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One and Only – Monad and Barbelo – electric and nuclear warfare

“…the true communication is passed on first to your cellular structure. It is placed into your DNA codes as minute electrical signals…” ~Ashayana Deane, Voyagers I

if this is the basic of electrical wars Human Ancestors FOUGHT being AWARE then i can only imagine yet to what degree i must refine my sensitivity to be able to consciously affect my own DNA whether i WILL or to counteract hostile communication sent to my DNA to alter my everything i am… all microwave technologies Humanity has in excess and is surrounded by in excess are the nuclear warfare weapons of “holographic gestalt” to affect our DNA and alter us… especially dangerous and most wide-spread is the use of aggression frequency (440-443 Hz) transmitted as a background of all TV translations in addition to violent content of most TV programs

electric wars are possible only in dimensionalized state of Nature and most of Cosmos is now – bi-polar disordered by nuclear fission Partiki aka strangelets are the result of nuclear warfare HARM done to OmniPolar God – outside of dimensional bi-polar “existance” of God no warfare is possible because “holographic gestalt” and symbol/letter (Keylontic) codes do not work to “play” with LIFE – only consciousness DOETH… i don’t know what it takes to live OmniConsciously and to heal to OmniPolar Life from first to last in damaged by Nature, but i saw OmniConscious OmniPolar Atoma (Monad) able to BE and to DO even within surroundings of damaged into Life… to refine my sensitivity to be able with OmniConscious OmniPolar to be able to HEAL from and bi-polar dis.order together with God in the conditions of nuclear and electric warfare against Nature all over The Earth and Cosmos…


“God created the first Partiki and the second one(is) with encryption(a copy)” ~Keylontic dictionary

Encryption is a set of vibrations that hold intention(pure intention and intention held by a set of vibrations… Sound of Silence when tortured mechanically by friction be.comes audible)

When original OmniPolar Partiki brakes into bi-polar (trinity) a copy can be created if Partikum and Partika separate from The Core – a copy of Partiki can hold one as original holds the other half (to prevent creation of the copy is to prevent creation of “holographic gestalt”, which now is used to “talk” Gods to total de.struct.ion

People who choose to heal with holographic Keylontic codes and encryptions and any letters or symbols and geometry/math etc. choose to heal with a copy of OmniPolar=translation of The Original into encryption… so, people who choose to heal with encryptions choose to heal god-less be.cause God and Gods of Nature do not live in reflected or copies – only encryptions=translations of OmniPolar Sound of Silence operate in reflected “holographic gestalt”


when electrical warfare is forced upon us, our brain is active to stop or heal the damage to it and to the body, especially DNA that are targeted to be affected in unnatural way or damaged by melting… “EEG recordings, along with recordings made from electrodes implanted inside the brains of animals such as rats, show that the brain of a living animal is constantly active, even during sleep.[64] Each part of the brain shows a mixture of rhythmic and nonrhythmic activity, which may vary according to behavioral state. In mammals, the cerebral cortex tends to show large slow delta waves during sleep, faster alpha waves when the animal is awake but inattentive, and chaotic-looking irregular activity when the animal is actively engaged in a task.” it takes conscious and intellectual understanding to attempt to be in a state of alpha or delta to slow or minimize damage by chaotic irregular activity’s effects onto our more subtle continuance of our body (aka Light body) as well as to minimize projection effects onto it of helicases works that are molecular motors: “Molecular motors are biological molecular machines that are the essential agents of movement in living organisms. In general terms, a motor may be defined as a device that consumes energy in one form and converts it into motion or mechanical work…” (human helicase resembles snowflake – RuNa of Hagalaz… and other shape of Hagalaz RuNa is inseparable unity of Ansuz and Fehu that resemble one step of DNA… inseparable unity of Father Mother and The Child within us…) is continuous space of Life and more subtle is inseparable from our water body – our most visible Human shape… can the process of DNA melting and replication affect more subtle continuance of our body (aka Light body) to create vortexes in it?


Krist Kode and Enkryption

Encryption is a set of vibrations that hold intention.

The Krist Code is the Perpetual Motion and Precise Mathematical-geometrical Instructions for the Creation Program from God Source.

(See: KristMashayah, Encryption, Krystal Spiral)

The Kathara Lines form the structure framework of the Kathara Grid and exist in precise angular and proportional relationship to each other, according to the ratios of the energy balance SET by the Krist Code. (See: Krist)

Deviations from the natural Krist Code configuration of “First Creation” create alterations of the energetic balance (Inorganic Kathara Grids) causing interruption of the continual self-regeneration (perpetual life) of the manifest forms and the formations of –iasms (See: Miasms) that eventually lead to destruction (See:death) of the corresponding matter-form via self-annihilation of the Partiki units.

