How Living Humans are different from Holographic Humans

“for every authentic there exists an imitation. Human beings are currently persuaded to accept the imitation in place of their authentic selves on every level…” ~Pamela

to recognize the authentic is HEAR(+)in.G OurSelf – to SAVE the authentic is the job…

there are Living Humans and Holographic Humans – the difference is whether Partiki (Atoma) are forming into Living Beings of Living Light-Consciousness-Sound (Particum-Partiki-Partika “grids” that are spheres) or are “dressed” into crystal-crystalline forms and geometric structures (holograms) of Keylons that form “holographic gestalt” beginning with the basic holographic structure of tetrahedron (Keylon)… there is a fairytale by Alexander Pushkin about princess sleeping in crystal coffin – this is an image of The Living Human arrested and “sleeping” in “holographic gestalt” – Humans always have a choice to become Living again or to remain Holographic=sleeping in crystal coffins of keylontic holographic structures… “the bands of frequency that form the mind structure are composed of Partiki units that group to form “interwoven fibers or strings of Partiki” called Partiki grids.”(Voyagers I, p 136)… Partiki grids are spheres of Living Light-Consciousness-Sound that be.come Living Beings on all levels – from The Source to Living Human and our “physical” body of consciousness-light-sound-water-elements… in the past life we might’ve chosen holographic way of existance for whatever reason, but in this life we might’ve chosen to be ALIVE and then there is a process of liberating all Living Ones of The Soul Family (Family Tree of Consciousness) from holographic “crystal coffin” – this process is of disconnecting all Living Ones on all levels (from Living Spheres to more complex Living Beings our Living Spheres be.came) from holographic correspondences – this is liberation from “holographic gestalt” – this is true waking up and liberation of the Living Human from “crystal coffin”… there are many Living Beings who chose or were forced to choose holographic way of existance in the past including Archangels, Angels, Masters (Mahavatar Babaji and El Moria for example)… placing Living Ones into “holographic coffins” is the perversity that began in Atlantis and some time ago many of those who were placed into “crystal coffins” were able to stop “holographic Nazi” from being the manager of all… however, there are always “new people” who are willing to “manage” Humanity and Creation with “holographic gestalt”=to keep Humans and other Living Beings in “crystal coffins” – these people advertise Holographic biology instead of the biology of The Living Beings: “…Partiki grids further group to form Keylons, the crystalline structures that form the blueprints for identity and matter manifestation. The Keylon blueprint is the Morphogenic field (form holding template) upon which the structures of the mind and body are built. Within the greater construction of a 15-dimensional Universal Matrix the personal identity possess a 15-dimensional Morphogenic Field (a “Keylon Body” which is the “crystal coffin”) that energetically connects the individual identity to the universe and the cosmos.”(Voyagers I, p.136)


keylon also has a shape of tetrahedron and “crystal body” is formed by keylons… “symbol codes are used to program-direct the angles of Partiki strand refraction within the Keylon code structures…” “Keylonta is the means by which the Zeta are able to create perceptual interference… we… prefer to use the word “hologram” for its meaning is closer to the reality that is taking place… mental hologram…” (Ashayana Deane, Voyagers I and II) holograms created from keylons affect biological bodies and DNA… there is a huge difference between LIVING LIGHT-SOUND Consciousness (in Keylonta is called union of Partiki-Partikum-Partika) and keylons composed into holograms that are ideally to be used only as librarian references instead of manipulating Living Light.Sound… choosing “holographic” or LIVING Life “ascension” matters! Living Light-Sound consciousness produces Living spherical forms out of which Living bodies are formed whereas keylons are crystal geometrical particles such as tetrahedron that can only produce holograms that are used to “brake” the wholeness of Living LightSound… Great White Brotherhood… and little “white brothers” (as i call them) seen moving all around us in the air if our mind is silent enough……

when you look at “the star of David” do you see union of two pyramids or two tetrahedrons? when you look at the pyramid do you see triangles or DOUBLE CROSS of energies? seeing triangles is the basis of all mind-manipulation by “the system” and cause of all Spiritual des.eases… seeing double cross of energies in the pyramid, seeing union of two pyramids as true vehicle (aka “merkabah”) instead of being manipulated to see it as erroneous tetrahedron that encodes our consciousness and body with the rest of deadly errors’ “imprints”
16 9 144

i found a curious detail in “Khemalohatea Ecka to Eckasha Passage” by Ashayana Deane – here Mahadra Adhrana – Master Key Code of The Universal Arc of The Covenant, – is connected to 12 Kathara via tetrahedron “merkabah” and tetrahedron is known in these teachings as keylon and the structure producing black and white holes…


One thought on “How Living Humans are different from Holographic Humans

  1. Ты у меня одна,
    Словно в ночи луна,
    Словно в степи сосна,
    Словно в году весна.
    Hету другой такой
    Ни за какой рекой,
    Hи за туманами,
    Дальними странами.

    В инее провода,
    В сумерках города.
    Вот и взошла звезда,
    Чтобы светить всегда,
    Чтобы гореть в метель,
    Чтобы стелить постель,
    Чтобы качать всю ночь
    У колыбели дочь.

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