The Original Living Soul and Her “Suka”, Soul and Time and Energy Matrixes, “What God takes – God returns” LAW

Black holes are places where ordinary gravity has become so extreme that it overwhelms all other forces in the Universe. Once inside, nothing can escape a black hole’s gravity — not even light. They are also called gravitars. Difference between Magnitar, Neutron Star and Gravitar is Quantity of Soul Presence: Magnitar has most if not all Soul PRESENCE, Neutron Star has less than Magnitar and Gravitar has less Soul Presence than Neutron Star and this is WHY Gravitar’s (aka “black hole”) gravity is as magnificient as The Soul Presence WILLS to recollect all that was lost by whatever cause… Soul Presence is The PRESENCE in the middle between the two – Living Original Partiki with Particum (Sound) and Partica (Light) Gravitar has what in Voyagers I is called “blank spot”, but which is not really “blank” or it would not be able to have such a gravity as the power with which “black hole” attracts to Herself. In Voyagers I “black hole” is described as something that can be made (forced to appear) in Individual or Collective Soul or Time Matrix – in Voyagers I “black holes” are called “blank spots” and as i quote from Voyagers I, i will remember that “black hole” in Human is the same as “black hole” known as Galactic Gravitar and “blank spot” is not “blank”, but HAS The Soul Presence no matter how little of Her is left in the CENTER or at the spots around THE CENTER… it is impossible to completely disconnect The Soul Matrix from physical body and from Time Matrix and Gravitars (aka galactic “black holes”) are an example of this fact…

from Voyagers I: “blank spot” is left within Individual where Individual’s Time Matrix is disconnected from his/her/its Soul Matrix (personal Soul Matrix is connected to personal Time Matrix via energetic connections known as grid and within the grid there are many little Living HEARTS that are Sound-Presence-Light (Partikum-Partiki-Partika) within “fleshy capsules” known as Nadis as well as there is CENTRAL Individual Nadis that HOLDS the all as well as the collective of all is known as Nadis that contains the all as the Individual Soul of the chicken is contained within the egg simultaneously with many “chicken eggs” contained within One Collective “egg”. This collective Soul “matrix” connection with Time “matrix” is collective EGG of many eggs aka grid visible as Individual body surrounded by less visible collective body connected to yet another Collective Individual Nadis the Individual is the Child of)

“All people exist as individualized embodiments of a greater energetic identity. This greater energetic identity can be viewed as the portion of their conscious that is too large in energy volume to “fit into” the limited confines of the body structure. The body, and the consciousness focused within it exist within this greater pool of energy, and it is this energy that creates the body, sets of the autonomic body processes, and continually feeds the body LIFE FORCE energy. There are certain structures that link the body, mind and emotions to this Soul Matrix of energy (see “The Tree of Life” on page 53)…


All beings within dimensional systems (Collective-Individual Nadis) enter those systems (of Nadis) through a webwork of interconnected energy strands. There is a precise pattern to systems entry… If you imagine the structural growth pattern of branches upon the trees (if you examine CEDAR TREE from within and without) you can get a rough visual presentation of the energy webwork we describe… The energy webwork of which The Soul (and all of its personalities (many individual Nadis connected to the Central Nadis within collective Nadis)) is a part can be compared to the network of branches in the tree’s energy distribution system. Like the bud the Soul exists as one expression or aspect of the greater network out of which it grows. The personalities or incarnations of the Soul can be compared to the leaves emerging out of the bud… As the leaves exist as part of the tree each taking up a different placement in space but existing together simultaneously (in time) … so too exist the personalities of the Soul. Viewing placement in time for the personality as you view placement in space for the leaves and the tree will help you to understand the nature of time and identity. It will also help you to better understand your distorted concept of reincarnation (The Soul is immortal and always strives to LIVE in harmony of Her original LIVING space and its UNIQUE organization where time is the space of life – time “matrix” is “personal” space of life (Nadis as Children) within collective and energy “matrix” is “collective” space of life (Nadis as parents of many personal spaces of life) as within each Child so within each Parent – as branches look like little trees that form one big tree, so Personal collective Nadis are forming Collective of One Original Individual Nadis in the HEART of which is THE ORIGINAL Partikum-Partiki-Partica – The Source of all)

