EcKaSha God-Source Trinity standing waves

EcKaSha God-Source Trinity standing waves individuate into Living Light-Sound-EM Radiation Currents that form cyclic pulses of energy infusion thro’ which flash lines of Partiki emerge (following is copied w/our notes from MCEO Freedom teachings paper for private use – please refrain from “copy paste” and “share” as it is individuated copy)


The 15 Rays and 12 Domains and 7 Higher and 7 Lower Heavens:


Ec-Ka-Sha (our note: if pre-sound precedes pre-light then Ec-Sha-Ka)

ManU Void – Ec – still-point Divine Source (Partiki-Reions-Raeons-Ionons-Neutrons)

ManA God-Seed – Ka – pre-Light/oscillation Divine Father (PartikA-Trione-Ectrons-Dions-Electrons)

EirA Good-Seed – Sha – pre-Sound/vibration Divine Mother (Particum-Meajhons-Eirons-Mions-Protons)

12 Domains: ((12 Domains and EcKaSha manifest) 3 Domains+ 3 Parallel Domains + Density-5=7 “Higher heavens”)

O-Point Ec-Ka-Sha/D-13/D-1 connection (our note: if blue flame is O-Point and within it (as we have seen it) manifest innermost gold oval flame within violet spherical flame, then D-13 is not really a dimension, but the Domain and so art D-14 and D-15. Dimension means aspect of smthng whereas Domain means “an area of territory owned or controlled by a ruler or government”. Then D-12 that manifests “Lower heavens” is Domain as well for it contains Nirvanic white light that contains all hues of light represented in D-11 to D-1. On the other hand all manifestation is an aspect of EcShaKa (ManUEirAManA))

Khu-Dha-Rae (aka Khundaray) Field (of PartikiPartikumPartika Sound pre-Light aka Primal Sound Particum Field)

Reion-Meajhon Fields

EcSha (aka Eckatic) 3 – RAE

EcSha 2 – E

EcSha 1 – RA

Meajhon-Meajhon Fields

ShaSha (aka Polaric) 3 – DHA

ShaSha 2 – HA

ShaSha 1 – D

Trion-Meajhon Fields

KaSha (aka Triadic) 3 – KHU

KaSha 2 – HU

KaSha 1 – K

Kee-Ra-Sha Field (our note: Particum breath ignites Lights of Partiki=Partika) aka Primal Light PartikA Field (our note: D-15 D-14 D-13 are included as both – 3 Domains (10th 11th and 12th) and 3 of 15 Ray Emanations of EcKaSha (see below))

D-15 Violet Flame – SHA – Meajhons/Trion

D-14 Gold Flame   – RA    – Trion+Trion

D-13 Blue Flame    – KEE  – Reion/Trion

The 12 domains and EcKaSha form 3 “Higher heavens” (Domains) Universes and their parallel 3 (Domains) Universes within the D-13 Divine Cosmic Blue Print First 7th (Domain) (Parallel 3 (Domains) Universes form at 90 degree axis shift: the 6 smaller (Domains) Universes are nested within the D-13 Density 5 Kee-Ra-Sha First (Domain) Universe (7th though first 🙂 Tri-Veca Point D-13

6    imagine connected spheres instead of numbers 6 within 7th


4  3    2    1

(3 Domains+ 3 Parallel Domains + (D-13) Density-5=7 “Higher heavens”)

3 Harmonic Universes + 3 Parallel Universes + Dimension 12 Density 4 = 7 “Lower heavens”

10 7     8     9  imagine connected spheres instead of numbers 6 within 7th



3 Parallel Universes form at 90 degree axis shift to their corresponding Universes nested within and connected through the D-12 Density 4 Ma’aHaraTa’a First Universe (7th though first 🙂 Bi-Veca Point D-12) The “Lower heavens” Universes form a 12-dimensional matter based Time matrix at 45 degree axis shift within the pre-dimensional “Higher heavens” Universes – “Higher” and “Lower” heavens link together at D-13 O-point (aka zero-point – Tri-Veca Point)

