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Save the children


there are things done to children on this planet that are… i hope people who do these things will be out of job very soon…


HUMAN BEinG is almost the same as HUMAN BeInG and HUMAN BEin…G

Body is a Sacred Temple of One Life…

HEART is The Holiest of all Altars

when one sees two uninstinguishable flames of life forever dancing upon the lake of golden oil held within triple petal – Holiest of Holiest pink quarz sparkling on its surface reflecting perfect union of twin~(.)~flames…

whosoever can undergo total destruction and keep this Holiest of Holiest alive even in memory will ever be HOME…

HOME is where HEART is…

HUman Body is a Sacred Temple of One Life

Holiest of Holiest

One Love

One Life

Perfect Union of Atoma Powers Spirit and undestructable TAO…

TAO is



Ya DoMa Mi DoMa Ne RAZorVi svyatuyu niti Zhizni…

To come to the egde and stand still…

in between

To be HuMan is to be Sacred Temple of One Life…


Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart rimes with Sacral and SacraMental… MaLitva… Glavni PadaGrevatel’ Gaya3ManTRa…

Samaya Samaya Samaya Mantra: Bodhi Swa~(*)~Ha




enhanced dna rose template (from BelVaspata – a gift from Mother Goddess to Humanity via Master Almine)



The Celestial Cross

In a galaxy far far away
I’ve seen heaven in the sky,
A long long way out
Then a long large way up high.

At the far end of the universe
Did God place heaven there for me?
Beyond the reach of human eyes
One day for us to see?

Set in this celestial galaxy
There lies a perfect cross,
Beyond the gamble of chaotic chance
That evolution has won and lost.

So look to the sky and count the stars
I wonder if you can?
Find your heaven, then join the dots.
It’s all part of the Master’s plan

by poetry in motion @




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