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Pain is healthy

the cause of suffering is desire of mind to escape/suffocate natural expression/experience of pain Divine Essence feels whenever we harm. Pain is a natural alarm helping us to stay in tune. The healing of damaged by escapism thus oppressive/dominating mind begins with us looking the truth in the eyes – with us refusing to harm any living being including ourselves – with us refusing to follow the mind, which seeks to escape responsibility for harm done(navigating into indifference and distraction), allowing our Divine Essence to naturally solve any instance of unnaturalness=self-inflicted harm. The Truth of Oneness – any harm seemingly done to others is in Truth done to ourselves as it is first and foremost occurs our mind – when we even once can truly experience what REAL WE feel when we harm even by accident, we can also witness a degree to which our mind is used to escaping this painful experience by dominating Divine Essence with thoughts of indifference and distraction.
to face long time habit to harm to “well be”… it is when we eat cooked corpse with gourmet pleasure not feeling anything because our Divine Essence is oppressed into silence by our refusal to be ourselves…



Легчайший пух

Легчайшая пылинка


То тополи пустили по волнам

поземку белую что снежно Землю дарит

пушистостью легчайшего пера пребудь во вдохновеньи ум!

Всесильный Боже!

Исцели плотской дворец и голос возверни из под неволи!

Всё Могущий!

Ис”цели страх дышать глубоко по потоку ветра вольного дыхания тваво!

Забывчивость целить:

то единенье! всемогущесть! муза музыка живописанья

Маха Мудра: без хватанья

легким пухом перышком пером на воле ветра вольного с Любовью


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Resistance as a degree of hatred

Dissolving five poisons (hatred/anger/”striking against”, lust/greed/insatiability, ignorance/delusion, envy, pride) is of utmost importance

tolerance is resistance and resistance is a degree of hatred…

to be free of clinging of resistance/hatred/anger towards a sentient being, suffering or the cause of suffering that fuels it, to surrender into total sincerity of our Essence that welcomes Itself genuinely regardless of envelope… dissolving fear of individuated delusion within Truth of OMNIPRESENCE and OMNI LOVE… ALLONE taught me a lesson: it became a custom to mentally welcome all beings of the creation into our house upon entry every day – one day i felt fear because there are beings that could harm us – ALLONENESS manifested at that moment of fear and reminded that it is ALLONENESS that welcomes all Its manifestations and not an individuated point of attention of “me”… also shown by example was that dissolving our resistance to evil=suffering and its cause (genuinely accepting harmful being as part of ourself) heals the veil of harm that temporarily obscured ALLONE…
dissolving resistance in all-embracing ONENESS every moment it arises is fundamental to our well-being as resistance/hatred/anger lead to negative actions that harm ourselves and all Life (as is shown in an example of the original sin: Anyu Race destroying Aramatena Stargate 12 that connects our Time Matrix to The Source because of the resistance/anger they have experienced to the decision of The Founders not to destroy Fallen Seraphim Omicron Race(forefathers of Orion-Draconian Fallen Angelic Legions) that caused suffering by digression, but to let them heal… also resulting from the resistance/hatred/anger were Lyran-Elohim Wars that nearly destroyed our Time Matrix)
“take courage again and again” ~Babaji

Hrih Shri PadmaSambhava gives this advice on overcoming attachment/resistance to the conditionings that envelope the vrittis(whirlings/modifications of mind-field) known as gods and demons: “a god is someone who had abandoned all ill-will; a demon is someone who retains ill will. When applying this experientially in your stream-of-being, the perception of gods and demons is itself your thinking mind. Look directly into this very thinking and see that it does not have any concrete identity, but is empty. In that moment the thought of gods and demons is interrupted; hence, this is the vital point of naturally dissolving gods and demons.”

Resistance is most common behavior as we are addicted to “feel good” by whatever it takes even if it harms us without us willing to see it (using food and drink as means to heal and feel good is an addiction of corrupted consciousness)

a lesson this morning: feel like cannot get up – blood pressure 82:52 – depression of inner child… after long hesitation decided to have a cup of coffee to feel more energy regardless The Essence already expressed that coffee is a poison to us… lesson: it is resistance to being in a state of psychological hence physical exhaustion that made me make a cup of coffee; still working on liberating from attachment to feel good and energized all the time and from resistance as a degree of hatred; it is the beingness that can naturally alleviate any dis.eased state of itself – not the food and drink – i already know it – a lack of patience to wait until extremely unpleasant state of being exhausted is healed naturally as Psyche “changes her mind” 🙂