as all Living Be.In.Gs Earth wills to heal Her Spiritual and Physical bodies to be ONE = to be together and within The Vehicle

Earth’s Vehicle is transparent double pyramid as She showed me several days ago in consciousness as She WILLED to be within Her Vehicle

how Earth’s WILL in consciousness co-relates to the health and conditions of Earth’s Physical body:

first is The Law:  WILL is first to WILL in consciousness and then matter transforms according to The Conscious WILL

what preceded THIS WILL:

(1) several years ago The Earth showed me HerSelf in consciousness as Her physical body in Light and to the right of Her Body in light there was Large Transparent double pyramid Vehicle surrounded by the smaller ones and the transparency of the Vehicles was seen with rainbow hues – this vision in consciousness was a reflection of Earth’s Celestial and Physical axes and equators separated – as Celestial Axis is to the right of the Physical by 23.5 degrees, so were the Vehicles seen in Consciousness Vision separated from Earth’s Physical body in Light and being to the right…

as all of us here are artificially split into many, so The Earth (in Divine Consciousness) WAS separated into many and the group of smaller vehicles surrounding the large Central One was the fact of Spiritual separation into many – i write WAS because it had CHANGED!

(2) Couple of years ago Consciousness of The Earth showed me many physical bodies of One Earth – separated into many surrounding large rectangle formed by red light and there was flat ocean of water around each one of them and as one ocean experienced “McCloud Effect” (evaporation of water as a result of hydrogene fission (thermonuclear explosion that is)), so did all others and the water surrounding many of One Earth had disappeared… vision of the past it was… Then, i have been shown The WILL of The Earth and God for all many Earth’s bodies to gather into ONE – to recollect One separated into many – and so IT WAS! and ONE reunited EARTH with The WILL of the ocean to be again around Her was now next to red light rectangle transformed into a Sphere of red dots of light (as in this vision with “McCloud Effect” one Earth seemingly equal with others in appearance was the one that affected all, so is with The Earth’s Vehicles in (1) – One Central Vehicle is Larger than the rest and is of The CENTRAL “Larger piece” of The God Seed of The Earth and the smaller vehicles are small pieces taken from Her Oneness – small pieces taken from God’s Seed are impossible to be separated from The Seed!

(3) Several days ago, The Earth WILLED CONSCIOUSLY for Her Physical body to be within The Vehicle – there were not any smaller vehicles around the central one – there was ONE VEHICLE and ONE EARTH – what i saw as WILL work in Consciousness to recollect and heal took (1) and (2) and (3) DEEDS of THE WILL

what was seen in (1) co-relates to physical condition of The Earth as described by the scientists until several days ago, when The Earth WILLED to be One AND within Her VEHICLE (transparent double pyramid)

I wonder how Earth’s WILL to BE Herself and within Her double-pyramid vehicle WILL move matter in time from past conscious position i’ve seen in (1)? Having seen THE WILL i already consider physical conditions of our Earth as PAST: in (1) The Earth’s body WAS outside of Her Spiritual Vehicle and to the left of It just as Her Physical “axis” is known to be to the left at some angle (23.5) from Her Celestial Axis (physical “axis” of rotation is actually the circle(s) of a double conus instead of being true axis because of this angle of “separation” of Celestial Axis from Physical (which WAS a result of PAST separation of The Vehicle from The Body))

i believe into my spontaneous intuitive perception that the conical rotation of The Earth’s Physical body WAS and IS Her WILL to re-align Her Physical with Her Celestial Axis from the unnatural separation of Physical and Celestial by 23.5, but gravitation (between Earth and Sun and other Planets’ and Moon physical bodies) that transformed Sphere of Physical body of The Earth into slightly oblate (mass accumulated at the physical equator) keeps this conical movement of rotation between Celestial and Physical Axis and separation from Celestial Equator at 23.5 until oblate is returned to perfect spherical

regarding oblate shape of The Physical body of Earth

“This bulge is due to its rotation and the fact that it is not completely rigid.
As a result, the equatorial diameter is 43 Km greater than the polar diameter, a difference of 0.34%.”

The was and IS THE WILL of THE EARTH and if there is God’s Power that can change this separation and re-align Physical with Celestial, there will be movement of the masses in The Physical Body of The Earth to correct oblate to perfect spherical to realign Physical with Celestial

Axis and Earth’s conical rotation aligns Northern circle of counter-clock rotation with the Stars Polaris, Vega, Thuban and Alderamin

Earth North circle to stars alignment

WILL of The Earth to be HEALTHY is as important as the wills of being healthy of each Living being including Humans, but Humans and other Conscious beings possess the ability to transform consciousness with information and the amount and the quality of information we produce (including our Spiritual Visions) can be either helpful (if accords to The Laws of God including TRUTH) or harmful (if accords to imagination that violates The Truth and other Laws of God) – there is much harm inflicted upon The Consciousness here presently and this harm must be purified by The Truth and “be brought in accordance with” The Laws of God – we can help The Earth and God by refusing to imagine or to follow the imagination of others presented as The Truth – to see spontaneously in Consciousness is to see our Truth as individual – to see The Truth of others (as i see some times The Truth of The Earth) is to deeply respect The Truth of the Individual, but to refuse to manipulate others’ Truths yet to accord our Truth with The Truth of others – to accord The Truth of The Earth with all whom She is unconditionally accepting and LOVING Hostess to is a MUST of every guest! i respect and accept Earth’s WILL and Truth and i WILL to be in accordance with Her WILL for im a guest and my individual Truth must be helpful and to be helpful my individual Truth must be in accordance with God’s Laws – then both, The Truth of The Earth and Her WILL are my Truth and Will for both are The Truth and Will in accordance with other Laws of God (i refused to imagine some time ago as i’ve learned how much imagination can harm The Truth…)


One thought on “Earth

  1. Alderamin “Right Hand” of The Cepheus
    Polaris – “fixed point” that affixes Smaller Chariot to Horses
    (In traditional Indian astronomy, its name in Sanskrit is dhruva tāra “fixed star”. Its name in medieval Islamic astronomy was variously reported as Mismar “needle, nail”, al-kutb al-shamaliyy “the northern axle/spindle”, and al-kaukab al-shamaliyy “north star”. The name Alruccabah or Ruccabah that was reported in 16th century western sources was that of the constellation.)
    Thuban “The Snake” of Draco
    and “falling” Vega of “the eagle” Lyra

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