everything is consciousness

“poop” and “garbage” are LIVING CONSCIOUSNESS either distorted by our actions or allowed by our actions to EXPERIENCE the life-cycle of “waste” – it is our own self that we send to experience the life-cycle of “waste”…


(yesterday i ate avocado and my self let me experience what it feels like to send part of God’s consciousness that became protective avocado shell into “waste”-cycle of experience… asking forgiveness… if not for our “feeding” des.ease (originally we are breatharians) there won’t be any waste! because our divine abilities to manifest necessary things are proportional to our state of des.ease causing forgetfulness – one should read the account of Lahiri Mahasai meeting Mahavatar Babaji in “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda to see that a Human Being who was able to realise state of Avatar (10-12 dimensions) does not need any food nor anything produced externally whatsoever! – so realised Human Being can manifest anything NECESSARY at the moment (Divine Economy))

consumerism (consumption) is the reversal of self-realisation that makes as powerless and harmful to our very ONESELF – Xrestos (Christed) HEALTHY expression of Life flows creatively ever between The Source (The Father) and The Child throughout The Motherly OCEAN of ALL LIFE

how do we treat LIVING CONSCIOUSNESS that is regarded by us as “food”? the violence of the act of chewing alone… not to mention murder and mutilation that occurs to deliver to the plate… and the mutilation occurs not as much in the consciousness of the “food” as much as in the consciousness of the one who murders or distorts the wholeness to feed – both are part of ONE LIVING BEING!
our anatomy is an outcome of dualism of des.ease and health within our consciousness: union of digestive and breathing systems – one is des.eased “Metatronic” – other is healthy Krysted breatharian… and a “door” in the throat between the two ways of being…
how much we need HEALING in XRESTOS (Kryst, Christ) and The Source (YuNaSai)!
(passing through spiritual Sun is the healing of consciousness)


regarding “Metatronic” and Krysted consciousness: the juxtaposition within ONE consciousness begins from emanation of two (conflicting later on) expressions – one is producing active form of a flame (and sphere of flames of it) remaining oneness of awareness – another producing active form of torus with multiple crystals, which results in creation of black-white duality consciousness… Kryst expression is a 12-Kathara with multiple CENTERS of consciousness around it… Metatronic expression is a 10-Kathara with multiple whirling two-bars (as in spiral galaxy) that whirl to force out and replace CENTERS of consciousness of 12-Kathara expression to leave the field of “Mother” consciousness depleted of Living Expression of “Father” consciousness – whether the attempt will be successful depends on our level of awareness as our HEALTHY consciousness communes with its “Metatronic” expression (also see attached comparison:

every composition of consciousness we put into our system affects us – changes us accordingly

harmful acts lead to digression of consciousness (WE ARE ALLONE!)

i began to talk to consciousness that became me reminding it of its Divine Pure Nature – if consciousness liberates from ignorance and remembers its TRUE nature, it can liberate itself from harmful expressions it became

Most important awareness is THE TRUTH of ALLONENESS – any harm done is done onto ALLONE – any healing done is done onto ALLONE

the other TRUTH is that consciousness can produce ideas (thoughts) with or without attachment – the only form of idea (thought) is sound-light – ideas (thoughts & perceptions) that are “attached to” linger and affect consciousness as limitations – what limitations does consciousness allow to affect itself?


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