Humans are connected to the Soul that exists as a part of a greater network of Life. We refer to the entire network as the Energy Matrix. The world “within which the tree grows” in our analogy. The tree in our analogy would represent in energy a structure we call Time Matrix. As the tree exists within a world, so the Time Matrix exists within the Energy Matrix… In our analogy the bud (Individual Collective Nadis) would represent what we call the Soul Matrix or Dora Matrix. Just as the leaf implies the existance of the bud (Soul Matrix or Individual Collective Nadis) and the tree (Time Matrix or Collective of Individual Collective Nadis)…” so the existance of the tree implies existance of the forest (Energy Matrix or Collective of Collectives that all came from ONE SEED within one Original Individual Collective Nadis – from one Original union of Partukum-Partiki-Partika=Sound-Presence-Light) and i like to always remember that there are two trees that best teach about reality – they are Cedar and Eucalyptus – Cedar is linked to White-Gold Kathara “grid” (Tree of Life) and Eucalyptus is linked to Emerald Kathara “grid” (Tree of Life)

returning to the beginning, “black hole” is gravitational emptied of Presence seed (presence that fell unconscious from within Its Nadis, but is still attracting the two to the third (sound and light OR electric and magnetic particles as gravitated to atom) for the reason unknown to me, but could be that empty and neutral are close in being the central as atom is, but empty has grater need to be filled resulting in empty “black hole” being gravitational so much as for space and time to switch places – there is a great des.ease with Humans since ancient times – in ancient Slavik language there is a word “suka” to describe the condition where The Living One (Individual Collective Nadis or Soul Matrix) is connected to the dead one (Individual Collective Nadis with one or more “black holes” in Her = “suka” or “suk”, which also means “cut branch”) this des.ease manifests as “suka” that gravitates towards its “emptiness” the Living One to be “filled”… can it be same as Matrix and Shadow Matrix? and if it is, then how to heal the shadow “suka” counterpart? God returns what God takes Law should be the cure or as i read in Voyagers I, p68 “once a hole is created it will continue to exist until all energy that passed through it is reclaimed and restored to its original time sequence organization.” (or its original “bud” of Soul Matrix within “tree” of Time Matrix within “forest” of Energy Matrix) but then “cut branch” is just an ILLUSION – a shadow, – of the “living branch” that was never cut but became des.eased by one spot or one bud on it made unconscious (empty of Presence) but wanting to be itself as “shadow” of awareness of being The Presence is still being felt… and if it is so then the branch is still upon the tree but is “drying” because if the life of the whole tree it in danger by one spot becoming as if a vampire, then the tree “quarantines” such a branch and such branch can heal if consciousness returns to one and all the buds that make the branch des.eased and return of PRESENCE – of consciousness, – into des.eased Nadis is healing according to The LAW “What God takes – God returns”=”once a hole is created it will continue to exist until all energy that passed through it is reclaimed and restored to its original time sequence organization.”, until all the Nadis are as before one “falling unconscious”… returning to simplicity, “suka” is the same as Living One or one of the Nadis fell unconscious within The Living One and as soon as “God returns what God took”, The Living One is as Present as before the illusion of “the dead one” (Presence falling unconscious or leaving physically damaged Nadis, but remaining The Immortal Presence waiting to heal its Nadis and all Its energy-matter… then, the whole problem of “suka” or “black hole” is simply temporary disconnection of Presence from Its Nadis and a “copy” (a clone) of Partiki is just a memory of the original and “the shadow” will never be able to hold the original Sound and Light (Partikum and Partika) – only The Original – The Living One can!)