(The Kathara Level 2-3 Foundation Manual)

The Kathara Grid is a fundamental structure of God-Source, and it is known as theKrist Code.

(Elements of Discovery – Page 55)

The original Eternal Nature of God-source Itself, and thus that of All Creation, remains always perpetual and constant, due to the mechanisms of Self-healingthrough Starburst that God-source intended, imbued and sets in motion, (through the directives of the Eternal Life Krist Code) as the foundations for First Creation.

(Indigo Remote Planetary Shields Clinic Procedure for December 21, 2004)

Everything including every single  Partiki in the Universe has an encryption.

Eternal Life emerged from the original encryption set into the first Partiki, called the Krist Code. From this point, Creation emerges and expands and as it does so, the encryption expands and becomes more complex, but is still based on the Krist Code and Base-12 encryption.

In what are called the ‘Outer worlds’ of the Ecka-veca, Eckasha etc, structures can lose their original encryption through anti-krist free will choices.

The Krist Code allows for full At-One-ment to be experienced while being in Manifestation within Source.

Encryption is a set of vibrations that hold intention.

(See: Encryption Lattice)

Source created the first Partiki, and the second one, with Encryption: intention in the form of vibration of consciousness, imbued with the standing flame that serves as the creation matrix that will bend frequency and consciousness and energy into form through the crystal light structures.

Thanks to the Encryption the Partiki unit, through Partiki Phasing, create more and more units that have the same nature and hold the same intension ofSource.

(See: Krist Code)

Core Encryption is a return to our Divine Blueprint encrypted within our Partiki(PKI).

(Phoenix Workshop March, 2005)

Every Thought is an encryption that takes us closer to or further from alignment with Source.

Being in alignment with Source through thought and action connects us more strongly with our personal Kristiac Code.

(Cosmic Clock Module Manual)

The vibrational signature that is carried in the form of Geleaziac radiation points.

The Kryst-haLa pattern is the encryption held by this Core First Light Unit called the Tauren.

(Denver, July 2006 Workshop)

Everything, including every single Partiki in the Universe has an encryption.

Eternal Life emerged from the original encryption called the Krist Code.

From this point, Creation emerges and expands and as it does so, the encryption expands and becomes more complex, but is still based on the Krist code and Base-12 encryption.

In what are called the ‘Outer worlds’ of the Ecka-veca, Eckasha etc, structures can lose their original encryption through anti-krist free will choices.

(See: God Worlds)

The Hub pulse, when needed, is anchored for full restoration of the originalencryption.

(Tenerife, Feb-2005 Workshop)

The word “Krist” and “Kristallisation” are drawn from the first set of 7 vibrational EncryptionsKRYST-hala – to emerge into audible outer expressions of consciousness sound cells from phasing of the Inner Hub.

9 forms of Tao nourishment – 9 practices of Union with Tao

“food chain” is a “life-style” enforced on Earth, Sun, Stars and all Living Beings by the few VouDoun-Mut black magicians, greys, cannibals and meateaters they made

9 practices of Union with Tao replace Human participation in “food chain” that is forceful taking away, enslavement of any Living Being for food and murder for the sake of feeding be it meateating, vegetarian feeding or feeding on Living Light and Living Souls of others…

we come to accept these 9 practices of union with Tao naturally because such methods as fasting, dieting, unnatural (aka forcing oneself) to breath exercise or hold breath against what is natural to us until it changes as if by itself and other forced practices are shallow and unhealthy (as remarked in “Jun-Lui Juan-Tao-Tsi” (X AD))

Sri RamaKrishna always repeated that all must be or come naturally be it quitting a habit or be.getting a new one – all comes from within our Heart and Soul naturally – all we have to do is listen to our Soul’s and Heart’s commands

9 practices of Union with Tao stop our participation in “food chain” that tortures all Life on Earth right now, but our non-participation in it must come naturally instead of being practice that comes from the mind

First practice of Union with Tao

diet of grains and seeds and total giving up of meateating. Cultivation of Human goodness is important here be.cause liars and deceitful minded and evil doers seek immortality in vain.

