AA MiChaEl~()~MihEllE

Mi.cha.El means “Equal to God” – God is LOVE – LOVE unconditional – equaling all in ONE – LOVE outside space-time – when my Soul encountered AA Michael~()~Michelle all i felt was WELCOME HOME ~ DEEP RESPECT ~ LOVE~ EQUALITY… TRUE SIGN of touch of Light Beings Equal to God…


Most accurate portrait of AA Michael~()~Michelle as appears in both worlds…

source: http://www.floating-world.org/AAMichael.htm

Warning so crucial to all in this transitional moment: whenever being claims dominion over Human Soul yet claims right to be called by AA Michael’s or any Name of Power, know this being to be a trixter or a messenger of shadow (=dark=extinguished souls) realm…

please see how Angelic Realm Beings appear to those whose 3-EYE is active in multidimentional perception:


May we all attain galactic dancing Union of our Soul Stars

here is a rare source that does justice to Beauty & Light & Origin of LIGHT BEINGS being true to formula

“Light BEinGs are LIGHT 4 they take themsELves LIGHTLY”:

Living only for the moment,
turning our full attention
to the pleasures of the snow,
the cherry blossoms
and the maple leaves;
singing songs, drinking wine,
diverting ourselves
in just floating, floating;
caring not a whit for the
staring us in the face,
refusing to be disheartened,
like a gourd floating along
with the river current:
this is what we call the 

floating world



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