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Gratefully sharing my thyroid healing experience requested by Amy Myers MD

Good day! My name is Inna and i received a request from Amy Myers MD to share my thyroid healing experience. To begin with, i would like to once again express SO MUCH GRATITUDE to The DOCTOR WHO REALLY CARES FOR PEOPLE TO BE HEALTHY instead of following false practice of prescribing drugs to suppress symptoms leaving our ignorance of true causes thrive, which makes true healing impossible: as long as we are ignorant of the nature and the true cause, it is impossible to heal any des.ease (i know a person, whose husband was very ill and after many years on disability he died in much pain, which made a woman very angry at ALL the conventional doctors for not being able to help her beloved husband: more often than not doctors take actions to suppress symptoms with drugs instead of having a patient to discover and cure the cause(even though in case of this couple there was one doctor, who recommended change in diet, but was not successful in getting through and so the diet – the root of the des.ease, – was not changed, and the des.eases that came out of inflammation caused by unhealthy diet, have finally destroyed and killed the body of a man…) In this respect educating ourselves is the most important and thanks to rare caring Doctors as Amy Myers, who make removal of ignorance so much easier and the holistic approach of functional medicine that addresses ROOT causes such as diet, stress and life-style!)… The key to the whole story is that i do not take any drugs and, when prescribed Levothyroxine to increase level of T4, my organism felt reluctant from the very beginning and, all the while i did take hormone replacement we have been decreasing the dose until in January 2020 we stopped taking it altogether as the organism rejected hormone replacement therapy and for very good reason! The story shared are mostly experiences that followed: doing scientific research to educate ourselves on the nature of insufficiency, LISTENING TO OUR BODY to be able to hear the truth and solution(most important!), which enables to see HOLISTIC NATURAL ways to restore decreased synthesis of thyroid hormones(or solution of any ailments) because more often than not all health disruptions are dietary and psychological-emotional-stress-related in nature, which functional medicine addresses so well! Also recommend exploring new science of epigenetics, which helps to understand many mysteries about our health and psycho-emotional wellbeing (good start is with video(or book) of the biologist, who made an initial discovery, – Bruce Lipton, – “Biology of The Belief”)

Some of the experiences i have shared in my blog spot – these were before i discovered Amy Myers MD website and began to read The Thyroid Connection:

Here is the share of experience in relation to my thyroid-pituitary-hypothalamus function wellbeing i wrote in response to Amy Myers MD request:

Thank you very much! With your help i was able to ask my doctor for the right tests; when i began reading The Thyroid Connection, i had discovered that listening to our organism is THE what we need most to stay healthy: reading Myers Way Thyroid Connection Plan i had discovered that already for several years my Soul had guided our body for recovery: out of all the steps (of thyroid function and whole body well-being restoration) you list what was missing was getting enough of needed nutrients and even that was because my mind was too orthodox in following yogic ahimsa (none-violence – none-harm) in diet following our natural quality of total harmlessness, but with harm to our own body… 🙂 i am mostly raw vegan fruitarian (grains-free for many years and legumes-free for about 2 years without nightshades for a while) and we stopped eating any seeds, nut and legumes when experienced what our Soul FEELS when we murder THE SEED OF LIFE of THE LIVING ONES… and how it blocks The Living One within ourselves! … being The SEED of ourself that the part of us that became entangled in the mind perceives as if it is distinct from ourself… with being entangled in the mind also comes indifference, which makes it impossible to navigate in LIFE guided by TRUTH, which requires natural sensitivity of livingness… when i FELT the TRUTH i cried… i FEEL… even though our body requested pumpkin seeds and beans, we ignored it pleading with our body that we should not violate our nature of love and harmlessness(this was also the readon to refuse dietary source of iodine in the form of FRESH wakame seaweed: we could not participate in murder of sentient living being that is more pure than humans – fully conscious all feeling living collective that is self-sustaining in water of LIFE – LIVING BLOOD OF THE EARTH). i have inner sight active and can communicate with organs of the body: why our thyroid asked for iodine, i went with seemingly harmless ionic iodine supplement only to learn one year later that it was not supplying any iodine at all! The way this discovery came about was receiving thyroid function test with TSH/free T4 that were too way out of range (56/0.38) YET! our T3 was within range! … that day we made very hard decision and  bought 1,5 lb of wakame seaweed salad and also made a decision to allow ourselves to eat raw pumpkin seeds (100g/day soaked in pure water for 12-14 hours). 