ending fear

@ 7:50 what is the cause of fear? … or do you expect someone to explain it? … at this instant i realized that the cause – the root cause is to be experienced as any other less fearful karma in awareness free from attachment to what we had been acting out until the instant we are aware… living experience is before any perception of it and all perceptions are futile to hint at experience that produced them… once i read or heard that Masters teach by immersion… silent experiential immersion… in our experience it is so… is it why so many choose to stay asleep? to hide from all that frightens us within what frightens us? i had experienced in essence we are innocent newborns oh…! so loving and gentle… ! and fear had attached us (not all but many enough) to the scariest accumulation of memories known to yogis as karmashaya, samsara, mara, night.mare… death… phantom matrix… or as bible records: The Valley of the Shadow of Death… it is possible to heal fragmented breath of death(mind) “that cannot love” in BREATH of LIFE ALLONEINLOVE it is possible to heal from fear: please do not give up! please do not pass out! please get up! we are! we are! OM 🙂 i am…even though it is so psychically painful that i am passing out… opening spiritual eye of awareness… getting up… waking up again and again and again… OM


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