Example 7.4 – Kármán Vortex Street – Spiral Forces

Generative Landscapes


A last major category of forces you can use in the Grasshopper Vector Field Tools are spiral / vortex forces. There isn’t a special component for these, but they are created by simply combining and merging fields for point charges together with a spin force. The result is a vortex.

This is fairly easy to set up, but for this example I decided to do something a bit more complicated and to simulate a natural, fluid dynamic phenomenon known as the Kármán Vortex Street. This is a form of turbulence that can occur at a variety of scales from the small to the very large. They form when a certain resonance is formed by the interaction of a blunt object with a fluid system.  Again, the math is fairly complex, and this exercise doesn’t purport to be a scientific model of the fluid behavior, just a reasonable simulation.

Step One…

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