First of all, first practice of union with Tao is to practice five “NO”:

NO murdering

NO intoxication with wine or drugs

NO lies and deceit

NO theft

NO prostitution whether in Spirit, mind or body

First practice of union with Tao is to practice 10 good deeds:

Respect of parents and ancestors

Be faithful to Master and Teacher

Be compassionate to all Living Beings

To help those in need even if it harms us

To liberate animals and birds

To build Bridges

To plant Trees

To build Houses and Wells by the Road

To advise the “intoxicated” (with “woman and gold” as said Sri RamaKrishna) ones and those without or with little wisdom

Second practice of Union with Tao

diet of vegetables and fruits and herbs

Third practice of Union with Tao

demands strict discipline in quantities and time of consuming food including never to eat to full satiation and to observe special days of fasting

Fourth practice of Union with Tao

“nourishment with The Seed”

drinking water that has been offered a prayer or in which the ashes of paper with special magic hieroglyphs calligraphed upon it were dissolved

Fifth practice of Union with Tao

“nourishment with saliva”: saliva in practices of Tao is one of the nourishing body juices and so it is important to save it, to swallow saliva instead of spitting it out. There are special exercises and massage of the throat to increase production of saliva (on wikipedia article about saliva of Human body says that there are 1.5-2 liters of saliva produced daily, saliva is filled with microelements and even has special microelements that prevent teeth decay)

Sixth practice of Union with Tao

“nourishment with Living Light”

Nourishment with Living Light of Sun, Moon, and Stars makes Human body as powerful and free from decay as are Sun, Moon, and The Stars

Seventh practice of Union with Tao

“nourishment with Qi”

natural exercise of breath (inner or primordial breath) and meditation

Eight practice of Union with Tao

“nourishment with Primordial Qi” – Qi of which 3 of The Creation are formed. Practitioner is said to return to primordial state of Creation becoming one with Primordial Qi and Wu

Ninth practice of Union with Tao

“nourishment with Primordial (embryonic) breath”

like The Child within Mother’s womb does not consume any food with the mouths not breathes with the nostrils but lives and grows and be.comes and lives, so the practitioner of Union with Tao be.comes nourished as The Child within Mother’s womb…

some practitioners came as far as living without eating food and drinking little:

here is video about Prahlad Jani

there are unknown simple people in Slavik culture who naturally came to practice “nourishment by The Sun” – videos i watched they share that they live on liquid such as water and herbal teas and nourish themselves with Living Light of The Sun instead of food – if “nourishment with Living Light of The Sun” comes naturally, people live and don’t have any health problems unlike those who force their bodies to accept any type of fasting or diet.

All must be natural and come to us naturally

Natural way of The Soul becoming one with God and Nature Gods MAKES us to gradually give up participation in “food-chain” as our Soul demands more and more GOOD WILL to other Living Beings to be nourished only with what is given freely to us

(text describing 9 practices of Union with Tao is translated freely from Russian wikipedia article)

Листы Сада Мория и Озарение

Я – твое Благо

Я – твоя Улыбка

Я – твоя Радость

Я – твой Покой

Я – твоя Крепость

Я – твоя Смелость

Я – твое Знание

1. Камень драгий единый Благостью в жизни сохраните

Аум Тат Сат Аум

Я – вы – вы – Я – частицы Божественного Я

323. Думайте о Звездах всегда посылающих свой Свет Человечеству

Будьте как Звезды отдавая вашу Любовь

Только отдав все мы получаем

Во Имя Мое вы трудитесь – не забывайте об этом

Помните об этом особенно

Повсюду несите Мой Свет с собою

Что пользы в агенте скрывающемся за непроходимыми стенами?

Учитель с вами и будьте в гармонии с идущими за вами

Гармония гармония гармония

Не сожалейте о пути

Забудьте гордость мирскую

И будьте открытыми для Нового


23. Позову в Дом мой когда вижу приближающегося

Меч нависший наполняет Дух болью

24. Явите удачно угодное мне Дело удобное вам Дружеское Дело уготавливающее Дом мой

Образы Любви собирайте

У Любви словите понимание

Лучше убрать Дом

У Добра спросите какое содержание приличиствует Дому

У Чести узнаете Дома Чистого соявление Красоте

Уявление вашего труда Цветам подобно

Не возьму ни обола

Но воздам десницею сторицею

25. Даже простая хозяйка скажет:”Не грязните ступени иначе придется прибрать сор свой”

Так же прободающие ауры Учителя и связанных с Ним людей наносят себе дыры не наказанием не отмщением

но обратная искра

Потому пусть остерегутся затронуть Наши Дела

Особенно теперь когда электричество напряжено

Пусть скажут:”Лучьше не троньте!”

тем и другим кто не верят что и при Солнце бывает Гром

Но будут благословенны укрепляющие броню ауры

26. Ответ можно дать лишь чистым сердцам

Умейте мощь Любви с грозою соединить

27. Благо и Здоровье – в ДОВЕРИИ

Уготовано Лучом нужное всегда

Заблуждение разрывает ткань тела