2 days i ate about 150-200g of wakame seaweed salad a day then only 2 table spoons/day as our thyroid said it was enough. In 3 days I stopped freezing at 80F and felt even hot at 70F: this discovered that supplement was not supplementing anything and that the only potent iodine source are FRESH FOODS (even dried kelp was not supplementing iodine probably due to iodine evaporating very quickly and only fresh sea weed (wakame in our case) was able to suffice deficiency (later, with help of God, we discovered that rare fruit feijoa is also great source of dietary iodine: one publication shared discovery that feijoa supplies 3mg iodine/100g of wet weight, but rarely any stores have this fruit. This discovery have helped us because our Essence simply could not participate in murder of living beings – wakame seaweed in this instance – simply could not, – and then God came to help and gifted discovery of harmless supplement of iodine in the form of a fruit feijoa (God always helps if we are in true need!) We also supplement additionally (not every day) topically applying 2 drops of 2% Lugol’s to thyroid area on front of the neck(in above link there are details about topical application of Lugol’s). Pumpkin seeds proved to be superfood with all the needed nutrients and when I examined their list (I use nutrition charts), I understood how simple request of our body is worth years of scientific research that experiments on animals and extensively lists taking so much time of our life to discover and/or to examine! While our organism is economic and simple in communication: pumpkin seeds… iodine… Brazilian nuts(I remember looking at them for several months in store before I understood it was silent request of our organism 😊 )… phosphorus… The GIFT of AVOCADO SUPERFRUIT ❤ … GIFT of ORANGES… ❤ we make fresh juice ourself… Avocado RAW extra virgin cold pressed oil (Omega-3 and vitamin E SUPER OIL! To support brain and nervous system AND energy metabolism of the whole body) GIFT of BUTTERNUT SQUASH… 😊 ❤  it is possible to be vegan fruitarian (seeds are seeds and fruits at the same time and, in our experience of harmless lovingly-kind(aka vegan) sustenance, only the gra our organism is requesting that are offered FREELY in response to our request…) but we need not choose with the mind cold-bloodedly and, even worse, greedily or out of gratification of taste pleasure because these more often than not cause harm to our bodies in form of disruption of healthy function leading to all sorts of des.eases… ❤ most health is assured if our body tells us which one and how much and we (as reasoning mind) are able to listen and to act in harmony with our Psyche and body) and get all the nutrients to the best of health! SO, when 1,5 months after allowing dietary iodine and pumpkin seeds, we took thyroid function blood test again in hope to prove to my PCP that we do not need hormone replacement therapy – that our thyroid malfunction was dietary in nature, the results were SPEAKING FOR THEMSELVES!!! 😊 in only 1,5 months (out of usually looked for 3 months to accumulate volume of hormone on Levothyroxine) free T4 was up by 50% (from 0,38 to 0,57), TSH was down by about 50% (from 56 to 32.10) AND! Total T4/ Total T3/free T3/ reverse T3/ total T3 to RT3 ration WERE ALL NOW WITHIN RANGE speaking of adequate supplementation of the body AND nervous system with thyroid hormone, which made it for Levothyroxine hormone replacement therapy option become clearly unnecessary as these results proved that the cause was dietary in nature and that we can heal with food detox and reduction of stress with removal of its root cause – spiritual ignorance – truth I have witnessed in Raja Yoga meditation practices… (my PCP also orders ultrasound of thyroid yearly to monitor the state of health of the tissues themselves – in our case these were always HEALTHY and, as I understand now, after I began reading The Thyroid Connection, healthy thyroid tissues are always when there is no autoimmune condition, which is the outcome of harmful diet-chronic inflammation in the gut and disbalance of gut bacteria population) … the