“When a planet or a galaxy is “blown off the grid” of Its Soul Matrixes, which directly connects it to the Time Matrix and thus perpetual energy supply, its energy and its evolutionary potentials become finite… All within the Time Matrix grid is interconnected, and when a planet or galaxy is blown off the grid a “hole” is left within the grid of “fabric”. This hole affects everything within the area of activity surrounding the hole, as energy flowing around the broken grid lines hits “blank spots” or brakes in the pattern… When energy approaches the hole in the fabric of Time Matrix it is magnetically pulled into the hole. Once it enters the hole the time sequence organization that it originally carried as part of the Time Matrix becomes scrambled and the energy is no longer able to reenter the Time Matrix from the position in which it first entered the hole. This “energy” can take the form of an individual in biological form, a personal Soul Matrix or “soul”, a planet or galaxy or the entire galactic Soul Matrix.”

(quotes are from pp 53, 64-67, Voyagers I by Ashayana Deane)

creation of “black holes” artificially is a basis of forced Matrix transplants from The Living One to “suka”=”black hole” that is in a form of an individual in biological form, a planet or a galaxy

“When a Soul robbery or forced matrix transplant occurs (when the Human is removed from its connection to its organic Soul Matrix (Individual Collective Nadis) and connected to another, for example) the “cord” of energy that once connected the Human to The Soul Matrix is “left hanging” so to speak. This cord spews energy from The Soul Matrix, just as your finger would spew blood if the tip was severed. If this energy leakage is not stopped the Soul Matrix itself would become depleted as well as the energy structures that feed it, and a large build up of energy would occur within the planetary grid. This energy build up will follow the path of the particles carrying its code. The Humans who have been transplanted to another matrix structure would be natural receiver of this energy. As the biological structure of the Human is “close circuited” into the new matrix, the energy would then be drawn into the other dimensional Earth version, or “parallel” universe, and to the individual residing in that system who represents the implied counterpart (“suka”) to the Human living within your system… (who is) a “reflection”, “double”, or “doppleganger” residing within a parallel system, that represents “anti-particle” to your “particle”… We refer to the double as Dolar Imprint or Dolus (“suka”)… the Dolus will be the recipient of that “spewing” energy from the forced Matrix transplant.

This errant energy will emerge within a portion of the double’s “subtle energy bodies”. Humans (and other biological organisms) are connected to The Soul Matrix by “strands” or “cords” of energy. The cord runs from the CORE unit of Identity for that person as held within Soul Matrix and extends outwards to a “sac” at its end (like a baby within a womb). Some in your time refer to this sac as “the tissue capsule”; we call it the Nadial Capsule or the Nadis. The Nadis is a literal “sac” of energy that surrounds your physical body. It contains all of the life force energy you will use in one life time as a single incarnation in time and space. The process of growth, in your terms, is the process of bringing the energies from within the Nadis through into the biological form, thus expanding that form. As energy leaves the Nadis and enters into the body it must first pass through the two inner layers of the Nadis. These inner nadial structures are known in your time as the mental and Emotional bodies, as they give to you the qualities of being you know as mental awe.are.ness or “thinking” and emotional cognition or “feeling”.

The errant energies spewing from the severed cord are rechanneled into the Dolus (other dimentional double) through its central point. (the excess energy stimulates the opening of the center point within the Dolus). These energies then can become a part of the “subtle energy bodies” of the double, first entering the mental area then filtering through emotional body. If the physical body of the double does not rapidly expand (which it cannot do if blocks in the mental body are present) to accommodate the new energy this energy will build up within the emotional body of the double as erratic electrical impulse which will throw the emotional balance “out of wack” and with it the chemical and hormonal balances within the physical body. If left unchecked this condition will cause acceleration of aging process as the erratic patterns block the clear flow of energy from the Nadis. If the double is able to reactivate the center point (located near the heart region in the physical body, somewhat to the right of the heart and often called the heart chakra) opening the channel for the new energy from the Soul Matrix to flow in, the new soul energy will reorganize the errant patterns, if it can get through the mental body patterns. “Expanding your mind” is not a joke – it is a very important energy process. The soul energy will then regulate the flow of the errant energy into and through the body, in a way more harmonious to its rhythms. The energy will then pass into the Nadis where the body can draw from it within its own rhythm pattern. If the double cannot reactivate the center point and “connect with soul” (open its energy systems so that of the Soul Matrix) the double will experience emotional distress and imbalance which will lead to des.ease of the body and early death. In this case, there will be energy left within the Nadis that the body wasn’t able to process. The double in the other dimension (the one who received forced Matrix transplant) is no longer available to receive the energy and so the energy becomes trapped within that dimension, where it must wait until the time cycles allow it to reintegrate with its Soul Matrix…” (Voyagers I, pp 69-71)

