One Life = We are ONE

“I am the sky and the dawn and the sun, I am one with the one and I am the dawn.”  The day after I found my path, this popped out at me like a beacon of light, despite having heard the song many, many times before.  It affirmed my choosing this path.  “Open your heart, I am calling you.  Right from the very start, your wounded heart was calling too.  Open your heart, you will find the answer when you answer to the call.”  A few months later, “The Call” by Celtic Woman came up as well…


In Indian SpiritUsS(h)anti there are 3 (1.1.1) unforgivable crimes: to kill a Cow, to kill a Woman and to kill Brahmin – even Lord Indra had to repay by for his crime of killing BrahmIn for 1000 years…

The smallest image is like the smallest thing in the UniVerse that shall overcome the largest… 😉

Happy EAsTER!!!

Please be aware that Golden Eagle who ate His eggs was turned into a snake to pay off for killing ovo-spring before they could go on living full cycle in the music of The Spheres – Shiva the Destroyer is sharing in paying off for crimes of King Snake that adorns Shiva’s neck… 😉


‘…p’…r’…e’…’ ‘…m…’a…’

Ayur Devi

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