The Prayer

in the most pure of all Shrines

in the Shrine of my Heavenly Child’s Soul

The Child prays

in constant Prayer

in The Purest of all Shrines

my Child prays

and Love

and prayer to be ONE

all ONE

though being attacked by harm and hatred

we are together willing LOVE and LIFE

though feeling someone’s mind

that wills us harm



we feel desires of the harmful hateful mind

within our mind

we pray together

that this mind will stop its hatred anger

in The Purest Shrine of all

in the Shrine of my Heavenly Child’s Soul

My Child prays

for Wholeness Oneness Love

for all of us to be

to live


in JOY


in body damaged by the hateful mind

in body healing by The WILL and LOVE of God

in constant parayer

in The Purest of all Shrines

my Child prays

WILL all our Soul be

in health

and unity

and ecstasy of Love and Life

in body healing from attacks of hateful anger harmful minded

we pray together

Please, our Soul’s Children come together never separate!

come back to body

it will heal from being tortured and deformed!

Mahalo for your suffering with our body so!

Mahalo for your power of being Powerful SO!

In Presence constantly with us

the smallest of all Children in my Heart

the quiet Children  who are all around us

PLEASE wait for torture of this body being none

and then we can rebuild The House

we can all be healthy as before again

i pray and i believe

The Presence of our Soul

is most powerful of all!

In Purest of all Shrines

in Heavenly Heart’s Shrine of Soul

My Child prays non stop

and those who are who were inflicting pain and harm on us and others

cannot even touch or stand where Purest of all Shrines

my Child is always safe in Purest of all Shrines

God LOVES all Children to protect The Pure and Loving

from the presence of impure to even stand in Presence of The Purest of all Shrines!

my Child prays

all of my Self please coming back!

please be!

please never be in pain of separation known as “black hole”

we are the Power no matter how our Mater tortured is


Holy Children’s Presence

is most POWERFUL of all!

Our prayer

Purest Children’s prayer

is most powerful of all

our knowing is Power

no harm can ever touch

we know

we pray

we love

we are

no pain can ever separate us


i know

i grateful am to all my Children


to teach our mind to be unmoved by harmful anger of the harmful mind that hates us so…


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