key point to the whole issue was that my organism had refused hormone replacement therapy and, as now it was seen, for a very good reason! And for 7 months that I was not taking Levothyroxine, but didn’t make necessary dietary changes, the results were getting more disturbing… but as soon as we did what our organism was asking for the results have improved to show healthy function restored! About one year ago our PCP shared that when we introduce a replacement into our body, our body stops producing the element replaced: this was WHY our organism had rejected hormone replacement therapy because our body KNEW we CAN produce it with proper nutrition!!! And this is also WHY people, who blindly trust doctors obediently taking medicine without listening to their organism, have to take thyroid hormones for life! Also found a FACT that bodies of people who eat meat loose ability to recycle proteins and as soon as people become vegetarians and vegans our bodies begin to remember this natural function making us less dependent (if we research, we can see scientific proofs that our body also recycles many nutrients making RDA rather questionable in terms of whether or not we need to eat that much every day, which I found impossible as our body can eat only that much food)) SO… to repeat myself, new blood test had proved that nutritious diet and removal of spiritual ignorance hence reduction of stress can be a solution for the whole issue! In relation to The Myers Way Thyroid Connection Plan STEPS to recovery: for several years already with “intuitive” guidance of The Soul I do yearly cleanse of the whole body: large intestine, liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, joins; so when I opened The Thyroid Connection book I saw that we already were doing most of the steps of “The Myers Way”. Thanks to The Thyroid Connection book we have also learned of the candida overgrowth and SIBO (by looking at the symptoms I saw that our vegan diet already naturally solved the issues except that when we switched to all fruits, excess sugar lead to excessive bloating, which was disturbing, so reading the book we understood that our diet began to create an issue anew) Observing natural harmlessness, we avoid harm to bacteria the best we can, so “Microbclear” was out of the question. So we performed whole GIT flush with salt water (Yogic Cleansing Ritual known as Shankha Prakshalana) following with low FODMAP vegan fruitarian diet + 100 g/day of 10 min cooked edamame(molybdenum helps liver detox function) with 2 table spoons of coconut oil (supports healthy gastric juice, supports thyroid function and helps to balance candida population(see Amy Myers MD webpage on candida dietary causes and management:, which our body greatly welcomed as medicine it was requesting for some time now, but we denied our body in attempt to observe harmlessness to all beings… except our own body… it was a great lesson in TRUE harmlessness and purged more ignorance attuning our mind with Divine Essence of LIFE even greater! … + 100 g/day of soaked pumpkin seeds (many benefits including this realization: we FEEL so much compassion to malnourished children and donate monthly to UNISEF to fund nutrition to starving children… Last time, when I cried looking at the picture of starving little one and immediately went to donate to UNISEF website, there was also realization of how in thoughtful attempt to adhere to harmlessness our mind caused our body to be malnourished to cause thyroid function disbalance… For the first time I realized OH MY GOD! I was too this malnourished child… but now our natural compassion had expanded to include ourself… yes, we accepted the gift of pumpkin seeds and the gift of edamame offered by God – ALLONE IN LOVE… 😊 <3)

I also bought aquasana shower filter, though still choosing bottled arrowhead mountain spring water over the option to buy reverse osmosis water filter(the only effective with Los Angeles water pollution degree) as latter is violent and merciless treatment of LIVING WATER that is fully conscious and all-supporting LIVING LOVINGNESS… UNCONDITIONALLY… SILENTY… LOVINGLY… (please see water experiment by Masaru Emoto). Yes! It is WATER that is THE ESSENCE of CHRIST that selflessly and unconditionally lovingly holds us WITHIN and connects us to SOURCE of ALL LIFE as we heal or continue in the ways of harmful and self-harming forgetfulness… Loving our water being earnestly consciously grateful to the living healer that is nearly 98% of our bodies… within and without… 😊 so, we chose bottled arrowhead mountain spring water as water is treated with much less violence than filtration other than with coconut activated carbon filter, which is just not effective with Los Angeles water poisoning