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“Feeding” des.ease and healing

our immune system works to detect and de-compose harmful composite thought-forms that enter our body as entities – it avoids decomposing those that it recognizes as self
to be able to activate immune system that can detect and decompose harmful thought-forms and patters and composites as well as “frequency fences” WITHIN OURSELF we have to activate our 5th DNA to enable our higher-dimensional consciousness-frequency to manifest through our 1-3 (physical) body as well
“Metatronic” expression of life due to living off of other beings by ways of feeding had digressed healthy expressions it infected to manifest as multitudes of forms that feed on each other (collectives of “higher” dimensions, humans, animals, birds, insects, bacterias, viruses, etc.) the more “into feeding” the consciousness of a being became, the more digressed form of life it took (humans are also FOOD to others and human Souls, who CHOSE to feed on others instead of overcoming the des.ease within themselves, have digressed into less and less conscious life-forms – depending on the level of digression some human souls have digressed as much as to manifest as viruses and other pathogens)
It is so sad that most who are right now in human form appear unaware of what “gorging” on food does to their expression of consciousness! there are so many people, who literally devout their minds & lives to feeding and food and think and speak mostly of food loosing their great opportunity to heal by the gift of human form their conscious expressions have been granted for this life-time!

so-called “Metatronic” expression that infected many galaxies and life-forms does not need to be avoided (such as ideas that i have encountered about evacuating life-forms from Milky Way galaxy because it is “toral rift”=infected by “Metatronic” des.ease), but rather neutralized by our Spiritual Immune system. I am GLAD this thought occurs in my mind! It is quite a fit may seem, but there are examples (such as Sculptor galaxy) that show “black hole” asleep while giving birth to stars (“Black hole growth and star formation often go hand-in-hand in distant galaxies,” said Daniel Stern – an example of duality of health and des.ease) In Sculptor galaxy there is a sign of certain HEALING from “Metatronic” des.ease: “Then, in September and November of 2012, Chandra and NuSTAR observed the same region simultaneously. The NuSTAR observations – the first-ever to detect focused, high-energy X-ray light from the region – allowed the researchers to say conclusively that the black hole is not accreting material.”…/…/news/nustar20130611.html

as far as we have been shown, there IS Living Consciousness within center of our Milky Way – battered, but still persisting… May we all send the power-beams of Love and support to The Center Consciousness of our Milky Way wishing it POWER to withstand and HEAL!

Please reflect on galaxies shape and classification in relation to health and “feeding” des.ease as des.ease has to do with de.formation of Kathara from 12 to 10-center and appearance of two-arm(bar) spirals surrounding 10-Center Kathara that force Living Centers of Consciousness naturally surrounding healthy 12-Center Kathara out leaving its two-armed “whirlings” and a hole unless the consciousness persists in healing the des.ease instead of succumbing to it (is it why astronomers observe star formation and black holes existing simultaneously in many spiral galaxies?):

I have experienced GREAT LOVE of GOD to Metatrone as conscious expression and a wish for Metatrone to heal from the des.ease that for whatever reason came to be associated with the name (passing through Spiritual Sun is the healing for conscious expression). May Divine Immune system heal Metatrone and ALL infected by “feeding” des.ease!

here is example of Spiritual Immune system at work ( it is said that for humans it requires activation of 5th DNA):

Exercise to release crystallized thought patterns from the DNA and cellular memory imprint (Voyagers II, pp 493-496)

– By moving focus of your conscious attention into a slower-moving pulsation pattern, you will be able to release the thought-patterns stored within your cells. WHEN YOU RELAX YOUR MENTAL FOCUS and slow your heart and breathing rates, YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS EXPANDS AND BEGINS TO PULSATE FASTER, while the pulsation rhythm of your body’s particles slows. From this quickened state of consciousness, you can then consciously shift particle-pulsation speed of your awareness into very slow pulsation rhythms.

– FIRST, you will visualize moving your consciousness through a dark tunnel, with a bright light at its end (the same effect as in near death experience, which occurs for the following reason). Moving into the light represents the quickening of the particle pulsation rhythm of your consciousness, for which you are aiming in this exercise. You perceive the “dark tunnel” as your consciousness moves from its D-4 (dimension 4) pulsation rhythm, through the 90 degree shift in angular rotation of particle spin that exists between the D-4 and D-5 frequency bands, and into the faster pulsation rhythms of D-5 frequency. The “light at the end of the tunnel” represents the collective reality fields of the D-5 frequency bands, (and the D-5 consciousness contained there within), as viewed in condensed form, by consciousness stationed in lower dimensions. One moves closer to the light as the particle pulsation rhythm of the consciousness accelerates to the rhythm of the D-5 frequency bands. The light will appear to take on spherical form, like a blazing sun, as the consciousness nears the D-5 pulsation rhythm. One merges with the light when the consciousness has reached D-5 pulsation rhythm. This is the process you will encounter after death, but it can be used consciously while you are still in body, for many different purposes. When you perceive the light you are seeing fifth dimension.