The 15 Rays from 3 “Lower heavens” Universes and their Parallel 3 Universes within the D-12 Density 4 Divine Blue Print First 7th (our note: The 15 Rays and 15 Kathara lines between 12 Kathara “points”- are they the same? 12 Tree and Its 15 lines from EcKaSha through O-Point to (D-1D-12) as if holding what’s in between them)

Kee-Ra-Sha Field             15 Ray Emanations of EcKaSha

D-15 Violet Flame

D-14  Gold Flame

D-13  Blue Flame                                     O-Point

D-13 Tri-Veca Point  D-12 Bi-Veca Point  

Divine Blueprint Christos Child

Density 4

D-12 MA’A   – Reions

D-11 HARA   – Trions

D-10 TA’A    – Meajhons

Density 3

D-9   YANA  – Raeons

D-8   MAYA  – Ectrons

D-7   MIRA   – Eirons

Density 2

D-6   TRAIA – Ionons

D-5    MANA – Dions

D-4   PRANA- Mions

Density 1

D-3   REI       – Neutrons

D-2   KI         – Electrons

D-1    CHI     – Protons

(our note: do not mistake CHI of Protons with CHI as name of The Breath of Tao (which is ACTUAL BREATH that LIGHTS UP Primordial (particle of) ATMA (TAO)) though both must be related intimately (by name) as breath and sound and magnetism – in Freedom teachings Sound is known as vibration and magnetic & Light is known as oscillation and electric, which makes us think of breath for there is no sound without breath (as there is no light without breath either) it is curious to look at the relationship of neutron proton electron as of the Conscious Presence that BREATHes to LIGHTup – intimate relation between D-1/O-Point EcKaSha/D-13 also agree with our perception of the relationship ManU-Eira-ManA as Atma-Breath(Chi)-Light as Partiki-Partikum-Partika as Neutron-Proton(breath)-Electron “cloud”… what is breath but power that carries in and out? – it is The Miracle that makes all Creation possible! Thus CHI – Miraculous Power of TAO! it is curious that Eira – Pre-Sound be.comes as Meajhons in D-10 (sound TA’A) – in Sanskrit sound TA means “suchness” and in Slavik word for a dream (as in “i have a dream”) is Mech-TA=Sword of Ta (Ray of TA)

if D-12 is MA’A reions of ManU and D-10 is TA’A meajhons of EirA and D-11 is HARA trions of ManA then EC KA SHA be.comes MA’A HARA TA’A and “Lower heavens” (D-12) and 15 Rays (of relationship of 12 known as Kathara) – it is curious that Freedom teachings place Light(the Child of) between Neutral Conscious Presence and Its Power of Breath-Sound from the primordial be.coming as Ec Ka Sha

it is also helpful to remember that Freedom teachings show 2 Initial Kathara relationships within ManU at 90 degree to each other – both from O-Point (aka 13th) – one is within Eira and another extends through all 3 (Ec Ka Sha) – two have different relationship of 12 via Rays yet both are present as ONE relationship ((aka Kathara template) see image below) – then within the all-embracing from the central One (from O-point aka 13th) be.come groups of 4 from 1 at 45 degree 3 times (Eukatharista 4 levels))



Please note: above text (except our notes) is copied from a page of MCEO Freedom teachings materials for our own re-view – please refrain from sharing our note as MCEO speakers really care about accuracy of their materials – the way we copied is for our own private review – the original page has different order of presentation and some words in it (as Khundaray, Eckatic, Polaric, Triadic, #7) are changed by us (Khundaray is changed to Khu-Dha-Rae as it is more accurate to pronounce according to actual primal sounds)

(we avoid using paper to help saving the lives of the trees thus we make notes and print them digitally – we do not have Word program – this is in case any MCEO people will wonder why we copied their materials for private review in seemingly public place – Mahalo! 🙂


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