degree: ) actually it was our all-wise Soul that for already couple of years naturally guided to switch from paper(toilet and towels) to water/wash cloth/cloth towels, to stop using toothpaste and start cleaning with baking soda in the evening following by rinse with 1teaspoon baking soda+1 teaspoon salt+2 drops of iodine-water rinse instead of plain water and no eating afterwards (we also use Waterpik before brushing); to stop using shampoo and begin to wash hair with solution of baking soda (2 table spoons per 453 g of hot tap water) followed by fresh squeezed lemon juice leaving for couple of minutes to condition the hair; we stopped using body wash and soap and began to use salt (once a week and the rest of days just shower with water because vegan fruitarian diet so purified our body that it simply stays clean and odorless: naturally reducing population of bacteria); we no longer use any creams or cosmetics(occasionally I would apply vitamin E at night; avocado oil or shea nut butter if needed); using baking soda for dishes and cleaning or simply water where possible along with vinegar to wash fruits or remove lime… we only use ALL detergent for laundry – that’s all for chemicals! just what Amy Myers addresses when speaking of need to reduce toxins to improve our health… I am still reading The Thyroid Connection discovering more helpful information. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Almost forgot that to healthy rebalance bacterias with low FODMAP diet and edamame-coconut oil medicine we use Amy Myers activated coconut charcoal to detox (30-day recommended detox plan) (and it just so happened that I discovered additional use of activated charcoal for gums: got an infection deep under the gum ridge and described above teeth cleaning though good wouldn’t help, but I came across a video recommending to brush teeth with activated charcoal and tried it – it gave great result, so I also applied activated charcoal to the place where gum was inflamed overnight for about one week: after very first application pain was gone and swelling went down, but it took about a week to heal permanently and activated charcoal would reduce pain and swelling every time helping lymph to remove toxins! And this way I could avoid fluorine-containing medicine my dentist had prescribed, which is poisonous to thyroid (please see The Thyroid Connection book). Cleaning teeth with activated charcoal I was amazed how clean and fresh teeth became (several years cleaning with baking soda+Waterpik at night there is already great reduction in bacteria in my mouths, so I already have only clean smell due to great reduction in bacterias) but I decided I will use activated charcoal occasionally in addition to as it also removes toxins from the gum tissue… Well, iam SO HAPPY to share how NATURAL WAYS help our health and especially joyous how functional medicine approaches had enriched our understanding of drug-free healing with diet and life-style changes alone. The only thing is to lessen stress – the cause of high TSH (according to medical research data: 1) found a research that showed increase of TSH as response to heightened stress/increase of cortisol in especially chosen HEALTHY group of people without changing levels of thyroid hormones); 2) National Academy of hypothyroidism published article on diodinazes, where among other important information it specifies that TSH is unreliable in determining peripheral tissue thyroid hormone levels because… 😊 TSH is only descriptive of pituitary-governed metabolism, which is serving our psyche-brain-nervous system processes… 😊 these have greater priority than supplementation of the body because psychological and spiritual health and well-being IS the source of wellbeing of our body 😊 I am glad to share on request and am continuing to work with The Thyroid Connection material and Myers Thyroid Plan in suitable to none-harm ways we observe… 😊 It is possible to remain vegan to support healthy gut (something that Amy Myers sees differently according to her experience) because small amounts of legumes (100 g/day edamame f.e. cooked for 10 min to deactivate lectins) are not causing any adverse sensation and are sufficient in protein supplementation jointly with 80 g/day of soaked for 12-14 hours raw pumpkin seeds in our case. And well-chosen vegan super-fruits can provide for all of our nutrient needs IN ADDITION to already know to medics fact that well-chosen (like doctor’s Sebi) vegan diet can cure such autoimmune des.eases as diabetes (which dr Sebi had and healed with diet and herbs alone! And, as we understand from the book of Amy Myers, because healthy foods subside inflammation and stop autoimmune response). Also vegan diet heals our mind and Psyche as