so, the ancient Slavik description of “suka” is very like what is described in Voyagers I, except that Dolus is described as the living one… And what happens if the Dolus KNOWS of being transplanted the energy taken from another by force? and what happens if Dolus is the one who does it consciously? Can The Living God within such a person accept the energies taken from another by force and by the ways of destruction and murder? Can such a Dolus activate his/her Center point to receive if the receipt violates The Laws of God?

“What God takes – God returns” is THE LAW

Magnitar is Neutron Star 50 larger than Neutron Star and within it creation processes begin – LIFE is born

becoming Gravitar is terrible des.ease of Neutron Stars and Magnitars that is capable of healing only if “the shadow suka” Dolus is returning all it is transplanted forcefully to AND is willing to heal own Nadis together with Si.Star she/he/it is connected to as “double” or “shadow” (Original and Its Dolus can be a person, a star, a planet, a galaxy, or even a conscious being that connects several galaxies as Its Soul-Time-Energy Matrix – no matter the size, there is always physical body/bodies connected to The Soul Matrix even if “blown off the grid”…

There is a difference between Dolus as described by The Guardians and its “identity packages” (see below) and more ancient tool of black magic “suka” that is “the shadow”=”the copy”=”artificial clone” of The Original (shadow Archangel Michael, shadow Earth, shadow Milky Way, for example) that makes it only 2 with The Original holding The Soul Matrix and “suka” (as known Jewish golem or voodoo doll) is made to “harvest” the energy for black magician(s) who made it. In case of Archangel Michael there is more complexity: he has “suka”=”the shadow” as well as his Original is broken into 8 “aspects” or Doluses…

The Guardians share more info about Identity and Its Doluses (Voyagers I, pp 71-72) which is important to know to realize how important is to embrace Dolus or “suka”=”the shadow” as part of oneself and do everything possible to heal as ONE according to The LAW of God in Love and spirit of brotherhood instead of competing as the black magicians who broke The Soul into pieces meant to when splitting One into many or creating artificial copy:

“The Identity (individual Human for example) and Its Dolus (double) exist as one “identity package” within The Soul Matrix. There are 12 such “identity packages” within one Soul Matrix, each being extended into different time/space continuums within the dimensional system (state of bardo or a concept of reincarnation is an attempt to describe this relationship and dynamics). All of these “identity packages” which we call “aspects” or Tauren exist at once within The Soul Matrix and Time Matrix, each experiencing its own line of of linear development within its respective time-space location. This group of 12 (or sometimes 8, 10, 15, or more depending on how many pieces The Soul has been FORCEFULLY broken into by those black magicians and greys who created all Doluses out of ONE and ONLY ORIGINAL) constitutes the Soul Family and the existance of one aspect (person) implies the existance of the other 11 (7, 9, 14, or more) aspects (pieces of broken ONE Original). The Soul Family, which we call Dora moves in cyclic fashion within the Time Matrix. Within those cycles each aspect has its own smaller cycle that constitutes its passage through time, or its life span. There is a sequential relationship to the aspect or Tauren cycles, which implies the correlation between the births and “deaths” of its incarnates (Tauren/aspects). (incarnate Dolus and Tauren can be in physical body (1 or 2 in case if “suka” exists – can be 1 Original incarnate and “suka” existing as Presence-less copy (either in physical body as well OR in subtle body of lesser than physical density) or as android made to destroy and/or “soul rob” The Living Original) or less dense bodies (the rest of Tauren). BARDO is a state that exist simultaneously with us being ALIVE (there is no death – only the passage to and from) BARDO unites One Original broken in pieces and placed into seemingly separated time-space existences in different densities/artificially created dimensions with his/her/Its “shadow”=”suka”=copy of the original Partiki that holds only Light (Partika) or only sound(Partikum) and it is THE ORIGINAL Partika Partiki Partikum that CREATE THE URGE to reunite into ONE Original again and this URGE can take a form of battle between “suka” and The Original who is still holding the original Partiki OR the battle between the aspects if one or more of them are ignorant of the truth: “suka” and the many have been created (as Golems) out of ONE ORIGINAL for “the Soul robbery via…” and all is intended to go and be used by VooDoo-Mut black magician(s) – not by the Dolus or one of the aspects) In case of “soul robbery” through forced matrix transplant (to “suka” or Dolus), the early demise of the double/Dolus affects the entire Soul Matrix (and Its) cycle (we call the cycles of The Soul Matrix the Aundanct Cycles and the smaller aspect cycles the Tauren Cycles). All of the Tauren are accelerated in their rhythms and all will reach depletion of cellular energy sooner than they would have otherwise (if there wasn’t forced matrix transplant and “soul robbery”). All will thus leave residual Nadial energy within their respective dimentions (and densities) which will become trapped there unless at least one of the Tauren are able to activate the CENTER POINT and accelerate their physical body enough to allow residual energies of all of the other Tauren to be expanded into their own Nadial field. If one is able to perform this feat and complete its own Nadial composition, then The Soul Matrix can move out of the dimensional bands involved.The Soul Matrix can evolve in this case. The Soul Matrix cannot leave the dimensional octave it is in until ALL of its residual ENERGIES are pulled back (recollected) in to The Soul Matrix…”

