всего что в отходы бросаете ибо Бог ЖИВОЙ!

Ах! Как хочеться творить – стихотворить – живописать – плясать ПРИРОДНО!

Исцели Боже болезнь своеволия!


Дабы могли вновь возрадоваться в Любви и Истинной Природе ЖИЗНИ!

Ах – Ях!





АХ – ЯХ!