well-chosen super-fruits supply all the needed nutrients AND none-violence and loving kindness that refuse to harm living beings heal our insanity that indifferently participates in murder and cruelty of enslavement (just to note a fact that naturally living for 20 or so years cows in milking facilities live only 5-6 years being forcefully impregnated (raped in plain words) to keep giving milk AFTER THAT “they are considered spent” !!! and are sent to slaughter to provide meat for sale… !!! I do not know whether you feel anything upon reading this…) As we inflict less and less harm on living beings – lessening of violence towards, – it leads to lessening of violence within our Psyche(and affects US more than our brothers and sisters!), which then results in lessening of karma and ignorance and reduction in harmfulness, violence, karma and their cause – ignorance, – leads to great if not complete stress and psychological-emotional trauma reduction. In our experience, Raja and Hatha Yoga and Meditation are powerful practices of psychological, emotional and mind’s healing resulting in less and less stress and trauma naturally without herbs or pills – without harming our bodies with psychotropic drugs and psycho-active substances. I also discovered the truth that many yogis have discovered: it takes A LOT of COURAGE, which interestingly enough, is not so easy – it takes great courage to be truly healthy 😊 – to remember how to be naturally fearless – not just brave by will-power as it is the mind’s forcefull way, but natural fearlessness of great ease… 😊 To be FREE and JOYOUS! 😊 Perhaps fear is the reason why not so many people practice yogic psychological healing (Raja Yoga) while most of us hide from The Truth in self-created psychological escapes and hide-outs that only separate us from The SOURCE OF ALL LIFE – The only Source of LIVING BREATH TRUE HEALTH and ECSTASY OF LIFE… Thank you Amy Myers SO VERY MUCH! ❤ ALLONE IN LOVE ❤

Also found scientific facts to support harmlessness of legumes:

  • Experientially, after adding soaked 12-14 hours raw pumpkin seeds to strict fruits only diet, blood test taken 1,5 months after showed great increase in phosphorus level, which tells me that phytates are transformed by that long of a soaking time making phosphorus available (many sources state that phosphorus in phytates is not)
  • Soy Nutrition institute article specifies that 10 min cooking at 100C deactivates lectins, which makes legumes totally harmless to our GIT. Same article mentions: “Although there has been a lot of debate about whether even active soybean lectin is harmful, a true pioneer in the field, Erwin E. Liener, concluded that soybean lectin isn’t a concern because it is readily inactivated by pepsin and the hydrolases of the brush boarded membrane of the intestine.”,lupin%20seeds%20is%20completely%20eliminated. )
  • Perhaps eating more than needed legumes can create problems? We do have tendency to over eat… 😊 It is so difficult to overcome! 😊 it just drives 😊 but we are hopeful 😊 If we switch to vegan diet our body remembers how to recycle proteins and then we need less and less until just enough to replenish storage of amino-acids and if we are already able to listen to our body, then we discover that our body does not need protein foods every day. Our body is also recycling nutrients, minerals and stores vitamins for future use as I found out from research of medical publications.
  • Eating more than needed may create a lot of problems especially with protein: Russian MD Olga Shishova states medical observation: inflammation is caused by too much protein consumed from the diet as excess protein is transferred from the gut into lymphatic system to dispose off. Especially easy to overeat protein on meat-eating diet.
  • New science of epigenetics is based on fact that it is our environment (psychological, emotional, social, intellectual) that directs chemistry of our bodies/cells that directs what proteins our DNA synthesise. Bruce Lipton in educational video “Biology of The Belief” states newly found fact that in our DNA all des.eases are dormant – under certain conditions cancer DNA can be activated as it is already within “data base” of our DNA… So it is the environment we create ourselves and as a society that affects our health in all respects…


I am so grateful for your help Beloved Doctor! Thank you for the book, for all the articles and supplements (even though out of all we can only use activated coconut charcoal, it is a big deal for us! Because until I found your coconut charcoal I could not use activated charcoal, though knowing its healing benefits, because it is mostly made from burned murdered trees… or source is not disclosed… Thank you! It helps a great deal!)