One and Only – Monad and Barbelo – electric and nuclear warfare

“…the true communication is passed on first to your cellular structure. It is placed into your DNA codes as minute electrical signals…” ~Ashayana Deane, Voyagers I

if this is the basic of electrical wars Human Ancestors FOUGHT being AWARE then i can only imagine yet to what degree i must refine my sensitivity to be able to consciously affect my own DNA whether i WILL or to counteract hostile communication sent to my DNA to alter my everything i am… all microwave technologies Humanity has in excess and is surrounded by in excess are the nuclear warfare weapons of “holographic gestalt” to affect our DNA and alter us… especially dangerous and most wide-spread is the use of aggression frequency (440-443 Hz) transmitted as a background of all TV translations in addition to violent content of most TV programs

electric wars are possible only in dimensionalized state of Nature and most of Cosmos is now – bi-polar disordered by nuclear fission Partiki aka strangelets are the result of nuclear warfare HARM done to OmniPolar God – outside of dimensional bi-polar “existance” of God no warfare is possible because “holographic gestalt” and symbol/letter (Keylontic) codes do not work to “play” with LIFE – only consciousness DOETH… i don’t know what it takes to live OmniConsciously and to heal to OmniPolar Life from first to last in damaged by Nature, but i saw OmniConscious OmniPolar Atoma (Monad) able to BE and to DO even within surroundings of damaged into Life… to refine my sensitivity to be able with OmniConscious OmniPolar to be able to HEAL from and bi-polar dis.order together with God in the conditions of nuclear and electric warfare against Nature all over The Earth and Cosmos…


“God created the first Partiki and the second one(is) with encryption(a copy)” ~Keylontic dictionary

Encryption is a set of vibrations that hold intention(pure intention and intention held by a set of vibrations… Sound of Silence when tortured mechanically by friction be.comes audible)

When original OmniPolar Partiki brakes into bi-polar (trinity) a copy can be created if Partikum and Partika separate from The Core – a copy of Partiki can hold one as original holds the other half (to prevent creation of the copy is to prevent creation of “holographic gestalt”, which now is used to “talk” Gods to total de.struct.ion

People who choose to heal with holographic Keylontic codes and encryptions and any letters or symbols and geometry/math etc. choose to heal with a copy of OmniPolar=translation of The Original into encryption… so, people who choose to heal with encryptions choose to heal god-less be.cause God and Gods of Nature do not live in reflected or copies – only encryptions=translations of OmniPolar Sound of Silence operate in reflected “holographic gestalt”


when electrical warfare is forced upon us, our brain is active to stop or heal the damage to it and to the body, especially DNA that are targeted to be affected in unnatural way or damaged by melting… “EEG recordings, along with recordings made from electrodes implanted inside the brains of animals such as rats, show that the brain of a living animal is constantly active, even during sleep.[64] Each part of the brain shows a mixture of rhythmic and nonrhythmic activity, which may vary according to behavioral state. In mammals, the cerebral cortex tends to show large slow delta waves during sleep, faster alpha waves when the animal is awake but inattentive, and chaotic-looking irregular activity when the animal is actively engaged in a task.” it takes conscious and intellectual understanding to attempt to be in a state of alpha or delta to slow or minimize damage by chaotic irregular activity’s effects onto our more subtle continuance of our body (aka Light body) as well as to minimize projection effects onto it of helicases works that are molecular motors: “Molecular motors are biological molecular machines that are the essential agents of movement in living organisms. In general terms, a motor may be defined as a device that consumes energy in one form and converts it into motion or mechanical work…” (human helicase resembles snowflake – RuNa of Hagalaz… and other shape of Hagalaz RuNa is inseparable unity of Ansuz and Fehu that resemble one step of DNA… inseparable unity of Father Mother and The Child within us…) is continuous space of Life and more subtle is inseparable from our water body – our most visible Human shape… can the process of DNA melting and replication affect more subtle continuance of our body (aka Light body) to create vortexes in it?


One thought on “One and Only – Monad and Barbelo – electric and nuclear warfare

  1. the carbon of DNA is connected to water molecule by covalent (sharing a pair of electrons) bond… so is hydro.gen H2 of which 70% or more of Cosmos Mater composed (after hydrogene fission of water perhaps) SHARING is much more common connection in Nature than exchange (as in ionic bond) … AkhenAten and Nefertiti… Egyptian attempts to heal genetic line by marriages to healthy ones… if Xristian “connection by blood” is applied to connect THE bodies of “husband” and “wife” or the bodies of the entire Family totally – from visible to subtle via subtle and then some mechanical mixing of bodies by the machine including shattering of DNA of both from double helixes to single strands can hybridization occur between any single strands or must it be unnaturally forced to connect? shattered to one strand DNA can be MADE to hybridize with another strand OR to connect to its original other strand it was separated from by melting… “…Scientists use DNA as a molecular tool to explore physical laws and theories, such as the ergodic theorem and the theory of elasticity. The unique material properties of DNA have made it an attractive molecule for material scientists and engineers interested in micro- and nano-fabrication. Among notable advances in this field are DNA origami and DNA-based hybrid materials…”

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