(“What God takes – God returns” LAW is rarely known to be immovable and rarely is remembered by people or “soul robbers” (greys and black magicians and their “employees” and, especially, “suka” for she/he/it feels alive even though being a copy= “the shadow” or “black hole” of the empty one – it is most difficult to recollect all energies from “suka” to The Living Original One and greys and black magicians are opposing this especially – why they insist on continuing violation of the LAW “What God takes – God returns” is a mystery to my mind. Only thing i see is that “shadow” Earth and “shadow” Milky Way and “shadow”=”suka” to my Soul exist and interfere with healing of The Living One) 

“…we have explained some of the methods by which this takeover (mental and “soul robbery”) will be orchestrated, from its inception through holographic inserts to its culmination in the Zeta (greys) Collective Mind link up through forced matrix transplant. This is the plan that Humans can help to redirect, by making a strong, genuine connection to their own Soul Matrix/Dora and learning to handle themselves within holographic inserts and Zeta (greys) abductions.” (Voyagers I, p72)

Important to remember that physical body(ies) of Soul Family member(s) can be murdered by forced matrix transplants, but other densities bodies are immortal. As far as i know there can be less that 12 members of Soul Family incarnated in physical bodies – sometimes only 1 or 2 are in physical incarnation, – but forced matrix transplant can be done to subtle bodies of “piece of Soul” (Dolus) using Golems – it is important to incarnate Soul Family members to remember that BARDO is intermediate state between “lives” that is experienced while alive instead of being believed to be experienced after physical body dies. It is also important for Soul Family to KNOW that there is ONE SOUL – The Original, – split into many aspects against The Laws of God – and The Soul Family is lucky if most of “aspects” (pieces of One Soul) are in subtle bodies and only one or two are incarnated in physical…

“…will become trapped there unless at least one of The Tauren are able to activate THE CENTER POINT and accelerate their physical body enough to allow the residual energies of all of the other Tauren to be expanded into their own Nadial field (if also incarnate in physical body)” If Tauren is in subtle body(ies) of other densities, then pieces of One Soul must be ONE again (if you read fairy tale “Aladdin” or “Harry Potter”, you have visual example of how One Soul can be broken into pieces for a very precise purpose – mentioned fairy tales describe how black magician uses his own Soul broken to pieces, but what is revealed by the Guardians about Tauren and Dolus describes what black magicians and greys (Zeta) do to The Souls of Humans and Planets and Galaxies (Earth has many Tauren (at least 12 for i made a mistake not to count how many when i was shown the Earth’s “pieces”=Tauren that look all the same) – and one “shadow” Dolus known to many)


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