Happy Mother Earth’s Day!

To-Day is a great Day celebrating Beloved Earth-Gaia – our Mother – our Hostess – our patient and unconditionally loving Lady…

I was so waiting for to-day to go to earth’s day celebration in amazing jungle city Pahoa, yet my Aena-loving & environment pro-active room-mates decided to go to the Art show instead – art made of recycled “garbage”… i found it rather ironic to “counter” my pumped up hopes for song and dance and prayers of gratitude offered to Our Beloved Aena-Goddess… oh well… life is rather sour-prising lately…

hoping with the power of last hope to entwine with my Twin Flame so that we may entwine with our Twin Soul and God at last… so lonely… its pouring rain…

Love to all – may we be in The Light of our Ecstatic abode – suffering and dissatisfaction are poisons most of us are drowned in on purpose of beautiful Mother Earth still be bound in low vibes… i do my best to enduce happy vibes – perhaps i will succeed in feeling Love and Ecstasy of Life in my HEART once again…


Golden Apple spins and turns upon Silver Plate

as Mama Earth is bathed in sounds of bells…

Divine Food and Wine to all (dominant septaccord):




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