How “Breatharianism”/ “Pranarianism” works

How “Breatharianism”/”Pranarianism” works (one of several ways to achieve it) by Otto Jakobson

One may precede this process with a period of eating non-cooked, non-artificial, non-processed, non-genetically modified, blessed, preferably raw foods and juices, before beginning.

I There must exist commitment and/or strong intent that does not waver (Soul level or mind level or both).

II There must exist a relationship with one’s ability to trigger multidimensional upgrades of the physical and other bodies, can be perceived as automatic or intentional (it works both ways), on command or otherwise.

III It is good for the physical body to get used to fasting.

IV Cleansing methods are to be used, that rid the body completely from toxins, stagnant waste materials, puss and toxins in the fat and skin and the rest of the body, and food particles from the intestines. Organic lemon water, lime water, salt water and water (in that order) for 1-2 weeks as a fasting works.

V If this is preferred, one can non-verbally command or affirm that upgrades of one’s physical and non-physical bodies be made into the past, present and future to one’s higher mind/higher self, in the moment, that allow for complete progress in the attainment of freedom from ingestion and physical survival. Changes in the past manifest in several minutes to an hour if the body is still after the requests have been made.

VI After the 2 week fast with lemon water, lime water, sea salt water (and water)(in that order), if one is ready, and if the upgrades have already been finished (specify complete freedom from the necessity to ingest, even water), there may be a period of fasting without water. In conjunction with both phases of the fasting, the physical body is to remain quite active (full body workouts, even yoga, is recommended, but not too much.) During the fasting only 1-2 times a week of light to medium intensity workouts of some kind are recommended. The exercising of the body rids the body of toxins to a considerable degree, if combined with fasting, the excretion of toxins becomes highly accelerated, and the DNA becomes naturally activated to a high level of activity, with or without fasting, with fasting it becomes active even more so. 1-2 minute bursts of intense physical activity activate the DNA the most.

VII During the fasting, the personality and the subconscious mind go through periods of processing the previously held desires for ingestion, and the physical and emotional sensations and states of being associated with it. At that time, the will must remain decisive in avoiding ingestion of anything but the cleansing substances, or none at all during the waterless period. The salt water period may be followed by a water-only period of “fasting” (note that the water must be very low in amount per day, if needed, gradually lower the water ingestion to zero.) This may be followed by a waterless fasting period. By the time the commands to higher self have been given, the physical body is ready to survive without food and without water for a limitless amount of time. The mental and emotional cleansing may be the most difficult to experience, but it is the decisive one. For some, it may take some time to totally get over the emotional and physical desires associated with ingestion (for some, even water). The solution is to simply bare through the reactions and avoid focusing on food and water and any kitchen or food related place, if the decision is finalized. The focus must move away from food and water completely. The activities within the day and night must involve an emotional and mental replacement for food and water, at first. After the desires have been dissolved through baring through them and letting them go, there is a calm peace that comes over all of the emotional faculties, which becomes permanent.

VIII As a consideration, it is recommended to be very wise in sharing any of this information to anyone at all. If this is told to the wrong people (inappropriate, not ready mentally), the consequences might not be favorable (friends and parents of low informedness about the subject may try to force one to go into a hospital to “recover” or into mental health clinic “to become sane again”): mental health clinics, hospitals, are not known for their spiritual awareness, at least most of them (the drugs/pharmaceuticals that are in use are somewhat toxic and dangerous to the nervous system, depending on the drug, and there would be great insistence upon ingestion in those places, by the mostly uninformed doctors and other workers in those places.) So, I and my associates don’t recommend talking about one’s intentions or actions in this kind of activity of ridding the body and mind from the most wide-spread addiction on Earth: ingestion. Even spiritually awake people might intentionally or unintentionally “betray” oneself, or spread false or distorted rumors, if you don’t know who to talk about this. If you have open-minded (preferably awake) friends who would never betray your intentions (especially if you ask them not to), then it may be safer to share about the methods and intention that you are using in this regard. Generally speaking, during the process alone is safer not only because of people’s reactions but also for the sake of multidimensional and realmic privacy.

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