– Once visualizing yourself in the light, submerge yourself within it and feel that light move through every cell of your body, imagine it moving through your DNA. This raises the pulsation rhythm of the body’s particles by infusing them within the D-5 frequency patterns carried by your accelerated consciousness, bringing what is stored within the cells closer to the range of your conscious perception. When you view your body from this D-5 state of consciousness, you will notice areas of the body that appear quite light filled, and others that appear dark. The dark areas represent parts of the body in which slower-pulsating particles are stored, the dark areas are the karmic imprints you seek to release.

– Next, move your attention into one of the dark areas as fully as possible, feel its sensations and become aware of the pulsation rhythm of the energy in that internal space. It will have a distinct feel of rhythm that you can detect if you move your attention into it.

– Become aware of the differences between the pulsation rate of your consciousness and that of the dark area, then consciously slow the pulsation rate of your consciousness to match that of the dark area. Feel yourself moving down into the blackness of the dark space, slowing the rhythm of your consciousness, spreading out, and becoming one with the area. As you proceed to move your consciousness into the area, you will feel a distinct sensation of the stopping of expansion. This occurs when your consciousness has fully expanded itself into morphogenetic field of that dark area thought-form. You have become one with the thought pattern, you are the pattern. You do not have to identify the contents of the thought pattern in order to release it, though you may begin to receive ideas, images and emotional qualities from the thought-form as you proceed through this exercise. Let the impressions pass by your attention, and keep focused on the exercise. In merging your awareness with dark thought-form , you have moved the station of your consciousness from the D-4 level, through the D-5 level and down into the frequency bands in which that thought-form originated. You have entered its source of creation and merged your identity with that of the identity who created the pattern. You have become the creator of the thought pattern. Being its creator, you can now change it. (1)

– Once you have become one with the crystallized thought-form, sense the shape and boundaries of its energy structure. It will have a form and structure of energy that you can “feel out” with your consciousness.

– Feel your awareness expand into every layer of the energy form, as if you are filling a balloon with water or a box with sand, until you can feel your consciousness take up every inch of area within the structure of the thought-form. Once you feel completely expanded into the thought-form, begin to recreate it.

– Call light to yourself. Imagine that you can see light streaming from a beam above you, as if there was a sun positioned above your consciousness.

– Now, imagine that the sun above you is moving down, into your consciousness and the thought-form. When the sun enters the thought-form, the thought-form explodes and the crystalline energy substance, of which its morphogenetic field was made, literally blows apart. The thought-form no longer exists as reality within your body or consciousness, its particles of energy substance have been released. The energetic reality of this process is that of using inner light (visualization) to guide UHF sound patterns into a thought-form morphogenetic field. The UHF sound patterns literally shatter the energy structure of the thought-form, braking apart the crystallization of slower-pulsating energy particles, just as certain tones of sound can cause a glass to shatter in the physical world. Through engaging in this process, you are literally merging the slower-pulsating crystallized particles with their anti-particles, through the thought-form of the sun that you created during visualization. That “sun” image translates through your body consciousness as D-5 through D-8 frequency, the frequency bands of transmutation through which particle and anti-particle merge. When you merge multidimensional particles and anti-particles you create photons. Through this exercise you have created a burst of photonic energy within the frequency bands in which the thought-form crystallization had been.

– To conclude this exercise, focus upon the image of the sun causing the thought-form to explode. Imagine that you can feel this explosion with your body as a sudden burst of energy that runs through your cells from the area in the body where the dark area had been. Visualize this occurring, and see that the dark area is now filled with radiating light. You may not have to imagine the sensation of energy rushing through you at all, , for this is the energetic reality of what is taking place. The degree to which you can sense this energy release will depend upon how sensitized your neurological structure is to higher frequency energy. This sensitivity will increase the more you engage your consciousness in activities such as this exercise. Exercises like this activate dormant DNA codes, which program the body to build new neuro-passageways and nerve endings. This increases the body’s ability to sense subtle energy and expands the perceptual range of consciousness while it is focused in the body.

