Xrist At~(o)~Ma @ Tunguska Meteorite

It happened, however, on the 1st of the moon in the month of Tôbe, which is the day on which the moon becomes full, now on that day when the sun had risen on its path , there came forth after it a great power of light, giving a very great light, and there was no measure to its accompanying light , for it came forth from the

Light of Lights, exceedingly, with (a) light to which there was no measure.

And the disciples gazed after him, and not one of them spoke until he had reached heaven, but they all kept a great silence. Now these things happened on the 15th of the moon, on the day on which it is full in the month of Tôbe.

(Pistis Sophia, chapter 2)


Mystery of Tunguska “Meteorit” revealed no signs of metal nor any other matter – only trees fell sideways as if in a counterclockwise spiral…

(Kechak – ancient Fire Rite)


Atman (SansKrit) = At(o)m (borrowed from SansKrit) = Atoman (meaning chieftain in the tongue of ancient Ants tribe (modern Ukraine) who established Atlantis)

On the nature of Labirynth and Freedom = how in.divide.u.al ego differs from galactic consciousness: Egypt & Pyramids are Illuminat.in.G yet Dome Home is 1000000-folds…


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