– As you visualize photonic light running through your body, consciously guide that light directly into your DNA, while holding the intention that the body will use this energy to accelerate the DNA-building process, under the direction of the soul matrix identity. Visualize minute photonic particles moving into and adhering to your double helix DNA strands, until you perceive all of the light particles that were released, as merging with your DNA.

– Complete the exercise by visualizing your consciousness returning into the bright light sun, then move your awareness backward through the dark tunnel until it is focused in your present moment station of consciousness.

(1) Note: Having the ability to consciously shift your entire awareness into the D-5 level is an attribute of complete 5th DNA strand assembly and activation, which most humans do not yet possess. When you use your present imagination to create the inner experience of this merger, you actually accelerate the assembly of strands four and five and rapidly increase your accretion level. The more you practice such exercises, the more your awareness will be able to access the D-5 pulsation rhythm, which will make D-5 merger progressively more tangible and “real” in terms of physical perception and embodiment of D-5 frequency. Any exercises that “take you into the light” will do this for you.


everything is consciousness

“poop” and “garbage” are LIVING CONSCIOUSNESS either distorted by our actions or allowed by our actions to EXPERIENCE the life-cycle of “waste” – it is our own self that we send to experience the life-cycle of “waste”…


(yesterday i ate avocado and my self let me experience what it feels like to send part of God’s consciousness that became protective avocado shell into “waste”-cycle of experience… asking forgiveness… if not for our “feeding” des.ease (originally we are breatharians) there won’t be any waste! because our divine abilities to manifest necessary things are proportional to our state of des.ease causing forgetfulness – one should read the account of Lahiri Mahasai meeting Mahavatar Babaji in “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda to see that a Human Being who was able to realise state of Avatar (10-12 dimensions) does not need any food nor anything produced externally whatsoever! – so realised Human Being can manifest anything NECESSARY at the moment (Divine Economy))

consumerism (consumption) is the reversal of self-realisation that makes as powerless and harmful to our very ONESELF – Xrestos (Christed) HEALTHY expression of Life flows creatively ever between The Source (The Father) and The Child throughout The Motherly OCEAN of ALL LIFE

how do we treat LIVING CONSCIOUSNESS that is regarded by us as “food”? the violence of the act of chewing alone… not to mention murder and mutilation that occurs to deliver to the plate… and the mutilation occurs not as much in the consciousness of the “food” as much as in the consciousness of the one who murders or distorts the wholeness to feed – both are part of ONE LIVING BEING!
our anatomy is an outcome of dualism of des.ease and health within our consciousness: union of digestive and breathing systems – one is des.eased “Metatronic” – other is healthy Krysted breatharian… and a “door” in the throat between the two ways of being…
how much we need HEALING in XRESTOS (Kryst, Christ) and The Source (YuNaSai)!
(passing through spiritual Sun is the healing of consciousness)


regarding “Metatronic” and Krysted consciousness: the juxtaposition within ONE consciousness begins from emanation of two (conflicting later on) expressions – one is producing active form of a flame (and sphere of flames of it) remaining oneness of awareness – another producing active form of torus with multiple crystals, which results in creation of black-white duality consciousness… Kryst expression is a 12-Kathara with multiple CENTERS of consciousness around it… Metatronic expression is a 10-Kathara with multiple whirling two-bars (as in spiral galaxy) that whirl to force out and replace CENTERS of consciousness of 12-Kathara expression to leave the field of “Mother” consciousness depleted of Living Expression of “Father” consciousness – whether the attempt will be successful depends on our level of awareness as our HEALTHY consciousness communes with its “Metatronic” expression (also see attached comparison:

every composition of consciousness we put into our system affects us – changes us accordingly

harmful acts lead to digression of consciousness (WE ARE ALLONE!)

i began to talk to consciousness that became me reminding it of its Divine Pure Nature – if consciousness liberates from ignorance and remembers its TRUE nature, it can liberate itself from harmful expressions it became

Most important awareness is THE TRUTH of ALLONENESS – any harm done is done onto ALLONE – any healing done is done onto ALLONE

the other TRUTH is that consciousness can produce ideas (thoughts) with or without attachment – the only form of idea (thought) is sound-light – ideas (thoughts & perceptions) that are “attached to” linger and affect consciousness as limitations – what limitations does consciousness allow to affect itself?